How to get your curls back after straightening curly hair

How To Get Your Curls Back After Straightening Curly Hair 2024

Learn how to get your curls back after straightening curly hair including home remedies. Also check about how to protect straightened curly hair from damage.

Who doesn’t love curls or curly hair? I mean they look great, are bouncy, and look super cute. 

As a person with curls, I can say that we often feel like getting a whole new look, be it styling or heating your curls or most often straightening them. Because why not? 

But the moment you dive into the heat and styling of your curls, you start losing your curl’s nourishment and they become dry and damaged. Adding to that, oftentimes these curls get damaged more than you think or have anticipated. 

So, basically years of styling, product buildup, harsh formula and even blow drying may be indicating that your hair isn’t in the best condition as it used to be. 

If so, then it is time for you to reclaim your natural, healthy curls.

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For getting your natural curls back, just getting rid of these damaging or straightening products and kits is not enough.

Restoring your natural curls needs more attention than you think, and by banning the straightening products all you are doing is stopping any further damage to your hair and not helping it restore. 

So, that’s why I am here to help you get your natural curls back is an easy and not so consuming way.

Let’s dig into the piece without any further due. 

But before you get further here’s a brief detail on how straightening your hair causes damage to your curls. 

How To Get Your Curls Back After Straightening Curly Hair 

Here are a few ways that have helped me get my curls back whenever they go missing for long. 

Go For a Deep Conditioning Treatment 

So, the very first and easy step that I would like to suggest to you is to go for a deep conditioning treatment, it is both  a therapy and a repair treatment for your hair. 

If you have wavy curly or even coily hair, yours are more prone to damage and dryness. And believe it or not dryness can cause a lot of damage alone, from frizz to breakage anything is possible. 

Adding to that the most concerning issue is that this dryness can cause you to lose your curl patterns. 

So, as a remedial step my very first approach towards my curls is to go for a deep conditioning. 

All you need to do is damp your hair or use it right after you are out of shower after shampooing, and then by taking smaller sections you can apply any deep conditioner of your choice. 

Once done, take a microfiber hair towel wrap and wrap your hair in it. Keep the wrap from around 35 to 40 minutes on your hair and then you are good to go. 

Use the same every once in a week and see improving results after a few uses. This is personally my go to therapies when I am on leave. 

The deep conditioning hair is going to help you restore your curls’ moisture as it is dry and gets frizzy. It is a slow but a steady and effective way to get your curls back! 

Get Weekly Protein Treatments To Replenish Keratin

how to get your natural curls back after years of straightening

The next thing that you might want to do is take or seek a protein treatment. 

What protein-rich hair products do is help your hair in filling the gaps in your shafts caused by straightening, or styling your hair for some time or temporarily.  

Straightening my hair causes damage and it is more prone to frizz and flyaways, and I find it much more difficult to bring back my curls to their natural form.

So, if you have straightened your hair as well and need it to go back to its natural state you need to try out a protein treatment for your hair. 

Protein-based deep hair treatment helps in replenishing and regaining all the moisture and nutrients that your curls lose every time you straighten your hair. 

The treatment helps you to reconnect those gaps of protein or keratin chains to eventually strengthen your shafts and get your curls back.

Also, I would suggest using the treatment to apply using heat, so that way it would be easy to penetrate in your shafts and repair them. 

But if you have low porosity hair you should avoid taking protein treatment, as your curls would have difficulty in absorbing the moisture.

Too much of protein could even lead to overloading the hair type making the dry and brittle situation even worse.

Diffuse Your Hair After Washing It

how to get natural curls back after heat damage

A diffuser is basically an attachment for your blow dryer that helps in reducing the frizz and helps in keeping the natural wave patterns in place by dispersing the air. It can basically help you even out your curl pattern. 

So, the next thing that you can do to bring back your curls is by diffusing your hair. I would suggest you to use the diffuser in your hair while it is around 50% or half dry and then you can try and keep your curls intact. 

A diffuser basically helps in creating volume and at the same time it takes the weight off your hair, so this technique helps in keeping your curl pattern stable while you are drying them out.

So, diffusers not only speed up the drying process  but also help you to maintain your natural curl pattern. 

To get the process of diffusing right you would need to practice a bit because it really takes a few tries to get the hang of it. When I first tried the diffuser, there was a frizz halo over my head. 

So, get on a diffuser and then give it a bit of practice and you would be saving your hair from the maximal damage and can get your curls back. 

Scrunch Your Curls When Wet

how to get your curls back home remedies

Next thing you can do to maintain your curls is to use curling creams that might enhance your natural curls and keep them that way. But here’s a thing no matter how amazing curling cream you use, if you are not scrunching your hair out at the end of it you are not going to get your curls back. 

Your waves and curls can easily weigh down while they are dripping or wet with water and even some products with thick cream consistency can cause the same, that is why it is really important to counteract these by scrunching your hair. 

All you would require to do is take the curl cream and part your wet hair in sections and then scrunch them out using your fingers in an upward motion. Scrunching in this way would help in preventing it from clumps and also with the dreaded crunchy curl looks. 

Adding to that one thing that I would personally suggest would be to go gentle on your curls while scrunching.

Wet strands are already prone to damage and rough scrunching can both lead to more damage or breakage of your curls to creating frizz as well. 

Get a Curly Hair-Friendly Trim 

how to get normal hair back after straightening

So, basically this isn’t just a tip or trick, getting a trim is more like the last resort. So, if you have tried all the above ways and somehow still your hair isn’t getting back to its natural curl pattern, then you need to go for a trim. 

Also, I would add don’t go for a search and destroy or dusting methods, just go out for an actual trim that would reshape your hair. 

Deep conditioning and protein treatments can help your curls up to a great deal but in the end these are all temporary ways to get your curls back on trail.

So, if you are looking for something long-term and for good solutions to get your curls back you need to consider reshaping or trimming your hair. 

By trimming you can get rid of all the damaged and irreparable strands and it will be followed by a healthy new growth. 

Will I Ruin My Curls If I Straighten My Hair

Every strand of your hair or curls is made up of keratin, which is a cluster of rencriching proteins that obviously acts as a building block of your curls. It helps to keep your curls from damage while maintaining its shine, and health. 

But what straightening does to your hair is by using heat it breaks the bonds in your curls at the  molecular level. Eventually making your hair dry, damaged, by stripping all the keratin off of your hair. 

The heat from the straightener causes damage to your hair and long term exposure to your hair can even make some of these damages irreversible. Although, the infrequent or occasional use of these straighteners won’t cause irreversible damage. 

But protecting your hair from straighteners is a must and you should always take all the necessary measures to keep your hair healthy and curls great.

Parting Words About How To Get Curls Back After Straightening

So, that would be all the best tips and tricks to get your natural curls back from constant straightening and damage that follows. 

I am hoping that these ways would help you a great deal but if they don’t then you might want to seek a professional. 

Till then, keep on experimenting with your curls while maintaining their health and shine!

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