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9 Best Pomade For Wet Look 2023 | Water Based Pomades For Slick Hair

The wet hair look was significantly popular in the fifties and really set the tone for the subsequent hairstyles of the decade. 

To achieve the wet look, you’ll need the best pomade for wet look. This hair product keeps your tresses locked in place and gives them a shiny appearance.

Also called the slick look, it has made a comeback in recent times. Only the hairstyles have come sexier and sophisticated with time.  

The pomade is not a tool but a weapon when it comes to hair styling. This is not an all-purpose, multifunction product so you can’t substitute it with any hair gel.  

It has a defined role and purpose and when used to its ultimate potential will serve you killer looks. 

Best Pomade For Wet LookBest ForTop Ingredients
Reuzel Blue Pomade For Wet LookDry HairCastor Oil, Vanilla Extract
Lockhart’s Light Weight Hold Authentic Hair PomadeThin HairCoconut Oil, Beeswax, Avocado Extract, Perfume
Viking Revolution Pomade for Wet LookThick HairGlycerin, Beeswax, Hydrogenated Castor Oil
Cremo Premium Barber Grade Hair Styling Shine PomadeOily HairWater, Glycerin, Perfume
Rocky Mountain Barber CompanyLimp, Greasy HairWater, Glycerin, Beeswax, Perfume
19Fifties Union Original PomadeThinning HairWitch Hazel, Wheat Protein, Beeswax

I’ve listed below different pomades for wet look that will take your locks to another level of high fashion. 

Top Pomade for Wet Look 2023

How To Choose The Best Pomade For Wet Look?

Choosing the best pomade for a wet look depends on various factors, including your hair type, desired level of hold and shine, and personal preferences. Here’s a guide to help you find the right pomade for achieving a wet hair look:

  1. Water-Based Pomades: Look for water-based pomades as they are ideal for creating a wet look without leaving a greasy residue. Water-based formulas are easy to wash out and offer a natural shine.
  2. High Shine: Check the product description for pomades labeled as “high shine” or “wet look.” These formulas are specifically designed to provide the glossy finish associated with wet hair.
  3. Hold Level: Consider your hair type and desired hairstyle. Pomades come in various hold levels, ranging from light to strong. If you have thick or coarse hair, opt for a stronger hold to keep the wet look in place.
  4. Non-Flaking: Look for pomades that are non-flaking to ensure a clean and polished appearance throughout the day.
  5. Ingredients: Check the ingredient list for nourishing components like natural oils and vitamins. Ingredients such as castor oil, jojoba oil, or argan oil can add moisture and improve the health of your hair.
  6. Alcohol-Free: Avoid pomades with high alcohol content, as they can dry out your hair and lead to a less natural-looking finish.
  7. User Reviews: Read reviews from other customers to see their experiences with the pomade’s wet look performance and overall quality.
  8. Testing: If possible, do a patch test or try samples of different pomades to see how they work with your hair and how they deliver the wet look you desire.

Remember, the best pomade for a wet look may vary depending on individual hair types and styling preferences. Experiment with different products until you find the one that suits you best and provides the desired wet and glossy finish for your hair.

Reuzel Blue Pomade For Wet Look 

best pomade for wet hair look

The Reuzel Blue Pomade is one of the best pomades for wet hair looks I have come across.

 It is able to achieve the right amount of wet look without appearing greasy and stays so throughout the day. You no longer have to retouch the hair to keep the look fresh.  

The product feels great in the hand and works well with all hair types. 

Customer image

You are able to style the hair at home while appearing professionally styled. 

It made my hair remain shiny and healthy-looking, giving it great texture. 

The product packaging is of high quality and looks premium. Even if you use the pomade daily the product will last you over 3 months. 

One thing I noticed is that the product is water-based. Even though it will not need you to check on it every couple of hours, it will definitely get messed up if you are caught in the rain. 

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  • Water soluble- can be easily washed off the hair 
  • No residue or build up 
  • Works on all hair types, thickness and texture 
  • Polished look, no flaking 
  • Subtle vanilla fragrance 


  • Water soluble- styling will be lost when/if in contact with water. 

Lockhart’s Light Weight Hold Authentic Hair Pomade 

what is the best hair product for the wet look

The Pomade from Lockhart is very strong and provides good hold. This product also helps you with the shine. This is a really good product if you are looking to slick your hair back. 

Although this has a good hold, this is not the most suitable for someone looking to style your hair to the front.  

I saw that the product was able to improve my hair texture, but in addition, also made it appear a bit greasy. Therefore this works best as a slick back product. 

Customer image

I gave it bonus points as it is a lightweight pomade that makes the hair look naturally wet.  

You do not have to worry about retouching. Just by running your fingers through the hair, you will be able to set it back. 

I liked that it was a very old-school-looking product and functions similarly and that may be what some of you are looking for.  

If you want a lightweight natural wet hair look, this is your way to go. 


  • Light Hold for that sleek, dapper look. 
  • Masculine cinnamon and clove scent. 
  • Light hold with a high, healthy shine. 
  • Man made in small batches to ensure overall quality. 


  • Not suitable for front styling. 

Viking Revolution Pomade For Wet Look

best hair pomade for wet look

Viking Revolution Pomade is a good product for anyone with short hair. This is able to maintain a good hold and has a high shine factor.

The product is water-based and so is super easy to wash off at the end of the day.  

You have no problems of buildup or residue that can be damaging to the hair and scalp.

The pomade is easy to apply and feels light in the hand, making the styling process enjoyable.

My biggest delight is that you are able to get a good quantity of product for the price paid.  

The bottle will last up to 5 months even if used regularly. This pomade feels pretty premium for the price it is valued at. 


  • Provides the strong hold needed to for any styling choices 
  • Can create pompadours, slick backs and side parts
  • High shine finish  
  • Water soluble so no product buildup
  • Contains castor oil for hair growth 
  • No harsh chemicals 
  • Money back guarantee


  • Not suitable for sensitive scalp 

Cremo Premium Barber Grade Hair Styling Shine Pomade 

If you have long hair and are looking to achieve the wet hair look this Pomade from Cremo is a great choice for you. 

This is suitable for anyone with medium to long hair. 

I would say this works incredibly well for people with a wavy texture.   

This Pomade is incredibly long-lasting while also being able to provide high shine and good hold. Styling curls and waves with this pomade give the most amazing results. 

This has been the go-to product for me over the last few months. 

This is extremely enjoyable and easy to use. In comparison to other pomades I reviewed and tested, this give the best texture overall 

This is also one of those ‘a little goes a long way’ products and will last you many months. 

I found the scent to be mild and pleasant. 


  • Slick pomade delivers a long-lasting, polished look 
  • High hold, high shine 
  • Best on thick or longer hair, especially on curls 
  • Use in wet hair for a strong gel-like hold without crispness 
  • Mild scent 


  • May appear greasy 

Rocky Mountain Barber Company 

The Pomade from Rocky Mountain Barber Company is often recommended for people with shorter hair. Being water based you will have no trouble with build-up or residue. 

I liked how this product was able to give my locks the wet hair look while also providing them with great texture. 

Customer image

This has a strong hold and to maximize the hold you should apply the pomade while the hair is slightly wet. You will only need a small amount to style your hair. 

I was able to use this product for about 4 months before running out. And I was using it everyday! This has a pleasant scent that is not overpowering.  


  • Can be used to create hairstyles like slick back, side-part, pompadour, etc.  
  • Has strong hold, a natural high-shine  
  • No grease, washes out easily without stripping the natural oils from your hair 
  • Comes in a 5oz pomade tub that can last several months 
  • Natural subtle scent  
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  • Stiff consistency 

19Fifties Union Original Pomade

The Union Original Pomade from 19Fifties is advertised as an old school product giving you the 50s vibe and aesthetics. 

This has proved to be excellent for the classic wet hair look. This works best for people with medium to long hair.  

I chose this one specifically as the ingredient list doesn’t contain any sulphates, parabens or alcohol that can all prove to be harmful for the hair. 

The product and packaging is well designed and of high quality. I loved how the product looks and feels premium. 

This is able to give you a good hold but can also be easily washed out at the end of the day. The product is able to deliver high shine. 

But keeping in mind the price, you may be able to achieve the same level of shine with another product.  

All in all, this pomade is a high satisfaction guaranteed product that will help you with your wet hair looks and slick back looks with no margin of failure. 


  • Top quality ingredients
  • Alcohol-free, paraben-free, and sulfate-free.
  • Infused with all natural ingredients like witch hazel and wheat protein
  • A water soluble, high shine, firm hold pomade 
  • Great for wavy hair 
  • A cologne type scent
  • Luxury product 


  • Expensive 

Tea Tree Grooming Pomade

how to choose the best pomade for wet hair

I recently tried the “Tea Tree Grooming Pomade,” and I must say, it left quite an impression on me. As someone with thick, wavy hair, finding a pomade that offers both hold and a wet look can be challenging. This product, however, delivered promising results.

What I liked about the Tea Tree Grooming Pomade:

  • The pomade’s water-based formula made application smooth and easy, and it washed out effortlessly without leaving any residue.
  • It provided a strong hold that kept my hair in place throughout the day, even in humid weather.
  • The wet look it offered was exactly what I was hoping for, giving my hair a natural and glossy finish.
  • I appreciated the invigorating scent of tea tree oil, which added a refreshing touch to my styling routine.
  • The pomade also contains nourishing ingredients like argan oil, which left my hair feeling soft and moisturized.
how to use pomade on hair

However, there were a couple of minor drawbacks:

  • For some hair types, the hold might be too strong and make the hair stiff or difficult to restyle.
  • The price is slightly higher compared to other pomades on the market, but the quality justifies the cost.

In conclusion, the Tea Tree Grooming Pomade is a fantastic option for those seeking a strong hold and a wet look. Its water-based formula, invigorating scent, and nourishing ingredients make it stand out among other pomades I’ve tried. While the hold may be too strong for some, it’s a minor concern considering the overall quality and performance of the product.


  • Water-based formula, easy to apply and wash out
  • Strong hold, even in humid conditions
  • Achieves a natural and glossy wet look
  • Invigorating tea tree oil scent
  • Nourishing ingredients for soft and moisturized hair


  • Hold may be too strong for some hair types
  • Slightly higher price compared to other pomades.

Murray’s Super Light Pomade

Murray's Lite Pomade review

I think the “Murray’s Super Light Pomade is a game-changer for my hair styling routine. As someone with fine hair, finding a pomade that provides hold without weighing down my locks has been a challenge. However, this product exceeded my expectations.

What I liked about Murray’s Super Light Pomade:

  • The name says it all – it truly is super light. The pomade effortlessly glided through my hair, offering a flexible hold without feeling greasy or heavy.
  • It provided a natural shine, giving my hair a healthy and lustrous appearance without looking overly slick.
  • The hold lasted throughout the day without the need for constant touch-ups or reapplication.
  • Unlike some pomades that leave residue, this one washed out easily without leaving any build-up.

However, there were a couple of things to note:

  • While the light hold worked well for my fine hair, those with thicker or coarser hair may require a stronger hold for their desired style.
  • The scent of the pomade is quite strong, which may not be to everyone’s liking.

In conclusion, Murray’s Super Light Pomade is an excellent choice for those seeking a lightweight and flexible hold with a natural shine. Its easy application and washability make it a convenient option for daily styling. However, those with thicker hair or sensitive to scents may want to consider other alternatives.

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  • Super light formula, ideal for fine hair
  • Provides a flexible hold without feeling heavy
  • Offers a natural shine and healthy appearance
  • Long-lasting hold throughout the day
  • Washes out easily without residue


  • Light hold may not be sufficient for thicker or coarser hair
  • Strong scent may not appeal to everyone.

Badger Hair Pomade

Badger Company, Organic Hair Pomade, review

I recently had the opportunity to try the “Badger Hair Pomade,” and I must say, it left a lasting impression on me. As someone who appreciates natural and organic products, I was excited to give this pomade a shot, and it did not disappoint.

what pomade should i use for wet look

What I liked about the Badger Hair Pomade:

  • The pomade is made with all-natural and organic ingredients, which is a huge plus for me. I felt good knowing that I was using a product free from harmful chemicals.
  • The texture of the pomade was smooth and easy to work with. It applied evenly through my hair without any clumps or stickiness.
  • It provided a medium hold, which worked well for my hair type. It kept my hairstyle in place without making it feel stiff or unnatural.
  • The natural shine it gave my hair added a healthy and polished look without appearing overly glossy.
  • I appreciated the pleasant scent of the pomade, which was not overpowering.
is pomade good for hair

However, there were a few minor downsides:

  • The hold may not be strong enough for elaborate or intricate hairstyles, especially for those with thick or coarse hair.
  • The pomade might need reapplication throughout the day for maintaining the hold, especially in humid conditions.

In conclusion, Badger Hair Pomade is an excellent choice for those seeking a natural and organic hair styling product. Its smooth texture, medium hold, and pleasant scent make it a pleasure to use. However, for those with more complex hairstyles or thicker hair, a stronger hold may be necessary.


  • All-natural and organic ingredients
  • Smooth and easy application
  • Medium hold for a natural look
  • Adds a healthy shine to the hair
  • Pleasant scent


  • Hold may not be strong enough for elaborate hairstyles
  • May require reapplication in humid conditions.

FAQs About Pomades For Men’s Wet Hair Look

Is pomade good for wet look?

Yes, pomade can be used to achieve a wet look. However, make sure that you use the right type of pomade for your hair type and style. For example, if you have thick hair, then you may want to use a petroleum-based product rather than a water-based one. And always keep in mind that excessive application of pomade can lead to breakage and damage your hair follicles.

Is gel or pomade better?

This is a difficult question to answer as they both have their pros and cons. Gel can give your hair a more polished look while pomade provides hold and definition. Additionally, gel is less likely to cause scalp irritation than pomade, but it may be harder to wash out later on. Pomade will last longer though, so if you plan on wearing your hairstyle for an extended period of time, then pomades might be the better choice.

Do you put pomade in wet or dry hair?

Most people would typically put pomade in dry hair, as it’s more concentrated. However, if you have wet hair, you can add a small amount to your hands and work it into the locks until they are completely coated.
Putting pomade in wet hair can help to give your style a more hold, while also adding shine and control. Pomades are best used in dry hair because they won’t stick as easily and will be less likely to create static electricity.

All the Pomades we have discussed so far are high-quality products that can help you achieve the wet hair looks you so desire. 

Depending on your hair length, hair type and hair look you are wishing for, you will be able to pick a suitable one listed above. 

If you wish to experiment, I highly recommend you do. 

Because once you find the right pomade that suits you best you are likely to stick with it for a very long time. 

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Reuzel Blue Pomade For Wet Look

The Reuzel Blue Pomade For Wet Look is great to create a wet look for men's hairstyle. This pomade gives a strong hold but it is flexible and allows you to change your hairstyle.

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