How to Deal with Frizzy Hair Male

How To Deal with Frizzy Hair Male | 8 Easy Tips For Taming Unruly, Poofy Hair

Read this article if you want to know how to deal with frizzy hair males. These tips on how to tame thick frizzy hair help smoothen men’s short locks and keep them looking well-groomed. 

While you may hear a lot of women complaining about hair frizziness, did you also know that the problem of frizz also affects men? Yes, the problem is real guys!

Men with long hair, which means hair longer than around two inches, will sometimes have these nasty little frizzy hair stick out and ruin your perfect hairstyle. 

They not only look bad, but are also truly annoying to deal with. Those men with curlier hair types are more prone to the development of frizzy hair. 

But the good thing is that there are plenty of ways to deal with frizzy hair.

Well, in this article I have covered everything to do with frizz, reasons for frizz and ways men can deal with it. Take a look!

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What is hair frizziness?

Hair frizziness is when those small little strands of hair that stray away from your other hair and tend to curl and stand out. 

It makes the hair become textured, making the “frizz” more noticeable. 

Though frizziness is most often seen on people with curlier hair types, because they are considered more prone, those with straight hair too can have hair frizziness.

How To Deal with Frizzy Hair Male

Check out these tips on how to deal with frizzy hair for men!

Reduce The Use Of Heat Styling Tools And Use Heat Protection Spray

how to prevent frizzy hair in men

As far as possible, try air drying your hair when it’s wet and do not use a blow dryer. 

If you have longer hair and use heat styling tools, make sure to use a heat protectant spray before using any sort of heat on your hair. 

Heat protectant sprays help to reduce the damage to the hair caused by extreme heat.

Oil Your Hair More Often

Oiling of hair is an age-old remedy used by many. When you oil your hair, each hair shaft gets coated with the oil and helps keep the hair moisture by penetrating into the hair strand.

So oiling your hair and massaging it in at least twice a week is essential for those with dry hair.

Avoid Washing Your Hair Too Often

When you wash your hair often, especially with a shampoo that contains sulfates or parabens, then it, right off the bat, spells – hair damage! 

It will strip away all the moisture from the hair and result in dry hair once your hair has completely dried up. 

Dry hair will eventually lead to frizz. So it’s better to reduce the number of times you wash your hair in a week.

Make Sure To Condition Your Hair

Do not forget to condition your hair once you have shampooed it and rinsed it off well under running water. 

A conditioner will help restore the lost moisture from the hair and trap it in, providing nourishment to the hair strands. 

It will also make your hair feel smoother and look shinier.

is frizzy hair bad

Wash Your Hair With Cold Water

Well, I do know how amazing a lovely hot water shower feels, but it is a big no-no, when it comes to your hair health. So maybe you’d want to ditch this practice right away!

When you shower with hot water, your hair cuticles open up and let the moisture flow out. This can make the hair dry and frizzy. 

So, using cold or lukewarm water to wash your hair will help reduce the loss of moisture from the hair and seal the hair cuticles, in turn, trapping in the moisture.

Try To Co-Wash Your Hair

For those of you who haven’t heard of the word “co-washing”, it means washing your hair with just a conditioner and ditching the shampoo hair wash. 

So this means that all you need to do is use your conditioner to wash your hair instead of your shampoo, rinse it out and it’s done. 

Make sure to use a good and lightweight conditioner as it will not leave any residue on the scalp and neither will it make your hair look limp and dull.

Use Chemical-Free Products

This applies not only to all the products you use often for your hair, but I would like to make a special mention about the shampoos you use. 

Most shampoos contain sulfates and parabens that are harmful to the hair and can dry your hair out drastically. 

Therefore, it is important to find a shampoo that contains no such harsh chemicals or even better, use an all-natural shampoo.

how to tame thick frizzy hair

Trim Your Hair Often

When your hair isn’t trimmed regularly, it develops split ends, which slowly begins to travel upwards to the rest of the strand. 

This can also make the hair look dry and frizzy. So it is better to get your hair trimmed at least once every two or a maximum of three weeks.

Why Is My Hair Frizzy Male

There are many reasons as to why hair becomes frizzy. Check them out below.

1. Use of heat styling tools:

If you blow dry your hair too often, it will dry out the moisture from your hair and your hair will soon begin to look frizzy.

Apart from blow drying your hair, if you are a man who likes to keep your hair a little longer than the average length, then this will concern you. 

If you use heat styling tools or have got yourself a perm done, then there are chances that your hair has been damaged, causing the hair to get frizzy.

2. Humidity from the atmosphere:

Humidity is a result of water vapor in the atmosphere. When there is humidity in the atmosphere, it tends to slowly absorb all the moisture from our hair. 

When there isn’t sufficient moisture in the hair, our hair swells up, as the fiber bonds inside each hair strand change, making it look frizzy.

So if you are someone who lives in a place with a humid climate, then you can probably moisturize your hair more often, reduce washing your hair and deep condition your hair from time to time. 

men's frizzy hair products

3. Types of hair products you use:

This is a very important aspect to take into consideration. Everyone washes their hair with a shampoo at least once to two times a week. 

But if the shampoo you’re using each time contains chemicals like sulfates, parabens etc., it can damage your hair severely and make it dry, in turn frizzy.

4. Your hair lacks moisture and hydration:

Whatever may be the reason for your dry hair – be it humidity, lack of oiling and conditioning, using heat styling tools often etc; it can all make your hair dry out. 

When the hair dries out, the hair strand tends to become rough. 

Each time we comb or brush rough hair, it will eventually begin to look frizzy.

5. You do not have healthy eating habits

how do you deal with frizzy hair

While many people only think that eating disorders can affect only females, well, that is an incorrect notion as eating disorders and irregular eating habits also happen with men and this means they do not have a balanced diet.

When there isn’t a sufficient amount of good and nourishing food being consumed, it affects the body, which means it includes your hair too and it affects the hair by making it dry, brittle and frizzy. 

So make sure to have a balanced diet at all times.

how to get poofy hair male

6. Your hair often experiences friction

Well, if you are someone who often wears a cap on your head or brushes your hair too often, you might be causing friction that leads to cuticles opening that in turn leads to frizz. 

Also, if you sleep on a cotton pillowcase or maybe even towel dry your hair with a lot of force, then your hair strands rub against each other. This creates friction between the hair strands, in turn making the hair become frizzy.

So make sure to avoid this by either using a silk pillowcase at night and air drying your hair as much as possible.

7. Exposure to sunlight:

People who often spend time outdoors due to their job or any other reason, will find their hair becoming relatively frizzy over time. The reason? Hair’s overexposure to sunlight! 

This is called sun damage to the hair that makes it frizzy because the harsh ultra-violet (UV) rays of the sun damages the cuticle of the hair strand. 

It can also make the hair dry out sooner because of lack of moisture.

8. You are a swimmer:

A lot of men who are swimmers may often experience hair frizziness. Well, swimming pool water contains chlorine, which is a chemical. 

When this chemical comes in contact with the hair for long hours, it will begin to make the hair dry and frizzy. 

That’s why you might have noticed your hair feeling straw-like whenever you come out of the pool.

FAQs on How To Tame Thick Frizzy Hair

1. Are there any products I can use for my frizzy hair?

Yes, there are many brands that have products meant specifically for frizzy hair. There are products like hair gels, hair oils, pomades, hair creams, shampoos and conditioners. For men I really like the anti-frizz serums that contains silicones as they weigh down hair and smoothen it. However, be refrain from using too much of these products as they cause buildup.

2. Is frizzy hair considered unhealthy?

No, just because your hair is frizzy it doesn’t mean your hair is unhealthy. It isn’t. Frizziness is caused by hair cuticles opening and leading excess moisture inside. It’s common to have frizzy hair after washing too! The only issue is that raised hair cuticles might be a sign of damage. But they can occur naturally too, due to humidity for example.

3. Will hair frizziness cause hair loss?

Well, frizziness will not directly cause hair loss, but frizziness can cause the hair to break because it is dry, rough and damaged. This in turn causes hair loss.

4. Is it true that hair frizziness is genetic?

Well, no, it isn’t. Genetics could play a role in the texture of the hair you are born with, but frizziness can happen over time and due to various other reasons, apart from genetics.

The Final Takeaway on Hair Frizziness In Men

I hope this article has come in handy for you to gather all the tips possible to help get rid of those nasty frizzy hair strands you got. 

Remember that dry hair is one of the main causes of hair frizziness and focus on ways to help keep your hair from drying by keeping it sufficiently moisturized at all times. 

There are also many products from hair styling gels, pomades, serums etc; that you can use to keep away frizz, but of course, temporarily.

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