Pros and Cons of Hair Wax

The Pros and Cons of Hair Wax | Side Effects And More

Do you want to know the pros and cons of hair wax? Read on to get an overview of this popular beauty treatment. Decide for yourself whether hair wax is right for you!

Do you sometimes have a “bad hair day” and your hair just doesn’t seem to cooperate when you need it to the most? Those pesky flyaways and frizz can always act as troublemakers ruining a perfectly good hairstyle, right?

Well, ever heard of hair wax? This product can literally be your saving grace no matter what hairstyle you choose to give yourself, it will help hold it perfectly in place and make your hairstyling experience a smooth one!

This product can actually let you experiment with your hair and will let you try out any hairstyle you wish to recreate.

If you’re new to this product, then we’ve got you covered as this article will let you in on all the information related to hair wax, how it is different from gels and pomades, how do they benefit you and of course, the cons (as every product has its fair share of cons as well, right?) and it will also talk about how you should use it and wash it off the right way!

So check out the details below.

Pros and Cons of Hair Wax

Pros and Cons of Hair Wax

What Exactly Is Hair Wax?

disadvantages of hair gel
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Similar to hair gel and pomade, hair wax is yet another type of hair styling product that can hold hairstyles in place. It has a clay-like consistency and using it helps add better texture and shine to the hair. It comes in various colours and can be used by anyone!

Hair Wax, Hair Gel And Pomade: How Are They Different?

A lot of people often think that hair gels, hair waxes and pomades are the same products. Well, while they are all hair styling products they differ in their ingredients and how they can be used for hair styling.

Here Are The Comparative Differences Between Hair Gels, Hair Waxes And Pomades

Hair wax:

Hair waxes are most often alcohol-free hair styling products that help add texture to the hair and help hold hairstyles in place. It is easy to work with and simple to use.

hair wax advantages

It is versatile in its use and doesn’t harden and therefore can assist a change in hairstyle without needing to wash it off. It also is easy to wash off and it is safe to be used even on a regular or daily basis. It gives the hair more of a natural look, as compared to hair gels and pomades.

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Hair gel:

A hair gel most often contains alcohol and is a product that hardens on the hair once applied. Therefore, it needs to be washed off in case you wish to redo your hairstyle.

is hair wax good for thin hair

It helps add shine to the hair, even more than hair wax and gives the hair a greasy appearance. It often hardens quite a bit, making the hair strands look like they have been stuck together. It is harder to work with as compared to hair wax.


Pomade is very often confused with hair wax. Well, they are very similar in texture, but are slightly different. Pomades too can help hold a hairstyle in place and similar to hair gel, it adds more shine to the hair as compared to hair wax.

is hair wax good for daily use

Also, pomades can be really hard to wash off as compared to hair waxes and therefore, hair waxes are more suitable for daily usage as they wash off easily.

Pros Of Using Hair Wax

1. Works well with other products

If you wish to use a hair spray or any hair cream once you have used a hair wax, you still can, as it is completely safe. But hair waxes work well even on their own, so you may not require to use any other hair product.

2. Gives the hair a natural sheen

As compared to using a hair gel or a pomade, a hair wax can help give the hair a more natural sheen. It can also make the hair look smooth in appearance.

3. Helps tame frizz and flyaways

A lot of people have to deal with hair frizziness, flyaway baby hair strands and uncooperative hair. Well, using hair wax can help hold frizzy hair and flyaway hair strands in place for long hours.

4. Does not weigh down the hair

As long as you use a very little hair wax while styling your hair, you are good to go! Hair waxes can actually give your hair more of a bouncy effect and add to hair volume if used in a limited quantity. It won’t weigh down your hair then.

5. Gives curls more definition

For those with curly hair, using hair waxes can make your hair look super luscious and better defined without hardening the hair to be able to stand in place. Hair waxes by themselves have a very strong hold over the hair, without making the hair hard.

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6. Most often are alcohol-free

A lot of people do not prefer products without alcohol because they dry the hair and scalp out. Well, most often, hair waxes do not contain alcohol and are safe for the hair and scalp.

7. Easy to use for first timers

When you use a gel or pomade, since they harden on the hair, there is no room for error while styling, because changing or redoing the hairstyle will mean you need to wash your hair to get rid of the product first.

With a hair wax, you can redo your hairstyle any number of times as it doesn’t harden and is easy to use. So this product is suitable for first timers because of its versatility of use.

8. Made with natural ingredients

Hair waxes are mostly made up of natural ingredients like beeswax, candelilla wax etc. Therefore, they are absolutely safe for the hair and help hydrate the hair and will not cause hair damage. Thus, using hair wax even on a daily purpose will not damage your hair, unlike gel or pomade.

Cons Of Using Hair Wax

1. Can cause buildup on the scalp and hair

Well, while hair waxes are safe for the hair and scalp, we cannot forget the fact that this waxy substance can clog the pores on the scalp because a layer of buildup will form on the scalp and on the hair.

Therefore, while it is safe, it is still essential that you do not use it on your hair too often, but just in moderation as and when required.

2. Weighs down the hair if not washed off properly

Washing off the hair wax properly is very essential because if the hair wax causes a buildup on the hair, overtime it can weigh down the hair and give it a greasy appearance even after the hair has been washed.

How To Use Hair Wax For Your Hair?

Step 1: Make sure to detangle your hair using a wide-toothed comb or a paddle brush, so that it is free from knots (making the application process easier).

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Step 2: Then, take a pea-sized quantity of hair wax using the tip of your finger and apply it to the center of your palm. Then, rub it together between your palms so that the hair wax heats up and melts, so that it is easier to apply on the hair.

does hair wax cause hair loss

Step 3: You can then apply the wax on your hair. Your hair can either be completely dry or even damp while applying the wax.

is wax good for hair

Applying wax on damp hair gives the hair a more natural look and is easier to work with.

While applying the wax on your hair, it is recommended that you start off at the back and work your way towards the front. Since the wax is on both your hands, alternate your hands during application and make sure to apply the wax evenly all over your hair.

does hair wax cause hair loss

Step 4: Then you can freely style your hair however you wish to.

The Right Way To Get Rid Of Hair Wax From The Hair

Getting hair wax off the hair can be quite difficult and therefore, the best way to wash it off would be by applying a generous amount of shampoo directly onto your dry hair (because the wax will otherwise repel the water) and lather it in, starting from the root to the tip.

is hair wax good for thin hair

Make sure to coat all your hair in sufficient shampoo lather. Working the shampoo in, in sections will help spread the shampoo out more evenly.

Then rinse your hair using lukewarm or warm water (as it can soften the hair wax, making the washing off process much easier), while gently use your fingertips to clean the hair wax off your scalp.

is hair wax good for daily use

Caution: Make sure not to use cold water, as it can harden the wax and make it harder for you to get rid of it.

Pros And Cons Of Hair Wax: FAQs

Does hair wax cause hair loss?

If you buy hair wax that contains alcohol and use it too often, there is a possibility that it can dry your scalp and hair out considerably. This can lead to scalp dryness and hair breakage due to dryness, thus leading to hair loss.

Is it true that hair wax can inhibit proper hair growth?

Yes, it can inhibit hair growth if the hair follicles on the scalp are clogged with the hair wax buildup. The hair follicles will not be able to receive a sufficient amount of nutrients and hydration for the hair to grow.
This way the smooth growth of hair can be hindered and thereby washing the hair wax off properly is very essential.

The Final Takeaway

If you have to choose a good hair styling product, then using a hair wax is the best option out there. It can add shine and texture to the hair and make your hair look voluminous. Hair waxes can also help tame frizz and flyaways. It’s super versatile and very easy to use, so make sure to lay your hands on a box of hair wax soon!

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