Is Bubble Hair Dye Damaging

Is Bubble Hair Dye Damaging | An Expert’s In-Depth Account of Bubble Dyes

Is Bubble Hair Dye damaging? Read on to find out the truth about Bubble Hair Dye and whether or not it is actually damaging your hair.

I have worked as a hairstylist and cosmetologist for over 15 years and one of the most interesting products I have come across is the Japanese hair dye called “Bubble hair dye”. This dye “bubbles” when applied on hair thanks to the foam formula and penetrates hair shaft.

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Is Bubble Hair Dye Damaging?

No bubble hair dye is not damaging. In fact, it is better for hair as it doesn’t contain ammonia, PPD, resorcinol, metallic salts, among others.

Is Bubble Dye Permanent?

Bubble hair dyes, like regular hair dyes, are divided into three categories – permanent, semi-permanent, and temporary. A permanent hair dye is one that lasts between 8 weeks to 12 weeks.

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If you use a permanent bubble dye formula and maintain your colored hair properly (by using sulfate-free shampoo, cold water and regular touch-ups), bubble hair dye can last on your hair for weeks.

Is Bubble Hair Dye Damaging?
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Similar to how regular hair dyes can be categorized as temporary, semi-permanent, and permanent hair dyes, bubble dyes also come in permanent, semi-permanent, demi-permanent, and washable bubble hair dyes.

However, bubble hair dyes are quite distinct not just in formula but also in durability and versatility in comparison to regular box hair dyes. 

Bubble Hair Dye Ingredients

how long does bubble hair dye last
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Bubble hair dyes from the Japanese hair styling brand Liese are concocted with C12-14 Sec-Pareth-9 which is an emulsifying agent in hair dyes that grants a glossy appearance to the hair color.

In addition, bubble hair dyes from Liese also contain ammonia, ammonium chloride, sodium sulfite, sodium laureth sulfate, etc. 

Ammonia is a hazardous ingredient that’s necessary for hair dyes to deposit color on the hair by penetrating the cuticles.

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However, ammonia is infamous for damaging hair by causing them to be brittle and dry. Meanwhile, ammonium chloride is another emulsifying agent in hair dyes.

In addition to ammonia, bubble hair dyes also contain sodium sulfite which works as a reducing agent to destructure the hair from its natural form.

This allows hair dyes to alter the hair structure which then lets the hair dye seep into the hair cuticles. Sodium sulfite in low quantities isn’t harmless but in some cases, it tends to cause irritation on the scalp which ultimately results in damaged hair.  

However, bubble dyes aren’t solely formulated with chemicals as they’re also known to consist of humectants such as hydrolyzed silk, butylene glycol, and royal jelly extract.

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Hydrolyzed silk protein locks the moisture in the hair which prevents dry and brittle texture. It also boosts the elasticity and luster of the hair thus granting strong shimmering hair. 

Royal jelly extract on the other hand boosts hair growth and hair volume while butylene glycol works as a conditioning agent that enhances the hair texture.

Some bubble hair dyes may also contain extracts from natural ingredients that act as conditioning or antibacterial agents. 

Despite bubble hair dyes containing a combination of chemicals and humectants, the formula can differ depending on the brand and even on the type of bubble hair dye.

 For instance, there are several semi-permanent and temporary bubble hair dyes that are free from ammonia and parabens. Hence make sure to pick bubble dyes free from such components if you’re conscious about hair safety. 

Best Bubble Hair Dyes

If you’re considering resorting to semi-permanent hair dyes to avoid prolonged hair damage then it’s wise to choose from trusted brands in the market.

I’ve curated some of the best and most efficacious semi-permanent bubble hair dyes my friends and I have tried. Check them out below!

If you have dark hair and prefer to settle for a subtle brunette look then the Kao Prettia Bubble Hair Color which comes in the Milktea Brown shade is what you should be going for.

This semi-permanent bubble hair dye forms a foamy consistency which should be applied equally across your locks. 

hello bubble hair dye
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My hair was untreated before applying this bubble hair dye. After application, I was amazed to see how this bubble dye granted a subtle brown color to my locks and it lasted on my hair for up to 2-3 months.

It gave my hair a silky and moussey glimmer and doesn’t look brassy. This bubble hair dye is also formulated with silk essence and pure honey hence it’s very nourishing and doesn’t strip off the hair.

  • Kao Liese Prettia Bubble Hair New York Ash

Another bubble hair dye from Kao Liese comes in the shade of New York Ash. This bubble hair dye provides visible results only on dark hair like black and brown hair. It has a bubbly formula that conveniently applies to the locks yet has a strong chemical smell.

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After showering following the applicating procedure I didn’t notice any difference on my locks as they still looked black. However, under sunlight the color was seeable and it was a light brown shade.

is hello bubble hair dye permanent or semi permanent
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This is the ideal bubble hair dye if you prefer an elegant appearance and it lasted for just 7 weeks approximately.

  • Mise En Scene Hello Bubble Color Ash Khaki Brown

Want to go for a prominent brown hair color? Then the Ash Khaki Brown bubble hair dye from Mise En Scene brand is a suitable hair color for you.

This semi-permanent hair dye has a luscious and vibrant khaki brown that gleams even under bright or dim light. 

The texture of this bubble dye is quite creamy than most bubble hair dyes hence it was much easy to apply. My hair texture was very soft after application, however, the shade only lasted for 5 weeks yet as long as it lasted my hair didn’t lose its shimmer.

is bubble dye permanent
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How Long Does Bubble Hair Dye Last?

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The duration of bubble hair dye lasting on your hair solely depends on what type of bubble hair dye you’re applying. If you choose a temporary one-wash bubble hair dye the color will wash out after a shower.

Semi-permanent bubble hair dyes penetrate the hair cuticles to deposit the color and can last at least up to 3-4 months.

On the contrary, permanent bubble hair dyes are much more intense than semi-permanent bubble hair dyes and they can last up to 6 months give or take.

semi permanent bubble hair dye
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Permanent bubble hair dyes can lose their shimmer after 3 months but the color still remains intact on the locks. 

In fact, there are certain factors that can influence how long bubble dyes last on your hair. For instance, if you’ve undergone heat treatments like perming, straightening, and even bleaching then the color on your locks may fade sooner be it permanent or semi-permanent.

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