Hair Color for Neutral Skin Tone

20 Best Hair Colors For Neutral Skin Tone In 2024 | Guide To Choosing The Right Hair Color For Your Skin

Do you want to know the exciting hair colors for neutral skin tone? Read on to find out which hair color works best for those with a neutral skin tone.

It’s often said that your hairstyle is the one aspect of your appearance that you wear every day because, unlike clothes, it rarely makes its way into the basket for laundry.

Although, significantly, a hairstyle complements our natural beauty while reflecting our distinct tastes, how someone wears their hair says just as much about how they wish to present themselves as their choice in clothing.

Changing your hair color is a great way to spice up your appearance. The fact that you can dye your hair any hue does not guarantee that the shade will look good on you.

Choosing a new hair color can sometimes be challenging. You want it to enhance everything about you while giving you a new look.

Picking a hair color from those tiny sample books can be nearly impossible due to the endless number of sub-colors and hues available in addition to the standard options of brown, blonde, red, or black. 

Choosing the appropriate shade is a delicate art that depends heavily on your skin’s tones and your natural hair color.

Hair Colors for Neutral Skin Tone

A neutral skin tone generally includes a mix of warm and cool tones. With this tone, you can wear any hue you like.

People with neutral skin tones can wear a wide variety of hair colors that might wash out those with darker complexion tones, just as they look great in almost any jewelry or dress.

The following colors can blend in with your skin’s natural tones rather than clash with them.

Cool Brown

Warm skin tones look fantastic with cool brown tints like chestnut, mocha, dark chocolate, and dark auburn. If you have yellow undertones or light or dark skin, you might choose to use cool brown hair color to revitalize your complexion.

Hair Color for Neutral Skin Tone
Source: Instagram @tamaragast.friseure

Warm Brown

Choose a warm brown color like golden brown, honey, amber, or mahogany for your warm skin tone. Warm brown is Emilia Clarke’s go-to hair color when she isn’t wearing her platinum wig for her role as the Mother of Dragons on Game of Thrones.

hair color for neutral warm skin tone
Source: Instagram @hairmakeupchiara

Warm Red

Warm red is excellent if your skin tones are neutral. To keep your color vibrant as long as possible between touch-ups, use shampoo designed for hair with color treatments and refrain from washing your hair regularly.

hair color for yellow skin tone
Source: Instagram @pontefracthalo

Strawberry Blonde

The lovely summer shade of strawberry blonde doesn’t wash out neutral skin tones, making it ideal for working with them. Consider dying strawberry blonde hair if you want a fresh, summertime style.

hair color for warm skin tone
Source: Instagram @hairby_nicki_

You can even add some stunning deep red highlights or brilliant blonde streaks if you’re feeling very wild. Feel free to experiment to get your best look because bold hair colors are less likely to wash out fair skin tones.


Choose an auburn red now to add warmth to your look. Regardless of your skin tone, this deep shade can give some vitality to your complexion. Additionally, everyone looks fantastic in auburn, and red is currently in style.

hair color for neutral warm skin tone
Source: Instagram @balayagefeatured

Auburn is a dazzling, eye-catching alternative to blond or brown hair and looks particularly attractive to those with blue or green eyes.


Try espresso if you want to go a little darker. The coffee-inspired color makes your tones look glowingly neutral.

brown hair color for neutral skin tone
Source: Instagram

Consider your hair color an effective filter that will give you beautiful skin. Indeed, hair color has that power. The appropriate shade of hair must be used.


For people with neutral undertones, a smooth blend of blonde and brunette tones will look great. Bronde gives you the option to keep your hair color pretty balanced, though you may always lean towards blonde or brown.

best hair color for skin tone chart
Source: Instagram @hairbyamberjoy

Beige Blonde

The best hair color for skin tones with neutral tints is beige. It will greatly complement your natural undertones and highlight your complexion because it is a medium-warm blonde, which sits between warm and cool blonde.

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hair color for medium skin tone
Source: Instagram @_michelledidmyhair_


Another stunning shade that is among the greatest hair colors for neutral skin tones is blue-black. Although it’s difficult to pull off, neutral-toned people can manage this deep black.

hair color for warm skin tone
Source: Instagram @beautyby__lexi


Colors like cinnamon, honey, and warm amber look gorgeous on those with neutral skin tones. Once again, if your undertones tend to be a little warmer, this is the ideal shade for you.

brown hair color for neutral skin tone
Source: Instagram @solsalonchicago

One of their best qualities is that cinnamon highlights seem elegant and summery without being overtly blond.

Honey Brunette

Your natural brunette strands will look brighter with some honey additions. They really enhance your beautiful complexion by blending in with your undertones.

best blonde hair color for neutral skin tone
Source: Instagram @halohair.tx


Although everyone has seen flawless rainbow hair fit for Instagram, it can be difficult to pull off in real life. Thankfully, those with neutral skin tones are prepared to embrace this amazing trend.

brunette hair color for neutral skin tone
Source: Instagram @shearelegance_bynicole

Naturally, rainbow hues will appear playful and distinctive because all of the colors look good in neutral tones. If you want subtlety with your hair color, choose rainbow tones that best suit your hair.


Red might be difficult to wear, but people with neutral skin tones can pull it off. Consider a deep, strong crimson if you’re feeling bold.

blonde hair color for neutral skin tone
Source: Instagram @davinescolor

Try a subdued, rich auburn if you want to be a bit more cautious but still get some of that fantastic redaction.

Dark Brown

The dramatic nature of dark brown hair color can make many people look unattractive. Fortunately, people with neutral skin tones are exempt from this.

best hair color for neutral skin tone
Source: Instagram @beautybybrittsabio

On neutral skin tones, dark brown appears dramatic and stunning. It can make your eyes stand out and your skin appears more luminous.

Reddish Brown

If you don’t want to go completely red, think about dying your hair a reddish brown. There are numerous hues to choose from, ranging from cinnamon to copper.

Get some fun, energizing, and colorful highlights to make the base color pop. Reddish brown is a gorgeous color that is quite challenging to wear well.

red hair color for neutral skin tone
Source: Instagram @pretty_little_stuff_by_lydia

However, if you can execute it flawlessly, you’ll appear magnificent and attract attention everywhere.

Non Traditional Colors

Today, multi-coloured hair is in; from lovely pastels to dramatic neon tints, it’s all about non-natural colors.

The skin tone/undertone guideline still holds; regardless of how bright your hair color is, it can either brighten or dull your skin. If your skin has warm yellow undertones, cool hues like blue and purple will look very good on you.

hair color for neutral skin tone asian
Source: Instagram @hairstylistrosie

Embrace jewel-toned blues and aqua tones to complement a medium skin tone with dark brown hair; if you’re really into lighter non-natural colors, think about an ombre pastel hair color with natural-looking roots.

Above all, remember that because of the lifting procedure required before color is applied, non-traditional hues may fade quickly. Use specific products if you want to increase the lifespan of your wacky shade.

Honey Blonde

Honey Blonde hair color

This shade of blonde is soft and warm, which works well with neutral skin tones that have a mix of warm and cool undertones. The honey tones in the hair enhances your complexion, making it look radiant and glowing.

Chestnut Brown

 Chestnut Brown hair color

For those who prefer darker hair, chestnut brown is an excellent choice for a neutral skin tone. This shade complements the natural warmth of your skin, and it also makes your eyes pop. The subtle red and auburn undertones in the hair add depth and dimension to your overall look.

Caramel Highlights

Caramel Highlights color

If you don’t want to go all-out with a new hair color, caramel highlights are a great option. They add warmth and depth to your hair without being too drastic. The warm, caramel tones work incredibly well with neutral skin, giving your hair a sun-kissed look.

Ash Blonde

Ash Blonde hair colors

For those who prefer cooler undertones, ash blonde is a great option. It creates a beautiful contrast against neutral skin and makes your features stand out. This shade adds an impressive sophistication to your overall look and is perfect for those who prefer a more natural hair color.

Jet Black

Jet Black hair color ideas

While black hair may seem like a bold choice, it’s surprisingly flattering on neutral skin tones. This hair color complements the neutral color of your skin, making your features pop. It also adds a gorgeous contrast. The jet black hair will make your skin look radiant, and it will enhance your natural beauty.

Mushroom Brown Hair Color

best hair color for your skin tone

Golden Babylights on Brown Hair

is brown hair good for neutral skin tone

Mahogany Highlights on Dark Hair

hair colors for skin undertones

Cool Light Brown Hair Color

golden hair color for red undertones

White Blonde Hair with Grey Roots

can i get blonde hair with dark skin

How To Find Your Skin Tone For Perfect Hair Color?

It would help if you first determined your skin tone before choosing your ideal hair color. The majority of people are warm, cool, or neutral.

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If you’re unsure of it, you may quickly determine your skin’s tone by employing a few of the following tricks:

Examine your jewelry collection: 

Your jewelry collection, whether flashy or modest, might reveal your skin tone. While gold jewelry typically flatters warm undertones, silver, platinum, and rose gold jewelry look especially attractive next to skin with cool tones. You are neutral if the jewelry in your collection is composed of various metals.


Generally, black and pure white look nice on those with cool skin tones. Warm skin tones appear best when wearing earthy or autumnal hues like yellow, orange, red, olive green, and cream or off-white.

Almost any neutral will look good on those with neutral skin tones. You might have neutral skin tones if you look great in everything.


is my skin cool or warm undertone

Your skin tone will have blue, pink, or ruddy colors if it is cool. In natural light, your veins will appear bluish (look at the inside of your wrist for signs). There could be blue and green flecks in your eyes. Your skin is more likely to burn than tan.

Your skin tone will have yellow, peachy, or golden undertones if it is warm. In daylight, your veins will seem greenish.

Another sign that your undertones are warm is if your eyes are covered with a lot of gold specks. Your skin usually tans rather than burns.

If your veins aren’t particularly noticeable and appear to match the color of your skin, or if you’re unsure of whether they’re green or blue, you most likely have a neutral skin tone.

This article will discuss the neutral skin tone and the best hair colors for it. You can pick the hair color from the mentioned list below. All the hair colors mentioned below are in trend and are highly chosen. 

Source: Instagram@amylowry93

Types of Skin’s Undertone And How To Choose Hair Color

types of skin undertones

Understanding your skin’s undertone is essential when choosing the right hair color, as it helps you select shades that harmonize with your complexion. There are three primary undertone categories: warm, cool, and neutral. Here’s how to determine your undertone and choose the appropriate hair color for each:

  1. Warm Undertone:
    • Characteristics: If you have a warm undertone, your skin may have a yellow, peachy, or golden hue. Your veins tend to appear more green, and gold jewelry complements your complexion.
    • Recommended Hair Colors: Warm undertones typically look best with hair colors that have warm, golden, or red tones. Consider shades like:
      • Warm blonde: Honey, golden, or strawberry blonde.
      • Warm brown: Caramel, chestnut, or auburn.
      • Warm red: Copper, ginger, or rust.
  2. Cool Undertone:
    • Characteristics: If you have a cool undertone, your skin may have a pink, rosy, or bluish tint. Your veins tend to appear more blue, and silver jewelry complements your complexion.
    • Recommended Hair Colors: Cool undertones are enhanced by hair colors with cool, ashy, or blue-based tones. Consider shades like:
      • Cool blonde: Platinum, ash blonde, or icy blonde.
      • Cool brown: Espresso, ash brown, or cool-toned chocolate.
      • Cool red: Burgundy, cherry red, or plum.
  3. Neutral Undertone:
    • Characteristics: If you have a neutral undertone, your skin doesn’t strongly lean toward warm or cool. Your veins may appear bluish-green, and both gold and silver jewelry look good on you.
    • Recommended Hair Colors: With a neutral undertone, you have flexibility to experiment with a wide range of hair colors. Both warm and cool shades can work well. Consider shades like:
      • Neutral blonde: Natural, sandy, or beige blonde.
      • Neutral brown: Medium brown, mocha, or taupe.
      • Neutral red: Mahogany, auburn, or medium red.
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Additional Tips for Choosing Hair Colors:

  • Consider your eye color: Your natural eye color can also influence your hair color choice. Certain hair shades can enhance the beauty of your eyes.
  • Skin tone variations: Keep in mind that your skin’s undertone is just one aspect of your complexion. Your overall skin tone, including its depth (fair, medium, dark), can also impact which hair colors look best on you.
  • Consult a professional: If you’re unsure about which hair color suits you, consult a professional hairstylist. They can analyze your undertone, facial features, and personal preferences to recommend the perfect shade.

Remember that hair dye can look different in artificial lighting, so it’s a good idea to do a strand test or consult with a hairstylist to ensure the chosen color complements your skin when applied.

Can different skin tones have neutral undertone?

Final Thoughts

You look beautiful in a variety of colors, as we mentioned above. Therefore, any of these would be the best hair color choices for someone with a neutral skin tone. You don’t have to be concerned about a shade drowning you out because your skin has a mix of cool and warm tones.

However, before grabbing the dye, you should always consider the texture, weight, length, and general health of your hair, as well as its present (and natural) color.

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