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What Is The Karen Haircut | 12 Hairstyles To Avoid Now

So what is the Karen haircut and what does it mean to have a Karen haircut? Here are some styles you should avoid if you don’t want to be a meme!

The notorious Karen hairstyle has appeared in numerous social media memes. The hairstyle is thought to have started sometime between the 1990s and 2000. 

Even if it is divisive, the haircut nonetheless gives the wearer a strong individuality and a pointed view of their hair. 

Previously, the haircut was only appropriate for ladies over the age of 35, but today we can see that it suits people of all ages. 

Karen Haircut gives short hair a fantastic concept. People are said to have started wearing their hair shorter in length due to the popularity of the Karen Haircut. 

That is how the story about Karen’s haircut spread throughout society.

The haircut emphasizes maintaining short hair while also giving the appearance a fresh perspective. The Karen Haircut has an asymmetrical cut that keeps the front side hair somewhat longer while cutting the back side shorter. 

To accommodate any type of hair or face shape, the haircut offers countless variations.

Additionally, the bangs or fringes are a fantastic asset that go excellent with the Karen Haircut. 

what is the karen haircut called
Source: Instagram@3brinsalon

Not to be forgotten, employing a cordless hair dryer will easily give your hair volume as well. This style is popular and has been tried on all types of hair with various textures, not only blonde hair.

The newest fashions follow the use of contrasting color combinations to highlight each hair feature. 

Before, it was thought to be quite challenging to maintain a trendy appearance, let alone with short hair. 

This haircut’s many variations gave stylists a lot of styling options for short hair.

The Karen Haircut gave people of all ages the ability to experiment with these hairstyles while still maintaining a current appearance. Every pattern of the Karen Haircut exudes the maximum power and confidence in the appearance.

There is no need for excessive hair ornamentation when styling the hair. But in current times, you’ll need the audacity to want to experiment with these hairstyles.

What Is The Karen Haircut 

Karen Meme

Karen-themed memes are everywhere on the internet. There are numerous ways to make fun of Karens’ renown for whining and demanding special treatment. 

Check out our collection of the funniest Karen memes, including images of children sporting the Karen hairdo and Karen’s competing against their most deserving foe: a store manager. 

Although the exact beginning of the Karen meme is unknown, some claim that comedian Dane Cook coined the phrase in 2005. 

The least popular person in every friendship circle was referred to by this moniker in one of his stand-up performances. 

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The reality TV personality Kate Gosselin is generally considered to be the “original Karen” and the best example of the Karen haircut. 

She was well recognized for her role on the television programme Jon & Kate Plus 8, where she made a name for herself as a demanding and difficult character.

karen memes
Source: Instagram@meet.karen

Unique Characteristics Of The Karen Haircut

Here are the distinguishing qualities of a haircut that qualifies as a Karen haircut, put simply:

  • Cut in a line (inverted lob or bob cut)
  • The front is substantially longer than the rear.
  • The back’s shorter hair has a spikey appearance.
  • Hair used to only be blonde, but now comes in many other colors
  • Several layers
  • Greater height and volume at the crown
  • Side-swept bangs

Examples of Karen Hairstyles

Here are some of the top Karen hairstyles that are available for you to try out this year.

The Classic Karen

This is the Karen cut that gave rise to a massive amount of memes. You can see why Kate Gosselin continues to serve as the face of this style of haircut. This one is classic in a horrible manner, with its blunt-cut side bangs and big highlights (hey, it was 2005; anything went).

Draw your attention to the deep side part, the disheveled short layers in the rear, and the overall unhappy countenance. This is a whole look, not just a haircut.

what is the karen haircut actually called
Source: Instagram@3brinsalon

Punky Modern Karen

As already mentioned, traditional Karen haircuts were blonde and black, but these days, individuals are giving them a more contemporary, edgy twist. This turquoise dress is a perfect illustration of the more contemporary Karen hairdo that is popular right now.

This Karen haircut stands out not only because of the vivid turquoise color but also because of the addition of the wavy hairstyle at the back, which gives it a more contemporary appearance. Additionally, the shorter bangs and long, spiky front hair are lovely touches.

Platinum Inverted Bob 

what is the karen haircut name
Source: Instagram@simplybea.yourself

One of the easiest Karen haircuts we’ve ever seen is this inverted bob cut in a stunning platinum tone. However, if we’re being completely honest, it’s also one of the most sophisticated looks.

It’s a work of art how the shorter hair at the back blends into the longer hair at the front. Her face is also wonderfully framed by the long side-swept bangs in the front, giving it a more feminine and young appearance.

Tousled Karen Haircut

what is considered the karen haircut
Source: Instagram@spun_gold_naturals

Regarding color, this one is extremely similar to the traditional Karen haircut, but it has a shorter curtain bang rather as a side swept bang. This small adjustment makes this haircut ideal for older women who want to experiment with their appearance or opt for a young look.

Short waves that have been ruffled in the rear give the entire ensemble an edgier touch. The ruffled waves gave the hairstyle a youthful vitality, but more importantly, they made the Karen haircut more fun and wacky, which are two terms we never imagined we could use to describe the hairdo.

Multi-colored Karen 

non karen short hair
Source: Instagram@dmhartforms

The hair color is undoubtedly something that will get everyone’s attention, even though the style is modest and unadorned.

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This one is not for the faint of heart, only for those who are willing to venture outside of their comfort zone and try something new, with its eye-catching and distinctive colors.

This straightforward cut doesn’t have as many layers and textures as other Karen haircuts, but the variations in the hues more than make up for it.

People who don’t need to accentuate their jawline should opt for this cut because it lacks face-framing layers.

Zigzag Partition

The hair color is undoubtedly something that will get everyone’s attention, even though the style is modest and unadorned.

This one is not for the faint of heart, only for those who are willing to venture outside of their comfort zone and try something new, with its eye-catching and distinctive colors.

This straightforward cut doesn’t have as many layers and textures as other Karen haircuts, but the variations in the hues more than make up for it.

People who don’t need to accentuate their jawline should opt for this cut because it lacks face-framing layers.

Platinum Curly Lob

what does it mean to have a karen haircut
Source: Instagram@larissajhirst

We adore platinum-colored hair. We adore the curly lob to death. What results then from the union of the two? An attractive Karen haircut will make you appear younger than your actual age.

The fact that this haircut is so simple to pull off is its best feature. All you have to do to be ready is grab your curling iron and curl your hair from the front to the back.

Choppy Layered Cut

what does a karen haircut mean
Source: Instagram@studio_fryzur_karen_radom

Your skull is encircled by a U-shaped structure in this hairstyle. Shorter hair is worn at the back of the head, and gradually longer hair is worn in the front. The increased length of the front hair gives the hair a lot of mobility.

With so many opportunities to be exposed from the stacked layers of hair, this haircut aims to give the hair volume. The hairdo’s front addition and concealment of the ears nicely frame the face, making it ideal for round faces.

Classic Karen Cut with Waves

what haircut does a karen have
Source: Instagram@marina_the_skimmer

The haircut adheres to a two-toned design. Two tones refers to the appearance of the hair, when the front hair is wavy and the back hair appears much more straightened.

To draw emphasis to the face more, the front hair is brushed back to the sides of the head. A few subtle lowlights in a light brown tint finish the look.

The short Karen cut stacks all the hair in a lovely way, creating an elegant hairstyle from any viewpoint. Use some hair setting sprays to keep the frizz from ruining your sleek, sophisticated look.

Kate Gosselin Blonde Karen Cut

karen haircut meme
Source: Instagram@phoenix.steel

Who can forget Kate Gosselin’s asymmetrical blonde haircut? The lengthy, side-parted fringes that sit on the jawline give this hairstyle its distinctive look.

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The fringes have been brushed to one side, where they seem sleek, straight, and well positioned.

The pointed hair on the other side is combed down to stick above the ear length, leaving the other side open and free. The hair on the back of the head is quite short and resembles spikes to contrast with this hair.

Youthful, Ombre Highlighted Karen Cut

karen haircut back
Source: Instagram@bisuza_salon

The haircut recreates a youthful vibe best on ladies over 40. The novelty of this style is its ombre tone, which is created by dark roots and light highlights down the length of the hair.

In comparison to the standard Karen cut, the rear hair is significantly shorter. As a result of the top highlighted hair being freely styled for full-fledged movements, the thinning hair of this age is defined.

In order to flow in the forehead and not on the sides, the bangs are kept short. Therefore, it draws more focus to the jaw line and chin, which are now more defined and thinner.

Polished Short Karen Haircut

non karen short haircuts
Source: Instagram@michele.ikerd

Since the hair is perfectly coiffed and polished, the haircut gives the face a unique, tidy warmth. The unique aspect of this hairstyle is the use of long, blonde-finished bangs that are slightly tilted to one side.

Additionally, the top of the head is slightly puffy due to the long hair, which is readily accomplished by teasing the hair. The length of the remaining hair is kept uniformly short.

The haircut adds a fresh look to be prepared for any occasion while keeping the hair away from the ears.

Ruby Red Bob

karen haircut bob
Source: Instagram@brandonsteedhair

Is there a color that draws the eye more than red? Ruby crimson, indeed! The most gorgeous red hair color you can have is probably this vivid ruby head color. It also perfectly complements the Karen haircut’s edgy layers and spikes.

While there’s no denying that this is a beautiful hair color, let’s be real: it’s not for everyone.

The greatest thing you can do is use semi-permanent hair color initially so you can simply change it up anytime you feel the need to if you desperately want to try out this hair but are still unsure whether you can swing it.

All Shades of Pink

What is a Karen style
Source: Instagram@heil_style

Final Thoughts on the Karen Hairstyle

The Karen haircut has a reputation for being a little on the older side, but with this vibrant twist, it becomes more vibrant and youthful. 

Having trouble deciding on a hair color? Make it pink! Not sure which shade of pink to try on? Why not use every shade?

Pink, orange, dark pink, and light pink are four vibrant hair colors that are unexpected but absolutely worth it. 

Once more, not everyone will like this hair color. It’s for someone who wishes to stand out, and you will most definitely stand out with it!

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