Hairstyles for plus size women

25+ Awesome Hairstyles For Plus Size Women 2023 | Slim Down That Double Chin!

Curvy women can find the most flattering hairstyles for plus size women right here! Get inspired and show your stylist the look you want. 

Earlier, there were only two ways to describe a woman’s figure, tall or thin. 

But now, with changing times, the world has become more inclusive and has started recognizing other body figures and builds. 

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Gone are the days when only thin women were considered to be stylish. 

Being thick is now totally in vogue and has been celebrated by the fashion world. 

Plus-sized women usually have a thick figure and face so they need something that will compliment their face shape. 

Trust me, the right haircut can really increase your self-esteem levels and confidence. 

If you are a curvy woman looking to change your hair, check out this list of some of the best hairstyles for plus size women that you can try out to spruce up your look. 

Hairstyles For Plus Size Women

Dark brown pixie bob 

Pixie Hairstyles For Plus Size Women

There is a common misconception that short hair does not suit people with bigger faces. But it is not entirely true. You can choose a short haircut that will complement your face shape like this pixie bob here. 

Pixie hair cuts are some of the most stylish looks ever. If you go for an angular pixie cut with slightly longer hair in the front than the back and sides, it will really complement. 

You can always opt for short hair but you have to make sure that you choose a cut and length that suits your frame.

Grey hairstyles for plus size women

Grey Hairstyles For Plus Size Women

Earlier grey was something that a lot of people stayed away from since it was mostly only worn by people who are aging and getting natural greys. 

But now, grey hair has truly entered the fashion scene and is worn by both young and older people. You can pair it up with some silver or white highlights to make sure that the color doesn’t look flat. 

Light blonde hairstyles for plus size women

Blonde Hairstyles For Plus Size Women

A light blonde will make you look chic and stylish. The best part is that you can choose from a variety of shades like champagne, silver, ash, platinum, vanilla, etc. 

Light blonde shades will work best for people with fair to medium skin tones. But that doesn’t mean that these shades do not work for people with brown or black skin tones. 

There is a blonde for every skin tone. The most important thing is to find the right shade and cut for you. You can add these shoulder-length soft blonde waves for a very feminine look. 

Pink pixie cut

Bob Hairstyles For Plus Size Women

Colorful hair looks really good on women with round faces and my favorite color tonight is this bright pink shade. This will make you look straight out of a fairytale. 

This is a great option for people with naturally light hair but you can always get your hair bleached if you want to go for it. 

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Pair it up with some funky pair of shades to up your style quotient. It’s one of my favorite slimming haircuts for chubby faces. 

Side waved bob

Pink Hairstyles For Plus Size Women

Angular haircuts or haircuts with uneven lengths can help in creating a good frame for your face. But people only go for the asymmetrical bob when choosing such looks. 

There are so many ways to customize your regular angular bob to get a hairstyle that suits your face. 

This side waved bob with fringes is a beautiful look that you can try to complement your round face. Combine it with ginger or auburn hair color to get a cool look. 

Fringe Cut Hairstyle For Double Chin

Bangs Hairstyles For Plus Size Women

The old-school fringe cut is a great option for plus-sized women because it really helps in minimizing the size of your face. 

The fringes and the hair on the sides can frame your face and make them appear smaller. 

If that’s your goal for a haircut, you should definitely give this look a try. This is also a great choice for people with large foreheads because it can conceal the area. 

Ombre hairstyles for plus size women

Lob Hairstyles For Plus Size Women

The ombre technique of hair colouring makes your hair look super gorgeous. You can select two complimenting colours to get the perfect combination of colours. 

Why not leave your natural hair the same and only colour the bottom part? 

An ombre hair can make your face look instantly attractive. The best part about ombre hair color is that it does not touch the root, so it is a rather safe way to add color to your hair without much damage. 

It is a low-maintenance hairstyle that is easy on the pockets. So there is no reason to not get this look. 

Bun Updo Hairstyles for Plus Size Women

slimming haircuts for chubby faces

A bun is one of the most practical updos. But a lot of plus-sized women stay away from it because they feel like it will make their faces look bigger. But this is not entirely true. 

There are different types of bun and you have to choose the right one that matches your facial structure. 

This is an effortless look that you can put together in a few minutes so it is perfect for women with busy schedules. The messy bun is one of my all-time favorite looks for plus-sized women. 

Curly lob hairstyles for plus size women 

hairstyles for plus size black ladies

Who doesn’t love luscious-looking curly hair? They compliment your face really well and make you look younger. 

If you have naturally curly hair you should maintain your curls well by following a suitable hair care routine. 

But if you have straight hair, you can always style your hair using a curling iron, tongs, or rollers to get the look. There are so many different curls that you can try out. 

My favorite is the soft curls that are achieved using rollers. But you can use a curling wand and go for something more intense like small coiled curls. 

Just make sure to use a good holding spray so your curl doesn’t loosen up. 

The best thing about a lob is that it’s among the great hairstyles for fat faces and double chins as it conceals your problematic areas. 

Short curly hairstyles for plus size women

plus size haircuts 2021

We can all agree that curls are high maintenance. But if you want to have curly hair without the tedious upkeep, you should make it short and manageable. 

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But this doesn’t mean that you will loose your curl texture. 

You can always use the right curling creams and other hair products to maintain your curls. 

This hairstyle also makes your face look longer since the curls are gathered at the top. So it is a great choice if you want to make your face look less bulky. 

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Medium wavy hair

hairstyles for fat faces and double chins

The medium wavy hair is a classic look that will surely be a game-changer. If you want to play safe with your hair, this is a great choice. If you maintain your wavy hair, it will make your hair look beautiful and smooth. 

Make sure to moisturize the ends of your hair. You can also try out different highlights or balayage on your waves to spruce up your look a little. 

Wavy hair is very easy to achieve. Most of us can get it by air-drying the hair after a shower. 

But if you have stubborn straight hair that refuses to form waves, you can use large-sized rollers or flat iron to get the look. 

Sleek pony hairstyles for plus size women

slimming haircuts for chubby faces

If you are looking for a versatile hairstyle that is suitable for different settings, a sleek pony is something you should try. 

It is an elegant updo that can take you from day to night. 

A pony really helps in creating a style statement because it is totally in vogue right now thanks to celebrities like Ariana Grande.

If you want to upgrade your sleek pony, wrap the rubber band of the pony with a section of your hair. This will give you a sleek and sharp look that is sure to grab a lot of attention. 

Make sure to tame those annoying flyaways using a good holding gel otherwise it will totally ruin the look and make it messy. 

Sleek straight hairstyles for plus size women

best hairstyles for plus size body shape

Sleek straight hair is another hairstyle that looks minimal and effortless. It gives you a very sharp look and is suitable at workplaces or even a party. 

If you have naturally straight hair, this look is quite effortless and can be achieved quickly. 

But if you don’t, you will have to invest in a high-quality hair straightener or get permanent straightening or smoothening done. 

You will also have to keep your flyaways and split ends at bay by taking proper care of your hair. 

This hair works perfectly for plus-sized women and it is a foolproof choice.

Space buns

Hairstyles For Plus Size Women

I just can’t get enough of this cute updo. The space buns are some of the most stylish and practical hairstyles today. The buns on either side of the head help in balancing the weight of the space. 

So this is a great choice for plus-sized girls. This is a very fun and playful look that is really popular in mainstream media now. There are so many celebrities who pull off this look effortlessly. 

If you are looking for a fun hairstyle, you should definitely try space buns. 

You can add hair glitter, beads, or even colored streaks to accessorize your space buns. 

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How Do I Choose The Right Hairstyle As An Overweight Woman?

Everyone’s hair length and style will vary depending on their personal preferences. That being said, here are a few tips that may help you find the best hair length for plus size women:
1.Choose a length that falls within the average range – Most people’s hair falls within the following ranges: below the shoulder for women, below the ear for men, and midway down the back for women and men. This is a good starting point if you’re not sure what length to choose.
2.Consider your personal style – Your hair style will also play a role in determining your hair length. For example, if you have curly or wavy hair, you may want to go with a longer length to keep it out of your face.
3. Give it tome – Lengthwise changes can take time to get used to, so be patient and give your hair some time to adapt. You may also want to try different lengths over time to see which one works best for you.

“Plus-size” started off as a standard sizing for women’s clothes. 

But now it is universally referred to as women who fall usually between size 8 and above. 

Plus-sized women have different styling needs depending on the shape of their bodies. 

By choosing hairstyles and haircuts on the basis of our figure and face shape, we can get the most flattering look.

And with this list, I hope you find your favorite hairstyles for plus size women to try today!

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