Herbal Essences Vs Love Beauty And Planet Comparison

Herbal Essences Vs Love Beauty And Planet Comparison 2023 | Which Is Better?

Are you looking for a quick comparison between Herbal Essences Vs Love Beauty and Planet? Well, why fear when we’re here? I’m going to break down and compare in detail both the brands for you to find out which is best suitable. Read further to know more. 

There is a huge number of hair care and styling products in the market. Every day we hear about the launch of a new brand with better technology to rejuvenate and revitalise our hair but are all of them worth using? Not everything marketed to us is believable, right? 

Hence, it becomes extremely crucial to not turn a blind eye towards the product you’re going to use as it might cause you to harm in the long run in case it contains toxic ingredients.

Not only ingredients, but the product might also not work well on your hair or the brand might scam you with their prices or quantities. 

Hence, reading a clear and detailed review of the product of your choice should be your first step towards a purchase. You can also buy online from the brand in this case since you’d no more be sceptical after your thorough research. 

Now that you’re convinced about reading the reviews beforehand, let’s proceed to actually find out what’s better between Herbal Essences vs Love Beauty and Planet. We’ve categorised it into sections for your better understanding. Take a look below. 

Herbal Essences Vs Love Beauty And Planet

Who is Herbal Essences?

Herbal Essences was formerly known as only Herbal Essence and is a hair care products brand. The brand was founded by Clairol in 1971 but later got acquired by its current parent company Procter and Gamble. 

Herbal Essences has too many good things to talk about, like its formulation, principles, values and beliefs. It’s one of the brands that use botanical ingredients (like aloe vera, mint, argan oil, coconut oil, hemp seed oil etc.)  to formulate their products without toxic ingredients that can harm the body like sulphate, parabens, silicones etc. 

Herbal Essences strictly believes in sustainability and is also EWG-certified for being environment-friendly. It’s also certified from PETA and claims to ban testing on animals.

Herbal Essences Vs Love Beauty And Planet

The brand values the safety of all its users and is meant for people with all hair types. It works extremely well on color-treated hair as well. 

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They have a curated collection of 29 products designed to address different hair issues and types and show variant results. The product types of Herbal Essences include shampoo, conditioner, hair masks,s, etc and come in different sizes. 

Herbal Essences uses a gel-like consistency that is so easy to apply as it lathers up in no time. They’re known for their natural fragrance that is soothing and goes on for a longer period of time. 

The brand is one of the most affordable hair care products in the industry pertaining to its benefits and top-notch quality. Herbal Essences is also great for people with allergies as most of its products are gluten-free.

Who is Love Beauty and Planet?

Love Beauty and Planet is another popular hair care, skincare and personal care brand that has gained success in the last few years.

It’s a vegan hair care brand that came into the picture in 2017 in the United States and is now available to be sold in more than 50 countries. Love Beauty and Planet is currently owned by Uniliver. 

Herbal Essences

Love Beauty and Planet were started by 8 like-minded people who wished to give life to a product that would not only seem good but also make you feel good. They’ve taken a step not only for beauty but also for the planet and promise to keep every process honest and transparent. 

This brand promotes using sustainable and organic ingredients that are sourced from around the world. Love Beauty and Planet has partnered with Givaudan from where they derive their beautiful fragrances. 

They’ve induced fast-rinse technology in their conditioners in order to conserve water. The company has also introduced 100% recyclable plastic bottles and is working towards making its caps in a similar fashion.

Not only that, Love Beauty and Planet has also leveraged tax on their carbon footprints that helps in reducing carbon emissions and landfill wastes. 

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The most active ingredient used in Love Beauty and Planet is coconut oil. They have a portfolio of different hair care, skincare and personal care products ranging from shampoos to deodorants. 

Comparing The Two Brands: Herbal Essences Vs Love Beauty and Planet

Herbal Essences and Love Beauty and Planet are very similar brands yet different in a few ways. Let’s delve deeper into understanding their similarities and differences. This will help us in recognising which brand is better. 

Love Beauty And Planet


  1. Herbal Essences and Love Beauty and Planet both are brands that derive their ingredients from nature-like flowers, fruits, and other botanical sources. 
  2. Both brands are promotors of sustainability and nature conversion in all ways. Herbal Essences as well as Love Beauty and Planet use 100% recyclable bottles and have reduced carbon footprints.
  3. Both brands have ventured into hair care, body and personal care products. Their portfolio includes shampoo, conditioners, body washes etc. 
  4. Both, Love Beauty and Planet as well as Herbal Essences are PETA certified. They don’t test their products on animals and are free from cruelty. 
  5. Both brands are free from toxic ingredients that can potentially harm hair and the body like sulphate, silicones, and parabens. 
  6. Herbal Essences and Love Beauty and Planet, both are safe to be used on color-treated hair and help in maintaining lustrous and healthy hair. 
  7. Both brands are meant for all hair and body types regardless of how sensitive the skin is. 


  1. Both the brands, Herbal Essences and Love Beauty and Planet belong to different parent companies. The former is owned by Procter and Gamble while the latter is a part of Uniliver. 
  2. Love Beauty and Company is a vegan brand while Herbal Essences is not. The latter is gluten-free though. 
  3. Herbal Essences are famous for the fragrance in their product line and have an extremely high scent while Love Beauty and Planet has a subtle smell. 
  4. Love Beauty and Planet is comparatively more pricey than Herbal Essences. 
  5. Herbal Essences have a gel-like texture whereas Love Beauty and Planet has a creamy consistency.

Quick Comparison Products from the Brands:

Herbal Essences and Love Beauty and Planet Shampoo & Conditioner Set Comparison :

FeaturesHerbal EssencesLove Beauty and Planet
Ingredients Jojoba extracts, vitamin E, rose hipsCoconut oil, and Mimosa flower
Major BenefitsDoesn’t strip off natural oils from hair and helps in boosting shineRevitalises hair and strengthens and provides volume to make hair thicker
Hair typeOily, Fine, StraightDry & Damaged, fine hair type
EffectivenessShiny, strong and smooth hairBlouny, shiny and fully hair
Gentle on scalpYesYes, extremely gentle
Item formGel-like liquidCreamy liquid consistency
Color safeYesYes
Free from toxinsYes but contains sulphate according to its ingredients list.Yes
Quantity13.5 fl oz (each bottle)32.23 fl oz (each bottle)
Price$17.47 for set$29.98 for set

While we’ve seen that both Herbal Essences and Love Beauty and Planet are extremely similar brands yet they differ in a few qualities.

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I tried both the brand’s shampoo and conditioner for a considerable amount of time to judge the differences and find out the better product. 

I must say that both the brands showed great results on my hair and in fact I felt my hair to be improved in its quality. Not only did my hair turn healthy but it also strengthened and wasn’t rough anymore. 

However, there were a few notable differences that distinguish both Herbal Essences and Love Beauty and Planet which will help us choose the better one for us.

In terms of ingredients, I found Love Beauty and Planet’s list more genuine and better. They are vegan as well. 

Herbal Essences claim that they’re sulphate free but use sulphate in their products as mentioned in their ingredients list which is extremely unethical.

The smell of Herbal Essence is really nice and natural but can be overpowering for people who’re sensitive. On the other hand, Love Beauty and Planet has a subtle and smooth fragrance. 

Both shampoos are equally gentle and effective. They deliver what they promise and in fact, make the hair shiny and healthier. The quantity per bottle of Love Beauty and Planet is a lot as compared to Herbal Essences and goes on for at least 2 months. 

Price-wise, you might think that Herbal Essences is cheaper but the quantity for what you pay the price doesn’t make it worth it in comparison with Love Beauty and Planet.

The latter comes in a great quantity of 32.23 fl oz of each shampoo and conditioner and you’re just paying $30.98 for both products, it’s definitely a steal. 

Conclusion: Which Brand’s Better?

As discussed earlier, to each their own and both brands are quite effective. Personally, I’d definitely prefer Love Beauty and Planet for its clean ingredients, subtle yet soothing fragrance, great quantity as well as decent price.

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