how to straighten a human hair wig

How To Straighten A Human Hair Wig | 4 Easy Methods!

I have listed out a few easy methods on how to straighten a human hair wig. This includes using methods like straightener, flat iron, hot water, and other heatless methods.

It’s wonderful to have a little creative freedom with your hairstyle from time to time. While we all like our lovely locks, changing things occasionally is wonderful. Your natural hair can be straightened with the help of some equipment. 

However, you may improve your natural appearance and boost any hairdo for any event, festival, or occasion by using a wig, hair extensions, or hair clips. 

With wigs, you may experiment with several hair colors and cuts without altering your hair. This will make your hair healthier, especially if you don’t heat style, dye, or otherwise harm it. 

This may cause your natural hair to grow longer and healthier. 

The wearing of wigs has been documented since the beginning of time. It is known that the ancient Egyptians had their heads shaved and wore wigs to shield themselves from the sun and that the Phoenicians, Greeks, Assyrians, and Romans occasionally used synthetic hairpieces. 

Human hair and synthetic hair are the primary materials used to make wigs. Each type of wig has advantages over the other. 

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So, enough of that; let’s get to the main point. In this write-up I will discuss ways to straighten your hair, typically hair wigs.

For those who want to straighten their natural hair, below are certain tips that will minimize hair damage.

  • Start by washing your hair. First, use a clarifying shampoo to thoroughly remove any product build up from your hair.
  • Use the lowest heat setting at all times. Make sure to use a low heat setting if you decide to blow dry your hair. This will slow down the process of moisture loss, allowing your hair to retain more moisture and reduce the likelihood of hair damage.
  • Allow your hair to dry a little bit naturally. When you partially dry it before straightening it, your hair will be exposed to less heat, resulting in less damage.
  • Employ a heat-protectant. Generally, a heat protectant offers protection so that your hair is not exposed to too much heat.
  • Use a flat iron. Try using the flat iron on your hair just once if you want to be extra careful. Make sure your hair is divided into small portions for the greatest effects. 

How To Straighten A Human Hair Wig

The human hair wig market is 2.28 Billion in 2021 and is expected to grow by 4%. The reason behind the upper graph is the creative usage. 

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With little equipment, people are preferring hair wigs for almost all occasions.

Below we will highlight ways to straighten a synthetic or human hair wig. We will look at four ways to straighten a wig without causing much damage to it properly.

1. Flat iron method

Both synthetic and human wigs can be used with this technique. But first, be careful to confirm whether or not your wig is of great quality. If you attempt to straighten low-quality wigs with a flat iron, they might get destroyed, especially if they are low-quality synthetic wigs.

how to straighten a curly human hair wig
  • Ensure the hair straightener you want to use has a temperature control setting.
  • Use a comb to detangle the hair gently, then apply heat protectant all over it, root to tip. This will aid in keeping moisture within the wig and guard against heat damage.
  • Verify if your wig can withstand direct heat by doing a strand test.
  • Even while flat irons have a maximum temperature of 450 °F (232 °C), most wigs, especially synthetic ones, cannot handle that heat level. Your wig will last longer if you maintain your flat iron set to lower heat of between 230-250 °F (110-121 °C). Iron them between 250-270 degrees Fahrenheit if the wig strands are thick.
  • Straightening the wig will be simpler if you work in small sections. Use hair clips to hold the wig’s front and sides out of the way so you can move freely, leaving a little opening at the back. 
how to straighten your wig without a straightener
  • It’s recommended to disentangle wig hair in pieces because it may get highly tangled.
  • After that, begin straightening some of the wig’s bottom strands. Continue in this manner until the bottom portion is complete. After that, straighten the centre of your wig’s strands. Finally, reach the top and straighten the wig’s entire top.
  • After straightening the entire wig, allow them to remain still for five to six minutes.
  • After the entire wig has completely cooled and dried, use a wide-toothed brush and comb the strands softly and uniformly.

2. Steam method

Only synthetic wigs may be used with this process. Moreover, you will require a portable steamer.

how to get bone straight hair weave
  • Put the synthetic wig on a mannequin head or a stand first. 
  • Use a pin to secure the wig to the stand. 
  • After that, brush any knots out. Be extremely delicate and patient here; don’t be harsh with the hair.
  • You may plug up and preheat your portable steamer while untangling the wig’s strands.
  • Take the portable steamer in one hand and the wig brush in the other.
  • Section by section, brush and steam the wig strands. Do not hold the steam too closely to the wig, just in precaution.
  • Repeat the procedure three times, working your way through each region until the wig is completely straight.
  • When you’re sure you’re done, turn off the steamer and let the wig cool and thoroughly air dry. Spray some wig conditioner all over the wig once it has completely dried.
how to straighten human hair wig with iron

I use the Philips STH3000/20c Handheld Garment Steamer can be used as a portable steamer. This provides uneven Straightening to the wig and gives a shiny finish. 

how to straighten a synthetic wig with hot water

3. Hot water method

Both human and synthetic wigs may be treated using this technique, but if you don’t do it correctly, your human wig can get damaged. So, if you are not a pro or have little expertise with it, we advise against using it on a human wig. 

  • You need to first boil some water before using this procedure. Boil the water until you notice a bubble.
  • Put your wig on a stand or tripod so that you may use a pin to secure it to the stand because you’ll need both hands to straighten it.
  • Gently brush the entire wig with a comb. Make sure the wig is free of tangles.
  • Apply the steam from the hot water on the wig now. When the steam has been equally distributed, leave it for 5 to 10 minutes to allow it to cool.
  • Use a wide-toothed or a bristles brush to comb it even when it has cooled and dried. Just make sure your brush is gentle enough.
  • If you don’t receive the desired outcomes the first time, repeat this procedure.
how to straighten a curly wig without heat

4. Hair dryer method 

For synthetic wigs, use this technique as well. Try not to use this technique if your wig is of poor quality. Particularly, you should only apply the blow dryer technique to premium wig fibre.

how to straighten a wig with an iron
  • You must first do a compatibility test before you can begin straightening. Clip a little section of the wig’s hair. 
  • Test the item by heating it with a warm setting on the hair dryer. That will let you ensure that your wig is heat-resistant. Check to see whether the hair becomes frizzy or crumbles. If so, your wig cannot be straightened using the hairdryer technique.
  • If the wig succeeds in the test, set it on a stand and pierce it with a pin. 
  • With a wide-toothed comb, separate the wig hair into sections and completely untangle it.
  • You must hold the hair as straight as possible to straighten out when heated. One method for doing this is to hold the hair dryer in one hand while holding the ends of the hair in the other.
how to straighten a wig with a hairdryer
  • Point the nozzle of your hair dryer downward, turn it on, and hold the drier in one hand. Remember to adjust it to the medium setting.
  • Starting at the wig’s roots, carefully work your heating tool’s nozzle down its whole length. Move slowly, but don’t leave the nozzle in one spot for an extended period.
  • After straightening the first portion, remove another piece of wig hair, untangle it, and then repeat the process with the remaining hair.
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Continue doing this until the entire wig is straight, then admire your new appearance.

My go to product is the AGARO HD-1120 2000 Watts Professional Hair Dryer as it protects the hair from frizzy and makes it smoother. 

Wrapping Up!

Whether your wig is synthetic or composed of real hair, always remember that the lowest heat setting is best while straightening if you’re unsure whether the material in your wig is heat-resistant, always heat test it. 

When working with heated instruments or hot water, exercise care. 

The use of a flat iron and hot water are the safest techniques. However, it relies on how comfortable you are employing these strategies. 

You can try the remaining techniques or your preferred one if you are self-assured and have a top-notch wig. While straightening your wig, always use high-quality hair straighteners.

We hope that the article delivered valuable insights. Let us know which method you are most comfortable with while straightening your synthetic or human hair wig.

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