How to prevent receding hairline in teenage years

How To Prevent Receding Hairline In Teenage Years | 5 Best Tips To Stop Teen Hair Loss

It is common to notice a receding hairline and lesser growth as you grow older and move to adulthood. This is usually seen in your mid to late teenage years. 

This is a completely natural process and is rarely a cause of worry. But some people experience a receding hairline that might make you go bald.

When you experience so much hair loss at a young age, it requires some intervention so things don’t go from bad to worse.

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Thankfully, hair loss can be treated in most cases, especially when it happens to young people. 

If you want to know more about the various reasons for hair fall and how it can be prevented, read this article. 

We have taken an in-depth look into the treatments that can help you keep hair loss at bay and improve hair growth.

How to prevent receding hairline in teenage years

Although you can reduce hair fall in your teenage years by adopting a healthy lifestyle and hair care routines, there are a lot of medications that can tackle the issue. 

There are a lot of options available to improve your hair growth that are easily accessible too. 

Use the right hair products

Using a good shampoo can make a huge difference to your hair. Go for gentle hair products that are free of harmful ingredients like sulphates, parabens, phthalates, mineral oils, etc. 

Understand your hair texture and treat it accordingly. For example, if you have curly hair, you should use moisturizing products like hair masks and oils that will preserve the texture of your hair and prevent it from drying. 

You can also find a lot of shampoos with ingredients like Ketoconazole, Saw Palmetto, etc which are medically proven to treat the condition. 

These products can be used by anybody, irrespective of your age and they will give you great results quickly. 


 If you are unable to stop your receding hairline, it is best to approach a doctor who can prescribe certain medications that are suitable for teens and will improve your hair growth. Some of them are:

Finasteride- This medicine is often prescribed for those suffering from male pattern baldness. It keeps your DHT levels under control by preventing testosterone from converting to DHT

Minoxidil- This is a topical medication that can drastically improve your hair loss issues. It usually has a liquid or foamy consistency and can be easily applied to your scalp.

The medicine works by improving the blood circulation to your scalp and encouraging the growth of new hair. 

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Natural Oils

Naturally occurring oils like coconut oil, Castor oil and Moroccan oil are excellent products for controlling hair fall. 

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When your hair is moisturised, it naturally becomes stronger and immune to breakage and thinning

These products have been used since ancient times to preserve the health and beauty of hair. They also help in detangling your hair without causing breakage, makes your hair thicker and shiny. 

Make it a habit to apply some hair oil on your scalp at least once a week and massage your scalp thoroughly. This will facilitate healthy hair growth. 

Hair Transplant Surgery

Hair transplants are done for people who find it almost impossible to revive their hair. 

Your physician removes hair follicles from the back of your head and transplants them on your scalp. 

Your hair grows naturally through these follicles. This is an effective procedure that requires a few sessions and is slightly on the pricier side. 

Hair Supplements

You can easily find a lot of hair supplements rich in hair growth nutrients like Biotin, Iron, Proteins etc on your supermarket shelves. 

If you have any of these deficiencies, you can easily take a course of these supplements to fix your issue. 

The best part about these is they do not taste like conventional medicines at all. 

A lot of hair vitamins have very attractive designs and usually come in cute little shapes like gummy bears and candies. 

It feels like you are eating candy because of its jelly-like or chewy texture. 

We have taken a look at some tips on how to prevent receding hairline in teenage years. Now let us move on to the most common causes of receding hairline in the teens. 

This helps you adapt some of the preventive measures and treatments to your daily habits if you suffer from such hair loss.  

Top Reasons For Receding Hairline In Teenage Years


Hormones are one of the most common reasons for hair loss in young adults.

 It is common to experience some level of hormonal and physical changes during growth, especially when you are a teen or in your early 20’s. 

Your hormone levels tend to change during this stage which can affect your hair growth. 

It also leads to hormone-related conditions like thyroid disease, PCOD and lupus. If you are suffering from severe and prolonged hypothyroidism, you could experience this. 

The hair falls off from all over the scalp instead of falling off in patches if you have this issue. 

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Thankfully, you can fully stop this hair fall by successfully treating your hypothyroidism. This kind of hair fall is not common for people with mild hypothyroidism. 

The female pattern hair loss is caused by Polycystic Ovarian Disease. The imbalance in hormones during PCOS can be a major cause of hair loss. 

When androgen is produced excessively in your body, it causes abnormal hair growth on your body and hair fall from your head. 


Genetics can play a huge role in your hair growth patterns. If your family has suffered from balding or early onset of receding hairline, you will likely experience the same. 

Your mothers DNA can play a prominent role in this as compared to your fathers. 

This is one of the most common reasons for receding hairline in teenagers and young adults. About 30 million women and 50 million men experience gene-related hair loss. 


Stress is the number one reason for hair loss among a vast majority of the population. This is very common among teenagers who experience a lot of physical and mental changes that could lead to anxiety and mood swings. 

The imbalance in your hormone levels can also lead to anxiety-induced hair pulling, shedding and balding. When you are extremely stressed, you tend to have shallow breaths.

This deprives your hair of oxygen since it decreases the amount of oxygen that reaches your hair follicles. 

This is very common in teens who have suffered from mental trauma or exam stress. If you notice that you are suffering from abnormal hair loss, take control of your mental health. 

There are different ways to alleviate stress and put a full stop to this type of hair fall. Practice meditation, yoga or other stress-relieving exercises. 

You can also incorporate physical activities like sports or exercises into your daily life.

Certain Medications

When you are a teenager, you will face normal teenage growth spurt issues like acne, mood swings and even certain diseases like Premenstrual Dysphoric disorder. 

A lot of medications for these conditions have been proven to cause hair fall and a receding hairline in teens. 

It is important to only take such medication only after getting a prescription from a certified medical practitioner. 

Bad hair habits

Sometimes, it is our everyday habits that take a toll on our hair. Teenagers love to experiment and express themselves. 

As they grow secondary sexual organs, they might also get overly conscious about their body and hygiene, especially if you are one of those people who sweat a lot. 

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Some of the most commonly found bad hair habits among teenagers include:

Showering too often– Showering too often can do more bad to your hair than good. It strips your hair of the natural oils that are produced by the scalp. 

These are important in facilitating healthy hair growth and maintaining shiny hair. 

Too much shampooing can also irritate your scalp and weaken hair follicles, forcing them to fall off.

Excessive hairstyling– It is completely alright to use a flat iron or curling iron on your hair once in a while. But if you do that regularly, it will take a toll on your hair. 

Too much exposure to heat can seriously weaken your strands, make them thin, brittle and cause hair fall. 

If you do not control your usage of heat tools like flat irons, hot brushes and blow dryers, your follicles will start weakening. 

Nutrient deficiencies

When you hit puberty, there is a spike in your appetite. However, teenagers are not attracted to healthy foods like salads, nuts etc. 

They gravitate more towards junk food like pizza, burgers, chips, soft drinks, etc. instead of fresh fruits and vegetables.

These foods contain little to no nutritional value and can lead to a lack of essential vitamins and nutrients in your body. 

Important nutrients like Biotin, Vitamin A, Vitamin B, Zinc, Iron and Protein should be present in your diet to prevent early receding of the hairline. 

When you notice minor signs of hair loss at a young age, you can act quickly and prevent further hair fall. 

Using the right products and following a balanced diet can go a long way in having healthy hair growth. 

Apart from that, many medicines can help control hair fall to an extent and prevent receding hairline in teenage years.  

Hair loss has a lot of reasons ranging from nutrition to genetics to the use of certain products.

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