Love Beauty And Planet Vs Native Comparison

Love Beauty And Planet Vs Native Comparison 2023 | Which Is Better?

Want to know about Love Beauty And Planet vs Native? In this blog post, you will be comparing the benefits of both Love Beauty And Planet and Native. Which one is better for you? Read on to find out!

When it comes to natural and organic products Love Beauty and Planet is the name we never miss. On the contrary, Native is the brand that competes together with Love Beauty. Each brand has its own USP but what does the consumer have a say on the brand? 

Well, we will highlight this in the article. You will find detailed information about the products of Love Beauty and Planet and also of Native. By the end, I will enclose the brand I loved among these two along with an explanatory reason. 

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Love Beauty And Planet Vs Native

About Love Beauty and Planet

Love Beauty And Planet Vs Native

Love beauty and planet is a vegan brand that is owned by Unilever. A group of likable people founded this amazing brand in 2017 in the United States.

Since then the brand has been ruling in the heart of the 1000s. The product of this brand is sold over 15 countries and is loved equally by the people of those countries.

About Native

Native is highly famous for its effective cleanliness products. The brand prides itself on providing aluminum-free products.

Native Shampoo

They have a great collection of shampoo and the brand is globally recognised. Proctor and Gamble Company own this. P&G bought this brand on November 15, 2017, for $100 Million.

Comparison between Love Beauty and Planet Vs Native

Having colored hair is not always the most natural thing to do, but there are some products that are safe for colored hair. Love Beauty and Planet Shampoo is one such product. It is dye-free and cruelty-free.

It also contains white jasmine, which helps define and enhance your locks. It is also paraben, silicone, and phthalate-free.


Whether you’re looking to pamper your locks with a new shampoo or conditioner, it’s important to know what you’re getting into. Love Beauty and Planet have a range of products that are sure to impress.

Love Beauty And Planet Shampoo

Love Beauty and Planet make a few claims about its products, but I’d be hard-pressed to pick out a favorite. For one thing, this company is known for its hype, especially when it comes to hair care.

The company also has some impressive sustainable initiatives, notably the use of recycled plastic bottles. In fact, these bottles are made from 100% recycled plastic waste.

Love Beauty and Planet make a number of products for both men and women, so you should be able to find a product that suits your hair type.

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The company also makes hair masks and dry shampoos, which are all in the same league as their shampoos and conditioners.

love beauty and planet review

While it may not look as if it contains harmful ingredients, the truth is that Native does contain salts and oils. Although these may seem harmless, they can be extremely harsh on your hair.

They can also strip your hair of moisture. This can leave it greasy and limp. In addition to that, they can also damage your hair’s color.

To prevent this, you should look for shampoos that contain ingredients that will not strip away your hair’s natural oils.

One of the ingredients that you should be aware of is lauramidopropyl betaine, which is a fatty acid that is derived from coconuts.

This ingredient is a safer alternative than drugstore shampoos, which usually contain chemicals like parabens. Parabens are known to be cancer-causing. They can also cause fertility problems in some people.

love beauty and planet discontinued

Another ingredient that you should be aware of is sodium lauroyl sarcosinate, which helps the shampoo to emulsify. Although this ingredient is relatively safe, it does have a limited formulation.

This means that it could be contaminated with other chemicals. This also makes it difficult to determine the health impact that this ingredient has.

Other ingredients you may want to keep in mind are the fragrances in Native’s shampoos. The company doesn’t list the exact fragrances it uses in their products, so it’s difficult to know if they contain synthetic chemicals. If you’re allergic to fragrances, you may want to steer clear of the brand.


Using Love Beauty and Planet Shampoo is a great way to reduce your plastic waste. The brand has made a commitment to environmentally friendly practices and aims to help reduce carbon dioxide emissions.

Their products are made from ethically sourced ingredients, with some using certified organic ingredients. They offer a variety of products, including shampoo, conditioners, body washes, and skincare.

Love Beauty and Planet is owned by Unilever, a food and consumer goods company. Their website says they are focused on creating products that are better for the planet.

They use biodegradable packaging, recyclable bottles, and organic ingredients. They aim to reduce waste, reduce carbon dioxide emissions, and develop products that make it easy for people to use green beauty.

Love Beauty and Planet offer six collections of hair and body care products. These include shampoos, conditioners, face masks, body washes, and styling products. They also offer children’s products.

If you’re looking for a brand that can help you remove excess oil and clarify your hair, you’ll want to try Native. There are a variety of formulations and versions of Native shampoo, so you can choose the one that best suits your needs.

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However, keep in mind that you should only test this product on a small area of your hair to ensure that it’s safe for you.

native vs love beauty and planet deodorant

Safe for color-treated hair

Whether you’re new to color-treated hair or you want to keep your color looking healthy, Love Beauty and Planet Shampoo is a good choice.

They are made from all-natural and healthy ingredients, and they are gentle and effective. They are also inexpensive.

The products of Love Beauty and Planet are gluten-free, which is a plus. Love Beauty and Planet shampoos are also sulfate-free, which is ideal for color-treated hair. Sulfates can dry out your hair, and can also leave your eyes burning.

Love Beauty and Planet brand is designed to help prevent breakage. The ingredients include coconut oil, jojoba oil, and tamanu-seed oil.

These ingredients help protect your hair from damage and add moisture. The shampoo’s fast-rinse conditioner technology helps save water and keeps hair from getting tangled.

The shampoo’s formula of Love Beauty has a healthy dose of Vitamin E, which is an excellent hydrator. It also contains green tea extract, which adds fullness to your hair.

It’s also made with Amazonian murumuru butter, which is known for its moisturizing properties. It also contains a Bulgarian rose petal that gives your hair a rich, shiny shine.

Another ingredient that you should be aware of in Native brand is the inclusion of formaldehyde, which can cause allergic dermatitis in some people.

It can also cause irritation to mucous membranes. It has also been linked to cancer, which makes it a good reason to avoid it. 

Voluminous and Sulfates

Love Beauty and Planet products do not have any role in increasing the volume of hair. If you are looking for a brand that will add volume and lift to your hair, you may want to try Native’s Cucumber & Mint Volumizing shampoo.

However, it’s important to keep in mind that it’s not a good choice for oily or thin hair. This shampoo is also a good choice for those with color-treated hair.

If you’re looking for sulfate-free hair products, you’ll want to try Native’s Daily Clean Shampoo. This product is designed to eliminate greasiness and add shine.

is love beauty and planet sulfate-free

It also contains natural cleansers. This shampoo is especially effective for people with dandruff.

Cleanse and nourished scalp

Using the right brand is essential for cleansing and nourishing your scalp. A shampoo that contains ingredients such as lactic acid and hemp seed oil will help remove build-up and leave your hair looking healthy and refreshed.

Using an exfoliating scrub on your scalp can also help to remove build-up from your hair follicles. You can also use tea tree oil or coconut oil to clean your hair. Both of these oils are known for their anti-inflammatory and antimicrobial properties.

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Love Beauty and Planet products like shampoos have a soothing fragrance and contain ingredients that are gentle on your scalp.

The shampoos are also cruelty-free and made without parabens, sulfates, or silicones. They are suitable for normal to greasy hair types.

Love Beauty and Planet shampoos also contain a nourishing blend of nutrients and vitamins that can restore your scalp’s natural moisture balance. This formula is clinically proven to help you restore and maintain the healthy look of your hair.

is love beauty and planet shampoo good

Refillable bottles

Whether you’re looking for a new shampoo, conditioner, or skincare routine, you’ll probably find a Love Beauty and Planet brand in your local supermarket.

The company’s focus on sustainability extends to its manufacturing process. Unlike most consumer products, its products contain minimal chemical processing.

For example, their line of sulfate-free shampoos is made using a combination of natural ingredients. One product, the Murumuru Butter & Rose Sulfate-Free Shampoo, is ideal for color-treated hair.

The product can be sprayed on to wet hair and gently worked through, leaving your hair shiny and healthy. If you prefer a more moisturizing formula, Love Beauty and Planet’s Murumuru Butter & Rose Conditioner is a good choice.

Love Beauty and Planet’s products like shampoo and conditioner bottles are available at Target and are now refillable. They’re available in a variety of scents. The company even has an air-powered dry shampoo.

I found no refill options in the Native brand, especially for shampoo. And for that particular reason, I will give more points to Love Beauty and Planet. 

Personal Review: With A Glance

After consuming both brands simultaneously, I came up with a conclusion that might help other users. I got the Love Beauty and Planet shampoo from Amazon and Native also. 

The ones who are looking for personal reviews on each of the brands will find the below box very effective and quick. 

Review in Short

Love Beauty And PlanetNative
Key IngredientsMurumuru butter, Water, Shea butter, Tea tree oil, Neroli oil, and Coconut oilSodium benzoate, Lauramidopropyl betaine, Water, Sodium salicylate
Main product benefitsHelp in moisturizing hair and provide them nutrition.Remove scalp and make hair smoother
Gentle or Not?YesYes,
100% safe for color-treated hairYesYes
Fragrance or Not?Fresh tea-like fragranceParfum-like fragrance
Quantity200 ml487 ml


Each product of Love Beauty and Planet are free from paraben. They are prepared without any inclusion of harsh chemicals like dyes, and sulfate. Also, the brand is PETA certified. 

As the shampoo is free from dyes, paraben, and sulfate, the result is outstanding. The shampoo has the right combination of salts and chelating agents.

This agent protects the hair when washed with hard water. None of the shampoo products of Love Beauty and Planet has Formaldehyde. The products of Love Beauty and Planet make the hair refreshing with organic material.

Patience for Native products is a must. The shampoo doesn’t have the inclusion of aluminum therefore the results take time. A consumer of the product will find the effectiveness in 14 days of using the product.

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