how to straighten hair with blow dryer

How To Straighten Hair With Blow Dryer In 6 Easy Steps

Learn all you need to know about how you can straighten hair with blow dryer in this article!

I love straightening my wavy hair. But the fact is that using flat irons and hair straightening tools on a regular basis is just terrible for your hair. 

So the easiest way to get smooth, straight hair on a daily without inviting further damage is to use your trusted blow dryer to straighten your hair.

Yes, you can easily use a blow dryer to straighten your hair, especially if you already have type 1 or type 2 hair textures. 

A blow dryer does use some amount of heat, but the temperatures are nowhere close to those of flat iron plates.

Also, a blow dryer doesn’t concentrate the heat on one area of your tresses. 

So all in all, it’s much safer to straighten hair with blow dryer.

How To Straighten Hair With Blow Dryer

Step 1: Wash Your Hair And Lightly Towel-Dry It

how to straighten hair with blow dryer without frizz

It’s best if you start off with slightly damp hair if you want to straighten your hair with a blow dryer. The hair sets better this way.

If you’ve just washed your hair, you can dab it lightly with a towel or a microfiber cloth to wring out the excess water.

Remember, you want your hair damp and not wet.

If you’re running late and don’t have time to wash your tresses, spray a bit of water on it like a hairstylist would before giving you a haircut.  

Tip: If you have type 2c or 3a hair try washing your hair with a straightening shampoo. These shampoos are very moisturizing and contain ingredients that can smoothen hair cuticles, leaving hair looking smooth.

Step 2: Detangle Hair Using a Wide-Toothed Comb

how to straighten black hair with blow dryer

When you are straightening hair using a blow dryer, you need to brush it thoroughly. But before we get to that step, it’s important to use a wide-tooth comb to detangle your hair.

At this stage, you can apply a heat protectant or hair straightening serum to help make the straightening process easier. 

These products also help your comb glide more smoothly through the hair. 

Make sure to remove all knots and tangles to make sure your wet hair (which is already fragile) doesn’t get damaged further. 

Step 3: Divide Your Hair Into Sections

how to straighten short hair with blow dryer

Straightening your hair with a blow dryer is more effective if you tackle one thin section of hair at a time.

So the next step would be to divide your hair into partitions. I use a rat-tail comb for this as the pointed end makes partitioning hair easier.

If you have really thick hair, you can even tie the back section up in a ponytail while you’re working on the front.

I use alligator hair clips to keep the different sections in place.

Step 4: Brush The Section And Blow Dry

how to straighten hair with blow dryer and round brush

Now we finally get to the main step! For straightening your hair using blow dryer, you’ll need a good quality round hairbrush. 

Also, it’s really helpful if your hair dryer comes with a concentrator nozzle as it can help distribute heat in a particular area, straightening hair texture more effectively.

Here’s how you straighten your hair with a blow dryer:

  • Place the brush on the underside of your hair section, near the roots
  • The nozzle of the hairdryer should be on top of the section (so your hair is sandwiched between the blow dryer and the brush)
  • Gently pull the blow dryer and brush down simultaneously
  • Go all the way down the hair section from the roots to the ends

Step 5: Use Cold Air Setting On Blow Dryer

how to straighten hair with blow dryer brush

Most modern hair dryers come with something that the cool shot button. This feature lets out a gust of cold air and is supposed to help set your locks in place. 

Heat opens up your hair cuticle, which in a way is necessary to rearrange the texture of your air. 

But if your cuticles remain this way, your hair can look frizzy and dull. So applying cold air to your tresses lays the cuticles flat preventing frizz.

Step 6: Use Finishing Products (If Necessary)

how to straighten short hair with blow dryer

If your hair isn’t already naturally straight to some extent, it can get difficult to maintain the straightness of your hair.

So I always suggest people with wavy hair use some sort of finishing product like a hair styling gel, hairspray or pomade that will keep their hair texture locked into place.

These products prevent frizz, increase the longevity of your hair texture, and prevent flyaways.

Top Blow Dryers For Hair Straightening

Now that you know how to straighten hair with blow dryer, here are some top products you can get to make your daily straightening routine easier. 

Revlon 1875W Smooth Brilliance AC Motor Hair Dryer

I selected this product because it comes with a concentrator attachment nozzle that helps make the straightening process easier.

Also, the hairdryer comes with ceramic tourmaline technology. The ceramic prevents the hairdryer from overheating your tresses, while the tourmaline releases negative ions that smoothen hair cuticles. 

The hairdryer also comes with three heat settings, so you can use it to straighten hair textures ranging from straight to wavy to curly by simply adjusting the settings.

It also has a cold shot button that helps lock straight hair texture in place. 

Jinri Low Noise Blow Dryer

If you are worried that your early morning hairstyling sessions will wake your partner. Or if you simply hate the hum of the hairdryer like me, the Jinri Low Noise blow dryer is a great product.

Like the Revlon, this blow dryer also comes with a concentrator nozzle, making it super easy to straighten your hair.  

This hairdryer also comes with ceramic-tourmaline technology which protects hair from damage and frizz. 

The multiple speed and heat settings make it perfect for all hair types and textures.

INFINITIPRO BY CONAIR Salon Performance Hair Dryer

This hair dryer is perfect if you want to straighten frizzy hair. The ceramic technology makes sure the heat from the air is evenly distributed on your tresses.  

The negative ions from the dryer also help smoothen hair cuticle, reducing frizz. 

Like the other hair dryers on this list, this Conair one also comes with multiple heat settings. So you can use it for any hair type. 

The nozzle makes sure you can straighten your hair with a brush easily. Also, it has one of my favorite features – the cold air shot button.

This button releases a gust of cold air that locks hair into place and smoothens your hair cuticle.

Which Is Better Hair Dryer Or Hair Straightener To Straighten Hair

When it comes to straightening hair, both a hair dryer and a hair straightener can be used, but they have different functions and outcomes. Here’s a comparison to help you understand which tool might be better suited for your needs:

  1. Hair Dryer: A hair dryer is primarily used to dry wet or damp hair. While it can help to straighten the hair to some extent, its main purpose is to remove moisture from the hair shaft. Here are some key points to consider:
  • Time Efficiency: Using a hair dryer to straighten hair can be a faster process compared to a hair straightener, as it dries and styles simultaneously.
  • Volume and Body: Hair dryers can add volume and body to the hair, giving it a more natural and voluminous look.
  • Less Intense Heat: Hair dryers generally produce less intense heat compared to hair straighteners. This can be beneficial for those with fine or damaged hair, as it reduces the risk of heat damage.
  1. Hair Straightener: A hair straightener, also known as a flat iron, is specifically designed to straighten hair. It uses heated plates to apply direct heat and pressure to the hair strands, altering their shape. Here are some considerations for using a hair straightener:
  • Precision and Control: Hair straighteners offer more precision and control when it comes to straightening specific sections or strands of hair.
  • Intense Heat: Hair straighteners provide higher heat levels, which can be advantageous for achieving sleek and straight results, particularly for individuals with coarse or curly hair.
  • Long-lasting Results: Straightening with a hair straightener tends to provide longer-lasting results compared to using a hair dryer alone.

Ultimately, the choice between a hair dryer and a hair straightener depends on your hair type, desired outcome, and personal preferences. If you have naturally straight or slightly wavy hair and want a quick styling option with volume, a hair dryer might be sufficient. However, if you have curly or textured hair and desire a sleek, pin-straight look, a hair straightener will likely deliver the best results.

It’s important to use heat protectant products, maintain proper heat settings, and limit heat exposure to minimize the risk of hair damage, regardless of the tool you choose. Additionally, incorporating proper hair care practices, such as regular conditioning, moisturizing, and heat-free styling, can help maintain the health and integrity of your hair.

Does Blow Drying Your Hair Straight Damage It

Blow drying your hair straight can potentially cause damage if not done properly or if excessive heat is applied. Here are some factors to consider:

  1. Heat Damage: Excessive heat from blow dryers can lead to heat damage, particularly if the dryer is set to high heat or held too close to the hair. This can result in dryness, brittleness, split ends, and overall weakened hair strands.
  2. Moisture Loss: Blow drying can strip the hair of its natural moisture, leading to dry and dehydrated hair. This is especially true if the hair is not adequately protected with heat protectant products or if the drying process is prolonged.
  3. Weakened Cuticles: The cuticle layer of the hair, which is responsible for protecting the inner structure of the hair shaft, can be damaged by excessive heat. This can result in raised cuticles, making the hair more prone to frizz, tangles, and breakage.

However, blow drying your hair straight can be done safely by following these tips:

a. Use a Heat Protectant: Prior to blow drying, apply a heat protectant product to create a barrier between the hair and the heat. This helps to minimize damage and retain moisture.

b. Use a Lower Heat Setting: Opt for a lower heat setting on your blow dryer and avoid placing it too close to the hair. Using a diffuser attachment or a nozzle can help distribute the heat evenly and reduce direct exposure.

c. Maintain Distance: Hold the blow dryer at least 6 inches away from your hair to prevent excessive heat concentration in one area.

d. Limit Frequency: Try to minimize the frequency of blow drying, allowing your hair to air dry naturally whenever possible. This helps to reduce overall heat exposure and allows your hair to regain moisture naturally.

e. Incorporate Cool Air: Finish off your blow drying session with a blast of cool air. This helps to seal the cuticles and add shine to your hair.

f. Regular Maintenance: Regularly trim your hair to prevent split ends and breakage caused by heat damage.

By following these precautions and incorporating good hair care practices, blow drying your hair straight can be a safe and effective styling option. However, it’s important to listen to your hair’s needs and give it regular breaks from heat styling to maintain its health and integrity.

FAQs  – Straightening Hair With Blow Dryer

How to straighten hair with blow dryer for African American hair?

It’s very difficult to blow dry type 4c, African American hair as the texture requires heat to reset it into a “straighter” texture. However, it isn’t impossible. Here are some tips to keep in mind while straightening African American hair with a blow dryer. 
Use a hair smoothening shampoo while washing your hair.
Use a hair straightening cream or serum that will help lock straight hair texture into place
Blow dryer your hair on a higher heat setting
Apply a strong hairspray after straightening your hair to prevent frizz

How to straighten hair with blow dryer without frizz?

If you want to straighten hair with blow dryer and want to prevent frizz, you can follow these tips:
– Apply a frizz-control serum before starting to blow-dry hair
– Do not blow-dry very wet hair
– Move the blow dryer nozzle downwards from the roots to the tips of your hair
– Use cold air on your tresses after the straightening process to prevent frizz

Why is my hair frizzy after blow-drying?

If you find that your hair turns frizzy after you straighten it with a blow dryer, there are several things you might be doing wrong. Firstly, you might be using the blow dryer on soaking wet hair. Also, using the blow dryer the wrong way (from ends to roots) can also cause your hair cuticles to open up, causing frizz. Some hair products also have very drying ingredients like alcohol, etc. These can also lead to frizz.

Is it better to blow dry your hair wet or dry to straighten it?

Your hair needs to be slightly damp and not wet before you straighten it with a blow dryer. If you use a hair brush and dryer on sopping wet hair, it can lead to a lot of hair damage and frizz. This is because wet hair is very fragile and can break easily. However, the hair can become brittle and dry if you blow dry it when it’s completely dry. So make sure your hair is damp not wet. 

Who doesn’t love straight, smooth hair? But using a hairdryer and flat iron on your tresses every day can cause a lot of damage. 

So why not chuck the hair straightener out altogether? 

Using a paddle brush and a blow dryer with the right nozzle attachment you can straighten hair without causing significant heat damage.

Also, you don’t have to dry your tresses with a hairdryer or let them air dry before straightening as you would while using a flat iron.

So this method considerably reduces hair styling time as well! 

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