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20 Easy Hairstyles For Night Party To Try In 2024 | For Clubbing And More!

Going to the club? Here are some cute hairstyles for night party that you have to try! These styles suit both long and medium hair lengths.

Okay so now that things are getting better, we’re finally going for parties again! 

And what do you need when you go out to the club? 

Yes, you’re right if you said a good outfit and the right makeup, but most people forget one party essential – your hairstyle!

The right hairstyle won’t just complement your party outfit but enhance it. 

And if you’re in doubt how to do your hair for the party, here are some gorgeous hairstyles for night party that you can try easily without the need of any stylists.  

Check it out! 

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Hairstyles For Night Party 

Here are some of the easiest and cutest hairstyles for night party that you can try. I’ve listed out my favorite looks for both long and medium hair lengths. 

Upside Down French Braids 

hairstyles for birthday party
Source: Instagram@_deeliza

Listen, I love an open hairstyle for clubbing. But if you’re someone who spends more time on the dance floor than at a bar then you should keep your hair up and out of the way.

And these upside down french braids are totally the easiest way to do this!

Classic Low Chignon 

bun hairstyles for party
Source: Instagram@Freebirdbeautyco

If your party style is more classy than trendy then you should try the classic low chignon. 

The style is easy to create as you just need to tie your hair in a knot at the back of your neck. 

This particular style will go amazingly well with your little black dress. Now that’s a classic party style!

Half Up Textured Waves

easy party hairstyles for long hair
Source: Instagram@iammelaniejackie

Textured waves are all the rage these days. And so is the half up half down style. So why not combine the two? 

This hairstyle also suits most hair lengths. Unlike buns and braids you can try this hairstyle even if you have shoulder length hair or even long bobs. 

Simple Corkscrew Curls 

natural hairstyles for going out clubbing
Source: Instagram@Curlhairstyle

If you want to keep things simple just grab your hair curler and get going. And just like the textured waves style you can create this look on different hair lengths easily.

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And the best part? You can also switch things up a bit with the curls. Make them tighter, looser or create a body wave, it’s all up to you! 

High Sleek Ponytail

club hairstyles for black hair
Source: Instagram@Hairmajestyy

Any Ariana Grande fans in the house? Well, this hairstyle is a signature look of hers and so very popular for parties! 

And it’s very easy to create too. However, you might have to first straighten your hair if you have curly or wavy textures. 

Pancake Braids

hairstyles for going out to dinner
Source: Instagram@Bazandbanks

Now isn’t this a fun name for a hairstyle? Well, a pancake braid is just like a regular braid but then you have to pull the braids a bit to make it appear fuller and somewhat messier.

You can use any type of braid to create a pancake braid – fishtail braids, regular braids, etc. 

Long Braids With Rings

easy going out hairstyles for long hair
Source: Instagram@kayleypak

Want to spruce up your braids? Add a couple of metallic hair rings!

Black Curly Updo 

night out hairstyles for medium hair
Source: Instagram@afroholics

If you have natural hair and do not know what to do for the party, here’s a simple idea. Just moisturize your curls, detangle and take them all up in a high bun of sorts. You don’t have to straighten your hair, leave it poofy and curly – perfectly natural! 

Half Up Space Buns With Glitter

Now listen, there are some girls who love a simple updo for a party and some who are totally extra. If you’re the latter, you should get some glitter out and try this half up hairstyle! 

what to wear when going out clubbing
Source: Instagram@Hairbycamalyse

Also, space buns are so in vogue right now and give your outfit a fun, youthful look. 

Glamorous Hollywood Curls

Which hairstyle is best for party
Source: Instagram@Curlettes_curlers

There are different types of parties. And the one you’re going to is less “in the club” and more sophisticated soiree, you should try these Hollywood style curls. 

These are glamorous and can be created easily with the help of rollers or a hair curler. 

Oh and I suggest pairing it with the perfect red lip. 

French Twist Pony 

Night out Hairstyles for long hair
Source: Instagram@Hairandmakeupbysteph

 Now at first glance this hairstyle seems impossible to create unless you have perfect, sleek long hair. But it’s not so. All you need to do is straighten your hair and then use a hair tie to create a ponytail out of one section.

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Then wrap the other section of hair around the hair tie and use hairpins to keep it in place. And voila! Your French twist pony is ready madame!

High Pony With Curls

Clubbing hairstyles for curly hair
Source: Instagram@The.sisters_glamcare

This hairstyle goes well with curly hair (the type 3 curls) and natural, African American hair. 

And unlike most curly hairstyles, this one doesn’t require a lot of maintenance or products to create. 

There’s no braiding involved either. So it saves you a lot of time. 

Just sweep your curls back after applying some leave-in conditioner and curl enhancing cream and then tie it up in a high pony.

Styling Tip: I personally use silk/satin scrunchies instead of hair ties as they are gentler on my curls and do not cause as much friction. 

Messy Bun

hairstyles for long hair black girl
Source: Instagram@Manemusebeauty

Yes, you can wear the messy bun to the club. It’s 2022! 

And if you’re going for that edgy, grunge look this hairstyle is the perfect accessory. 

I use a bit of volumizing spray to ensure my locks do not look too lank and weighted down. You can create a messy bun with all hair lengths too. So it’s a 5-minute party hairstyle if there ever was one. 

Slick Back Loose Hair

night out hairstyles for thin hair
Source: Instagram@Aarialondon

If you have straight or wavy long hair and are running late for the party, why not just comb it and leave it open? 

Tired of the middle part vs side part debate? Well, use a bit of styling gel to slick back your hair instead!

Olivia Rodrigo’s Loose Waves With Butterflies

Night out Hairstyles for long hair
Source: Instagram@Oliviarodrigo__daily

I was absolutely enamored with teen pop sensation OIivia Rodrigo’s Met Gala look this year. And the best part about it was you can recreate this hairstyle in your home with minimal use of products, especially if you already have naturally wavy hair.

Just wash your hair like you would regularly, use a curl enhancing cream and scrunch your waves, diffuse them and finally air dry. 

And voila you have got your very own celebrity-style look.

Oh, and don’t forget the hair accessories to complete the look.

You don’t have to go for butterflies like Miss Rodrigo did but you can definitely try out flowers, hair rings, and even a tiara if you’re bold enough. 

Dutch Braids

easy night out hairstyles for medium hair
Source: Instagram@braidsbybrenna

This hairstyle is for the dancers and drunks! Keep your hair out of your face and out of way and keep it supremely stylish with Dutch braids. 

I usually go for simple Dutch braids while partying, but you can add some hair accessories like rings or extensions to add a touch of glamor to your hair.

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Also, you can combine Dutch braids with other braids to create a sort of hybrid Viking look. 

Bantu Knots

lazy hairstyles for medium hair
Source: Instagram@_matilda_x_

This hairstyle is doable if you have natural, 4c hair. In fact, it’s a fantastic protective hairstyle as well. And I totally get carnival vibes from this one. 

Sleek And Straight With Middle Parting 

easy hairstyles for night out
Source: Instagram@touchedbyrii

When in doubt get the straightener out! If you’re confused which look to pick for your night party, why not just create a simple hairstyle by parting hair down the middle and straightening it. 

Oh but be careful to use a heat protection spray to protect your hair before you use a flat iron on it. 

The beauty of this hairstyle is that your hair doesn’t have to be a particular length for it to work. 

Wet Look Hairstyle

how to easy hairstyles for medium hair
Source: Instagram@Costel.strambei

The Kardashians have made the “Wet Look” the go-to party hairstyle this year. I mean it’s simple enough to recreate especially if you don’t want to braid your hair or create an updo. 

All you have to do is apply some hair gel to damp hair, set your hair the way you want and finish with a glossy hairspray. 

Colorful Space Buns

how to do 80s hairstyles for long hair
Source: Instagram@Makeup_by_tamyblack

Space buns are an all time favorite party look. It was THE hairstyle at this year’s music festivals including Coachella. 

But if you want to really spice it up you should add some colorful glitter or hair extensions to match your outfit.

I hope with these hairstyles for night party you finally have a look that you wear to the club. 

These styles are easy to create so you don’t have to spend a lot of time on them and they suit different hair textures like straight, curly and natural hair too.

Also, with most of these hairstyles you don’t have to use a lot of styling tools so there’s less chance of damage. 

I’d however suggest that you invest in a good hairspray or hair styling gel (if you’re going for a wet look) as all that dancing and partying can mess up your hair.

And a hairspray with a strong hold ensures your hairstyles stay in place all night long. 

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