Half Purple Half Pink Hair Ideas

10 Amazing Half Purple Half Pink Hair Ideas To Try 2023

Explore all the latest Half Purple Half Pink Hair Ideas here! From hair colors to styles, we have everything you need to create your dream look.

The trend of coloring your hair with pink and purple shades has made countless people seek unique hair coloring ideas. 

Though pink and purple are known to be girly colors, they’re not the everyday hair colors people go for. Hence coloring your hair half pink and half purple or even giving it a pink-purple ombre effect will make you look daring while your locks pop and shine.

Irrespective of hair type or skin tone, half-purple, and half-pink hair is bound to suit everyone and you don’t have to fret over how you’re going to look.

Trust me when I say that this isn’t just a dazzling way to add color to your locks but also an approach that enhances your confidence. 

Check out some of the unique half-purple and half-pink hair ideas below!

Half Purple Half Pink Hair Ideas

Half Purple Half Pink Cruella Hair

The Cruella hairstyle has inspired several hairstylists to come up with hair coloring ideas that involve two colors. This hair coloring style is performed by parting your hair from the middle and coloring each side in a distinct color.

Since we’re looking at half purple half pink hair you can see how one side of the hair has a luminous pink shade while the other has a dark purple color. 

Half Purple Half Pink Hair
Source: Instagram @colors_by_amanda

The half-purple half-pink Cruella hair generally complements straight and wavy hair because these hair textures aid the colors to appear more prominent and gleam on your locks. 

In addition, this is also a versatile hair-coloring idea that allows you to style your hair any way you want to. You can tie two pigtails, style a fish braid, go for a French braid or even leave your hair loose. With the right eyeshadow makeup, you’re gonna be the center of attention at any event.

Source: Instagram @aka_aislinn

Half Pink Half Purple Mermaid Hair

Mermaid’s hair is an evergreen hair coloring trend that goes hand in hand with bright colors like pink and purple. This hair-coloring idea is so dreamy and vivid that you’ll just fall in love with yourself over and over again. 

You can be creative with your hair by trying out various mermaid hair coloring styles. Wanna look bold? Simply choose bright shades of pink and purple and color your hair in random streaks to have that prismatic effect.

Source: Instagram @hollyshairdressing

Or are you just looking to be less dramatic and elegant? Then go for minimal lowlights or highlights of pink and purple shades that seep into your base hair color.

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An intriguing aspect of half-pink and half-purple mermaid hair is it complements any hair texture be it straight, wavy, or curly. 

You need not style your hair to look gorgeous because the half-pink and half-purple mermaid hair itself is ravishing enough.

Source: Instagram @tamestudioaz

Criss Cross Half Purple Half Pink Hair

The crisscross half purple half pink hair is somewhat similar to the half purple and pink Cruella hairstyle. However, in this hair coloring idea, your locks aren’t colored with two colors in a uniform mid parting but both pink and purple are merged onto both sides. 

Source: Instagram @glama_rama_salon

This is done by parting your hair and coloring one side purple and the other side pink. But for a twist, both sides of your hair roots are colored with both purple and pink and merged in a criss-cross style. 

Since the Cruella hair coloring concept is followed by most people, the crisscross half pink and purple hair will make you stand out from the rest.

Source: Instagram @hairbyblancapan

It also allows you to become more innovative with your hair by adding light streaks of purple and pink sporadically on your locks which ultimately grants a cotton candy appearance. This hairstyle is ideal for straight, wavy, and curly hair textures.

Half Purple Half Pink Highlights

Highlights are another sophisticated and sleek way of adding vibrancy to your mane and with purple and pink highlights you’re about to initiate a new hair coloring trend that’s going to blow up among Instagram models. 

Source: Instagram @brushedby.lexidawn

Highlights are versatile per se and it has the capability to suit any hair type or texture. If you prefer to go for a simplistic approach then you can highlight a few strands of your hair at the bottom with half-purple and half-pink.

This adds a subtle contrast to your hair and doesn’t look overwhelming as opposed to most half-purple and pink hairstyles.

On the contrary, you can opt for an attention-grabbing half-pink and purple highlights. This will add more detail and structure to your boring hair as this hair coloring idea is more perceptible and bold.

Source: Instagram @hair_cynsations

With this hair coloring idea, you can choose which color to appear more prominent as well as perform bold hairstyles to flaunt your vibrant locks.

Blended Pink And Purple Hair

Another snazzy way of displaying your strands in a sophisticated two-colored method is by letting both pink and purple hues blend together.

This hair coloring idea can be performed in various forms such as coloring the roots of your hair in purple and then dying the bottom parts of your hair in a hot pink shade. This ultimately grants a blended tone of purple and pink to your locks.

Source: Instagram @mane_attractionssalon

Coloring your entire mane with blended pink and purple hues will make your hair possess a two-dimensional effect and it strongly resembles the colors of a unicorn thus providing your hair with a striking look. 

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If you’re precarious about coloring your locks wholly with pink and purple then you can settle for pink and purple blended highlights.

Source: Instagram @taylorclowcolors

This hair coloring concept is perfect for those who have curly and wavy hair because the blended effect essentially complements thick textured hair.

Brown Hair With Purple and Pink Ombre 

Are you a natural brunette who’s bored with your monochromatic locks? Then it’s time to spice things up by highlighting your strands with purple and pink hues.

This isn’t any regular pink and purple hair coloring idea but rather an ombre effect that accompanies brown hair in subtle perfection. 

Source: Instagram @the.little.hairmaid

Ombre hair coloring is usually done starting from the mid-parts of your hair. Hence the roots and top of your hair will remain their natural base color while the ends will be segregated with pink and purple.

You can choose which color comes on top of the other, regardless both pink and purple will mix and give off an ombre result. 

This hair-coloring idea suits those with straight, curly, and wavy hair but perfectly sits well on those with medium-length to long hair.

Source: Instagram @mgcartistry

This concept can be performed on short hair as well but in a distinct manner that still makes the base hair color visible.

Pink and Purple Balayage Hair

Balayage hair is a timeless hair coloring trend that can literally suit any hair length and type. This trend is specifically for those who prefer to stay minimal and less prominent with their hair colors. With flamboyant colors like purple and pink, you can still put up an elegant show on your mane. 

The perks of going for a balayage look are you still get to keep your natural hair color while both pink and purple colored strands will be peeking out from hither and thither. 

Source: Instagram @stylistcassidy

You can request your stylist to color your strands with purple and pink alternatively which ensures to offer a fashionable yet modest appearance when you style your hair.

Even if you prefer to leave your hair loose, the pink and purple balayage will make your hair have a chromatic glimmer.

Source: Instagram @cut_color_and_style_by_sheila

Pink and Purple Peekabo Hair

Peekabo hair is the latest hair coloring trend that has taken every beauty guru and Instagram model by storm. Peekabo hair refers to coloring the underneath of your hair while leaving the rest of the strands untouched.

This is a unique measure of flaunting your colored locks. Although purple and pink peekabo hair is a time-consuming way of getting flashy it’s undoubtedly worth the time.

Source: Instagram @cosmo_journey_pr

Of course, you’re going to need a stylist’s assistance if you’re inexperienced. With the peekabo hair, the bottom and inner layers of your hair are going to be colored pink and purple.

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This will only be visible if you style your hair in a way that showcases the underneath of your hair like attempting a half pony. 

When leaving your hair loose after a peekabo dying procedure the pink and purple colored strands will be barely noticeable. Hence you can decide on either concealing or revealing your vibrant locks.

Source: Instagram @loadsofhair_bykaila

Regardless of how you prefer to style your hair, the peekabo pink and purple hair is something you should add to your to-do list.

Purple And Pink Cotton Candy Hair

Everybody loves cotton candy but have you ever dreamt of having cotton candy hair? Well, it’s possible to make your dream come true with the half-purple and pink cotton candy hair coloring trend. 

Source: Instagram @done.by.desiree

Cotton candy hair generally involves dying your hair completely. You can pick which color to be predominant while the other color will make a minor feature on your locks.

For instance, if you choose purple to be the dominant color then almost 90% of your hair will be dyed purple and the remaining will be colored pink. 

Source: Instagram @sarahsartandhair

This imbalance in colors is what provides your hair with a cotton candy appearance. Cotton candy hair is also one of the dashing purple and pink hair trends nowadays.

It suits all hair types and lengths but it also comes with a lot of maintenance and regular salon visits.

Uneven Pink And Purple Hair

This hair coloring idea is quite unconventional but will certainly blow the entire internet in no time. If you have short hair then it’s worth giving a try because the uneven pink and purple hair seems to be ideal on short-length hair. 

Source: Instagram @avantgardesalon

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The hair from the center of the crown to your forehead is dyed bright pink while the rest is colored deep purple. This hair coloring trend seemingly appears to be the ‘Reverse Cruella’ concept but it’s much more sophisticated and uncommon. 

So if you were to settle for this uneven pink and purple hair coloring concept you’ll be inaugurating a new trend and who doesn’t like to be a trendsetter on Instagram?

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