Everyday hair routine for wavy hair

Everyday Hair Routine For Wavy Hair 2024 | How To Care For Wavy Hair In 5 Simple Steps

Let’s admit it, wavy hair is the best hair texture anyone could have. That smooth combination of straight and curly hair looks gorgeous and adds to your oomph factor. 

But if you want these sexy waves, you’ve got to work for them.

Having a easy everyday hair routine for wavy hair is important to keep those beachy waves looking healthy and natural!

The subtle bouncy curls add so much charisma to your face. 

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While a lot of people prefer to flat iron their beautiful waves, there are so many looks you could try while preserving your natural wavy texture.

The most important thing is to have the right hair care routine with the right hair care products that cater specifically to your wavy hair. 

Wavy hair is a part of the curly hair family, so most maintenance techniques are similar to curly hair. 

Yes, the curly girl method or the CG method is great for those with wavy hair. 

If you are a wavy-haired girl who wants to know more about maintaining wavy hair, read on to get into the details. 

I have taken an in-depth look into the various steps required to maintain your wavy tresses to give you healthy hair

Everyday Hair Routine For Wavy Hair 2022

Washing Your Hair

how to take care of wavy hair after shower

When it comes to wavy hair, you must not wash it like regular hair. This could lead to the formation of frizz and hair damage. 

There is a specific set of instructions you should follow to wash your curly/ wavy hair properly. 

Since wavy hair requires a lot of moisture to keep them healthy and shiny, it is important to keep products that dry your hair at bay.

Shampoos can be really drying and can lead to frizzy hair. So be careful not to overdo it.

A lot of people prefer to stay away from the shampoo and opt for a conditioner instead to clean their hair. 

But if a shampoo is inevitable for you, opt for shampoos that only contain safe ingredients. 

There are a lot of products that contain harmful ingredients that can cause damage and dryness to your hair in the long term. 

Some of the ingredients you should look out for includes:

SLS- Sodium Lauryl Sulfate is an extremely common ingredient found in most shampoos that can cause damage to your curly/ wavy hair. 

It is a surfactant that helps in making a good lather. This could lift your hair from the cuticles and cause frizz. 

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I always suggest going for a sulfate-free shampoo if you have 2a or 2b hair.

Alcohol- Another common ingredient in shampoos and hair care products, alcohol can really strip the moisture from your curly hair.

Silicones- Silicones are not completely bad for your curly hair but you should look out for silicone with PEG 8 and more since it is water-soluble.  

Mineral oil and Parabens- Mineral Oil can weigh down your curls and reduce the bounce.  

Parabens have proven to cause health issues including cancer! So I’d say, be wary of them.  

There is a simple way to check if your shampoo ingredients are suitable for your wavy hair. Log in to this website, and type out your ingredients. 

OGX renewing + Argan Oil of Morocco Shampoo

Herbal Essence Hello Hydration Moisturising Shampoo

Detangling Your Hair

If you have wavy hair, detangling your hair is completely different from detangling straight hair. 

I recommend detangling your hair while in the shower. 

If you start detangling your hair using a hairbrush, it will lead to breakage and a lot of pain. 

So it is best to use your fingers. You can also resort to a tangle teaser to get rid of frizz and knots. 

Get into the shower and do your usual pre-poo or shampooing rituals. 

When your hair has conditioner on it, use your fingers to gently detangle all the knots. 

It is important to be gentle while doing this because your hair tends to be really delicate when it is wet. 

After towel drying your hair, if you think that your hair is still a little tangled and frizzy, you can easily fix it. 

Use a leave-in-conditioner or a detangling spray to easily get rid of any leftover knots and frizz. 

Ouai Leave-in Conditioner

The Honest Co. Conditioning Detangler

Some of the best tools to use on your wavy hair for detangling are a wide-tooth comb or a tangle teaser. 

The tangle teezer helps in a more localized detangling like the ends of the hair. 

Here are some of my favorite combs you can even use in the shower. These are perfect for 2b wavy hair routine!

Hyoujin Wide-tooth Comb

Tangle Teezer The Original

The ends of your hair are really prone to tangles and knots so it is best recommended to detangle your hair from the bottom to the top. 

If you comb tangled hair downwards, it could increase the tangles and escalate the issue. 

Divide your hair into small sections to make the process easy and efficient. 

Once you have completely detangled your hair, you can finish off with a smoothening serum which will leave your hair looking healthy and shiny. 

Use your fingers or comb to evenly distribute the products on your hair focusing on the ends of your hair for a good finish. 


Sometimes your hair needs a little bit of that extra kick of moisture to regain its strength and hydration. 

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You just have to add a few ingredients to your hair care routine to do this. 

Hair masks and hair treatments are such a good investment for your hair and give it that much-needed nourishment. 

You can either use these for pre-poo or after shampooing. 

This is especially helpful if you have damaged hair that has been through hair coloring or chemical treatments. 

There are a lot of hair creams that you can use on wet and dry wavy hair to improve hydration. 

Shea Moisture Curl Styling Milk

Moroccan Oil Intense Hydrating Hair Mask

Drying Your Waves

After you have washed your hair, the next important step to get beautiful waves is called scrunching. 

It is the process of gently crushing or squeezing sections of your hair to give it more definition and curl. 

This can be done using your fingers, a towel or a t-shirt. If you want to get more volume, use a volumizing mousse. 

Another way to scrunch your hair is by scrunching using hair clips. Simply section up your hair and pull it into buns. 

Use hairspray on the buns if you want more definition. You can unclip your hair once it is completely dry. 

Your method of hair drying can really impact the final look and shape of your hair

There are two different ways to dry your wavy hair, air drying and diffusing.

A diffuser is a great option if you are running late and want to dry your hair quickly. This method also helps in improving the volume of your waves.

Styling Your Waves

Do you wish to get those beautiful effortless beachy waves? One of the most important ways to preserve the beauty of your wavy hair is by styling it right. 

The best way to style your natural waves is by using a diffuser. However, the cardinal rule of heat styling your hair is to use a heat protectant spray before it. 

In this way, your waves will be protected from any heat damage that could occur. 

You can also use a moderate hold setting spray to hold your waves intact. 

A sea salt spray is a great option for achieving natural beachy waves. 

It is recommended to apply styling products on damp hair and let your hair air dry to get the best results. 

Make sure to select lightweight products that are free of harmful ingredients like sulfates and parabens. 

Sun Bum Sea Spray

FAQs About Wavy Hair Routine

Should you wash your hair everyday if you have wavy hair?

There is no set rule when it comes to washing your hair, but most people believe that it’s important to do so at least once a week. Wavy hair can be difficult to manage and tends to become tangled easily. By shampooing regularly, you will remove the buildup of oils and sweat which can cause problems with frizz or static electricity. You should also avoid using harsh shampoos as they could damage your hair length or texture.
If you find that you don’t have time for regular shampooing, then you may want to consider alternate methods like deep conditioning or steaming your locks.

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How do I stop my wavy hair from getting frizzy?

One solution to stopping your wavy hair from getting frizzy is to keep it moisturized. This can be done by using a shampoo and conditioner that contain natural ingredients that are hydrating but not heavy, like argan oil, grapeseed oil or aloe vera. Additionally, you can use treatments such as keratin masks or hair gels that are designed to treat frizz and humidity loss. And finally, make sure to apply styling products sparingly so that they don’t weigh down the strands too much.

Tips on how to take care of wavy hair 

Now you know what exactly to do to get healthy and bouncy waves. 

But do you know that small changes in our habits could make a huge positive difference to the hair? 

 Let’s take a look at some of them.

Use a silk or satin pillowcase– A satin or silk pillowcase helps in avoiding friction with your hair. 

Silk also helps in preserving the moisture levels on your skin and hair. 

These materials also help in avoiding any pulling and tugging that might happen to your hair in your sleep. 

Do not take a hot shower- A hot shower can damage your hair. It can also lead to dullness, moisture loss and lift your hair cuticles. 

If you have colored hair it could also lead to the loss of color.

It is best to wash your hair with lukewarm water and use cold water to finish the shower. 

This helps in sealing the cuticles and making your hair shiny. 

Do not use a regular towel to dry your hair- Towel drying is not bad at all but it is important to do it the right way. 

When you rub a regular towel against your wet hair, it creates a recipe for disaster. 

The vigorous rubbing and friction could lead to long-term damage and hair fall. 

The best option is to opt for a gentler absorbent cloth like an old t-shirt or a microfibre hair towel to dry your wavy hair. 

Use gentle motions and only squeeze or blot out the excess moisture out of your hair instead of aggressively rubbing the cloth on your hair. 

That was my special routine for wavy hair. You can check out my articles for more information on how to style wavy hair.

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