Herbal Essences vs TRESemme Comparison: Which Is Better?

In this review article, I’m going to compare Herbal essences vs TRESemme shampoo based on my personal experience.

Both of these haircare brands are very popular as these are inexpensive and easily available. They also promise to be chemical-free and have natural ingredients.

But how much of it is true? Well, let’s find out here in my review below where I compare both these brands to tell you which comes out on top.

Herbal Essence Vs TRESemme

FeatureHerbal EssencesTRESemmé
Brand EthosBotanical and nature-inspiredProfessional, salon-quality hair care
Product RangeWide variety, with a focus on natural ingredientsExtensive range, catering to various hair needs
Sulfate ContentSulfate-free options availableContains sulfates in most products, though some sulfate-free options exist
Price PointGenerally budget-friendlyAffordable, with a professional quality positioning
Hair Type SuitabilityProducts tailored to different hair types and concernsDesigned for a wide range of hair types, including color-treated hair
PackagingColorful, with a clear botanical themeSleek, professional appearance
AvailabilityBroadly available in retail stores and onlineVery widely available in many retailers and online
Signature LinesBio, Hello HydrationKeratin Smooth, Moisture Rich
Environmental StanceEco-conscious practices, PETA certified cruelty-freeLess focus on eco-friendly practices, but offers some natural ingredient options
InnovationsPartnerships with botanical experts, use of real botanicalsHeat protection formulas, advanced salon-grade ingredients

Herbal Essence Vs TRESemme – Ingredients

Herbal Essences shampoo is an example of a product that contains artificial colors. The company uses a synthetic red dye known as Red 33 to give the shampoo a red hue, but Red 33 is contaminated with up to 8% impurities.

The dye has been found to be misleading, as many consumers think that the color is provided by roses, but the ingredient is actually synthetic. 

Sodium Lauryl Sulfate (SLS) is used as a foaming agent in Herbal Essences products, but this chemical is a known skin irritant and may cause irritation when mixed with warm water.

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It can also harm your skin if you are allergic to fragrances. Herbal Essences products also contain a number of preservatives to prevent bacteria from growing.

Herbal Essences vs TRESemme

One of these preservatives, methylchloroisothiazolinone, is moderately toxic and should be avoided. The other ingredient, lauryl alcohol, is a synthetic fragrance.

Despite these problems, Herbal Essences products have received positive reviews from consumers. Its website lists products with four and five-star reviews.

This is a sign of a high-quality product, and many consumers find these products useful. If you’re looking for a paraben-free, organic shampoo, you’ll want to avoid Herbal Essence Bio: Renew.

While Herbal Essences shampoo is one of the most popular hair care brands on the market, it’s important to note that it is not suitable for all types of hair.

Curly hair requires special care and attention. For instance, it’s important to use a clarifying shampoo periodically to remove buildup and unclog the hair follicles.

On the other end, TRESemme’s new shampoo, the Keratin Smooth line, claims to restore keratin and nourish each strand.

tresemme shampoo

It also promises to leave hair silky and smooth with 72 hours of frizz control. Customers who use this shampoo will also appreciate how it detangles and leaves their hair feeling silky and smooth.

The TRESemme Naturals Nourishing Moisture Shampoo and Conditioner system is a great option for dry, damaged, or color-treated hair. The combination of avocado oil, aloe, and avocado extract will moisturize the scalp and hair.

Furthermore, the TRESemme conditioner is sulfate and paraben-free. While shampoo is effective for many types of hair, it may not be the best choice for sensitive scalps.

TRESemme Moisture Rich Shampoo and Conditioner are both designed for daily use and will not weigh down your hair.

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TRESemme has been making professional-grade hair care products for decades, and their goal is to make their products affordable for everyday women. 

If you’re considering getting a Brazilian straightening treatment, it is recommended that you choose a sulfate-free shampoo.

TRESemme offers its Keratin Smooth line, which is low in sulfate. The Curl Company and Vichy Dercos Ultra Soothing shampoo are two other options that are sulfate-free.

is tresemme really bad for your hair

Herbal Essence Vs TRESemme – The texture of the shampoo

The unboxing of the Herbal Shampoo bottle is quite expected. The Herbal Essence shampoo looked like a pale while color with a thick texture. On the other hand, TRESemme shampoo has light greyish color and the texture looks thick. 

Effectiveness on my hair

People after using the Herbal Essence shampoo found it effective on dryness. The hair got smoother and better with the passage of time. 

After using TRESemme on the hair people found this shampoo is best for dandruff and the scalp.

herbal essences shampoo review

Its usage

People generally use this shampoo twice a day. Depending on the length and thickness of my hair, some use a coin-sized amount of shampoo.

They have to apply it all over their hair, massaging the scalp for a minute, then washing it out with regular water. For better results, people also dilute it with a little water. With no effort, the shampoo readily rinses off.

As for the TRESemme, before using TRESemme shampoo users first wet their hair and spread shampoo on the hair. Then they wash the hair thoroughly.

The packaging

The shampoo comes in a blue color bottle having all the ingredient information written behind the bottle. The TRESemme shampoo comes in a flip & close cap bottle.


You can get herbal essence shampoo at the cost of around $7.75. On the other hand, the pricing of TRESemme shampoo bottle goes around $3.42 for 100 ml. 

Effectiveness on the hair

In terms of effectiveness, I found TRESemme is very effective on dandruff and the herbal essence is good for hair softness.

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If you are looking for hair softness, Herbal Shampoo is where you should go. I wanted to get rid of dandruff and therefore I looked for TRESemme. 

Gentleness on the scalp

TRESemme is good for the scalp as it removes all the dirt and repairs my hair damage. The herbal shampoo has a soft trace on the hair and it doesn’t remove all the dirt. It doesn’t repair the hair better as compared to TRESemme. 

Use on color-treated hair

Both shampoos are good for color-treated hair. I used herbal essence shampoo for 2 months after hair color. It didn’t show any effect on the color. On the other hand, I used TRESemme shampoo, the results were exactly the same. 

Fragrance – Herbal Essences Vs TRESemme

  • Herbal essence – Invigorating nature-like fragrance
  • TRESemme – Parfum-like fragrance

Pricing – Herbal Essences Vs TRESemme

  • I got Herbal essence shampoo for $9.97.
  • Few months after closing the Herbal Shampoo usage, I got TRESemme shampoo for  $9.48.

Final Ratings – Herbal Essences Vs TRESemme

Herbal EssenceTresemme

Herbal Essences Vs TRESemme – Which Is Better?

Herbal essence is one of the most trusted brands for hair treatments. This shampoo goes for any hair type and rejuvenates the hair.

Also, the chemicals used in the shampoo don’t harm or weaken the scalp and promote hair growth. If you are facing brutal hair fall, TRESemme shampoo is very your go-to place.

The shampoo reinforces hair strength and controls hair fall. It repairs the scalp hair holding capacity and makes it strong. The herbal shampoo doesn’t damage the hair.

Rather it makes the hair healthy and promotes hair growth. It makes the hair lustrous, shiny and bouncy. This shampoo keeps the hair color natural and enhances the quality of the hair.

As for clinical terms and dermatologist requirements, the shampoo is yet not clinically proven for 100% hair growth. The effect of shampoo varies from person to person. The shampoo has high-quality botanical ingredients and has no traces of biotin, zinc and niacin. 

The after-effects of shampoo with TRESemme may tempt you to use it daily but it is highly recommended to not use the shampoo daily. Daily usage of TRESemme shampoo will strip the hair moisture.

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