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Here Are The 12 Coolest Hair Color Trends Of 2024

Wondering what color to dye your hair? Check out these hair color trends of 2023 to find out. Find out what’s trending for blondes, brunettes and what colors compliment brown skin.

I’ve found that the easiest way to give your life a refresh is to get a new hair color. 

Every time I’ve found myself down in the dumps I’ve found that getting rid of my older hairstyle and getting a brand new look has always cheered me up. 

And it’s so easy to do it. You can follow a tutorial and DIY it instead of going to the salon too! 

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But the one question I often ask myself and get asked by my followers is… “what hair color do I get this time?”

Honestly? It’s a personal preference. But it’s always helpful to have a guide to give you a list of options to choose from.

So today I’ve got the top hair color trends of 2022 listed in my article below. Read on to find out if this hair color will suit your skin tone and undertone and if you should get it done. 

Hair Color Trends 2023

Here are some of the most stylish hair color trends that are popular this season. These hair colors have been the go-to choice of celebrities and influencers and have been said to be the most sought after colors in the upcoming fall season by celeb hair stylists. 

Buttery Blonde 

hair color trends 2022
Source: Instagram@sj.lawrence_

Natural is the way to go this 2023. So you’ll find a lot of hair colors that look very real and effortless. 

I love this butter blonde color as it’s so easy to create if you’re a natural blonde. The color is a warmer shade of blonde but has both warm and cool highlights to make it pop.

If you have red or pink undertones on your skin, this is a fantastic hair color to try as it reduces the reddishness on skin and makes you glow. I also think this hair color makes lighter eye color pop. 

Also, you can get this shade if you do not have naturally blonde hair but I really recommend going to the salon to get your hair bleached as it might require multiple sittings.

Billionaire Brunette

Summer 2022 hair color trends
Source: Instagram@theheadquartershair

Now if you’re wondering why this hair color is called billionaire brunette, it’s because the brown color here is just so rich and wonderful. 

Billionaire brunette hair basically refers to brunette hair that are dark, glossy and voluminous. 

You can actually choose from either very dark chocolate browns or lighter chestnut tones. However, the common ground for the “billionaire brunette” hair is that the color is supposed to be impossibly glossy and have light and dark babylights giving it depth.

It’s easy to get this hair shade at home too. You just need to get your favorite shade in a good box dye brand and color your hair. 

Afterwards, use a hair gloss treatment on your tresses to get that glossy shine.

Wheat-Colored Blonde Hair

hair color trends 2022 blonde
Source: Instagram@victoria_nkbeautysalon

As I’ve mentioned before with the buttercream blonde hair color, warmer tones are in. So this particular shade of blonde most commonly called the “honey blonde” or “wheat blonde hair” is also popular these days.

I absolutely adore this hair color as it gives such wholesome vibes. It has this natural sun-kissed look and goes very well with the whole cottagecore aesthetic that’s so trendy these days. 

Money Piece Highlights

2022 hair color trends female
Source: Instagram@be_glitz

Any Xmen fans here? Remember Rogue and her iconic face-framing white highlights. Well, this hair trend is now popular on Instagram and Tiktok with influencers calling it the “money piece”. 

Funny how trends come back right? 

The money piece is the talk of the town right now. And the best part about this style is how versatile it is.

You can get a money piece in any color – blonde, white, black (if you’re blonde), pastel shades, reds, blues, whatever you want! 

And the way it frames your face makes it a great style for round faces as it has a slimming effect.

If this style seems too much for you, you can also try the money piece in a color very close to your natural hair so it looks like a subtle highlight. For example a darker caramel blonde if you have brown hair or a cooler blonde one if you have light blonde hair.

Pastel Pink Shades

winter 2022 hair color trends
Source: Instagram@britehair

Yes. In-your-face, anime-like hair colors are not going out of style. Sorry haters! 

Pink is here to stay. And with the rise of the “Barbiecore” movement you can see a lot of pink in the coming days, I’m sure of it. 

If you’re a blonde then a little bit of Manic Panic or Punky Color should do the trick and give you your desired pink hair color.

However, if you have darker brown or black hair you should have to bleach it first. 

Bright Jewel Tones

hair color trends 2022 for short hair
Source: Instagram@anarchyinthejp

Just like light pastel tones, bright jewel-toned hair will also be trendy this 2023. You can get the color of your choice. 

But according to celeb stylists blue especially the mermaid-like, sapphire blue hair will be very popular this season.

Mushroom Brown

hair color trends 2022 for brown skin
Source: Instagram@mikeyshannonbeauty

This is such a fantastic hair color. It’s brown but instead of the traditional red undertones, this particular shade has light, icy undertones that gives it a cooler hue. 

It is very close to the ash brown hair color that was trending last year. 

Mahogany Red 

hair color trends 2022 female
Source: Instagram@reflections_hair_design2020

Warmer hair colors aren’t just the thing for blondes anymore. If you want something cute for the fall, you should check out this mahogany red. 

This involves adding dark red highlights to a mahogany brown color to give it depth and volume. 

Grey/Silver Natural Hair

hair color trends 2022 vogue
Source: Instagram@hazeleyed_hair

Now this is a nice change from all the jewel tones and money pieces. So 2023 is all about embracing change in your body. 

So if you’re going grey it’s time to flaunt those silver locks. 

Barely-There Babylights 

hair color trends 2022 vogue
Source: Instagram@chloemackenzie_hair

If you do not want to do something drastic to your hair and are just looking for something to add volume to your thin hair, you should try babylights.

This includes adding very thin, closely spaced highlights that are barely 2-3 shades lighter than your natural hair color. The purpose of babylights is to make your hair look naturally sun-kissed. 

Winter/Platinum Blonde 

new hair color trends summer 2022
Source: Instagram@robyn_in_residence

Coppery Red Hair 

what are the latest hair color trends
Source: Instagram@hairbyshawnee

What Are The Most Popular Hair Color Trends For 2023

2023 is here and the looks for this year are bolder, brighter, and trendier than ever! With inspiration from the silver screen and the catwalk, it can be difficult to keep up with this ever-shifting list of hair color trends.

But if you’re a hair color enthusiast looking for the latest styles, one thing is certain: you won’t be disappointed. From smokey mauves to vivid blues and greens, subtle balayages to wild unicorn vibes, the range of color trends for 2023 is eclectic and bold.

Natural shades such as icy blondes, honeyed caramels, and glossy chestnuts in various shades are all the rage this year, allowing bright and vivid highlights and lowlights to bring out the depth in these styles.

For an even more daring look, ‘oil slick’ shading takes cues from the art world to combine multiple shades in one hairstyle that are beautifully blended and unique. If you’re not ready to go quite crazy with your color palette, try a subtle two-tone look.

Choose two complementary shades that transition lightly together.This look is perfect for anyone who wants to make their hair stand out but isn’t quite ready for a full makeover. The fun doesn’t have to stop at the roots though.

Accessorizing your hair with understated but colorful streaks is also popular this year. Pick any hue of your choice and add subtle streaks throughout for a touch of definition.

For cutting-edge hair color trends, 2023 has plenty to offer. So take a few risks and unleash your colorful creativity- you might just end up with a look that’s uniquely you and your own.

What Are The Best Hair Colors For Blonde Hair For 2023

The best hair colors for blonde hair for 2023 are going to be vibrant, eye-catching, and full of personality. Expect to see a lot of different shades of blonde such as platinum, honey and sandy.

Blonde hair is so versatile and offers endless possibilities, you can go for natural shades or go bold and experiment with other hues to give you a unique look. Hair trends for 2023 are leaning towards soft and natural tones and away from drastic, bold looks.

If you love bright and colorful looks, pastel shades or highlights are a great choice. You could opt for light pink, lavender, and even mint. For those who want to make a statement and be a bit daring, honeycomb highlights are perfect for the adventurous spirit.

Balayage will certainly be an option for those who want an easy and effortless look. It’s a great way to combine different tones and create a natural-looking ombre effect. Foil highlights are also a wonderful idea if you’re looking to add more texture and dimension.

Metallic hair is going to be BIG in 2023. This futuristic look pairs bold, vibrant hues such as lilac, icy blue, and rose gold with a glossy, metallic finish. It’s a great option if you want to stand out in a crowd and make a real statement with your hair color.

No matter which hair color you go for, it’s important to make sure you look after your locks and keep them looking healthy.

You can maintain healthy, vibrant hair color with regular trims, deep conditioning treatments, and regular use of product specifically for color-treated hair. Good luck finding the perfect hair color for you!

What Are The Korean Hair Color Trends 2023

The 2023 beauty scene may bring some brand new trends, but when it comes to Korean hair color, there’s always something special in store. This year, we anticipate shades of molten molten gold, silvery grays and luscious lavenders to be key colors showcased in 2023.

As always, the Korean hair color trends for 2023 have a light, whimsical feel that is amplified by a softer color palette. To create the ultralight look, try going for pale pinks and periwinkle blues – perhaps a muted pastel version of the classic cotton candy pink.

If you’re looking for something a bit stronger, lightest silver grays have been making a splash for more daring yet subtle looks. For those with a wild side, molten gold ombres are a perfect way to show off your unique style.

These shades look best on longer styles and the bright golden colors can be blended with almost any color to create a shimmering, head-turning effect.

Of course, grey is never out of trend and you can go as bold or as soft as you want. Let your tresses get noticed with icy white or blend muted grays to create a sophisticated, modern look. Finally, there’s no way we can talk about Korean hair color trends in 2023 without mentioning lavender!

This pastel purple hue is the perfect way to inject a pop of color into your look. Whether you opt for a more vivid hue or a softer lilac, lavender looks great when combined with other colors or on its own.

Whatever Korean hair colors you choose in 2023, make sure you embrace the natural beauty of your hair and have fun experimenting with playful hues!

FAQs about Hair Color Trends 2023

What are the hair color trends 2023 for blondes?

There is so much variety for blondes this 2023. Upcoming trends for blonde hair include something more warmer such as buttercream blonde and wheat or honey-colored blonde hair coming back in fashion. But interestingly winter blonde or more accurately platinum blonde hair might make a comeback in the later seasons due to a lot of celebrities like Emma D’Arcy and Anya Taylor Joy sporting these colors. 

What are the hair color trends 2023 for brown skin?

Brunette hair is so trending right now. So it’s the perfect time for people with brown or darker skin tones to flaunt this hair color. Subtle brown balayages, mushroom brown hair and very dark, very rich brunette hair colors like chocolate brown and mahogany are popular for people of color.
You can also see a lot of people with brown skin flaunting reds this year. It gives a very warm effect altogether. In the fall of this year especially I predict crimson red, mahogany red, and even coppery reds will be very popular with people with brown/dark skin.

What is the hair color for fall 2023?

Darker brunettes with red undertones will be the pick of the season this fall. A lot of celebrity hairstylists also predict that chestnut browns, dark crimson red, dark honey blonde hair, etc. will be popular this autumn. 

What kind of highlights are in style 2023?

Interestingly enough the two types of highlights that are popular this season are complete opposites of one another. The first type of highlight that’s popular is the “babylights” style where your hair has very thin, very natural-looking highlights so your tresses look sun-kissed. 
The other type of highlights that is so trendy these days is the money piece. This includes having two very bright, very colorful and very contrasting sections of thick highlights on the front of your hair, framing your face. 

Final Thoughts on Hair Color Trends 2023

So that was the list of the most popular hair color trends of 2023. Did you find a hair color that suits you? 

I love how low maintenance most of these hairstyles are. For example, it’s so easy to dye your own hair at home if you’re getting the brunettes and reds.

But I highly recommend going to the salon if there’s bleaching involved. Especially if you have dark hair and need to go very light to get platinum or jewel tones. 

Also, it’s very important to maintain your hair color once you dye your hair. So make sure you’re investing in a hair color-protect shampoo that is sulfate-free. 

I’d also suggest washing your hair in cool water and getting regular hair gloss masks and touch ups to keep the color looking good. 

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