Halo Nourishing Shampoo with Natural Egg Protein Review

Halo Nourishing Shampoo with Natural Egg Protein Review 2023

Check out my review of the Halo Nourishing shampoo with natural egg protein. In this review I’ve explained the shampoo’s ingredients, formula, etc. and given a first hand account of how it effected my hair.

I was looking out for a change in shampoo and happened to come across this Indian-made product called “Halo Shampoo” which was supposed to be a two-in-one shampoo cum conditioner product.

This was something that got me intrigued! Does a two-in-one shampoo cum conditioner actually work as promised? Well, the only way I’d know, was if I tried it out myself. So, I did!

This product is known to contain “natural egg protein” which is supposed to be a super good ingredient for the hair that can make the hair soft and more nourished.

Well, over the past three months now, I have been using this product for my hair that was previously dry and under-moisturized.

Want to know what the results of this shampoo on my hair were? Well, check out my review below for all the details you need to know.

Halo Nourishing Shampoo with Natural Egg Protein

Halo Nourishing Shampoo: What’s in the box?

halo shampoo reviews

I bought this shampoo off of Amazon and it came well packed with no leakages or spillage because the bottle was well sealed.

The bottle directly came in the Amazon parcel box and had no separate shampoo box in particular.

Halo Nourishing Shampoo Ingredients Explained

Halo Nourishing Shampoo ingredients

So this shampoo cum conditioner product is known to be mainly made of one specific ingredient which is supposed to be super nourishing for the hair and this ingredient is egg powder.

Eggs are rich in protein and our hair is made up of a protein called keratin. Thus, it helps nourish the hair and keeps the hair strands strong and healthy, thereby reducing hair fall and improving hair health on an overall basis.

Eggs are also rich in fats and thus can contribute to conditioning the hair and keeping it moisturized while making the hair feel soft, smooth and shiny, thus reducing dryness.

Apart from this main ingredient, this product also contains citric acid and limonene which are also beneficial to the hair.

Citric acid helps balance out the pH levels of the hair and can make the hair more healthy. It also contributes to making the hair feel soft and smooth, increasing hair volume and thickness.

Limonene on the other hand helps prevent hair loss and can promote new hair growth from the hair follicles on the scalp.

How I reviewed and rated the Halo Nourishing Shampoo

Whenever I review any products, I always make sure to review them based on certain parameters, so that the readers get a better idea of the product they may choose to purchase. I also use these parameters to rate the product based on a scale of 1 – 5.

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Here are the parameters I chose:

Cleansing power:

This product is known to be “surfactant based” (has a good cleansing and foaming power), so hence I chose this parameter to see how well it cleansed my hair from its product buildup, dirt and grease.

Scalp and hair gentleness:

I usually do not buy shampoos that contain harsh chemicals like sulfates or parabens. But this shampoo does contain SLES (sodium laureth sulfate), but since it’s a milder sulfate, I decided to go ahead with trying this product as its other aspects were good.

Conditioning effect:


Since this product is a two-in-one shampoo cum conditioner, I used this parameter to test the conditioning power of this product and how well it moisturized and softened my hair.


I am someone who detests harsh fragrances. Mild scents are bearable for me, while I also like my hair to smell fresh once it dries. So this is an aspect I always take into consideration while reviewing and rating products.


I always believe that if I am paying more for a product, it is fine if the product lives up to its expectations and can deliver its expected results. So, this parameter will rate and review whether this shampoo was worth its price or not.

My Overall Review: Halo Nourishing Shampoo

So before I get into all the details about this shampoo and review each aspect, let me straight up tell you guys that this shampoo is super good! Yes, it does actually deliver good results.

Well, now coming to the details, as a cleansing shampoo, I’d definitely say that this product does a great job. So as for my hair, I tend to use a lot of products like serums, hair creams, gels and oils, so my hair and scalp does have a lot of buildup and tends to get greasy within no time after it has been washed.

halo egg shampoo review

This shampoo is known to be surfactant based and I can vouch for its effective cleansing powers. It gets rid of grease for sure and my hair remains fresh even for two days after it has been washed.

Next, talking about the ingredients, it is an egg based shampoo. So, this ingredient has most definitely nourished my hair very well and definitely contributes to the conditioning effects of this product. After within a couple of weeks of using this shampoo, I could see the changes in my hair. My dry hair felt more moisturized and way softer than it was earlier.

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is halo egg shampoo good for hair

So as it is a shampoo cum conditioner, a two-in-one product, I definitely think it does a great job at serving both its purposes. Good cleansing properties with powerful conditioning as well.

The only thing I didn’t really like was that this shampoo did contain SLES or sodium laureth sulfate, but luckily for me, it didn’t cause any harsh damage to my hair. So I would say it feels gentle on the scalp and hair, as it didn’t cause any irritation to my otherwise sensitive scalp. So that was a big plus point for me.

Next, in terms of its fragrance, in my opinion, I get a rather mild floral scent from this shampoo which I wouldn’t say is anything “great”, but it is fairly scented. The scent is pleasant while the shampoo is in use, but it does make the hair smell fresh after it is washed and dries up.

Lastly, I paid $29.5 for this 1 litre bottle of shampoo. While it was worth the price, I initially was apprehensive whether buying such a large bottle of shampoo would be a good idea (in case my hair didn’t take to it, but luckily it did!). That’s another disadvantage about buying this product, the fact that it comes only in one size.

But overall, I would recommend this product and personally, I will continue using this product as it suited my hair just fine.

Halo Nourishing Shampoo: Pros and Cons


·         Is a very powerful cleansing shampoo and helps get rid of dirt and grease.

·         It is a two-in-one shampoo and conditioner product and it serves both the purposes very     well, thus requiring no use of a conditioner after using this product.

·         Works well even on sensitive scalps and doesn’t cause any irritation.

·         Makes the hair feel smooth, soft and reduces dryness.

·         Has a mild fragrance and makes the hair feel fresh once it is washed and has dried up.

·         Definitely worth the price, for the results it delivers and for the quantity got.


·         Contains SLES (sodium laureth sulfate) but doesn’t damage the hair in a harsh way. Also, it is a milder sulfate compared to SLS (sodium lauryl sulfate).

·         This product comes only in a 1 litre bottle and in no other smaller-sized bottle (for those who want to buy a smaller one for trial).

How to use the Halo Nourishing Shampoo?

Using the Halo shampoo is super simple and what’s even better is the fact that it is a two-in-one product and therefore, you only need to shampoo your hair and it gets conditioned as well, both at the same time!

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Even though this product is runny in consistency and it lathers really well, while a little actually does go a long way in case of this shampoo. 

So all you need is to take just a little dollop of this shampoo in your palm and spread it well on your wet hair and begin to lather it in.

While this is a common way of shampoo application, I personally feel like diluting the shampoo with a little water before pouring it on my wet hair lathers the shampoo in way better and makes the product spread and get distributed all over my hair more evenly.

So that’s exactly what I do. I wet my hair properly, pour onto my hair some diluted Halo shampoo, lather it in well, leave it on my hair for a few minutes and then rinse it off well under plain running water.

Is the Halo Nourishing Shampoo worth the price?

So I paid $29.5 for this product that I bought on Amazon (as it is an Indian-made product and wasn’t available for sale off the shelf at local stores) and it came as a 1000 ml (1 litre) bottle of shampoo.

Overall, I would definitely say it is worth the price because it delivers good results and comes in a large quantity as well.

Also, since it is a two-in-one product, you do not even need to buy a conditioner, so it’s a savings on that count as well.

Halo Nourishing Shampoo: Feature-wise rating

Cleansing power4.4/5
Scalp and hair gentleness4.1/5
Conditioning effect4.3/5

The final takeaway: Who is it suitable for?

After using this product for the last three months now, I can definitely say that my experience was good! The shampoo is a great cleanser for the scalp and hair, while it also works well as a conditioning agent as well leaving the hair smooth and soft.

For those who have dry hair issues and are looking out for a two-in-one shampoo and conditioner product, I highly recommend trying out this reasonably priced Halo shampoo because it is worth every penny you’ll pay.

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