OGX Vs Maui Comparison

OGX Vs Maui Comparison 2024 | Which Brand Is Best For Hair

OGX vs Maui? Read further to know more about these brands are known for their natural and organic formulation to revitalise and heal hair.

OGX and Maui are two brands that are known for their naturally formulated hair products also reduce hair fall and damage. Hence, everyone is moving from traditional hair products to new plant-based products. I came across OGX and Maui during a hair care routine workshop and was quite eager to test them both.

To my surprise, both these brands have a lot to offer and have awesome product ranges that one can try from shampoos, conditioners, oils, serums, etc. So, without further ado, let’s find out which brand among OGX vs Maui is better for you. 

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OGX Vs Maui

OGX Shampoo and Maui Moisture Shampoo & Conditioner Set Comparison 

Features OGX Shampoo and ConditionerMaui Moisture Shampoo  and Conditioner
Hair typeAll hair typeDamaged, curly, frizzy or coarse hair types
IngredientsCoconut oil & vanilla extractCoconut milk, aloe vera guava extract and mango butter
Main product benefitBouncier, fuller and tame frizz and flyawaysRevitalises hair, detangle curls and tames rough hair
Effectiveness on hairResults in soft hairResults in shiny and hydrated hair 
Gentleness on hairGentleExtremely gentle
Item formLight creamy consistencyThick liquid
Free from chemical ingredients No sulphate, parabens, silicones, phthalates etc.No sulphate, parabens, silicones, phthalates etc
Safe for color-treated hairYes, it can be used regularly.Yes, it can be used regularly.
FragranceHighly fragrancedLightly fragranced
Quantity 13 fl oz13 fl oz
Price (set of shampoo and conditioner)$14.99 $11.13

OGX and Maui are two of the most recent players in the hair care industry but have done a commendable job.

Both these brands are known for improving the quality of hair and help in preventing hair issues like breakage, split ends, dryness, damage, etc. 

We have found some similarities and differences between these two brands (OGX and Maui) that will help you pick the best one for you. Let’s move further and understand how they’re similar and different in their own ways. 


  1. Both Maui and OGX have the main focus on their shampoos and conditioners. Although both brands have other product lines as well, their shampoos and conditioners are very well known. 
  2. Maui and OGX come from the same parent company Johnson & Johnson. Hence, their foundations have a lot of similarities. 
  3. OGX and Maui have formulated their products with tropical and organic ingredients that are derived from plants, fruits, vegetables, flowers, etc. 
  4. Both OGX and Maui give a salon-like treatment just at home at affordable prices. 
  5. Both brands have a section highly promoted for curly hair. They’ve introduced new products to cater to people with curls, waves, or coiled hair. For example, Maui has introduced a hair curling smoothie and OGX’s coconut curls shampoo. 


  1. Although Maui and OGX both are affordable yet OGX is comparatively priced a little more than Maui Moisture products. A set of shampoo and conditioner of Maui Moisture comes at around US $11.13 whereas an OGX shampoo and conditioner set costs around US $14.99. 
  2. The OGX products are heavily scented as compared to Maui Moisture that have a light fragrance. The products have organic scents of fruits, flowers, and plants. 
  3. OGX products have lighter consistency in comparison with Maui Moisture. Maui Moisture uses a thick creamy formula to address dry hair issues and something that would sit well on curly, wavy, and coiled hair types. 

Who Is Ogx?

OGX originally known as Organix is a premium hair care brand in the world. It was founded in Clearwater, Florida in 1987 to customize the needs for hair care in different individuals. The brand started by formulating different and exotic shampoos and conditioners with a great scent. 

OGX is Johnson & Johnson’s child company and claims to be inspired by originality and not looks. OGX is known to formulate products from exotic plants and doesn’t contain any harmful ingredients like sulphates, parabens, phthalates, silicones, formaldehyde, etc. 

OGX Vs Maui

OGX is an all-inclusive brand regardless of your gender, age or ethnicity. The brand also cares about the planet and has started producing recyclable containers. OGX is definitely a salon-quality hair care brand at home.

OGX products are made with rich ingredients in a gel-like consistency that smells heavenly. They’re also a great option for people with hair growth problems as they’re rich in protein. 

Who Is Maui?

Maui Moisture is now a child company of Johnson & Johnson before being sold off by Vogue International in 2016. Its product ingredients are inspired by the things that can be found on tropical islands, one of which is Maui. 

The main motive of the brand is to promote the usage of beneficial organic and vegan ingredients for the best hair care. Maui Moisture uses a unique blend of aloe vera infused with coconut water. 

Not only that, but Maui also has a line of body care products apart from hair care, like body washes for several skin types. 


What I loved most about Maui Moisture is that they’re formulated carefully with eco-friendly ingredients that don’t contain toxic chemicals to harm the body. OGX hair care products have their major focus on curly or heavy hair types. 

Like OGX, Maui is also extremely famous among curly hair types, especially for their spectacular product called hair curling smoothie. Maui Moisture is great for dry hair as it provides optimum moisture to your hair. 

Is OGX or Maui Better For Curly Hair

According to me, both the brands’ shampoo and conditioner are effective if used for a longer period of time (2-3 months) depending on the hair type you have. However, I found Maui to be better than OGX on my curly hair type. 

First off, Maui uses more ingredients like coconut oil, aloe vera, guava, and mango butter that benefit my hair in not only detangling my curls but also taming frizz and keeping my locks hydrated. I also liked the light fragrance of Maui better because it doesn’t overpower and is bearable. 

The thick consistency of Maui against the light consistency of OGX sits properly on my curls and cleans them well. Maui is also extremely gentle on hair and scalp and doesn’t irritate or cause a flaky scalp at all.

 I’m also impressed that this brand revitalized my hair and strengthened my locks. Price-wise, Maui is a steal deal and definitely worth every penny you’re paying. 

In my opinion, Maui Moisture is a clear winner when compared to OGX products. 


We’ve summed up the essential things you should know about both the brands, OGX and Maui Moisture. Both these brands have shown great results on various hair and body types.

I’ve personally tried Maui as well as OGX for a good 3-4 months to finally conclude which is better. 

According to me, Maui has won it for several reasons mentioned above. In case you beg to differ, I’d love to know about it in the comments below. Do specify your reasons and tell us if you agree with us or not. 

Maui and OGX both are organic brands by Johnson & Johnson. However, Maui Moisture is slightly better with regards to its effectiveness on hair, ingredients as well as price.

Maui Moisture shampoos are mostly meant for curly, wavy, and coiled hair types but they’ve shown good results on straight hair types as well. 

OGX is a great brand that uses organic ingredients to formulate its products. It doesn’t use any toxic chemicals that can potentially harm any individual. OGX products smell extremely good and are also affordably priced.

This brand is not vegan, but it’s free of cruelty and uses organic materials to formulate its products but doesn’t claim to be vegan.

However, Maui Moisture is vegan and uses safe and organic ingredients to formulate their products. Some Maui products are also gluten-free for those allergic. 

Furthermore, I would say that OGX is recommended for dry hair as it moisturizes the hair and also revitalises damaged hair. OGX shampoos are packed with ingredients like avocado oil, coconut milk, argan oil, etc. that are meant to improve hair quality and reduce dehydration. 

But, Maui Moisture has a line of products specially curated for people with curly hair like hair curling smoothie, curling shampoo, etc.

The Maui Moisture products detangle the curly locks and maintain them extremely well. So it has the upper hand there!

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