low maintenance haircuts for frizzy hair

30 Stunning Low Maintenance Haircuts For Frizzy Hair

Check out the top low maintenance haircuts for frizzy hair right here that help you smoothen your tresses and add volume to your hair.

Frizzy hair can be a menace to deal with and I’m sure getting those nasty little strands that stick out, to fall into place can be quite hard at times. But frizzy hair, that is also thick? Well, that’s even more difficult to tackle for sure!

So, what if you just get yourself a haircut that can help conceal or more likely camouflage these little stick out strands and then maybe it won’t make you feel as bad about your frizzy hair anymore.

Low Maintenance Haircuts For Frizzy Hair

1. The Long hair with Curtain Bangs haircut

Low Maintenance Haircuts For Frizzy Hair
Source: Instagram @ rachelwstylist

Well, if you aren’t convinced that you should cut your long locs right away, then how about you keep your luscious locs, but maybe get a nice layered haircut and style the front with curtain bangs. 

Whether you have straight or curly hair, the layers will help reduce a little of your hair volume, while the curtain bangs will help camouflage the frizzy stick outs.

2. The Shag haircut

low maintenance haircuts for frizzy hair
Source: Instagram @ samvillahair

A shag haircut looks pretty cool in my opinion and will also kind of solve the problem of your frizz, by camouflaging those extra strands that stick out, to a considerable extent. 

This is because the shag haircut entails your hair to be cut in different layers, giving it more of a choppy look. Since your hair is thick, it will help reduce the volume, but in a stylish way.

3. The Pixie haircut

short haircuts for thick wavy hair
Source: Instagram @ hairmakesupbee

Well, pixie haircuts are one of my favorite ones because of how funky it looks, while it is even classy and elegant at the same time. 

Hair frizz is very noticeable when the hair is long or anything longer than say, a few inches! 

So getting your hair cut into a nice pixie haircut, can help conceal these little nasty stick outs like never before and it will also help keep some of your hair volume under control as well.

4. The Short Front Bangs haircut

haircuts for wavy frizzy hair
Source: Instagram @ hair_aaronk

While I won’t assure you that getting bangs will get rid of your frizz, but it can help hide your frizz to a certain extent because of the way the hair is cut. 

Getting bangs will help make your frizzy strays look less noticeable. 

Also, this hairstyle will work pretty much with any hair type ranging from straight hair to even curly hair.

5. The Short Wavy Bob haircut

short haircuts for thick wavy hair
Source: Instagram @ stylistmarissayk

Well, the idea here is not simply getting your hair cut, but getting a hairstyle that looks super cool as well. 

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If you are someone into short hairstyles, then try out this super cool and very trending bob haircut, but with waves. 

Your frizz can get partially concealed because of the waves in the hair. Running your fingers through your hair, instead of brushing it will also give your hair a nice tousled look.

6. The Long Waves haircut

haircuts for long frizzy hair
Source: Instagram @ geovannymarrero

If you already have wavy or curly hair, then this one will suit you well. You do not need to cut your hair short, but simply get your hair cut into a few steps at the bottom and the key in this hairstyle lies in the way you part your hair. 

Taking a center parting and letting your hair fall on the sides over your shoulders, will help the hair at the top of your head look flat, also flattening out your frizz.

7. The Buzz haircut

hairstyles for thick wavy hair over 50
Source: Instagram @ ness.foerster

This haircut is one of the best “no-maintenance” hairstyles you have been looking for!

It will help almost completely get rid of your frizz, because your hair is cut so short.

And it will also make you look super cool at the same time because buzz cuts are trending these days. So if you are bold enough, go in for this hairstyle!

8. The One-sided Bangs with Long hair cut

medium length hairstyles for thick hair
Source: Instagram @ handoverfisthair

The key in camouflaging the frizz in this hairstyle lies in the one-sided comb over, similar to a one-sided bang.

It will help hide your frizzy strays to a large extent and make your hair look flatter at the top, you can get yourself a nice step or layered haircut, so it will also help reduce the volume of your hair.

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9. The One-sided Curls haircut

best haircuts for thick coarse frizzy hair
Source: Instagram @ mira_salman_muah

This one’s similar to theone-sided bangs with long hair” haircut, mentioned above, but specifically for those with curly hair.

Curly hair is more prone to frizz and giving yourself a straight haircut, but styling it with a side parting and comb over to one side will help hide your frizzy hair very well.

10. The Razor haircut

what are the best haircuts for frizzy hair
Source: Instagram @ debialley

Razor haircuts have become quite trending these days because of its funky and messy appearance, giving the hair a nice tousled look.

The hair is trimmed at different levels using a razor, but tapers near the neck. So this hairstyle can help reduce your hair volume to a large extent, while also making the frizziness look less noticeable.

11. The Soft Curls short haircuts for frizzy hair

Hairstyles for thick frizzy hair
Source: Instagram @ she.cuts.hair

Soft curls always look classy and elegant. If you already are someone who has natural soft curls or maybe plan to get yourself a nice perm, then this hairstyle is the perfect one for you. 

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Since the curls add texture to your hair, it will make your frizz look less visible as it camouflages itself in the curls of your hair. 

Cutting your hair to your shoulder level will make it also look less voluminous and easier to manage.

12. The Messy Curls with Layers haircut

wash and go haircuts for thick wavy hair
Source: Instagram @ aurora_rojas_

I really love how cool these “messy” curls look. Getting your hair curled or even having curly hair can help hide your frizz quite well. 

Getting yourself a nice layered haircut, will help do the trick. Remember to brush your hair rarely, but run your fingers through your hair more often.

This will give you a nice ruffled look that will up your hairstyle.

13. The Short Feather haircut

hairstyles for thick wavy hair over 60
Source: Instagram @ angelafretwellhair

The feather haircut is a very trending hairstyle these days and can be done on any hair length and looks super good. It is more suitable for those with straighter hair types in order to make the “feathers” stand out and look more prominent. 

Because the feathers stand out, even though your hair may be frizzy, it will not look as noticeable if you get this hairstyle.

14. The Wavy Lob haircut

easy hairstyles for thick frizzy hair
Source: Instagram @ arcscissors

A lob hairstyle is basically a bob cut on long hair. So it is somewhat like a variation of a bob haircut. 

A wavy lob usually has hair up to the shoulder level, where the hair is cut longer at the front and shorter at the back. So the waves kind of help conceal the frizziness to a good extent.

15. The Long Feather haircut

layered hairstyles for thick frizzy hair
Source: Instagram @ ayy_ohh_

Similar to the short feather cut, people with longer hair lengths too can get this haircut. 

The way the hair is cut, looks similar to feathers and therefore can help hide the frizz well, while also helping reduce your hair volume too. 

It will also help get rid of those dry and damaged tips of your hair strands.

16. The Short Bob

bob hairstyles for thick frizzy hair
Source: Instagram @ dimo_and_asakura

Getting a short bob will help make your frizz look less noticeable, because the hair is cut closer to the face, making your jaw bones look more pronounced. 

When your hair is cut short, the chances of developing split ends and frizz is much less than when it is kept long. 

It will reduce the bulk of your volume, but the bob will still continue to make your hair look full, but not bulky.

17. The Crown Braid

haircuts for thick wavy frizzy hair
Source: Instagram@pani.makeup.hair

18. Layered Shaggy Lob

low maintenance haircuts thick hair
Source: Instagram@lindseyknowshair

19. The Spiky Pixie

short haircuts for thick frizzy hair
Source: Instagram@heatherhair

20. Curly Modern Shag With Bangs

low maintenance haircuts for thick wavy hair
Source: Instagram@atelieravedaanna

21. Long Layers With Flicked Ends

Long layers with flicked ends
Source: Instagram@carahughes_stylist_mobile

22. Long Hair With Layers Haircuts for frizzy hair

Long Hair With Layers Haircuts for frizzy hair
Source: Instagram@annex_hair_studio

23. Medium Waves With Blunt Bangs

haircuts for frizzy hair
Source: Twitter@SallyZebra

24. Back Length Body Waves

haircuts for frizzy wavy hair
Source: Twitter@selfcareslay

25. Classic Feathered Haircut

classic feathered haircut for women
Source: Instagram@jaggi_hairartist

26. Easy Layered haircuts for frizzy thick hair

haircuts for frizzy thick hair
Source: Instagram@calistatools

27. 4c Hair Low Maintenance Haircuts Thick Hair

4c Hair Low Maintenance Haircuts Thick Hair
Source: Instagram@the.natural.breona

28. Low Maintenance Short Haircuts For Thick Wavy Hair

 low maintenance short haircuts for thick wavy hair
Source: Instagram@curlygirlserina

29. Butterfly Frizzy Haircut Female

Butterfly Frizzy Haircut Female
Source: Instagram@quecolour

30. The Wolf Cut

best haircut for frizzy thick hair
Source: Instagram@rebel.rinse.repeat

31. Waterfall Haircut For Frizzy Hair

Waterfall Haircut For Frizzy Hair
Source: Instagram@shelbyyjaye

Tips To Keep Hair Frizz-Free

how to prevent frizzy hair
Source: Instagram@ambitious_look

The best way to control thick hair from getting frizzy may vary depending on the person’s hair type, hair density, and the humidity level of the area they are living in. However, some tips that may help include:

  1. Follow the right hairstyling routine – Regularly following a hairstyling routine will help you keep your hair healthy and frizz-free. This includes using products that are specifically designed to control thick hair, avoiding excessive heat or humidity, and styling your hair regularly.
  2. Always use a moisturizer – Moisturizers can help reduce the amount of moisture that is lost from your hair, which in turn helps to keep it frizz-free and manageable. Choose a moisturizer that is specifically formulated for thick hair, and apply it before you style your hair.
  3. Use a heat protectant – Heat damage can cause your hair to become frizzy and unmanageable. To prevent this from happening, use a heat protectant every time you use heat on your hair. This will help to protect your strands from damage and make them less prone to frizzing up.
  4. Avoid excessively brushing or combing your hair – excessive brushing or combing can lead to tangles and knots in your locks, which in turn makes them more prone to frizzing up. Instead, try using a wide-tooth comb or brush when you’re styling your hair instead.
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These are just a few tips that may help you control thick hair from getting frizzy.

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The final takeaway

These are some of the best hairstyles to get yourself if you are someone who has frizzy hair issues. 

In addition to these hairstyles, remember to also deep condition and keep your hair well moisturized at all times, so that your hair isn’t dry and succumbs to frizz, because dry hair is most prone to frizz. 

Avoid frequent brushing of hair and use of heat styling tools, because maintaining your hair will also help keep frizziness at bay.

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