OGX vs Tresemme Comparison

OGX vs Tresemme Comparison 2024 | Which Color Protect Shampoo Is Better?

In this article, we will be comparing OGX vs Tresemme hair care products. Which one is better and why?

OGX and Tresemme are renowned haircare brands in the market that are widely used by several people across the globe. To find out which brand performs well on color-treated hair, I used color protect shampoos from both brands and I’ve given my honest review below.

After spending so much time and money to color your mane, at the end of the day you don’t want to see the color fade away from your locks. That’s where color-protect shampoos come in place.

But are all color protect shampoos fit for purpose? Do they contain any chemicals that are a detriment to our locks? And which brand formulates the best color protect shampoo?

To answer all your questions, I’ve compared two popular haircare brands such as OGX and Tresemme based on product range, formula, and price, as well as my review of the products I used from both brands.

Let’s find out which brand works best for you!

OGX vs Tresemme

OGX: Brand Origin

OGX is a renowned hair care brand in the market that offers a plethora of hair care products like shampoos, conditioners, hair oil, hair mask, and hair styling products.

OGX products have huge brand recognition around the globe, thanks to their unique product design which gives their bottles a short, squat appearance and they’re predominantly matter-colored. The brand is currently owned by conglomerate Johnson & Johnson.

OGX vs Tresemme
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OGX products not only consist of contrasting product designs but are also formulated with the best ingredients that are beneficial to the locks which are obtained from ethical sources.

Some of the prominent ingredients that are utilized to formulate OGX hair care products are coconut milk, shea, tea tree mint & oil, aloe vera, and Argan oil of Morocco. 

They’re quite cautious about evading any harmful ingredients in their products that damage your locks and strip off their natural texture.

Thus you won’t find any damaging substances in OGX products like parabens, phthalates, sulfate, silicone, and colorant and dyes. 

ogx lawsuit list of products

Over the range of products put forward by OGX, the brand caters to the needs and concerns of people of all ages, gender, and ethnicities.

The brand also sternly believes in originality and in-depth research to provide its customers with high-quality and superior products that are gentle on the hair.

Tresemme: Brand Origin

Anyone can instantly perceive Tresemme as it’s a well-known hair care brand that has been around for over 70 years. Although Tresemme started off as a consumer brand in 1947, it was acquired in 2010 by multinational giant Unilever and became a part of their hair care consumer brands. 

ogx shampoo
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Initially, Tresemme products were only made available for hair salons and professional stylists. However, as the brand grew famous among consumers, all Tresemme products were promoted to drugstores and supermarkets making them available to all people.

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The brand offers a variety of hair care products such as shampoos, conditioners, hair gels, hair mousse, and styling products.

tresemmé lawsuit

Tresemme products aren’t recognized as pioneers in incorporating natural ingredients in their formula because the brand solely focuses on styling any hair texture conveniently and addressing the intended hair concern.

Since Tresemme is a brand that is ordained for stylists and salons, you can bet their product contains heavy chemicals and intense formulas. 

Comparison Of Ogx And Tresemme Products

Product Ranges – OGX and Tresemme offer vast arrays of hair care products from regular shampoos, conditioners, and hair oil to hair masks and styling products.

There’s no doubt that all hair types and textures are taken into consideration by Tresemme as it provides a range of products for every hair type like frizzy, dull, damaged, coily, and color-treated hair.

Although OGX products cater to most hair types and concerns, they only have a trivial range of products for curly and color-treated hair. Furthermore, most OGX products seem to cater to basic hair concerns than complicated hair problems.

ogx shampoo lawsuit
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Ingredients – Taking a look at the ingredients, I must say that OGX products are formulated with the goodness of natural ingredients such as coconut, argan oil, tea tree mint, charcoal, etc.

Every OGX product contains a minimum of 2 natural ingredients and is free from parabens, sulfates, dyes, and phthalates. 

On the other hand, only a countable few Tresemme products are formulated with natural ingredients. Furthermore, Tresemme products also contain animal-derived ingredients such as lanolin, silk, milk, etc.

tresemme lawsuit list of products

Some Tresemme shampoos are even noted to contain sulfates and other substances that are harmful to regular usage.

Price – When I looked up the prices of OGX and Tresemme products on Amazon, I could conclusively tell that there wasn’t a huge contrast in terms of price between both brands.

Most products such as shampoo and conditioners from OGX and Tresemme are reasonably priced hence they’re easy on one’s pockets.

ogx lawsuit list of products
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Ethical Standards – I strongly believe in giving back to the planet and protecting our habitat so I dug up to find out how ethical these brands are.

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OGX pledges to use 100% recyclable packaging by 2025 for all its products and plans to minimize the usage of water and fuel in order to protect the planet. However, OGX isn’t cruelty-free as they may have third parties that test on animals. 

Meanwhile, Tresemme is completely cruelty-free and promises to also discontinue the usage of virgin plastic for packaging by 2025.

However,  the brand wholly incorporates synthetic ingredients into its formula, and Tresemme’s parent company Unilever is one of the massive polluters of the environment and ocean.

Supporting Programs – Tresemme has initiated a program named ‘Tresemme Future Stylists Fund’ for black women who aspire to become stylists. It offers a $100,000 initiative fund and tuition in the field of cosmetology and involves mentorship from professional Tresemme stylists. 

OGX ColorGlam Hydrating Color Protectant Shampoo vs Tresemme Color Revitalise Color Fade Protection Shampoo

Since I colored my hair recently I was obliged to buy color-safe shampoos. That’s why I went for the color protect shampoos from OGX and Tresemme so that I can review both shampoos and rule out which performed exceptionally on my mane. 

ogx lawsuit outcome
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I used ColorGlam Hydrating Color Protectant Shampoo from OGX and Tresemme Color Revitalise Color Fade Protection Shampoo and I compared them based on some factors and analyzed the results I experienced from both shampoos. 

OGX ColorGlam Hydrating Color Protectant Shampoo 500 mlTresemme Color Revitalise Color Fade Protection Shampoo 385 ml
Key IngredientsCommon sunflower seed oil, rosemary leaf extract, and camellia sinensis leaf extractCocamidopropyl Betaine, hydrolyzed potato starch, Glycol Distearate
Texture Thick liquidThick liquid
Benefits For The HairCleanses and moisturizes hair while retaining the vibrancy of the color, provides the luster and prevents hair from damagesHydrates the mane and prevents the shade from fading and ensures the locks are glowing
Best ForColor-treated hairColor-treated hair

Ingredients – OGX color protect shampoo was formulated with luscious natural ingredients like rosemary leaf extract, camellia leaf extract, and sunflower seed oil which strengthened my locks and provided a natural glow to them.

These ingredients are also beneficial to retain moisture in color-treated hair since it’s been chemically treated.

However, the OGX shampoo contained olefin sulfonate which is a surfactant that causes dryness in hair and scalp if overused.

tresemmé lawsuit list of products
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Meanwhile, the Tresemme shampoo contained just a few natural ingredients which seriously bothered me, and the fact that the formula also comprised sodium laureth sulfate upset me big time. Although, it’s necessary for cleaning it can be harsh on the hair and cause the color to fade.

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Texture – Both shampoos had a thick liquid texture which necessitated a few drops of water to form a lather. It was very smooth when applied to the hair thus equal application was guaranteed.

Price – The Tresemme shampoo cost $7.99 for a 500 ml shampoo while the OGX shampoo was $7.47 for a 385 ml container.

Apart from the difference in volume I honestly thought both shampoos were affordable and I was also eligible for discounts from Amazon.

Efficiency On Color-Treated Hair – After using the OGX color protect shampoo for a week I was flabbergasted by the results on my hair. The shade remained intact on my locks after 2 weeks of use and the shampoo hydrated and also smoothened my hair to the touch.

After coloring my hair it felt quite brittle and dry but the OGX shampoo revived my locks and granted luster to them. 

tresemmé Shampoo
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Inversely, the Tresemme shampoo did clean and hydrate my hair and gave it a glow. However, after a while from the shower, my hair felt extremely dry and it frizzed so much. 

And just a few days after using the shampoo I was dismayed at how much the color faded from my hair. I honestly didn’t expect this from a renowned hair care brand like Tresemme since I had higher expectations. It could be due to some of the surfactants in the shampoo that could be harmful in the longer run.

Moreover, OGX was the savior of my color-treated hair and I personally admire their vision of utilizing natural ingredients in their products to suit all hair types and combat common hair concerns.


OGX is one of the most prominent hair care brands in the market that consists of several lines of products such as shampoos, conditioners, hair masks, styling products, etc.

Most OGX products are formulated with natural ingredients like shea, coconut milk, and tea tree mint and are free from sulfates, phthalates, and parabens. The brand caters to hair care products of all hair types, textures, and concerns.

Tresemme is a popular hair care brand that’s owned by Unilever and offers a wider variety of hair care products for regular and salon use as well.

A couple of Tresemme products do incorporate natural ingredients in the formula and have proven to be effective to solve the intended hair problem.

However, most Tresemme products contain sodium laureth sulfate which is a surfactant that’s detrimental to the hair if used in the long run.

Most OGX hair care products including shampoos and conditioners are formulated with natural ingredients and are free from any sulfates and parabens.

This can be viewed when you purchase any OGX product as the label indicates that the particular product is free from sulfates. Tresemme was initially a hair care product that was solely used by professionals in hair salons.

Over time as Tresemme products gained popularity, they were made available in drugstores and supermarkets for everyone to purchase.

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