Why Is Mousse Better Than Curl Cream for Natural Hair

Why Is Mousse Better Than Curl Cream for Natural Hair | 5 Important Tips For Curls

If you’re wondering why is mousse better than curl cream for natural hair, then check out my review below.

From curling creams, to hair gels, to hair mousse, the number of styling products we have for curly hair are many. But the question remains, which of these products is the best for the hair?

Most people claim that mousse is better than a curl cream for natural hair. But, is it actually true? Well, the only way is to find out by testing it out and guess what, I’ve already done it so you guys don’t have to!

I’ve tried out hair gel, curl cream and hair mousse on my curly hair over time and I can definitely say that my answer is leaning more towards mousse, as opposed to curl cream as my personal choice.

Well, in this article, I’ve covered everything on what mousse and curl cream is, what are their pros and cons, whether they can be used in combination with each other and much more. I’ve also mentioned some of the best mousses I have tried on my hair for your reference.

So, here are the details below!

Why Is Mousse Better Than Curl Cream for Natural Hair

Mousse vs. Curl Cream: Pros and Cons of Each for 4C Natural Hair

In this main, we will be discussing the main difference between hair mousse and curl cream and what are their respective pros and cons for natural 4C hair.

Hair Mousse

Hair mousse comes in the form of foam that has a super light consistency as compared to any other hair styling product.

It provides a light hold to the hair, thus making the final finish look more natural. It can make your hair look more voluminous and will not make it stand limp and flat. For those living in places with high humidity, a mousse will help reduce hair frizziness.


·         It doesn’t weigh down one’s curls as it has a lightweight formula and doesn’t make the hair feel greasy or sticky.

·         It can protect the hair from humidity and reduces frizziness.

·         Makes the hair look fuller and more voluminous (even if your natural hair is fine or thin).

·         It is suitable to any hair type and any hair texture, thus suiting 4C curls perfectly.

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·         It can also protect the hair from the heat from heat appliances.


·         Most mousses contain alcohol which if used extensively can dry out the hair over time.

Curl Cream

A curl cream is one that can help enhance the natural texture of your hair. These curl creams are most often formulated with oils, natural ingredients, along with a hydrating emulsion of water.

These curl creams typically coat each hair strand providing a thin film on each strand of hair thus helping smoothen out the cuticles on the hair shaft. It can help give the hair a bounce, better define the curls, while also keeping the hair hydrated and prevent extensive hair damage as well.


·         Can help protect the hair from frizziness, as it moisturizes the hair.

·         Can help make your curls look more defined and enhances one’s natural curl pattern.

·         It can help enhance hair shine and renew hair sheen and lustre.

·     Makes the hair look more voluminous and bouncy.

·     Smoothens out the cuticles on the hair shaft.


·         May not completely reduce frizz in case the hair is exposed to high levels of humidity.

·         Can lead to product buildup if used too often and could result in the hair feeling sticky.

Can I Use Mousse and Curl Cream Together

If you are someone like me who loves to experiment with your hair, then I’m sure you’d love to try out this curl cocktail as well – curl cream and mousse. But, is it a good combination for the hair?

Well, for all you experimenters out there, let me tell you that this combination is quite common! Yes, a lot of people often do mix curl cream and mousse together in order to get better defined curls with optimal hair hydration as well.

Source: Instagram @ gingerrcurls

This is done because the disadvantages of these products are the advantages of the other and it can help create the perfect balance in the hair.

For example, hair mousses are perfect for humidity-affected hair, while curl creams cannot give you the most effective results for when humidity strikes. On the other hand, excessive use of curl cream can cause your hair to become sticky, while using hair mousse is light and doesn’t have a greasy effect.

Therefore, you can definitely use curl cream and mousse together and the best ratio for this mix is 1:1.

Should I Use Mousse or Curl Cream First

In my opinion, I’d say using a curl cream first on your hair, will create a good base layer of moisture on the hair, making the application of mousse thereafter perfect.

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Applying the curl cream before the mousse will help lock sufficient moisture in the hair and create the base for ultimate hair styling.

Thereafter, you can apply the mousse, which will help create better defined curls and will give your hair more volume.

What Are the Best Mousses for Natural Hair

Being someone who is a hair styling enthusiast, trust me, I have tried so many different brands of hair mousses. While some did my hair a great deal, some were truly disappointing.

Well, since I did the trying, you don’t have to! In this section, I’ve listed the top five best hair mousses for natural hair, along with a little description for each. Check it out below.

1. Shea Moisture Curl Mousse

Price: $10.89

This mousse worked very well for my curly hair.  It gave my hair more volume, while it also better defined my curls. I loved the bouncy look my hair had once I used this product. Also, it gave my hair a renewed shine and lustre, which it lacked previously.

I really liked that this mousse was completely free from silicones, parabens, sulfates, phthalates and mineral oils.

2. Maui Moisture Flexible Hold Curl Foam Mousse

Price: $8.12

This product provides the hair with a lot of benefits as it works in multiple aspects. It has a flexible hold suitable for hair styling, while it also helps increase hair volume, boosts hair shine and what I noticed is that it made my curls much softer than before. Also, it moisturized my hair and I could see a good reduction in frizz as well.

3. Lotta Body Curl Mousse

Price: $3.98

This mousse was super cheap and the results I got surpassed my expectations. This mousse helped keep my frizz and flyaways under control, while it also made my hair feel very soft.

The only thing that I didn’t really like is that using this mousse didn’t really add any additional definition to my curls.

4. Mielle Organics Brazilian Curly Cocktail Mousse

Price: $12.00

Before I started using this mousse, my hair had become very frizzy as it was humidity affected. After using this product a few times, I noticed how well it kept my frizz at bay, while it also made my curls softer and healthier with better definition.

5. Shea Moisture Smooth and Hold Styling Hair Mousse

Price: $10.99

I really like the brand Shea Moisture not just for mousses, but also for its other products. Its products are great for curly hair, just like this hair mousse. This product is more for hair styling, but whenever I used it, I noticed that it kept my frizz away and made my hair more manageable, therefore making it easier to style.

Is Mousse or Cream Better for Wavy Hair

Choosing between whether to use a mousse or curl cream should be based on what end result you are looking for. Are you looking for hair volume? Or are you looking to have better defined curls? Or do you want voluminous curls?

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Source: Instagram @ gz_bellezon

Well, a curl cream will work on wavy hair only if it is already naturally wavy and not styled in that manner. It will help make your natural waves stand more defined.

But, if you are looking for more hair volume, in case your hair has previously been standing dull, limp and flat, then a mousse can help give your hair that volume it is looking for, irrespective of whether your hair is thin, thick or fine textured.

Should I Set Natural Hair with Mousse or Hair Gel

When it comes to choosing between whether to use mousse or hair gel on your natural hair, we cannot say that one product is better than the other because both have their own benefits. So, what we can do is think of what we want the end result to be, what is the final hairstyle we are looking to achieve.

Based on this thought, if you are planning to go for more of a natural look with more hair volume, then use hair mousse. If you’re looking for a sleek finish with more of a defined hairstyle, then use hair gel.

The Final Takeaway

If you’ve got natural hair that stands limp and flat, then your hair is clearly craving volume. Therefore, using a good hair mousse can do the trick. It is non-greasy and is a super lightweight product that can boost hair volume and will also make your hair look more fuller. It is great for keeping frizz and flyaways at bay as well.

On the other hand, if you wish to give your natural curls more definition, while refreshing your hair shine as well, then choosing a curl cream would be a good option.

The best part about using a mousse or curl cream is that they can be even used as a combination with each other, the curl cream can be used as the base, with the mousse over it to give it the finishing look!

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