Plum-Colored Hair Ideas For Black Women

26 Gorgeous Plum Color Hair Ideas For Dark Hair

Learn about some plum color hair ideas for black women. From lowlights to highlights, these shades will suit most black women’s hair perfectly.

Changing hair colour is what everyone opts for today. The reason is the love for change. There are uncountable colour options in the market to experiment with and fall in love with.

The myth goes around about hair damage. Well, as said it is just a myth. More than 70% experimented with their hair and 68% didn’t face any hair issues. During this season for a hair change, the Plum shade is ruling over other colours. 

With so many options available, it might be difficult to choose a new colour for this season. Try a pop of colour with plum hair colour before settling on a basic tone of blonde or brown.

Because it is available in every shade and depth possible and goes with every skin tone or eye colour, this vibrant hue is amazing. Anyone can wear this stunning shade; you only need to find the right combination for you.

To make your pick more confident, we are here with Plum Shade hairstyles and patterns. You can pick up from the below bests or you can showcase yours in our comment section. Let’s dig deeper together and find the look that suits you. 

Top Plum Color Hair Ideas For Dark Hair

Classic Plum

The traditional plum shade is flattering on all skin tones, but it looks best on those with warm-toned complexion and blue or hazel eyes.

Plum Color Hair Ideas For Black Women
Source: Instagram @hair_by_nate_

The colour gives the subtle look and gives no side effects. For the ones who fall for contemporary hairstyles, this look is what you need. 

Dark Brown Plum

If your hair is brown, then dark plum hair will look great on you. For the ideal plum makeover, use plum with warmer undertones.

plum hair color on black girl
Source: Instagram @oneavedasalon

Even if you have a dark complexion this is your ideal look. This hair colour combination will go with every outfit style and for every occasion. 

Deep Red Plum

A rich plum colour with a scarlet undertone makes a stunning contrast against light skin. Request this gorgeous colour from your hairdresser if you’ve got green eyes.

dark plum brown hair color
Source: Instagram @shiya99

Deep red looks ideal when you want a bossy look. You can get your hair curled for the ideal professional look. 

Electric Plum

Those who are timid or humble should avoid this vivid plum colour. To best match your appearance, your skin should have a cold tone.

plum hair color on dark skin
Source: Instagram @hairrrbyju

Pick this purple hair dye and also give it a try if you think this vibrant shade suits you. The electric plum shade makes you look formal and sophisticated.

Wavy Plum

This is indeed a streaky ombre, having purple highlights that kind of hide the underlying shade of plum in the hair. That wavy hair also includes a few lighter bits of pale plum that have been braided within them.

When working with the purple spectrum, it’s always beneficial to have a multilayered hairstyle, which is exactly what you get with this do.

plum hair color ideas
Source: Instagram @rachelshairspot

You can opt for complete braids with a hair colour look. What’s best for this hair colour is that you can go for any cosy look you want and still leave a classic mark. 

Eggplant Plum

A lovely eggplant plum shade will add some veggie to your fruit-inspired hair colour. Although this style has both light and dark hues, the black foundation gives it stability and works well with all skin types.  

dark purple hair black girl natural
Source: Instagram @rosehairstudio9_

Blackberry Plum

The blackberry motif gives the deeper plum a delicious impression that, based on the way the light hits it, may make it seem nearly pinkish in certain spots. 

burgundy plum hair color
Source: Instagram @alwaysb_hair

To put even more sparkle on it, get some glossing spray. The hair looks perfect for the photo shoot and gives a fresh appearance even after a long tiring day. 

Brown Plum

Highlights in a trendy plum tone will give your fabulously rich curls some structure and gloss, so go ahead and give them a try.

light plum hair
Source: Instagram @natasha_mintsalonlodi

Makeup should be chosen to match the tones of your strands, and dark eyeliner should be used to bring out the green in your eyes. For cocktail and party nights, don’t miss this look. 

Plum Ombre

A fantastic approach to add plum to your already gorgeous black hair is via plum ombre. A faint ombre might be difficult for a blonde to pull off, but brunettes can achieve this effortlessly. 

medium plum brown hair color
Source: Instagram @thekatat.ivey

Cool Toned Plum

This lovely version of plum makes use of the cooler undertones that black hair naturally has. For a streamlined appearance, combine cooler plum accents with blue ones. 

burgundy plum hair color
Source: Instagram @hairbysanije

Rose Plum

The plum family may still be maintained with rose-toned hair by preserving the purple undertones rather than the red ones.

plum hair color highlights
Source: Instagram @hair_bymaryb

This rose plum’s depth makes it suitable for a dark and cool-toned complexion. Although hazel eyes complement it best, any eye colour may pull off a rose plum.

Short Plum

You may get the look of lovely short plum hair by opting for a short bob cut with bangs that are swept to one side. Applying additional foam or hair gel can help you get that smooth look for the top.

dark plum brown hair color
Source: Instagram @hairstylistjennae

Chocolate Cherry Plum

What results from pairing dark chocolate and deep cherry, is this shade of plum. These sorts of plums are quite black and woody, as are natural and organic plums.

light brown hair with plum highlights
Source: Instagram @studioredsalon

Grey Plum

Keep up with the latest fashion trends with this ideal light plum alternative to grey! Dark eyes stand out beautifully when paired with plum grey hair, and warm olive skin tones serve as an excellent foundation for this hue.

plum shade hair color
Source: Instagram @andreahaircreations

Plum Balayage

If you aren’t quite ready for a complete makeover, you may want to consider going for something a little less daring, like a darker plum balayage hair colour.

plum red color hair
Source: Instagram @katieespleyhairstylist

Because it will give the appearance of longer hair, a long cut with layers is the perfect choice for Asian females who have round features.

Chocolate Plum

In a chocolate tone, plum has never seemed more understated. With a few lavender highlights put on, you may give any deep brown hair tones an edge. It is great for eyes that are brown or green.

plum brown hair colour
Source: Instagram @anna.mhair

Lilac Plum Highlights

Another wonderful style for anyone who doesn’t want a full purple is this one. These lovely highlights have the ideal amount of plum and are light and fresh.

plum black hair color
Source: Instagram @les_812 and

Multi Plum Colouring

This is yet another hairstyle that may be modified to fit your preferences and skin tone. Just make sure the various plum tones, like lighter and darker warm plums or lighter and darker cooler plum tones, go well together. Additionally, you may dye your black hair with this plum hue.

chocolate plum hair color
Source: Instagram @amyebeauty_

Icy Plum

This season, this wintry hue is very stylish. If your skin has pink undertones, then you might want to avoid it. These days, icy plum is fashionable and incredibly trendy.

plum hair color dye
Source: Instagram @thehairandmakeupgirl

Fuschia Plum

Magenta is really for you if you want your plums to be pinker and aren’t scared to be daring! Warm skin looks amazing with it, and turquoise or hazel eyes really stand out.

light plum hair color
Source: Instagram @tresminkdeshaileshmistry

Fairy Plum

Girls with fair complexion should definitely try this soft fairy plum shade as it is perfect.  Cooler than warm, a subtle lilac hue brings out all the rose of pink skin wonderfully. Due to the unicorn trend sweeping across Instagram, this tone is also quite in style!

raspberry plum hair color
Source: Instagram @lily_at_fyhair

Purple Plum

An approach to try plum is in this true purple shade. It is shiny and lush, youthful and vivid. Purple looks subtle on every complexion and for every event. For the ones who want to settle into something dreamy and subtle, try this look. 

plum hair color with highlights
Source: Instagram @salon_gardenia_mississauga

Burgundy Plum

If you wish to try the plum red colour trend, this lovely burgundy plum hair colour is delicate and stylish. Both professional women and street style icons look great wearing it.

plum hair color ideas
Source: Instagram @fraeulein_sugar

Galaxy Plum

This vibrant galaxy plum violet hue will let you unleash your playful side. A whimsical touch is added by introducing blue accents and different shades of plum. The greatest colour to keep this appearance put together are brown eyes.

what colors make plum hair dye
Source: Instagram @swansalon_hollywood

Dark Plum Ombre

You should choose a plum ombre hairstyle as soon as possible if you prefer a hairdo that resembles a shampoo ad. Make some thick waves to get that certain juicy shine.

what is shades hair color
Source: Instagram @acquariosalon10

Light plum color

Light plum color

Deep understated plum

Deep understated plum

Purple plum highlights

Purple plum highlights

Soft burgundy plum

Light plum on bleached hair

Plum dip dye on dark hair

Plum dip dye on dark hair

Dark red plum hair

Dark red plum hair

Deep red plum hair

Deep red plum hair

Soft reddish plum on black hair

Soft reddish plum on black hair

Plum highlights on jet black hair

Plum highlights on jet black hair

How To Choose The Right Plum Shade For My Hair?

It’s crucial to keep in mind that complementary colours are greatest when they contrast. Consider both eye and skin tone in mind while searching for plum hair colouring.

To complement the icy chilly look, use a plum tint with warm undertones if you have blue eyes. Hazel eyes are privileged because they enable you to select from a wide array of luscious plums; it is ideal to match your skin tone.

Cool undertones with blue and purple family warm-up dark brown/ brown eyes.

Now that you know what and how to work with in terms of selecting the appropriate hue, let us look at plum hair colour ideas.

how to get plum color hair
Source: Instagram @onyxhairboutique_nc

Is it possible to get plum hair color on dark hair without bleach?

Achieving plum hair color on dark hair without bleach is challenging. The darker your natural hair, the less vibrant the plum shade will be. Without bleach, the plum color will likely appear as a subtle tint in natural light rather than a vivid transformation.

For a true plum hue, lightening your hair with bleach first is typically necessary. However, there are high-pigment dyes designed for dark hair that may give a hint of color without bleaching. Results can vary greatly, so consider consulting a professional hair colorist.

Will plum hair color suit dark skinned woman?

Plum hair color can suit a dark-skinned woman beautifully. The rich, deep tones of plum can complement the warmth of dark skin, creating a striking contrast. It’s important to choose the right shade of plum to match your undertones. Warmer plum shades work well with warm skin undertones, while cooler plum shades suit cool undertones. Consulting with a hair stylist can help you find the perfect plum hue for your complexion.


The list of hairstyles and plum colour combinations is never-ending. We can go on and on with the list. To end it here we would just like to give a closing tip- Don’t wash your hair for 3 days after getting the colour and the style.

Enjoy the waves of your new hair and make an album out of it. Don’t forget to mention the look you fall for.

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