Korean Hairstyles For Men

16 Best Korean Hairstyles For Men 2021

Want to look like your favorite Kpop celebrity? Here are some amazing Korean hairstyles for men to help you look like a Hallyu star!

From BTS to Monsta X to Got7, the K-Pop Industry is at its zenith and is blowing up worldwide taking the world by storm! 

The K-Pop Idols fashion different hairstyles with different hair colors and highlights and I’m not going to lie, they look amazing.

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So if you are one of those guys who want to walk around fashioning an all-new trending hairstyle, this article is the perfect read for you. 

Scroll down for the best Korean hairstyles for men, and do not skip to the end!

Here are 16 hairstyles you can choose from when you go for your next haircut!

Top Korean Hairstyles For Men 2021

#1 – The Classic Korean hairstyles for men

korean hairstyles for men 2021
Source: Pinterest.com

Well, if you are already one who loves experimenting with hairstyles and just want to go in for something casual for a change, but still trending of course, then this “Classic” hairstyle can make you look classy! 

How about that? This hairstyle is just a simple combover, but can be styled well and can even be your go-to hairstyle when going to work.

#2 – ‘The Medium’ Korean hairstyles for men

korean hairstyles for men classic
Source: Pinterest.com

This one’s for all you guys out there who cannot decide whether you want your haircut really short or grown out long this time. 

Well, until you make your decision, how about trying out this “Medium” hairstyle. You do not grow out your hair too long, while it is also short enough to style well. 

It will do justice to both longer hair lengths while it also makes you sport that shorter hair length look.

#3 – ‘The Korean Perm’ Korean hairstyles for men

curly hair Korean hairstyles for men
Source: Pinterest.com

For those with naturally straight hair, getting a perm is the only way out, if you want to sport a hairstyle that requires you to have curly or at least wavy hair

Getting a perm will help you be able to get the desired hair type (curly or wavy hair), before having to style it. 

The person’s natural hair is treated with chemicals and can give you the desired hair type, which is temporary and will last for a few months. 

Well, that’s time enough to try out the perm hairstyle you’ve always wanted, right?

#4 –  ‘The Disconnected’ Korean hairstyles for men

disconnected Korean hairstyle men
Source: Pinterest.com

This Korean hairstyle for men is quite popular these days!

To put this hairstyle simply, a disconnected haircut has the lower portion of the hair (the sides and at the back of your head) cut short, while the hair at the top of your head remains styled longer. 

It is important to get your hairstylist to make sure the two parts are “disconnected” and show a sharp contrast.

#5 – ‘The Quiffed’ hairstyle

Korean hairstyle male
Source: Pinterest.com

A quiff is a haircut many men opt for because it looks classy and is also trendy at the same time. 

This kind of hairstyle will involve the hair at the top of your head to be grown out long, while the hair at the sides and the back, remain short.

#6 –  ‘The Curtain Fringe’ hairstyle

Korean hairstyle medium hair men
Source: Pinterest.com

This hairstyle involves your bangs acting like the “curtains” to your forehead, because the bangs will have to be grown out perfectly, to fall over your face at the sides of your forehead. 

The trick with getting the fringe to look neat and well styled is by partitioning your hair in the center, allowing your bangs to fall equally towards both sides of your face.

#7 –  ‘The Side-Parted’ hairstyle

Source: Pinterest.com

Are you one of those men who comb your hair back, or like to part your hair before styling it? 

If you do enjoy parting your hair before styling it, then this one’s for you and yes, it is quite easy to pull off especially when you are in a hurry. 

Simply partition your hair at one side and comb it out neatly and you can be on the go!

#8 –  ‘The Chin Length’ Korean hairstyles for men

Long hair Korean hairstyle men
Source: Pinterest.com

In the past, men growing long hair was not something commonly seen as “fashion”. 

But now, this new hairstyle where men grow out their hair up to the chin level and then styling it is something very trending. 

Here’s a tip, growing out your hair, cutting it up to your chin length and then styling it with layers can give it the perfect finishing look.

#9 –  ‘The Fauxhawk’ Asian hairstyles for men

korean haircuts for boys
Source: Pinterest.com

If you’re someone with a desk job, then this one may not be the one that you can get. 

Now I’m sure most of you guys have heard of the once popular “Mohawk” hairstyle, where the hair sides are completely shaved with just a strip of shaped hair at the top of your head. 

But let’s be honest here, not everyone is brave enough to get one and not everyone thinks they can pull off one! 

So, how about trying a fohawk then? It is similar to a Mohawk, but you do not need to completely shave off the hair at the side of your head.

There’s another way where you can still grow out and shape the strip of hair at the top of your head.

#10 – ‘The Spiky Top’ Korean hairstyles for men

Source: Pinterest.com

I’m sure many of you guys with straight hair wonder how the Korean men keep their hair spiked up and styled so well. 

These “spikes” are nothing but strands of hair separated from each other to give it that spiky look. 

So here, your hair cannot be too long or two short to achieve the perfect spiky look. 

Having hair length somewhere in between and using hair styling wax or pomade to make the spikes stay in place will do the trick.

#11 –  ‘The Samurai Bun’ Korean hairstyles for men

Korean bun hairstyles for men
Source: Pinterest.com

Putting hair up into a bun is a practice associated with women, you may think. 

But well, that’s now a thing of the past because this trendy Samurai hair bun hairstyle gives men the freedom to enjoy styling their hair into a bun, while it also looks fashionable. 

It will redefine your look, while still looking perfectly masculine.

#12 –  ‘The Bowl’ Korean hairstyles for men

short hair Korean hairstyles
Source: Pinterest.com

The name of this hairstyle gives it out already, I’m sure. Yes, the hairstyle is just what its name suggests. 

To pull off this hairstyle, you will have to grow out your hair. When you get your haircut, the hair has to be cut the same length all around your entire head. 

The finished look makes it seem like an inverted bowl has been placed on the top of your head.

#13 – ‘The Messily Slicked Back’ hairstyle

professional hairstyles for men
Source: Pinterest.com

A lot of men are trying to achieve that perfect slick back look for their hair and yes, why not? Because it is absolutely trending these days. 

But there are two important aspects in attaining this look. Firstly, you will have to learn how to get that perfect slick back hairstyle and second, you will have to have an undercut hairstyle for a portion of your hair, to pull off this style. 

To put it simply, it means you need to have more hair at the top and lesser hair at the sides and at the back of your head.

#14 – ‘The Two Block with Bangs’ hairstyle

Source: Pinterest.com

The trick with this two block haircut is in the cutting. So getting it right is very important. So make sure you instruct your hairstylist to do the right thing! 

The two block with bangs hairstyle is where you need to partition your hair in the middle, letting the hair at the top, fall down towards the sides of your head and forehead. 

So letting your top hair grow out long, while the sides are trimmed short, will help you get this perfect look.

#15 –  Short French Crop Korean hairstyles for men

Source: Pinterest.com

This one is another commonly used hairstyle by many men, as it is easy to maintain while it also makes you look classy. 

This hairstyle involves cutting or trimming your hair to a very short length all over your head, while the front has a noticeable fringe, which again, is not too long. 

It is important to know that the short French crop is just one type of French crop and this type of hairstyle can have multiple variations. 

The plus point of getting a French crop is that it usually suits most hair types (even though managing it when you have curly or wavy hair is harder) and can also suit most face shapes.

#16 –  ‘The Shaggy’ Korean hairstyle male 

Source: Pinterest.com

There are times when you do not want to actually “style” your hair, but are looking for a regular hairstyle that you can wear to a party, to your workplace or even when going out to the mall.

And all this without having to worry about how it is going to look and whether it is appropriate enough for the places you need to go. 

I’m sure we all have these days and just want to let our hair down and do as we wish.  Well, there is a good enough hairstyle for when you have those days as well! 

This Shaggy hairstyle will give you the freedom to “style” your hair the way you want to, while it also gives you the perfect appearance.

The final takeaway

Well guys, if you want to up your hairstyling game, then try getting one of these very trendy hairstyles. 

This is the right time to experiment with these Korean hairstyles for men while the K-Pop Industry is booming. 

If you wish to, you can also try creating your own look, by instructing your hairstylist to combine two hairstyles and make it look like an all-new style, because why not, right?

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