nume classic curling wand 25mm review

Nume Classic Curling Wand 25mm Review | Is This Hair Curler The Best For Your Hair?

Here is the review for Nume Classic Curling Wand 25mm. You can also read up on how to use this Nume curling wand to curl your hair. Check it out!

I adore curly hair and having straight hair myself, I often use a curling wand to get curlier hair. But as everyone knows you need to be very careful about the curling wand you choose as the wrong one can lead to heat damage. 

Using the wrong curling wand can be devastating as most of these hair styling tools use heat and high temperatures to change the texture of your hair. 

And excess heat can open hair cuticles, cause dryness and lead to signs of damage like split ends and frizz. 

So when I heard so many rave reviews about the Nume Classic Curling Wand, I decided to check it out for myself instead of believing the internet. And here’s how it went. 

Nume Classic Curling Wand 25mm Review

Nume Classic Curling Wand Specifications

Okay, before getting to how the Nume Curling wand worked on my tresses, let’s check out this product’s specifications. 

It’s very important to look at the specifications of any curling wand as the material of the barrel of the wand, the size of the wand, etc. are very important as it detriments how gentle it is on your hair, how your curls come out, etc. 

nume curling wand review
Specification:Nume Curling Wand
Automatic Shutoff:Not Available 
Digital Display/ Temperature Control:Not Available 
Materials:Tourmaline Ceramic
Barrel Size:25mm
Multiple Temperature Settings:Not Available 
Heat Technology:Far-Infrared heat
Frizz Control:Negative ion conditioning technology
Type of Cord: Fully rotating swivel power cord
Type of Voltage:Dual Voltage (110-240V)
Can Be Used For:Thin Curls, Loose Curls, Beach Waves (depending on the technique you use)
is the nume curling wand worth it

Is The Nume Classic Wand 25mm Worth It?

I really liked the look and feel of the Nume classic wand when I got it. It felt lighter in my hand than my usual Babyliss curler.

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And I saw that it was made of tourmaline ceramic which is what I was looking for in a hair curler. Most curlers are made of titanium which is great for thick hair but as it can reach really high temperatures I wanted something else for my thin, fine hair.

Ceramic is usually used in curlers and flat irons for damaged hair as it heats up evenly and doesn’t allow hot pockets to form on the surface, protecting your hair. But it also has a tourmaline which allows some extra heating to make those curls last longer.

I was, however, a tad disappointed to see that the curler heats up to a single temperature – 410 degree Fahrenheit. I really wish more heat styling tools would incorporate multiple heat settings as not all hair textures are the same. 

I have fine, thin hair as I’ve mentioned above and I really wished I could turn down the heat a few times, but this wasn’t possible with this curler. Well, thank goodness for the ceramic in the barrel or I’m sure my hair would be fried.

Now coming to the size of the barrel, it was 25mm which is smaller than the usual 1 inch barrels that most curling wands have. But I noticed it still works well for making loose curls, mermaid waves, and loads of other hairstyles.

Actually, I noticed it was much more difficult to get smaller ringlets with this Nume classic wand. Although it might be possible it’s because I didn’t want to use 410 F on a thin hair section. 

Speaking of ease of use, I really liked the swivel cord on this one. I’ve noticed most curlers skimp on the cord. But if you’re going to spend a good 15-40 minutes curling your hair, it being ergonomic is important. 

how to use the nume wand

Now that I’ve talked about the good, let’s get down to what I disliked about this curling wand. 

Yes, the temperature settings could have been better but what really got my goat was that the body seemed to heat up too. It was really difficult to hold on to it after a few minutes and I had to get an old heat-protectant glove. This was annoying. 

The least Nume could have done is added a glove to the pack too! 

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However, the one thing that is discouraging me from recommending this curling wand is the price. It made my pockets lighter by about $90. 

I feel there are several brands like Revlon and L’ange that offer curling wands in similar size with similar and even better features. 

And I don’t see anything in Nume that makes it stand out. 

What I Liked About The Nume Classic Wand

  • The best part about the Nume classic wand is the tourmaline ceramic material. It doesn’t get heated up quickly and has hot pockets like other materials including titanium and it also doesn’t have a low heat conductivity like ceramic. So it’s the best of both worlds
  • I also liked the dual voltage which means you can use this wand in different countries without worrying about the voltage which suits it. 
  • The cord of this curling wand is also very flexible and rotates to almost 360 degrees. It is also very long. So it’s ergonomic and easy to use while you’re curling your hair and it won’t cause hand pain either. 
  • The classic wand heats up to 410 F which is high enough to make your curls last longer and make even the thickest straight hair curly in minutes. 
  • There is a negative ion technology in this wand which adds negative ions to your hair’s surface, reducing static electricity and making it smoother
  • There is infrared technology in the curling wand that ensures even heating on the hair

What I Disliked About The Nume Classic Wand

  • My biggest issue with the Nume Classic Wand is the lack of multiple temperature settings. I don’t like it when heat styling tools heat up to a single temperature as every hair needs a different temperature
  • As the only temperature is a high 410 degree Fahrenheit, it won’t suit very thin or fine hair as it can damage this type of texture. 
  • The Nume Classic Wand doesn’t have an automatic on/off feature, so it can be a problem if you leave it on in a hurry or by mistake 
  • The body of the curling wand also gets hot sometimes, so you end up using a heat protectant glove which can be inconvenient
  • The 25mm barrel is convenient for creating glamorous loose waves or the “mermaid” style waves, but it won’t be good for tight ringlets. 

How To Use The Nume Curling Wand

There are a few things you’ll need before you start curling your hair with the Nume Classic curling wand. 

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First, make sure that your hair is properly protected by using a heat protectant serum to prevent it from being damaged by the high heat. In the same vein, use a heat protectant glove while handling the curling wand as I’ve noticed it can get pretty hot if you’re using it for a longer time. 

Second, wrap each section of hair around the barrel of the wand and hold for a couple seconds to secure. Make sure you’re not holding the wand here for a long time as it directly heats up to 410 F and such high temperatures can damage your strands if kept on for too long. 

Third, curl your hair using circular motions while avoiding direct contact with the hot metal barrel. 

You can change the amount of hair in each section and the way your hair is wrapped around on the curling wand. If you want loose “wavy” curls use a thicker section and if you want tighter curls take smaller sections. 

Fourth, slide your hands down the shaft of the rod occasionally in order to keep it cool and protect your scalp. 

Fifth, release all curls when they’re done and brush out any excess product.

Curling wands can be used for all types of hair – straight , wavy, thick , thin – but practice caution so that you don’t burn yourself!

And remember: always use a finishing gel or spray after using a curling wand to make your curls last longer. 


To wrap things up, the Nume Classic Curling Wand is a good hair styling tool if you want definition to your wavy hair or add curls to straight hair. 

It works very well and gets heated up in seconds. There is however, a single consistent temperature of 410 F and it doesn’t have multiple heat settings so it can get tricky to use on thin, fine hair. 

The wand is also great for traveling as it’s got dual voltage. I’ve found it easy to use because of the 360 swivel cord. However, you need to be careful as it can get heated up after a few minutes of use. 

It is a bit pricey compared to other curling irons, so you can check out others while making a decision. 

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