How long does pink hair dye last

How Long Does Pink Hair Dye Last | Tips To Make it Last Even Longer!

How long does pink hair dye last? Is there permanent pink hair dye? And how to maintain pink hair dyes? Learn all that and more in this article!

Let’s start with the bitter truth, that nothing lasts forever. So, as your glossy pink hair dye isn’t part of that nothing, sadly it will fade too. But it is not going to fade right away, right? 

So, how long does it take for your pink hair dye to fade or how long does it last on your hair? 

I’ll walk you through the answer, and I am sure you are not expecting this but, the thing is it really depends, and varies as well. 

A pink hair is going to last anywhere between one to six weeks, basically from five to seven washes long and afterwards it starts to fade away.

It all depends on how you use your shampoos, conditioners, and all the other chemical-based hair based products. The more you are exposed to these products your pink hair is not going to last longer and vice versa. 

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How Long Does Pink Hair Dye Last 

If you have applied semi-permanent pink hair dye your pink shade is going to last anywhere from a week to six weeks. 

Adding to that, if you chose your semi-permanent pink hair dye to be ammonia and peroxide free your beautiful pink shade is going to last for nearly 6 to 8 weeks straight. 

But there are a dozen ways you can either shorten or lengthen the span. 

There are a lot of factors that affect the lasting impact of your hair dye and following are a few significant and often seen ones:

  • The shade of your hair before dyeing it with pink hair dye
  • The condition of your hair 
  • The quality of the hair dye kit you have used
  • The color of your hair and the amount of pink pigment
  • How long did you leave the dye on your hair 
  • Following that how often you wash or cleanse your hair 
  • What sort of or quality of chemical hair products you use  
  • Lasty, even heating and styling your hair frequently affects the lasting impact of your pink hair dye

What Does Your Pink Hair Dye Fade Into?

Depending on the shade and vibrancy of your pink hair dye it can fade usually into orange or peach shade. 

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Also,if you had started with a light base, such as bleaching your hair before dying or coloring on your natural blonde hair, the pink hair dye will fade typically showing more yellow undertones. 

But the color your pink hair will fade into majorly depends on your hair’s base color and the sort of pigmentation you have used in your pink hair dye. 

Adding to all that, there are some of the exterior factors too that affect the shade of your fading pink hair dye. For instance it also depends on whether the conditioner and shampoos you use suit your pink hair or not. 

Here are a few pink hair dye shades and the likely shades they fade into;

  • Bubblegum pink or hot pink shade will typically fade into pastel pink 
  • Your pastel pink shade gives your vintage pink, and also at times it can leave you with your base color but with a little reflection of pink while fading
  • Your rose pink hair dye fades into pale pink shades

How To Make Your Pink Hair Dye Last Longer

If you want your pink shade to last longer on your hair, what should you do? 

Even though most of the pink hair dyes don’t last for longer than 6 to 88 weeks (both with and without ammonia and peroxide), you sometimes wish that your perfect pink shade would last a bit longer. 

So, here are a few tips that you can follow through that can make your pink hair dye last longer.

Healthy Hair is Always the Best Way to Start 

how to maintain pink hair

One of the necessary elements is that your hair needs to be healthy, and especially if you are going for vibrant shades as pink. The reason simply is that a healthy strand will absorb and hold the color pink better than the damaged ones. 

So, if your hair isn’t in its best condition, is dull, dry, and also has plenty of split ends, I would advise you to deal with them first and then go for this sort of unnatural hair shade. 

For instance, you can go for a regular trim to keep your hair healthy and get rid of the unhealthy strands.

Apart from that you can also consider going for deep conditioning, regular hair masks, and even oiling to give your hair the nourishment, hydration, and moisture they need.

Doing these for a few weeks before you dye your hair is going to make a whole lot of great difference. 

Seek Professionals for Dyeing Your Favorite Pink Shade

how to keep pink hair from turning orange

If this is the first time you are thinking or trying to dye your hair in any shade of pink, I would suggest you go for a professional who knows their job. 

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Going to a professional will not only ensure the best outcome in terms of shades but you would also be safe from all the pitfalls that you might fall into while trying it out on your own with a hair dye kit at home. 

So, by going to a professional you would totally avoid the issues related to bleaching and coloring that you are more likely to do when coloring your hair for the first time. 

Apart from that an experienced colorist would definitely be able to ensure that your hair gets the best hair care treatment, from nourishment to hydration, so that the color lasts for longer.

Choose the Perfect Pink Hair Dye

One of the important things to consider is the quality of hair dye you use, because it matters and affects your outcome. 

For instance, you might want to save a few pennies on the coloring kit. But let me tell you, it is totally ok to spend a bit more on something that you are going to apply on your hair. 

You really want to ensure that the hair product you are using is not going to do the opposite of what is expected of it. 

So, while choosing a coloring kit and that too while choosing a vibrant color for you, you need to focus on the formula, ingredients, brand, and more importantly the quality of the product.

Wait Till the Dye Settles in Your Hair 

what does pink hair look like when it fades

I think it makes sense when I say that you need to give the hair dye time to settle in your hair and get absorbed by it so that when you rinse it off you get the color that you were actually looking for. 

So, it doesn’t matter if you are at a professional salon or doing it all by yourself you need to have patience and wait till the maximum time (the one suggested on the box or 5 minutes plus) to make sure that it is absorbed well and you get the best out of that hair dye kit. 

Rinse the Dye Out With Cold Water

Rinsing your hair with cold or room temperature water is one of the best things to do if you want your hair dye to stay for longer. 

I am not suggesting warm water even though it feels good and offers better cleaning because warm water also opens up your hair cuticles.

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So, when your cuticles are open it is going to be very easy for  the pink shade to strip off of your hair. 

So, warm water is going to add to the fading of your pink hair dye. 

Try Not to Wash Your Hair Every Single Day

Another thing that you can do to make your pink shade last longer is skipping frequent hair wash.

Also, if your hair has no specific or special needs, I would suggest you wash only after 3 to five days. 

Every time you wash your hair, the color bleeds out from your hair. So, you really should wash your hair when it is really needed. 

On other regular days try using shower caps or anything that helps keep your hair from getting wet. Or you can even opt for alternatives like dry shampoos for color treated hair.

Wrapping Up on Pink Hair Dyes

So, that would be all on how long does pink hair dye lasts and some basic tips that can help the shade last longer. 

It typically takes around two months for your pink shade to start losing its actual color, and with the tips given you can extend the time period by a few more weeks. 

Apart from that, making sure that your hair is in the best condition to absorb the color is something that I personally put emphasis on. I mean at the end of the you would really want your hair to be healthy. 

So, I am hoping that you got what you were seeking and you are now all ready to embrace the pink shade you were eyeing on. Just follow the tips and make your favorite pink stay on your head for longer. 

Until then, happy dyeing!

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