why does my hair curl at the ends

Why Does My Hair Curl At The Ends | 9 Top Reasons Your Hair Flicks At Ends

Want to know why does your hair curl at the ends? Check out this article. Also learn how to stop the ends of your hair from curling up!

Are you someone who often would get envied for your lovely poker straight hair, but off late have started to observe that your ends have begun to curl up?

Is this something normal that can happen to someone who has had naturally straight hair for years?

Well, unfortunately, it is quite normal for this to happen, but luckily, the reasons are known and solutions have been found! 

This article will talk about all the possible reasons why your hair could have curled at the ends and will also tell you simple ways to solve this problem.

Here is everything you need to read!

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Why Does My Hair Curl At The Ends


1. If you’ve bleached your hair

Bleaching is a chemical process where the hair’s colour pigments are stripped off in order to be able to dye the hair a new colour.

This process can alter the bonds of the hair internally and also restructure them. This restructuring can cause a change in the texture of the hair making your straight hair curl up at the ends.

Bleaching can also make the hair dry, because of the harsh chemicals used in the bleach. When the hair dries out, it becomes dry, brittle and loses its elasticity. 

why does my hair curl at the front

It can also lead to split ends. This can also lead to a change in the hair texture, making your hair flip out at ends.

Bleach reacts differently on each person’s hair and therefore, some people experience the curling at the hair ends after one bleaching session, while for some others, it may take a few bleaching sessions before the hair can begin to curl up at the ends.

2. If you live in a place with humid climate

Humidity is definitely a foe when it comes to hair and hair health and this is because it makes the hair become dry and more prone to damage. 

One of the main hair problems for people who live in humid climates is dry hair leading to split ends. When these split ends form, there can be chances that it makes the hair curl up at the ends.

why does my hair curl at the end when i straighten it

3. If you’ve made a change in your diet

Our hair is made up of protein and therefore, the food that we consume plays an integral part in structuring and nourishing the hair. 

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The nutrients we receive from the food that we consume can affect the hair follicles, hair growth and hair structure.

There are times when we make sudden changes in our food habits like change in the food items we eat, going on a diet etc. 

These changes in diet will alter the nutrients going to the hair and can result in the hair becoming weaker and eventually resulting in the hair curling up at the ends.

4. If your hair hasn’t been trimmed in a while

Getting hair trims every two to three months is very essential as untrimmed hair can have damage at the hair tips that can only become worse if it isn’t trimmed off. 

If there are split ends that haven’t been trimmed off, then it will begin to make its way up the hair strand and damage it further. 

When the hair is damaged, there is lesser control over the hair and this poor manageability of the hair can lead to the hair flicking any which way at the tips.

5. If you’re using heat on your hair too often

Well, this one’s no secret. Using heat on your hair is a big no-no because heat is one of the most damaging factors for the hair. 

It can wear off the outermost layer of the hair, expose the hair strand and make it prone to damage like dry hair and split ends.

When the hair is dry it gets frayed and in addition to the frayed hair along with split ends, it can make the hair curl up at the ends.

why does my hair flick out at the ends

6. If your hair has grown long

Well, while not everyone might experience this, some people do (because everyone’s hair type and texture is different) and that is – they find their hair curling at the ends as soon as it gets longer.

So one of the reasons can be that when the hair is kept short, it is hard for hair patterns like waves or curls to form, because there isn’t sufficient length for the pattern to form and get repeated. 

As the hair grows longer, it makes it easier for the hair pattern like a wave or curl to form and become repeated over the length of the hair.

Another reason could be that when the hair reaches the shoulder length (for medium hair length) and grows beyond the shoulders, it constantly begins to sweep over the shoulder, especially if your hair is left. 

This can cause the ends to curl up because of the constant brushing of the hair and friction caused.

7. If you have hormonal issues

Our hormones play a major role in our bodies and bodily functioning. There are times when we can face hormonal changes due to various reasons like extreme stress, menopause, puberty, pregnancy and childbirth etc. 

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When there are changes in our hormones it can also lead to changes in our hair growth and hair texture.

Therefore, if you do observe that your hair has curled at the ends, it could be one of the signs that you are going through a hormone issue.

8. If you’ve used the wrong type of product

Most products have clear labels whether they can be used by all hair types or are specifically meant for just one hair type. 

There are times when we use products that aren’t meant for our hair type and this can be another reason leading to curling at the hair ends.

Also, if we happen to change the product we have been using for a while, to a new one, this could also be a possibility why the ends of the hair get flicked.

how to stop the ends of my hair from curling up

9. If you’ve got a new haircut

Not all hairstyles work the same on everybody as hair type and texture matter, when it comes to the final result of how your hairstyle will turn out. 

So for those with straight hair, if you have got your hair cut in layers, or maybe get a shoulder-length hair cut, there are chances that the tips of the hair will begin to curl up.

How to Stop Your Hair Curling At The Ends

1. Step up your moisturizing game

Since dry hair is one of the main culprits of why your hair is curling at the tips, make sure to keep your hair very well moisturized.  

The hair near the roots gets sufficient moisture from the scalp, but the hair along the length of the hair, especially at the ends, lacks moisture and tends to dry out easily. 

Therefore feeding your hair with moisture by using moisturizing creams, hair masks, deep conditioners, hair oils etc, can help your hair regain its moisture and can also stop curling at the ends. 

But remember to moisturize your hair in moderation and do not overdo it.

2. Get your hair trimmed more often

Do not slacken up on your hair trimming routine. Make sure to get your hair trimmed at least three to four times a year. 

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When the ends of the hair are cut off, it will take off the curled tips as well, along with the dry hair and split ends.

3. Avoid bleaching your hair

Since bleaching involves the use of harsh chemicals on the hair, it can dry out the hair considerably. 

So avoiding the use of bleach on the hair can help reduce and stop the curling of the hair tips.

4. Use a heat protectant spray when using heat on the hair


One of the best things you could do is avoid using heat on your hair completely. 

Well, if you really cannot avoid using heat on your hair and require to use heat styling tools like hair dryers, hair straighteners or curling wands, then make sure to use a good quality heat protectant spray on your hair before you begin the styling process.

5. Make sure to have a balanced diet

Remember that eating a balanced diet will ensure that there are sufficient nutrients of all types that will provide nourishment to the hair. 

This can help prevent the altering of hair texture and can prevent the hair from curling at the tips.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) 

1. Why does the hair at the ends begin to curl up first, as compared to the hair at the top of the head?

Well, the hair at the ends of the hair strand is much lighter as compared to the hair at the top of the head. 
Besides, the hair near the scalp gets more moisture as compared to the hair at the tips. Therefore, the hair tips are more prone to getting dry and curling up as compared to the hair at the top of the head.

2. Is it true that sleeping on satin or silk pillow covers will help avoid hair curling at the tips?

Sleeping on satin or silk pillow covers will help reduce moisture loss from the hair (as cotton absorbs moisture), while it can also reduce friction of the hair strands to a large extent. 
This will help reduce hair dryness and possibly reduce hair curling at the tips.

The final takeaway

Well, for those of you who have lovely straight hair and were worried about your locs getting curly at the tips, I hope you have found answers to all your questions and were able to find out the reason as to why your hair could have curled at the ends. 

Make sure to diligently follow the suggested ways to help keep your hair ends from curling.

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