easy everyday hairstyles for round faces

25 Best Hairstyles For Round Faces 2024: My Favorites As A Hairstylist

Here are the best hairstyles for round faces and all hair lengths. The styles help emphasize your facial structure and slim it down.

If you are someone with a round face you might need a hairstyle that slims down your face and makes it appear more oval or heart-shaped. 

Here I have listed out the various easy everyday hairstyles for round faces that are suitable for both professional occasions and are uber stylish.  

Some of my favorite hairstyles for round faces:

  • Shaggy bob – best for thin
  • Fauxhawk – best for short hair and round face
  • Side bun with bangs – best for round faces with double chins
  • Short Bob with side-swept bangs – best for round faces with large noses
  • Big swoop bangs – best for round faces with large foreheads
  • Severe middle parting – best for round faces and narrow foreheads
  • Ballerina Buns – best for round faces and thick hair

Easy Everyday Hairstyles For Round Faces

It’s easy to style hair to complement round face shape. In fact, the popular US fashion magazine Cosmopolitan, celebrities like Ginnifer Goodwin, Drew Barrymore, Hayden Panettiere, Isla Fisher, among many others have a round face and manage to look their best both on screen and on the red carpet.

Here are some of my favorite hairstyles for round face shapes:

#1 – Shaggy bob

wavy hairstyle for round faces

If you feel like the regular bob is too basic for you, you should give the shaggy bob a try. This messy look is perfect for a round face and thin hair as it can add volume to your tresses.

You can also add fringes and bangs in the front to spruce up your look. You can also use a texturizing spray after getting this cut for a perfect finish.

#2 – Fauxhawk

easy hairstyles for round face

A fauxhawk is a subtler version of the mohawk cut. Although this haircut is very popular among men, women are yet to join the bandwagon. 

Unlike the mohawk, a fauxhawk does not leave a sharp contrast between the top part and the sides of your head. 

This haircut helps in elongating your facial structure and reducing the roundness of your face. 

#3 – Side bun with bangs

hairstyle for round face to look slim

Jenniffer Lawrence is one of the most beautiful actresses with a round face and she is not the one to shy away from experimenting with different styles. 

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She sure knows what she is doing with her hair and here, she can be seen rocking a side bun with bangs for a red carpet event. 

#4 – Short Bob with side-swept bangs

which haircut suits for round face female

The straight short bob and the edgy bangs help in creating a definite frame for the face here. 

#5 – Big swoop bangs

wedding hairstyle for round chubby face

Bangs are a clever way to conceal your large forehead. So if you are a round-faced girl with a large forehead, this hairstyle will do you good. 

Kelly Clarson has gracefully style big swoop bangs for a red carpet event here. She balances the curly bob at the back with the big swoop bangs in the front for a head-turning look. 

#6 – Voluminous waves

simple hairstyle for round face

Voluminous waves help take the attention from your face to your hair. If you have a predominantly cheeky face, it helps in concealing them to an extent. 

If you don’t have naturally wavy hair, you can always resort to rollers or curling wands to get the voluminous waves done. 

#7 – Sleek straight long hair

hairstyles for round face straight hair

Having a round face is one of the most beautiful features you could have so why conceal it? 

If you want to show off your beautiful round structure, sleek straight hair is the hairstyle for you.

Sleek hair can also balance your round face by creating an illusion of length. 

You can spray hairspray on a toothbrush and brush it over your hair to get rid of any flyaways and get a good finish. 

#8 – Long hair with layers

what is the best short hairstyle for a round face

The long layers of this haircut help in taking the attention off your face. This also helps in making your face look oval-shaped since the layers conceal both sides. 

You get an illusion of length with this gorgeous haircut. Make sure to not cut the layers at your chin level since it could draw some attention to your face. 

#9 – Long hair with fringe

bangs hairstyles for round faces

Fringes are another great alternative to long layers. If you don’t want to chop too much of your hair off, you can just get the front part of your hair cut. 

Make sure that you opt for a long fringe that you can sweep to the sides or a long wispy fringe that will not emphasize the roundness of your face. 

#10 – Middle parting

middle part hairstyles for round faces

The best way to part your hair if you have a round face is to do it in the middle. In this way, you will be able to create an illusion of length and add some symmetry to the face. 

#11 – Face Framing Curly hair

curly hairstyles for round faces

A round face and curly hair go hand in hand. This hair texture will help in complementing and flattering the shape of your face. 

#12 – Long layers with bangs

wavy hairstyles for round faces

Layers and bangs are my favourite combination ever. Getting the right amount of layers at the right length can really give you a haircut that will compliment your round face. 

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It is important to make sure that your layers start where the bangs end and you part your hair in the middle with the bangs on either side. 

#13 – Short Wavy Bob Hairstyle

pixie hairstyles for round faces

This hair works in multiple ways for your round face. The short bob haircut is a great way to bring all the focus on your face. 

However, if you want to take away all the attention from your face, you could try out the angled bob.

#14 – Wavy mid-length hair

shoulder length hairstyles for round faces

This is a great hairstyle to try on when you are running late. You don’t even have to use a dryer for this. 

Simply scrunch your hair and put some hair spray to keep your waves in place. 

#15 – Easy finger waves

mid length hairstyles for round faces

Wavy hair will really let you play around with your face shape. You can tweak it according to the look you are going for. 

If you want some volume, you can use large rollers or blow dry your hair to get it. 

#16 – Ballerina Buns

bun hairstyles for round faces

The ballerina rolls is one of the cutest hairstyles on the list. If you are feeling too lazy to style your long hair, you can quickly resort to this updo to fix your hair. 

The best part about this updo is that you can put this together in no time. 

Simply gather your hair at the back and fasten it with a rubber band at the desired spot. 

Finally, knot your hair and secure with bobby pins. 

#17 – High pony

ponytail hairstyles for round faces

These sky-high ponytails have been popularised by celebrities like Ariana Grande and Katy Perry. 

The high pony is a very practical look that you can put together in no time. This is also a great updo for those days when you haven’t washed your hair. 

This is also a great choice if you want to show off your gorgeous round face. 

Apply some hairspray on a toothbrush and brush it over your final updo to tackle any flyaways. 

#18 – Curly updo

black women hairstyles for round faces

Here we can see Gugu Mbatha Raw rocking this perfect and ethereal curly updo. 

If you have naturally curly hair and want to accentuate your round face, you should try a similar updo. 

The updo is perfect for those perfect summer days when you just want to put your hair up. You can even decorate it with a hairband, hair clips or flowers. 

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If you don’t have naturally curly hair, use a curling iron to get this look. 

#19 – Pinned back waves

hairstyles for round faces and straight hair

Here Gigi Hadid is seen rocking the perfect pinned back waves for her red carpet look. She has added a vintage touch with the small elevation on top of her head. 

This hairstyle also helps in enhancing your facial symmetry. If you are looking to flaunt your round face in all its glory, look no further. 

#20 – Pixie with waves

short hairstyles for round faces

This haircut really takes all the attention from your face to the waves. A lot of people would wear this straight but a wavy twist is just what it needs. 

You can easily use a curling iron to get these waves. If you have fine hair, finish off with a texturizing spray. 

#21 – Bold Bangs

fringe hairstyles for round faces

If you want to reduce the roundness of your face, the bold bang will be a great choice. Bold bangs help draw a lot of attention to your eyes and lips. 

The edgy bangs help in framing your face while drawing the focus on your facial features. You can easily achieve this style with the help of a flat iron. 

#22 – A severe undercut

undercut hairstyles for round faces

If you are looking for a bold haircut that will take all the attention to your hair, you should consider getting a severe undercut. 

Here, Kelly Osbourne is seen sporting a severe undercut in popping hair colors for an eccentric look.

This haircut will make you look cool as hell and you can experiment with various hair colors and braids when you get this one done. 

#23 – Wolf Cut For Round Faces

round face haircuts women
Source: Instagram@__hrk0117

#24 – Blunt Bob With Money Piece

slimming haircuts for chubby faces
Source: Instagram@merakibeautylab

#25 – Half Up Knot Hairstyle

best medium hairstyles for round faces
Source: Instagram@lo.lachka

What hairstyles do people with round faces need to avoid?

haircuts for round faces

Although round faces are extremely gorgeous and easy to style, certain things could go wrong when you are dealing with them. 

We have listed some of the most important things to take care of before selecting a hairstyle for your round face:

  • No chin-length cuts- Do not cut your hair at your chin level as this could draw attention to your face and make it look heavier than usual. 
  • Select elongating hairstyles- Hairstyles such as long layers and sleek straight hair can help in creating an illusion of length. 

These can also make your face look oval-shaped. You can also go for hairstyles that have a lot of volume at the top. 

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