how long does a perm last for men

How Long Does A Perm Last For Men | 7 Ways To Extend The Life Of Your Perm

A perm is one of the most stylish looks you can give to your hair. But how long does a perm last for men? Read on to find out

If you are bored of the same old hairstyle and are looking for something more exciting, you can jump to a perm. 

Do you wonder how some men have the most perfect curls? The answer is perming. If you want to learn more about this technique, follow this article. 

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How does a perm work?

A perm is simply chemically treating your hair to alter its natural structure and develop curls. It is similar to rebonding where people alter their natural hair to make it straight. 

The stylist first divides your hair into small sections and puts them into curlers. 

It is then treated with a chemical-based lotion that will change the structure of your natural hair. 

The chemical breaks down the keratin in your hair to make the hair wavy or curly. 

Since keratin helps maintain your natural hair structure, breaking it down helps in altering your hair to the desired styles that will last long. 

Once the keratin has been broken down, your hairdresser introduces a neutraliser such as hydrogen peroxide to your hair. This helps in restructuring your hair around the curlers by rebuilding it.

Your hair will take the shape of the rollers and become bouncy and curly after this process.  

After undoing the rollers from your hair, you will see permanent curls as a result of this treatment. 

This is a popular hairstyle because you can style your hair in different ways and even straighten it while still having perms.

 Unlike hair color, it does not wash out after taking a shower. But how long does it really last?

How long does a perm last for men?

how long does a perm last for men

The word “perm” is coined from the word permanent. This denotes that the hairstyle stays permanently on your hair. But is it really permanent?

Permed hair has a longer lifespan than other hairstyles like blow-drying or flat ironing. But it is not long enough for you to completely commit to the look. 

The most common perms worn by men are not the coily curls but the soft wavy hair. If you are planning to get a perm done, it is best to keep your schedule clear since it takes a lot of time to develop them.

It typically takes about 3 to 5 hours to get your hair permed by a professional hairstylist. This depends on the expertise of the stylist and the length of your hair. 

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However, it saves a lot of time for you in the long run since it is a long-lasting style. An average perm for men lasts for about 2 to 6 months.

But this depends on your hair type and your routine. You might have to go get your hair permed again after about four months.

But there are certain ways to extend the lifespan of your perm.

How to make your perm last longer?

Perms, like every other hair treatment, requires proper maintenance. This helps in preventing damage to your hair and ensuring the longevity of your perms. 

You can make your perm last longer by following certain habits. These will make a real difference to your perms and your hair’s overall health. 

Good initial hair care

Don’t think that you will not have to deal with your hair after completing the treatment. The first forty-eight hours are crucial for your permed hair and you have to take special care of it.

It takes about three days for the perming chemicals to form new bonds after doing the treatment. 

After you have got a perm, your stylist will advise you to not tie up your hair and let your hair loose. 


However, it is best to not style your hair for at least a week after perming it. If it is really difficult to go without any kind of styling, you can lightly scrunch your hair with your fingers to set your curls. 

The hair structure is very malleable in this stage and can be easily manipulated by an external force. 

You should also be careful to not get it anywhere close to the water and should wait for 3 days after getting the perm to take a shower. 

It is not recommended to use a hairbrush on your hair the first week after perming. Use your fingers to gently detangle your hair and keep your curls in place. 

When you finally take a shower, use conditioner generously. 

The most important thing is to not disturb your curls and keep them intact. This will ensure that the curls are not breaking or their shape is being manipulated.

Get it done by a professional

This is one of the most important things you should take care of while getting a perm done. Always get it done by an experienced stylist. 

A perm generally ranges from 50$ to 100$. It depends on the length of your hair. There are so many places that might give you a perm in less than that price but cheaper doesn’t always mean better. 

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So don’t just go get it done because it is available at a cheaper rate, make sure that your hairstylist knows what they are doing. 

The different levels of perming like applying the roads, solution and neutralizer call for some level of expertise. 

Getting a good stylist will help in avoiding a badly done perm that can even cause irreversible damage to your hair. 

Shampoo less

As wrong as it sounds, shampooing less can do good to your permed hair. The process of perming can introduce a lot of chemicals to the hair which makes it dry. 

Permed hair requires a lot of hydration to keep it healthy and shiny.

So it is important to preserve the natural oils on your scalp to moisturise your hair. Shampooing can lead to a loss of natural oils from your hair and scalp. 


Shampooing often can also make your hair frizzy and curls poorly formed. Don’t worry about your perms looking greasy because the oils spread all around your curls.

It is recommended to shampoo your hair only once or twice a week. 

Avoid heat styling your perms

Although you can style your hair in different ways after getting perms and even use tools like straighteners and dryers, it is best to steer clear of them.

When you bring your hair in contact with heat, it could lead to frizz. 


Your curls also tend to lose their form when it comes into contact with the heat. It is best to towel dry or air dry your hair after taking a shower. 

If you ever have to heat style your perms, make sure to use a good heat protectant spray. 

You can also use a hair dryer with a diffuser attachment to your hair. This will define your curls and reduce the chances of developing frizz. 

Use a deep conditioner

Deep conditioners are some of the best hair care products ever created. This is a boon for anyone struggling with dehydrated chemically treated hair. 

When your hair goes through chemical treatments or colouring, the chemicals that are applied to the hair can make the hair-thin, dry and fragile. 


Your hair can also develop a lot of frizz and split ends. A deep conditioner can nourish and hydrate your hair to bring it back to life. 

You can replace your conditioners with a deep conditioner once or twice a week to give your hair that added nourishment and shine. 

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Most of the deep conditioners are enriched with hydrating ingredients like shea butter or Moroccan oil that can improve the overall situation of your permed hair.

And since curly hair needs a lot of hydration, deep conditioners should be a staple in your hair care kit. 

Sleeping habits

When your hair comes into contact with your sheets, it causes friction and alters the structure and shape of your curls.

One solution to this is to switch to satin or silk pillowcases. These pillowcases minimize static and create a smooth surface for your hair to rest while you are sleeping. 

Scarves are also a popular solution to this issue. Before going to bed, gently wrap your curls in a scarf. 

A lot of people also use a silk or satin hair cap to cover their curls while sleeping.  

Regular haircuts

There is a common misconception that you do not have to trim your hair after you get a perm. Some people also get discouraged because of the added cost. 

how long does a perm last for men

Permed hair is prone to split ends because of the damage caused by the chemicals. 

These split ends can affect the look of your curls and cause a lot of havoc. Your curls can also lose their definition as your new hair grows. 

So it is best to routinely get a trim, at least at the ends, to make sure your curls last longer.  

Treating your permed hair just as you would treat naturally curly hair can create a lot of difference to your perm. 

Ensure that all your hair care products are CG-friendly to get the most out of them. 

Do not dry brush your curls at any point since it will make your hair frizzy and poorly defined.

If you follow these instructions carefully, your perm can extend by weeks!

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