How Often Should You Retwist Locs

How Often Should You Retwist Locs | For Strong, Gorgeous-Looking Locs

In this article, we will discuss the ins and outs of retwisting your locs. I will cover topics like how often should you retwist locs, how to prepare for retwisting, and some tips to make your retwisting a success. 

Welcome to the world of locs! If you’re reading this, then chances are you’re eager to learn more about the art of creating and caring for locs. 

Maybe you just got your locs done, or maybe you’ve had them for a while and you’re looking for a refresher course on retwisting. Whatever your reason, I’m here to help.

So, if you’re ready, let’s dive right in and figure out the best way to care for your locs!

How often should you retwist locs

For many people with dreadlocks, getting their locs retwisted every few weeks is part of their regular self-care routine. Having them retwisted helps to maintain their shape, encourages healthy growth, and generally keeps the locs looking neat. But how often should you retwist locs? 

The answer to how often you should retwist your locs is essentially up to you. However, depending on how long your locs are and your hair texture, you may want to consider retwisting them every two to three weeks. 

If your locs are short and fine, you may find yourself needing to retwist them every week or even multiple times a week. 

On the flip side, if you have really long locs and they are made up of coarser hair – you may need to stretch the time in between retwisting. 

Try familiarizing yourself with your hair and its patterns. When you understand better and start to observe your own strands, you will likely be able to identify when it is time for your locs to be retwisted. If you have any doubts, you can always consult your hairstylist.

Generally, it is a good idea to book at least one retwisting appointment per month with your stylist. 

This will ensure that your locs remain looking neat, while also giving you the opportunity to monitor your hair’s overall health. If you are noticing breakage or split ends, you may want to adjust your retwisting schedule to protect your hair. 

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When it comes to how often you should retwist locs, only you can decide what is best for your hair and lifestyle. Retwisting your hair helps maintain its health, shape, and style, so it is important to keep up with it. 

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Can i retwist locs every 3 months

Benefits of not retwisting locs

One major benefit of not retwisting locs is the time saved. Locs can take hours to retwist and re-braid, and that time often comes with a lot of effort and energy. 

Not having to go through the process of retwisting can be a huge relief, allowing the person with locs to spend their time on other activities. Plus, if someone decides to stay away from retwisting for a period of time, they can save a lot of money by not having to pay for their locs to be reinstalled.

Not retwisting locs can also be gentler on one’s hair. Some people find that retwisting their locs too often can lead to breakage and damage due to the manipulation of their hair. 

Allowing the hair to find its own tangle and twist pattern can give the locs more stability and strength, preventing them from feeling weakened by constant re-braiding and twisting.

It’s important to not underestimate the mental benefits of not retwisting locs. It can be a tiring and tedious process to reinvent the same style over and over, and by taking a break it can give someone a sense of freedom. Not retwisting can be an act of self-care and self-love. 

Plus, it can also give one an opportunity to try out new styles and experiment with different looks. 

Retwisting is not essential to having locs, and actually, not retwisting locs doesn’t have to be a crutch. By taking a break from retwisting and finding an alternative to your routine, locs can look even better.

Is retwisting locs every 3 months good for hair

Is retwisting locs every 3 months good for hair

When it comes to caring for your locs, opinions vary. Some people swear by retwisting every 2–3 months—for a firmer, cleaner finish rather than the recommended 2-3 weeks, while others will only retwist when necessary. So is retwisting locs every 3 months really good for your hair?

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The answer is not necessarily straightforward. On the one hand, retwisting your locs regularly can help to keep your roots secure and your strands strengthen—both of which contribute to healthier locs in the long term. 

Additionally, a periodic retwist can help you to spot any areas of damage or tangles before they cause breakages. 

But, like most hairstyles, too frequent retwisting can damage your hair. Traveling, protective styling, and exposing your locks to harsh weather conditions can all contribute to your locs coming undone. 

But depending on your individual needs, regularly retwisting could potentially contribute to excessive breakage and undo the protective properties of the style. 

Ultimately, how often you retwist locs comes down to personal preference. If your locs are prone to unraveling quickly, then more frequent retwistings may be necessary. 

However, if your hair holds well on its own, then retwisting every few months should be sufficient.

As always, be sure to use a gentle, moisturizing product and practice extra caution when detangling. That way, you can be sure to keep your locs healthy, lookin’ good, and 100% all-natural.

How long should LOC Retwist last?

The duration of time between retwists is often a source of debate between members of the natural hair community. Some naturalistas may opt to retwist their Locs every 2 weeks, others every 4 – 6 weeks.

Ultimately, the decision of how long to wait between retwists is up to you and your stylist. When determining the ideal duration of time between retwists, you should consider the climate, lifestyle and overall health of your hair. 

In warm and humid climates, retwisting your locs every two weeks or so will reduce the chances of your hair becoming damaged or over-dried due to the elements. 

This is beneficial as it’ll help maintain a well-shaped loc that appears neat and vibrant. Additionally, if you have an active lifestyle, it’s best to retwist your locs every few weeks to ensure that they stay well-formed and nourished with oils and butters. 

Overall, you should consult with your experienced loctician to determine the ideal time frame between retwists given your lifestyle and environment in order to effectively maintain the health and groomed appearance of your locs. 

Depending on these factors, they may suggest waiting 3-6 weeks between retwist sessions. Though often seen as a tedious and time consuming endeavor, retwisting locs is an essential part of the natural hair journey and helps maintain the optimal health and aesthetic of the locs.

What happens if you don’t retwist dreads?

If you don’t retwist your locs, it can have a variety of negative consequences. Your hair may not look as defined, as it may hang loose from the scalp. 

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Your locks may start to look limp and messy, instead of the structured and voluminous look you may be aiming for. Additionally, the scalp may become exposed, which can lead to irritation, itchiness, flaking, and even dandruff.

You may also notice the progress of your dreads slowing down. Without the retwist your hair may not interlock as much as it should, resulting in the hairs not locking together in the way you want them to. 

The frizz will also be much more difficult to contain and can cause some hair strands to result in shrinking up and forming knots.

Without retwisting every few weeks, you can also substantially increase your chances of getting split ends. Split ends can occur as the locks grow longer, resulting in breakage and loss of volume. 

This is due to the hair strands not meshing together like they should, so your locks are more prone to damage.

Summary on Retwisting Locs

Overall, if you do not retwist your dreads, they can start to look messy, unhealthy, and even unwanted. 

You may notice your locks becoming less held together and full over time. It is important to have a routine of retwisting your dreads to ensure that your hair is maintained in the desired style for months or even years.

Indeed, while the frequency of retwisting locs depends on many factors, the most important factor is personal preference.

Retwisting locs is a process that can be adjusted according to the individual and deviation from this is perfectly normal – so it really is a matter of finding what works best and feels most comfortable for you! 

Ultimately, understanding your own locs and their unique needs will help you to find the right retwisting frequency that works best for you.

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