Mint Green Hair For Black Girl

Mint Green Hair For Black Girl | 15 Glamorous Hair Color Ideas You Have To Try!

Check out these mint green hair for black girl ideas? Who says you cannot put mint hair dye on black hair? Here are some cutest hair color ideas!

While Black women have several hairstyles that they can do with their hair, there always seems like a barrier when it comes to hair colors.

Natural, African American hair is by default always dark brown or black in color. There are instances of Black people having blonde hair but this condition is actually very very rare. 

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So Black girls often have to bleach their hair to get mint green hair dyes. This can be a deterrent as bleach can lead to damage and hair breakage and Black women who already have really fragile 4c hair seek to avoid it.

However, there are other ways you can get mint green dye: you can use a temporary color like Manic Panic or Arctic Fox, apply a hair chalk, use a spray-on color, or apply a box dye mixed with strong developer. 

So now that I’ve got the technicalities of “how” Black girls can get mint green hair out of the way, here are some cutest mint green hair dye ideas. Check it out! 

Mint Green Hair For Black Girl

Mint Green Hair With Laid Edges

Mint Green Hair For Black Girl
Source: Instagram@tharealkaayp

Mint green is a very vibrant color. You can choose to make it subtle or wear it loud and proud like the picture shown above. I love this shade of mint green very much as it’s very eye catching.

However, you’ll need to bleach your hair to a very high level to get the vibrance of the shade right. You can also choose to get hair extensions instead of getting bleaching and dyeing done as it’s simpler.

But the problem with extensions is that they don’t get the shade of mint green right always and can look bleak.

Mint Green Wavy Hair For Black Woman

mint green wavy hair black women
Source: Instagram@_minniemarie

This is a lighter shade of mint green that will go well if you have warmer undertones to your skin. The blue undertones to this shade of mint green will neutralize the pink undertones of your skin making you shine overall.

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Yes, this is also a shade that needs excessive bleaching but there are several wigs in the shade available as well if you’d rather have a sew-in than bleach your tresses.

Mint Green Half Ponytail For Black Girl

Mint Green Half Ponytail For Black Girl
Source: Instagram@msbrownbeauty22

I love how vibrant this mint green looks. It has a very metallic sheen to it that makes it among my favorite in this hair color ideas list.

The green is easy to get with bleached hair but there are also temporary hair dyes like Manic Panic, Adore or Arctic Fox that carry this shade. You can use them instead if you’re wary of bleaching your hair.

I think the Manic Panic in Sea Nymph Shade is perfect to get this hair color.

Mint Green Body Wave Hair

mint green body wave hair for black women
Source: Instagram@aliviahdastylist

This shade of mint green is a tad different as it has a bluish undertone to it. If you have a very ruddy looking skin tone then this will be a great choice.

I also like the choice of hairstyle ( the body wave) that goes along with this hair color in the image shown here. The texture of the hair really brings out the green tone.

Straight and Sleek Metallic Mint Green Hair

straight mint green hair color
Source: Instagram@oddlysatisfying_26

This mint green has a metallic finish that I love. I think it adds such a sheen to your hair that you’re hair positively reflects light. This one is among my favorites in this mint green hair dye list.

I think going for straight, sleek hair would be best with this metallic mint green hair color as the smoothness of hair will really make the vibrance of the color shine through.

Voluminous Bright Mint Green Hair

voluminous mint green hair
Source: Instagram@mindyhair_coloredwigs_kiki

Very Light Mint Green Hair Half Ponytail

light mint green hair
Source: Instagram@awarecolors

Mint Green Hair With Mermaid Highlights

mint green hair with rainbow lightlights
Source: Instagram@head2kuwalhayi

Mint Green Hair With Blue Undertones

mint green with blue undertone
Source: Instagram@thebeautycave__

Neon Bright Mint Green Hair

neon bright mint green hair
Source: Instagram@pinkprint.extensions

Mint Green Buzz Cut For Black Women

mint green buzz cut for black girls
Source: Instagram@kaikuusistophotography

Mint Green Afro Hair

Mint Green 4a Hair

Mint Green Afro With Temporary Hair Color

Will mint green hair dye for dark hair be visible?

Dyeing your hair mint green may or may not be visible depending on the base (or natural) hair color of the person dyeing their hair. 

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In general, if the person’s natural hair color is light, the dye will be more visible than if the person’s natural hair color is dark.

If you have already bleached your hair to a lighter shade and have a blonde, white or platinum base then the mint dye will be very visible and bright. 

However, if you have darker hair colors as a base including black, dark brown, light brown, etc. then you can either bleach your hair to a lighter level or use a color depositing dye. 

A temporary color depositing hair dye won’t penetrate your hair strand, it will coat your hair instead. So you can use it on any hair color. The only issue is that these mint green colors will wash off easily. 

But if you use a permanent or semi permanent hair dye directly on black or dark brown hair then there is a chance that the mint green hair dye won’t be visible. Yes, even if you’re using a developer. 

You will need to bleach your hair to at least 3-4 levels first. 

Types of hair color highlights for Black girls

Hair color highlights can be a great way to change up your look and feel your best. Here are four different types of hair color highlights that you may want to consider:

1. Partial highlights – Partial highlights involve coloring only a small area of your hair, usually the front or mid-section. Partial highlights are a great way to add some brightness and vibrancy to your hair without having to dye it all over.

2. Highlighting – Highlighting involves coloring the entire hair shaft, from root to tip. This type of highlight is perfect if you want to create a dramatic effect and work on retaining more natural-looking color throughout the entire hair length.

3. Balayage – Balayage is a type of highlighting that uses a striping technique to create light and dark patterns on the hair shaft. It is perfect for those who want a high-end look without having to dye their whole head!

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4. Ombre – Ombre highlights involve gradually lightening or darkening the entire highlight area, from root to tip. This type of highlight is perfect if you want a gradual change in color that will be visible from almost every angle.

5. Gray hair highlights – These highlights are perfect if you want to add a little bit of color to your gray hair. They can be subtle or very noticeable, depending on how you choose to apply them.

6. Brown hair highlights – Brown hair is one of the most popular colors for hair highlights, because it looks natural when highlighted and doesn’t require a lot of work (or money) to maintain them. Some people choose to go for warm tones, while others go for cooler tones that will give their hair a more dimensional look.

7. Rainbow hair highlights – This type of highlight is made up of several different colors that are applied in various shades and hues. The result is a very subtle but beautiful effect that can really make your hair stand out.


So those were the most trending mint green Black girl hair color this year. Mint green is a very light hair shade so it won’t show up on Black women’s hair which is naturally darker in color unless you bleach it.

If you don’t want to bleach your hair to get mint green hair dye then you always use a temporary color depositing dye instead. These are in the form of hair chalks, hair color spray and dyes like Manic Panic or Adore. 

The only caveat is that these dyes are not permanent or even semi-permanent. But they wash off in a day or two. 

Mint green is a lovely hair color for women with brown or darker skin tones as it brings balance to the warmer undertones in your skin.

 A lot of Black girl’s hesitate to get this hair dye as it’s not very natural-looking but it’s super trendy and looks fantastic on dark skin. 

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