easy everyday hairstyles for thin hair

20 Easy Everyday Hairstyles For Thin Hair 2023 | Awesome Hairstyles For Long, Fine Hair

Do you know that your tight ponytails are actually making your thinning hair worse? Ditch them and try these easy everyday hairstyles for thin hair to keep your locks healthy and looking bouncy and voluminous!

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Thin hair can be hereditary or can be caused by other reasons like aging, unhealthy diet, excessive damage due to styling and chemical treatments, etc. 

It is characterized by a flat and limp look and a smaller amount of hair follicles as compared to other hair types. 

The fragile structure of thin hair makes it more vulnerable to damage and breakage. 

This is why you should take care to choose hairstyles that will not exert too much pressure on your hair. 

If you have thin hair and are thinking of different ways to style it, take a look at the list of easy everyday hairstyles for thin hair that we have put together exclusively for you!

Easy Everyday Hairstyles For Thin Hair 2021

#1 – Side Parted Bob Hairstyles For Thin Hair

Easy everyday hairstyles for thin hair

A side-parted bob is a great hairstyle for thin hair because it does not show the lack of volume in your hair. And the best part about this is that anybody can pull it off with ease. 

This can be a great option if you are running late but still want to look neat and presentable. 

If you want to get some extra volume in your hair, it is recommended to blow dry your hair to one side and flip it to the side where the parting will be done. 

This will help in instantly giving a voluminous look to your otherwise limp strands. 

#2 – Boxer Braids Hairstyles For Thin Hair

easy everyday hairstyles for long thin hair

Boxer braids have been in the limelight for quite some time now, thanks to celebrities like the Kardashians. This trendy hairstyle can really upgrade your overall look.

Don’t worry if you are not from the long hair club, you can always add extensions to make your hair look longer and thicker.

These braids will help in taming flyaways that are commonly seen in thin hair. 

#3 – Sleek Bun Hairstyles For Thin Hair

easy hairstyles for thin hair step by step

A sleek bun is a great updo for thin hair especially if you are attending formal and professional events. It makes you look neat and crisp while keeping flyaways at bay. 

#4 – Curly Ponytail Hairstyles For Thin Hair

simple hairstyles for thin hair youtube

A ponytail is a go-to hairstyle for most girls because of the practicality it offers. But it also helps in accentuating your face and defining the frame. 

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However, a lot of women with thin hair shy away from it because it might make your hair look even thinner. 

You can always use a curling wand to curl your hair to create voluminous bouncy curls and waves. 

#5 – Blogger Bun Hairstyles For Thin Hair

volumizing haircuts for thin long hair

You must have seen the blogger bun at least once on Instagram. This messy bun has been popularized by bloggers all over social media. 

The messy and undone look helps in making the hair look thick and voluminous and the best part is that you can put this look together in no time!

#6 – Twisted Braid Hairstyles For Thin Hair

haircut for thin hair to look thicker

This hairstyle looks very complicated at first sight but it is very easy to pull off. Start off by sectioning your hair into two equal parts. 

Twist these parts individually and wrap both the sections together in opposite directions. Secure it with a rubber band. 

This updo adds definition to your hair and makes it look fuller and voluminous. You can finish with a texturizing spray to give more hold and grip to your locks. 

#7 – Half Up Bun Hairstyles For Thin Hair

quick and easy updos for thin hair

If you are too lazy to take some time out to do your hair, the half-up bun will be your new go-to look. 

The best part about this look is that you are allowed to mess this up. Similar to the messy bun, the half-up bun is characterized by unkempt-looking messy hair.

This is another hairstyle that has been viral on Instagram among bloggers. 

This helps in adding some volume and thickness to your hair, especially at the top, because of the half bun.

#8 – Side Parted Ponytail Hairstyles For Thin Hair

easy hairstyles for thin hair medium length

The side-parted pony tale is a popular hairstyle in red carpets that have been flaunted by a lot of supermodels and celebrities. 

This is an elegant and sleek hairstyle that will go really well with thin hair. If you are looking for a hairstyle that is formal enough for work attire, look no further. 

Make sure to start with a good gel that will keep your flyaways in place before fastening the ponytail. 

#9 – Triple braided updo 

haircut for thin hair to look thicker

The triple-braided updo has a very bohemian vibe to it. It is a gorgeous braid that can be embellished with flowers and beads. 

This updo helps in solving the problem of having a thin braid. The main goal of dividing the hair into three sections is to increase the dimensions of the braid. 

You no longer have to worry about skinny looking braids and you can confidently flaunt your beautiful and voluminous hair.

#10 – Messy double fishtail braid

braids for thin hair

This is another braided hairstyle that can make your thin-looking hair look thick and voluminous. 

The messy double fishtail braid is a great hairstyle for special occasions and it will make you look gorgeous. 

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The various sections of your hair and the overall messy look increase the braid’s dimensions and make your hair look much denser than it actually is.  

#11 – Scarf Braid

braided hairstyles for fine hair

We have all thought of ways to make our braids look fuller. How about you add an extra layer to your braid to make it thick? 

Yes, you can actually use a scarf to mimic a section of your hair and use it to braid your hair.

In this way, there is more hair on the other two sections and the thickness of the scarf helps in increasing the dimensions of your braid. 

A scarf can also be used in other ways on a braid to improve the look and volume. 

For example, you can tie it around your head like a headband or a bandana to conceal the flat part on top of your head.

#12 – French Twisted Side Braid 

easy half up hairstyles for fine hair

Since the regular braids will make your thin hair look even more thinner, it is important to find out new ways of braiding that will help you avoid this. 

The french twisted side braid will help in avoiding the top part of your hair look flat. 

#13 – Knotted Braid

easy everyday hairstyles for fine hair

This is another unique braid in the list that can improve the look of your thin hair. This easy-to-wear messy look will blend in well with casual wear.

#14 – Easy Front Twist

layered hairstyle for thin hair

A font twist involves taking a small section of your hair and twisting it before clipping it to the side. 

This is an elegant hairstyle that will look really pretty in dresses. It also prevents your hair from looking flat at the front part and brings texture. 

The easy front twist is also a perfect last-minute hairstyle that will make you look put together.

#15 – Double Bun

bun hairstyle for thin hair

If you are looking for a classy and elegant hairstyle that you can wear for special occasions, you are at the right place. 

This easy-to-wear double bun makes sure that your hair doesn’t look flat and limp.

#16 – Headband Hairstyles For Thin Hair

blonde hairstyle for thin hair

One of the major issues faced by people with thin hair is the flat looking top part. A hairband helps in concealing it to make your hair look fuller and voluminous.

You can select from various materials and colours that will suit your outfits to complete the look. 

The best materials would be satin or silk since these headbands are very gentle on your hair and do not cause friction. 

#17 – Side-swept curls

curly hairstyle for thin hair

One main way to make your thin hair look fuller is by curling them or making them wavy. You can do this with a curling rod or hair rollers

Side-swept curls are an elegant way to do your hair and have been a favourite among red carpets. Make sure to finish off with a holding spray so your curls and waves stay intact. 

#18 – Messy multiple braids

fancy wedding hairstyle for thin hair

If you feel that a lot of braids on the list are tedious to do, this one might just be the braid for you. The messy braid involves messy-looking hair that is not even properly divided into sections. 

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But the chaos helps in delivering a gorgeous hairstyle that you can even wear for special occasions. You can finish off with the texturizing spray to give more definition to your braids. 

#19 – Topknot with Bangs

bangs hairstyle for thin hair

Bangs are a classic that can instantly elevate your looks. It is one of those hairstyles that you can literally wear with any outfit on many occasions and still look good. 

If you have thin hair, it is very easy to pull these off. Firstly, get straight cut or asymmetrical bangs. 

Pull the rest of your hair into a ponytail and twist it till the end. Fasten with bobby pins to make sure that the top knot doesn’t fall off. 

#20 – Half space buns 

bun hairstyle for thin hair

Space buns are the cutest hairstyles ever! These double buns are perfect for that festival look. It is also super easy to tie your hair in double buns. 

This is another hairstyle that will help in mimicking volume and texture to your hair, especially at the top front. 

Make sure to get equal sections of hair before doing your buns to make sure that the hairstyle comes out neat. 

Since thin hair usually comes with lesser volume, it is challenging to try different styles, but not impossible.

These easy everyday hairstyles for thin hair show how you can style your fine, thin tresses without putting too much pressure on them.

From braids to updos, and curly hairstyles, you can choose from these fashionable styles to make your fine hair look thick and beautiful!

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