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15+ Brilliant Orange Peach Hair Color Ideas And How To Get These Shades!

Orange peach hair color is the latest fashion trend of the season. But a lot of women are confused if the orange peach hair suits their skin color and how to get this color. I’ve answered all this below. 

Having a regular hair color like black or brown is so last season. What you need today is a really bright, eye-catching hair color that will make you stand out. 

And I know a lot of people go for the regular pink, blues or greens to get this effect. But how about taking a different route and getting an orange peach hair color.

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This hair color is easy enough to get if you have blonde or ginger hair to begin with but even with black hair it should not be that big of a deal.

All you need to do is go to a hair stylist and get your hair properly bleached. I know this hair color seems daunting and too in-your-face at first, but trust me this is going to be one of the hottest hair colors of the new year.

Still not convinced?  Here are some of the cutest orange peach hair color ideas to help you change your mind and get you some inspiration.

Orange Peach Hair Color

Orange Peach Ombre With Short Wavy Hair

Who doesn’t love a good ombre? This is a lovely style that adds depth to your hair due to the various shades of orange, peach and underlying yellow used. The wavy texture of the hair brings out the hair color better than a straight hair texture would due to the play of light and shadows.

Orange Peach Hair With Pink Undertones

Peach color is essentially a mix of yellow and pink. So you can add these tones to your orange peach hair to make a statement and also to sort of blend it all in together. In the image above, you can the see the hair has a subtle pink-peach undertone to it while the orange-peach layer sits on top, giving it a sort of duotone look.

Black Orange Peach Balayage

Don’t want to dye your roots? Don’t worry! Here is a lovely orange peach balayage idea what won’t make you put bleach on your scalp. This is fantastic for women who have a sensitive scalp and don’t like the idea of chemicals on it. Or for those who are busy and can’t really go for constant touch ups week on week.

Peekaboo Orange Peach Hair

Don’t want mom to find out your new orange peach hair color? Well, give this style a try. Here only the bottom layer of hair underneath are bleached and dyed an orange pink while your regular hair remains on top. This can be a good idea for people who work in conservative environments where you can’t show your wacky hair colors at the office.

Coral Hair Color

Metallic Peach Hair Color

Skunk Orange Peach Hair Color

Subtly Faded Orange Peach Hair

Orange Peach With Rose Gold

Orange Peach Hair on Black Women Without Bleach

How To Get Peach Color Hair

Whether getting orange peach hair is easy or not depends on your original hair color.

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If your hair color is:

Light/platinum blonde – Getting orange peach hair is a piece of cake. All you have to do is get a dye that suits your preference and get going. You can use a box dye with a developer that will stay on your hair from anywhere between 8-12 weeks or you can go for color depositing hair dyes. 

The color depositing hair dyes don’t necessarily need a light hair color base to show up. However, with a color such as orange peach the light base helps to bring out the undertones in this hair dye. 

You can go for any temporary dye like Manic Panic, Adore, or Arctic Fox if you choose the latter option. Just be warned that this color won’t last for long and might even wash out after a single shampoo session, especially if you’re using a strong, sulfate-based shampoo. 

Ginger/Reddish Blonde – This color can also take up orange peach hair dye very well especially if you’re using a developer. However, the issue here is that the underlying ginger tones of your hair can interfere with the dye and cause your hair to look more bright orange or “brassy” rather than a “peachy” color. 

So depending on the exact tone of your ginger or strawberry blonde hair, you can either choose to use an orange peach dye with a developer to lighten your hair a bit as you dye it. Or you can bleach it to 1-2 levels (very mildly) only to remove the majority reddish undertones. 

In such a case only using a bleach bath instead of a full-fledged bleach session is also advisable. For a color like orange-peach I really suggest going to the hairstylist and asking for their expert opinion instead of trying it at home. 

Dark/Black Hair – This hair is the most difficult to dye an orange peach color. You might need to lighten your hair several times with bleach to get at least 6-8 levels of lift in hair color. 

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The hairstylist might also use a volume 40 developer on your hair to get the right base hair color shade. 

Dark hair when bleached to this extent gets “brassy”. That is the underlying reddish tones come out and are visible on hair. This might look like a natural orange-peach look but the effect is often uneven and patchy.

So at this point you can decide whether to go for a hair toner to remove these brassy undertones and then dye your hair orange-peach. Or you can just dye over it if you like the brassy look. 

Will Different Shades of Orange Hair Look Good on Black Girls?

There is often a misconception that orange or other bright hair colors won’t look good on darker skin tones. However, this is not true. The hair color you need depends on your skin’s undertones rather than the skin tone itself. 

You can be dark skinned, light brown skinned or have a Mediterranean (olive) skin tone but there are certain undertones like yellow, blue, neutral that we’ve all got. 

So check if you have neutral or cold (blue/green) undertones to your skin. If you do, then a warm color like orange will look great on you regardless if you have pale skin or dark skin. 

You can also change the type and intensity of your orange hair color depending on your skin color and undertone. 

For example, those with reddish skin undertones will look with darker orange or auburn skin tones. Those with yellow or neutral skin tones will benefit from orange peach hair color as it will give the illusion of a brighter complexion.

Do I Need To Bleach My Hair To Get Orange Peach Hair Color

If you have darker hair shades like dark brown, chocolate brown, black, etc. then you have to use bleach to lighten your hair. Only lifting your hair to at least 6-7 levels will give you a base hair color light enough to take orange-peach hair dye. You might also have to use a blue hair toner to remove the brassiness from the bleached hair before applying the dye. 

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If you don’t want to bleach your dark hair and still want orange-peach hair, you can try using a color-depositing dye that will just coat your hair with pigment. However, this washes off very easily and your hair color won’t look as bright. 

What Is The Difference Between Orange Peach Hair and Ginger Hair

Technically naturally orange hair is what’s colloquially called “ginger hair”. But orange-peach hair is different from ginger hair as one, it can’t be natural and must always be through artificial hair dye. 

Secondly, orange peach hair has a bit of pink undertones to it. Hence the name containing “peach” in it. So natural orange is very coppery and orange, and looks like a very light shade of orange-red while orange-peach is a artificial orange hair dye with yellow and pink undertones. 

Summary on Orange Peach Hair Color

Orange peach hair color is slowly turning out to be one of the hottest hair color trends this year. I love how women of all skin tones are embracing this hair color without hesitation.

What I love about this orange-yellowish-and-pinkish color is that it suits a wide variety of skin tones and undertones. 

If you are not fully convinced about the orange peach hair color you can simply get one or two highlights or go for a money piece in these colors to start off with.

You can also get your head under-dyed with orange peach hair color.

In this style your top layer of hair will be in your natural or base hair color and the hidden layer underneath will be the orange peach color.

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