Korean Scalp Scaler Review

I Tried Out The Top 3 Korean Scalp Scalers And Here Is My Review

Are you looking for Korean scalp scalers? Here are the top 3 options that you can choose from. Read on to know more about their features, pros and cons.

Being someone who uses a lot of hair care and hair styling products, my scalp succumbed to a lot of buildup over the years and due to which, I started off with dandruff and suffered with reduced hair growth due to clogged hair follicles and increased hair greasiness.

Well, I’d tried all the possible methods of buildup removal from clay scalp masks, to clarifying shampoos (which dried my hair out horribly) and scalp scrubs and none of them worked well for me.

Finally, I’d had enough of it and did a little research on whether there are any other products to help get rid of scalp buildup. That’s when I found that scalp scalers are great products to do the job!

So over the span of a year, I experimented with using three different scalp scalers (in my search to find the right one for myself) and here are my reviews of these products.

Korean Scalp Scalers Review

What Exactly Are Scalp Scalers?

Scalp scalers are products that help to gently exfoliate the scalp by getting rid of product buildup, dirt, grime, excess oil, and dead skin.

Benefits Of Using Scalp Scalers

·         Helps deep clean the scalp and get rid of product residue, dirt, oil and dead skin.

·         Can improve scalp health considerably.

·         Helps unclog the blocked hair follicles and can improve hair growth.

·         Can help keep dandruff and scalp conditions at bay.

·         Some scalp scalers can also help get rid of dandruff and flaking.

·         Helps refresh the scalp and rejuvenate scalp skin.

Top 3 Best Korean Scalp Scalers

Best Korean Scalp Scalers Best for Hair TypesTop Ingredients
Esthetic House CP-1 Scalp ScalerOily hairTea tree, sea salt
Seaseal Bamboo Salt Scalp All hair typesBamboo salt
Aromatica Rosemary Scalp Scaling ShampooDry, normal hairRosemary, salicylic acid

How I Tested These Scalp Scalers

Testing and reviewing products are one of my favourite things to do. I make sure to always choose a few parameters to review them on and rate them on a scale of 1-5.

Here are the parameters I choose:

Scalp cleansing ability: Since it is a scalp scaler, I chose this parameter to see how well and how powerfully these products cleanse my scalp of the buildup.

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Gentleness on the scalp: I always prefer products that do not contain sulfates and parabens or any other such harsh chemicals. Also, considering that these products are scalp scalers, I used this parameter to also test how gentle it felt on my scalp once I used it.

Fragrance: I dislike harsh fragrances. So this parameter will test and rate how the product smelled.

My Review

Esthetic House CP-1 Scalp Scaler

This scalp scaler was the very first product that I had tried and I must say that I was totally impressed by how well it worked on my scalp!

Korean Scalp Scalers

I could literally feel like a weight was lifted off my scalp! It made my scalp feel super refreshed and soothed my scalp considerably.

What I liked were the combination of the ingredients used – sea salt (which worked super well for exfoliating the scalp), rosemary (that helped induce hair growth) and tea tree (that helped reduce dandruff and flaking). So all in all, the product worked powerfully.

Also, this product felt gentle on my scalp as it contained absolutely no harsh chemicals like sulfates or parabens.

I’d also like to make mention about how I did face a little hair loss when I used it the first couple of times, but then what I noticed was thereafter, the hair fall reduced and I could see the growth of new hair (as the hair follicles had been unclogged). So this is quiet I guess!

cp 1 scalp scaler

But what I didn’t like much was the fact that the sea salt particles found in this product were quite large, so initially, it grazed my scalp when I exerted a little extra pressure unknowingly.

Regarding the pricing of the product, I felt like it was a little on the expensive side for the quantity (250 ml).


·         Helps lift off buildup and cleanses the scalp very well.

·         Makes the scalp feel soothed and refreshed within just a couple of washes.

·         Contains no harsh chemicals like sulfates and parabens thereby making it gentle on the scalp.

·         Helps reduce dandruff and flaking.

·         Smells mild and subtle.

·         Helps unclog hair follicles that in turn promotes hair growth.


·         Contains sea salt particles that can graze the scalp if used with too much pressure.

·         Can cause hair loss initially, but can then promote hair growth over time.

·         Priced a little expensive.

My ratings:

Scalp cleansing ability: 4.4/5

Gentleness on the scalp: 4.4/5

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Fragrance: 4.2/5

Seaseal Bamboo Salt Scalp

I really loved how fresh and cool my scalp felt after each use of this product. I literally saw good results within two uses, so that was something I really liked.

It also felt super gentle on my hair as this product contains no sulfates, silicones or parabens.

My hair used to stand to limp near the roots, but once I started using this product, it really rejuvenated my roots and gave it a lift! So that is something I loved.

Seaseal Bamboo Salt Scalp

In comparison to the first scalp scaler I tried, I found that the salt granules weren’t too powerful or rather they were limited in quantity.

So while it did a good job in cleansing my scalp, it would have been easier to scrub if the salt bits were a little more. But overall, the product worked well in terms of scalp cleansing.

Also, the fragrance of this scalp scaler was quite mild and made my scalp feel fresh once I used it. It also got rid of sweaty scalp odour. 

natural scalp scaler

What I also liked was that since this product cleansed and unclogged my hair follicles, it also enhanced my hair growth considerably.

Coming to the pricing of this product, for just a 200-gram pack, I paid $22.50, which I found was quite expensive.


·         Gentle on the scalp as it contains no sulfates, silicones or parabens.

·         Helps exfoliate the scalp and gets rid of buildup, dirt and dead skin very well.

·         Gets rid of dandruff and flaking to a good extent.

·         Helps keep scalp odour at bay as it has a mild and fresh fragrance.

·         Makes the scalp feel fresh and rejuvenated.

·         Helps promote hair growth by unclogging the hair follicles.

·         Helps uplift the roots and give it a bounce.


·         The salt granules could have been more in quantity, making it easier to scrub.

·         Quite expensive in terms of cost.

My ratings:

Scalp cleansing ability: 4.4/5

Gentleness on the scalp: 4.3/5

Fragrance: 4.3/5

Aromatica Rosemary Scalp Scaling Shampoo

After trying out two scalp scalers, this time I went in for a scalp scaling shampoo to see whether it’d be better than a clarifying shampoo. Well, I have to say that this product was pretty average.

So it did work well on my scalp in terms of getting rid of the flakes I have due to dandruff and it helped exfoliate these flakes within just a few washes.

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But apart from that I felt like it sucked out a lot of my scalp’s natural oils, making it feel a little dry.

Aromatica Rosemary Scalp Scaling Shampoo

The fragrance of this shampoo was also average, the rosemary scent could have been milder.

But overall, this shampoo felt gentle on my scalp as it contained no silicones, parabens or sulfates. Also, it did not weigh down my roots. My scalp did feel rejuvenated to a certain extent, but also a little dry.

I honestly wouldn’t want to buy this product again, because I felt that it was quite expensive.


·         Helps exfoliate the scalp, especially for those with dandruff and flaking.

·         Gets rid of excess oil from the scalp.

·         Doesn’t weigh down the roots and gives it a bounce as it contains no silicones.

·         Gentle on the scalp as this product contains no sulfates and parabens.


·         Gets rid of the scalp’s natural oils considerably making the scalp feel dry.

·         The rosemary smell of this product is quite strong.

·         Quite expensive in price.

My ratings:

Scalp cleansing ability: 3.8/5

Gentleness on the scalp: 4.2/5

Fragrance: 3.8/5

How To Use Scalp Scalers?

Note: Scalp scalers are different from scalp scaling shampoos. Scalp scaling shampoos can be used like regular shampoo, while the below steps are for the usage of scalp scalers.

Step 1: You can either apply the scalp scaler on damp hair or dry hair. You will need to partition your hair and directly from the nozzle of the bottle apply the product on your scalp between the partitions.

Step 2: Then gently massage it in using your fingertips, in circular motions. Do not exert too much pressure as the microbead particles can damage your scalp skin.

korean scalp treatment
Source: Instagram @ costmebeauty

Continue for a few minutes and then leave the product in for a couple of minutes before rinsing off with lukewarm water. Then, shampoo and condition as usual.

Use once in a week or once every fifteen days for the best results.

The Final Takeaway

If you are looking for a gentler option instead of using a clarifying shampoo, then scalp scalers are the right products to choose.

They can help rejuvenate your scalp and get rid of product buildup, dirt and dead skin cells, making the scalp healthy and can unclog the hair follicles giving rise to new hair growth.

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