Loreal Vs Revlon Hair Color

Loreal Vs Revlon Hair Color Comparison 2024 | Which One Is Better?

Are you looking to compare Loreal vs Revlon hair color without actually trying them? Well, don’t worry because we’ve got you with our real-time research. Here, we’ll be comparing L’oreal and Revlon hair color to tell you which one is best suited for you. 

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Comparison Table: L’oreal Vs Revlon Hair Color

L’oreal Hair ColourRevlon Hair Color
Which hair type does the color suit?All hair typesAll hair types
Key IngredientsPro-keratine, ceramides, glycerinKeratin, silk amino acids
Major Product benefitVibrant color and deep conditioningNatural looking, mess-free and long lasting shine
Effect on the scalpDoesn’t dry or irritate scalpNourishes and revitalises scalp
Does it contain harsh ingredients/chemicalsNo; except alcoholNo
Item formCreamy consistencyLiquid gel formula as well as creamy consistency available 
Shade range 10-20 shade in each color41 color shades
Quantity100 ml each bottle100 ml each bottle
Price per product$10-12 (depending on color)$9

It’s extremely important to choose a good hair color to maintain healthy hair. Most hair colors can be extremely drying on hair and can cause damage in the longer run.

All hair colors claim to be great but it’s important to actually look for important things like ingredients, consistency, suitability etc. before you get yourself a hair color. 

L’oreal and Revlon hair colors are the best in the market lately. I’ve used both these hair dyes quite a few times to find out the better product.

Without further ado, let’s look at the detailed review and comparison of L’oreal vs Revlon hair color below. 

Loreal Vs Revlon Hair Color

Who is L’oreal?

There’s none who hasn’t heard about L’oreal as it’s the largest cosmetic brand all over the globe selling different products like hair care, makeup, perfume, skincare and so on. This French brand was established in 1909 and is still extremely well-known for its efficacy and product technology. 

In fact, L’oreal was the first company to introduce hair dyes that were sold to Parisian hairstylists. The brand comes with an aim of creating safe beauty products for society so that everyone can live in safety, peacefulness and with equality. The brand is not only good for people but also for the planet.

L’oreal is known for all types of beauty and uses advanced technology to benefit skin, and hair. Since 1989, L’oreal also stopped testing products on animals making it cruelty-free.

Who is Revlon?

Another leading cosmetic brand is Revlon which was established in New York City in 1932. This brand became a multinational and a multimillionaire company in just 6 years.

They started with nail enamels but gradually extended with skincare, hair care, makeup and other cosmetic products. 

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Revlon is known to be bold, valourous and result-driven in all senses and strives to reflect the same on their products. The brand is known for producing top-notch quality products using safe ingredients and advanced technology at affordable prices. 

Revlon is all things glamour and supplies products for all age groups. It’s known for inclusivity and provides a safe space for women recognising the fact that everyone is unique and should be embraced. The company has a total revenue of about 2.1 billion US dollars as of March 2022.

L’oreal Hair Color

The Ingredients

Personally, ingredients is one of the major features I look for while shopping for hair color as it plays a great role in determining your hair quality after dyeing.

The L’oreal hair color consists of ceramides, glycerin and pro-keratin that revitalizes my hair and help in bringing rich and bright hair color. 

Loreal Vs Revlon

Pro-keratine also helps in reducing frizz and settles flyaways that result in smooth and silky hair. Glycerin keeps my hair away from dryness and a flaky scalp.

So is Loreal hair color safe?

L’oreal hair color doesn’t contain sulfate, PPD, resorcinol etc. which is a great benefit for my hair as my hair color didn’t fade out easily. However, it does contain some allergens so it’s not suitable for extra sensitive hair/skin types. 

What Does the Hair Color Kit Include

I love the salon-inspired hair color kit by L’oreal as it contains everything that you’ll need for your hair color care.

It includes 2 protective color mixes (developer and color creme), 1 caring color shampoo, and 1 deep conditioner. The shampoo and conditioner help in wiping out extra color and give my hair a glossy colored look.

Hair Color Texture and Form

The hair color comes in a thick creamy form with a semi-liquid mixture. It should be mixed and applied to the hair with the brush provided in the package.

Initially, I was worried if the creamy dye would sit on my hair but it was extremely easy to use and washes out effortlessly. 

Effectiveness on Hair

L’oreal hair color was quite effective on my hair and lasted for a good 8 weeks. The color wasn’t dull and made my hair look super glossy and nourished at all times.

The product claims to cover 100% greay hair but unfortunately, there were still some greys left after applying this hair dye. 


It’s pretty simple to use. I mixed the color cream and developer in the given ratio and sectioned my hair to apply the dye.

I washed the color after 30-45 minutes and applied the shampoo and conditioner as per the instructions given in the box respectively.

Color Range and Packaging

There are more than 30 shades available in different types of color like brown, blonde, black etc. I found the L’oreal hair color to be well-packaged as they come in tubes and bottles that don’t leak. They are easy to use and can even be traveled with.

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Quantity and Price

The color comes in tubes and bottles of approximately 100ml which is good for one-time use for someone with considerably long hair.

In case you have short hair, you can use it twice. The price of a single application L’oreal hair color is approximately $9-$11 (depending on the color required) and is available for sale on Amazon. 

Revlon Hair Color


Revlon hair color consists of silk amino acids that penetrate deep into the hair to provide moisture and strengthen hair. It’s also infused with keratin which makes my hair less frizzy and easier to tame. 

Revlon hair dye is free of ammonia which raises hair’s pH level and leads to damage. However, if you’re prone to allergic reactions then this might not be ideal for you as it’s already been alerted on the package.

Hence, it’s advisable to conduct a patch test before usage. Some Revlon hair dyes don’t even contain any harsh chemicals like phthalates, silicone, sulfates etc. 

What Does the Hair Color Kit Include

Revlon hair color kit is designed to provide maximum comfort to the customer while using the product at home. I found one color developer mix, 1 cream colorant, 1 conditioning gloss and gloves for easy application. 

Hair Color Texture and Form

The hair color texture is a creamy rich and non-drip formula that will not drop once it’s put on the hair.

It’s very easy to apply as well as wash off with a little usage of hands to gently massage the scalp while washing off color. Some variants of Revlon hair color also come in a liquid gel formula.

Effectiveness on Hair

I was surprised as this color does provide 100% grey coverage and vibrant shine to your hair. Also, I was impressed that my hair didn’t frizz up and looked hard to manage. The formula smoothes the hair beyond your imagination. 


I mixed the cream colorant and developer in the given proportion and used gloves to apply the mixture proportionately on my hair.

After 25 minutes, I washed off the color and applied the conditioner to smoothen my hair. The conditioner deeply seeps into the hair and replenishes damaged roots and ends.

Color Range and Packaging

Revlon has more than 40 colors ranging from shades of brown, blonde, burgundy and so much more. I really liked the packaging as the developer comes in a bottle and the cream and conditioner come in tubes that make them leakproof and mess-free.

I also like how the gloves aren’t prone to tearing apart and retain well till the very end of your color treatment. 

Quantity and Price

The Revlon hair color’s quantity is decent and each bottle of color mix is about 100 ml. It’s great for a one-time application for long hair.

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In case you have short hair, it can be used twice or can also be used for streaks or highlights. I bought one box of Revlon hair color at $7 on Amazon which is a great deal. 

Comparing the Hair Color Brands

Ingredients of the hair color: 

Both L’oreal and Revlon hair colors are formulated with advanced technology and quality ingredients. They consist of ingredients that are meant to benefit hair, retain hair color and prevent damage.

Ceramides, glycerin, and pro-keratine are present in L’oreal whereas keratin, and silk amino acids in Revlon hair dye. However, L’oreal hair color consists of alcohol which may lead to dryness. In this case, Revlon is a little ahead.

Color Effectiveness on Hair: 

Both L’oreal and Revlon were closely cut in giving my hair a lustrous and vibrant color. The color sat very quickly on my hair and lasted for about 8 weeks.

However, Revlon is better if you have grey hair as it provides 100% grey coverage while L’oreal still left my hair with a few patches of grey hair that couldn’t be colored effectively. 

Longevity and After-effects:

L’oreal hair color lasts for about 8 weeks and it starts to fade off on the 7th week. However, the vibrancy of the color on the hair looks bright and amazing in the first 6 weeks.

The Revlon hair color lasted for about 10 weeks even though it claims for 8 weeks. The best part about this was the hair dye started fading at the end of 9th week. 

Quantity and Price

L’oreal, as well as Revlon hair color, come in the same quantity. However, the former also included a shampoo to use after washing off the hair color which gives a salon-like treatment.

In this regard, L’oreal is better than Revlon but with regards to price, Revlon costs approximately $2 less than L’oreal and gives better results. 

Feature-wise Rating

FeatureL’oreal hair colorRevlon hair color
Effectiveness on hair4.2/54.8/5
Texture and form4.5/54.2/5
Long lasting4.1/54.7/5
Color range (variety)4/55/5

Why You Should Trust Us?

The author of this article, Amy Angelos has a degree in Cosmetology from The Salon Professional Academy in San Jose, California with 10 years of experience in dealing with hair care, scalp care, and hairstyling. As she is adept at styling hair of various textures from straight, wavy to curly and African American, Amy knows what kind of products and procedures suit each hair type and person. Our Editor Leah Marie Priest has also tested these hair products and processes and fact checked this article to give you an unbiased review about every product. Each of our articles are also reviewed by a team of medical professionals so that you get the most accurate and expert-reviewed information.

Conclusion: What’s my Choice?

So which is the best hair colour brand for women? Honestly, both the hair colors were great for various reasons and also are affordable to be bought. They are both formulated with great ingredients that are meant to take care of hair by reducing frizz, revitalising roots, silken hair etc.

Nevertheless, it’s important to note that L’oreal hair color contains alcohol that might lead to damage if you have sensitive hair and scalp. 

In terms of price, color range, lasting and grey coverage, Revlon is better. It’s cheaper, has 41 different color shades available, lasts for more than 8 weeks and provides 100% grey coverage. I’d personally prefer Revlon hair color.

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