Ombre Black and Green Hair Ideas

21 Amazing Ombre Black and Green Hair Color Ideas 2024

Want to try out a new look? Ombre black and green hair color is the perfect choice for you! This style is all about balancing light and dark shades, creating a natural look that is both stylish and chic.

There’s something really cool about ombres right? The gradient shades of color from dark to light giving the hair the perfect touch of the shades chosen is something that looks wonderful!

Very commonly we find people with ombre hair with shades like black and grey, brown and blonde, blonde and platinum, black and burgundy, and others with subtle color transitions.

But let me ask you this – how often do you see an ombre black and green-haired person? More like never, or at the most, rarely, right? 

Well, striking ombre contrast colors are very rare to find, but they look absolutely funky in my opinion!

Check out these super trending ombre black and green hair color ideas below.

Top Ombre Black and Green Hair Color Ideas

Voodoo Green and Black Ombre 

The color voodoo green is what I’d call an “in-between” shade of green. It is neither too dark nor too light, just perfect.

Ombre Black and Green Hair Color
Source: Instagram @christinebenoit91810

In my opinion, this shade of green on black hair creates one of the perfect ombre effects on the hair and looks absolutely gorgeous. Rocking this ombre with some curls will look perfect!

One-sided Ombre Black and Alpine Green Bob

For those of you who have a bob and think your hair is too short to get an ombre, well, this ones for you guys. No hair length is too short for an ombre, you can make it work!

black and green ombre braiding hair
Source: Instagram @pixi_hair_az

A lovely shade of alpine green with black can make for a perfect one-sided-ombre. This style is definitely not one that is common, but it is for sure one that looks amazing.

Ombre Black and Voodoo Green Dreads

Do you have your dreads growing out and now have the sudden urge to get an ombre? Well, sounds pretty absurd right? How do you get that to work?

black and green ombre hair extensions
Source: Instagram @zeldre_strife

Well, it’s an ombre; it will look perfect no matter what the hairstyle is! All you need to do is color your dreads with a lovely green ombre and there you have it – ombre green and black dreads!

The Harley Quinn Black and Electric Lime Green Ombre

Have you watched the famous movie Suicide Squad? Well, if you have, then I’m sure you would have seen Harley Quinn’s famous double-colored ponytails.

black and green ombre background
Source: Instagram @profotosnz

Well, I love how funky they look and these ombre electric green and black ombre ponytails can make the perfect replication of the character’s style!

Smoky Green and Black Ombre

I love the traditional ombre style. Dark to light hair, just as it should be. Well, smoky green is a lovely shade of green that is bright but has the right amount of color to show off.

green and black ombre hair
Source: Instagram @primacapellisalon

It is a shade that can practically look good on anybody with black hair looking to get a green ombre.

Peekaboo Black with Shades of Green Ombre

Well, this style of ombre is totally unique and funky! The peekaboo style is now very trending and what’s super cool is getting an ombre with different shades of green, within the super trending and funky peekaboo hairstyle will spark up your style like never before!

green ombre hair black girl
Source: Instagram @funhaircolour

I’m sure this ombre will have many heads turning in your direction!

Emo Ombre Black with Venus Envy Green Tips 

Don’t like the look of the traditional green ombre? Well, then just switch up the style and get an ombre, but with a twist.

ombre green hair colour
Source: Instagram @newmoonmua

This ombre is semi-traditional because it does go from dark to light with the black and green color scheme, but the “ombre” only has the tips colored a lovely shade of Venus envy green.

Traditional Olive Green and Black Ombre

If you ask me for one of my favourite shades of green out there, I’d straight up say olive green!

ombre hair colour for black hair
Source: Instagram @saloneve1

In my opinion, this shade is one that looks so elegant and versatile. It can literally suit anyone. With the traditional black and green ombre hairstyle, this shade of green is one that can look classy!

Black with Juniper Dark Forest Green Ombre

Juniper dark forest green is one shade that is rarely used by hair coloring artists, but it is a unique shade. It is bright, but not gaudy. That’s what makes it so perfect.

how to dye black hair dark green
Source: Instagram @brookedghair

Getting your hair colored this shade of green along with black, will definitely make a beautiful and classy ombre.

The Yin-Yang Electric Lime and Black Ombre 

While some call this ombre style the “Yin-Yang” ombre, I’d like to personally call it the horizontal ombre. I think it is pretty fair to call it that right?

black and teal green ombre hair
Source: Instagram @feelin.vivid

This ombre in shades of electric green with black from a perfect ombre, but in a very uncommon pattern, because this ombre is horizontal, while the traditional ombres are vertical!

The Pixie Black with Venus Envy Green Ombre

Like I said before, getting an ombre doesn’t always mean you have to have long hair. You get the hairstyle of your choice and the ombre will find a way to work on your hair.

black and neon green ombre hair
Source: Instagram @busmannigel

The pixie chop is a funky hairstyle by itself and getting a lovely Venus envy green ombre to top up this hairstyle will add to your style like never before!

Pine Green and Black Traditional Ombre

Well, I’m sure there are many of you out there who want to get an ombre, but do not want it to look too bold just yet. You want the green, but do not want to be the cynosure of all eyes.

how to dye hair neon green
Source: Instagram @pravanaindonesia

Very well then, the shade of pine green can be your saving grace! It is a dark shade of green and can blend in perfectly with black and give you a touch of color, along with an ombre that can look absolutely gorgeous.

Emerald Green and Black Ombre

Are you someone who likes striking differences? When you try something new out, you want it to show right?

what hair color has green base
Source: Instagram @pulpriotindonesia

Well, getting the color emerald green with black can make the perfect and most striking color combination for an ombre because the color difference is one that is stark!

The Billie Eilish Green and Black Reverse Ombre 

An ombre is simple right? Dark to light hair colors. Well, what if I told you to try out the reverse ombre? Would you actually try it out?

different balayage colors on black hair
Source: Instagram @hair.byriikka

The reverse ombre with black and green became super popular after the famous superstar Billie Eilish was seen sporting it and let me be honest here, it does actually look super cool!

The Long Haired-Pixie Faded Green and Black Ombre 

If you like the look of the pixie cut, but don’t want to let go of your long hair just yet, then simply just keep both!

different balayage colors on black hair
Source: Instagram @heidi_marika

This super pretty faded green and black ombre is one that can look perfect with this hairstyle. In my opinion, it speaks “funky”, but in the most classy way possible!

Tropical Green and Black Ombre

This hair color is debatable, don’t you think? I’d call it a shade of green, while some of you might straight up think it is a shade of blue.

black and green ombre short hair
Source: Instagram @kylie.hair444

Nevertheless, let’s just say that this shade of color, tropical green, is a soothing, yet royal shade for a lovely ombre with black hair.

Alpine Green and Black Ombre with Straight Cut

Straight cuts are one of the oldest types of hairstyles, but to date, they are still absolutely trending. So how about you rev up your style and get yourself a lovely alpine green and black ombre?

black and green ombre hair
Source: Instagram @nina_olivia93

You get to have the hairstyle of your choice, with a color that can literally suit anyone!

Green and Black Ombre Braids

Do you have your braids or extensions on and do not want to get them removed anytime soon? Well, I’m sure that could lead you to think that you’d have to cut back on the hair coloring for a while right? No, wrong!

black and green mix color
Source: Instagram @vera_nimo

Go ahead and get yourself a lovely black and green ombre that can make your braids look super funky!

Black with Emerald Green Feather-cut Ombre

There’s something that’s really cool about the feather cut. It is a style that is not funky, but one that can make you look elegant and that’s precisely what I love.

black and green hair boy
Source: Instagram @maddyadore

But if you feel like a regular feather cut is boring, then go ahead and switch up your style and get yourself a lovely black and emerald green ombre and you for sure will look classy!

Traditional Dark Green with Black Ombre

Having long straight hair with no hairstyle can make your hair look kind of dull, right? Well, how about adding to the hairstyle not by chopping it, but simply by getting a lovely dark green and black ombre?

black and green ombre braiding hair
Source: Instagram @estudio_morgana_santos

Yes, a lovely traditional ombre is the perfect style for those with long and straight hair!

The Emo Electric Lizard Green with Black Ombre

If you’re someone who loves the emo look (just like I do), then this one’s for you! The color green in the shade of an electric lizard can fit perfectly into black hair and make the funkiest ombre.

black and green ombre hair extensions
Source: Instagram @_normal_alien_

It can most definitely rev up your style like never before and it can make you look super cool!

The final takeaway

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I hope you guys enjoyed checking out the top 21 different black and green ombre hair color ideas for you to get!

The best part about getting your hair colored a shade of green is the fact that there are so many different shades to choose from and they all look lovely.

So go ahead and get yourself a black and green ombre of your choice and I’m sure you’ll undoubtedly rock that style!

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