Liese Bubble Hair Color Review

Liese Bubble Hair Color Review 2023

Want to know about Liese Bubble hair color? In this review, I will be discussing all the pros and cons of Liese Bubble Hair Color.

Bubble hair colors have been a roaring success in the hair styling industry today due to their affordable rates and capability to instantly pigment your locks without causing severe damage. 

One of the prominent brands of bubble hair colors out there is the J-beauty brand Liese which manufactures a large plethora of bubble hair colors in a variety of shades that are ideal for Asian hair.

Liese bubble hair colors can be applied to any hair depending on the base color of your locks and if you’re inquisitive to learn more about Liese bubble hair colors then you’re in the right place.

I’ve tested and reviewed Liese’s bubble hair color and analyzed every minute detail of this product. Check my unbiased review below!

Liese Bubble Hair Color Review

Liese Bubble Hair Color Marshmallow Brown Review

Since my hair has already undergone a dying treatment, my locks were on the brown side hence I decided to purchase Liese Bubble hair color in the shade Marshmallow Brown. 

The Marshmallow Brown shade was dark and it was the perfect shade for Asian hair. In addition, my hair also developed brassy tones after the previous dye faded away so my locks called for a dark color to conceal the undertones. 

Liese Bubble Hair Color Review
Source: Instagram @rainbow.skincaree

The Liese Bubble hair color was packed in a box that consisted of two bottles that should be combined together in order to create a bubbly solution.

After following the instructions on the package, I dispensed a few pumps of the dye on my hair.

The formula was foamy and bubbly hence it was convenient to apply. Starting from the roots to all the way down I rubbed the bubble dye equally on my locks. After letting it dry for 30 minutes, I rinsed my hair with shampoo and then blew dried my hair. 

I was alarmed to see how apparent the Marshmallow Brown appeared on my locks. The brassy tones were thoroughly concealed while the rest of my locks had a luster to them.

liese bubble hair color review on black hair
Source: Instagram @rainbow.skincaree

All segments of my hair were pigmented with the shade, in fact, the Marshmallow Brown shade provided a glossy outcome to my hair as well. 

The shade wasn’t too bright indoors but tends to flash very much under sunlight. After bubble-dying with Liese’s Marshmallow Brown shade, my mane certainly looked like it underwent a permanent dying job because the pigments were intense during the first few days of application.

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However, the color wasn’t too dramatic on my hair and outright blended well with my faded highlights as well.

My hair wasn’t dry or stripped off after the application and I must admit it didn’t cause damaged split ends to my locks like most semi-permanent box dyes.

The bubble dye lasted on my mane for almost 3 to 4 months, however, it lost its glimmer within a month or two and simply looked lusterless and unappealing afterward.

Pros And Cons Of Liese Bubble Hair Color

Here are the pros and cons of Liese Bubble Hair color.


  • Effortless to mix the solutions to form the dying formula.
  • Has a bubbly and foamy texture
  • No need for applicator brush
  • Convenient to apply evenly across the locks
  • One pack is sufficient for shoulder-length hair
  • Doesn’t require hours for the dye to deposit pigments
  • Works on both virgin and color-treated hair
  • Doesn’t damage the hair like semi-permanent box dyes
  • Grants an exceptional luster to the hair
  • The color isn’t overwhelming but displays well
  • Provides hair with a silky and moussey texture


  • Pricey 
  • Has a slight chemical fragrance
  • Formulated with ammonia which weakens the hair shaft
  • May cause breakage and hair loss if used regularly
  • Only lasts for 2-3 months
  • Loses vibrancy after 4-5 washes

Images Of Liese Hair Color Before And After

Here’s how my hair looked before and after the application of Liese bubble hair color.



Is Liese Bubble Hair Color Damaging?

Any hair product that possesses the function of adding pigment to your hair such as washable or semi-permanent hair dyes certainly does consist of chemical substances to it although some hair colors may be more damaging than others. 

Liese bubble hair dyes do cause hair damage, however, the detriments are less severe than most hair dyes and colors.

liese bubble hair color for grey hair
Source: Instagram @lylar_k

Undoubtedly, Liese bubble hair colors are concocted with chemical pigments that penetrate the hair cuticles and shaft to color your hair. This can cause hair fall and even hair damage in some cases. 

Nevertheless, Liese bubble hair dyes aren’t extreme like most box dyes that promise to last over 6 months. Liese bubble hair colors are poles apart from semi-permanent and permanent box hair dyes that are solely formulated with chemicals.

These box dyes are infamous to produce detrimental impairments to your locks despite their ability to add color and last longer than bubble hair dyes. 

As someone who has used Liese bubble hair colors, I haven’t had any negative experiences with the hair colors. Even the fragrance wasn’t of the hair colors didn’t smell anything like chemicals. 

liese bubble hair color damaging
Source: Instagram @shanty_huang

My locks did end up dry and some of the strands were brittle but there was no critical damage like I had faced with semi-permanent box dyes.

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Furthermore, there’s nothing a good old conditioner can’t do and that’s how I coped with the dryness in my colored hair.

Is Liese Hair Dye Ammonia Free?

Ammonia is a popular term in the world of hair coloring. This is an alkaline chemical present in most or if not all hair colors despite their durability, as it’s an essential substance to alter the pH level in the locks.

bubble hair dye on black hair
Source: Instagram

This then allows the hair color to penetrate through the cuticles and add the coloring pigments to the cortex which in turn grants color to the mane. 

Liese bubble hair colors are formulated with several ingredients and ammonia is one of them. The fuss around hair dyes containing ammonia is simple because it’s one of those ingredients in hair styling products that causes frizziness and dryness in hair and also tends to damage hair cuticles if hair dyes are used regularly. 

However, without ammonia, any hair dye possibly cannot add color to your hair. Yet a bunch of Liese bubble hair colors has come up with an innovative idea to substitute ammonia with gentle bleaching agents in order to add pigments to the locks.

The Natural Series from Liese bubble hair dyes are developed with an advanced formula that’s free from ammonia. 

The Natural Series from Liese bubble hair colors include shades like Rose Tea Brown, Milk Tea Brown, Marshmallow Brown, Chestnut Brown, Dark Chocolate, Soft Brown, and Silvery Brown. All of these shades from Liese bubble hair colors are completely ammonia-free. 

Liese Bubble Hair Color Ingredients

Liese bubble hair color is formulated with a miscellany of both natural and chemical ingredients such as ammonia, ammonium chloride, ascorbic acid, alcohol, sodium laureth sulfate, etc. 

Meanwhile, the natural ingredients, as well as humectants in Liese bubble hair colors, are raspberry fruit extract, sodium cocoyl glutamate, royal jelly extract, butylene glycol, and hydrolyzed silk. 

liese bubble hair color instructions
Source: Instagram @floofykindred

Ammonia as we’re all aware is an essential alkaline essential for adding pigments to the hair while also enhancing the hair color to appear visibly bright. Ascorbic acid is basically vitamin C and sodium laureth sulfate is a surfactant. 

Sodium laureth sulfate (SLS) is prevalent in hair care products, however, excessive SLS can strip the hair of natural oils and even cause dryness in the hair and scalp. SLS can even trigger dandruff and flakiness on the scalp. 

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On the other hand, Liese bubble hair colors also have a few humectants like royal jelly extract, butylene glycol, and hydrolyzed silk.

Royal jelly extract boosts hair volume and growth and even prevents hair fall. In addition, butylene glycol reduces inflammation in the scalp, softens the hair, and improves the overall health of your locks. 

In the interim, hydrolyzed silk is a crucial element in hair care and hair styling products to lock the moisture in the hair and replenish the elasticity in the strands.

liese bubble hair color review mint ash
Source: Instagram

Hydrolyzed silk in Liese bubble hair colors also hinders any hair breakage and damage while also promoting healthy natural glimmer to the locks.

The combination of both chemicals and humectants in Liese bubble hair colors helps to even out the setbacks of the overall product. 

How Often Can I Use Liese Hair Dye?

Liese bubble hair dyes are semi-permanent hair colors which means the hair color will approximately last 5 to 6 months.

The Marshmallow Brown shade from Liese bubble dye only remained intact on my mane for nearly 4 months and it subtly faded away immediately after. 

The durability of semi-permanent bubble hair colors from Liese can last up to 6 months maximum. This will also depend on how you maintain your hair after the coloring treatment.

liese creamy bubble hair color review
Source: Instagram @jennywlove

Hot showers, heated hair treatments, and poor hair maintenance and hygiene will contribute to swift color fading and in such cases, Liese bubble hair color may last soon than speculated.

Once the bubble dye on your hair fades, your hair will need a revived color treatment. After 6 months since the last application, you can proceed to color your hair with a Liese bubble hair color in a shade of your choice.

However, make sure any damaged strands of your hair are trimmed and the new shade suits your skin tone and hair color.

Every 6 months should be the ideal period to give your hair a new hair color or a touch-up with Liese bubble hair colors.

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