Can You Use Purple Shampoo For Naturally Blonde Hair

Can You Use Purple Shampoo For Naturally Blonde Hair

Can you use purple shampoo for naturally blonde hair? Find out here! Also find what does purple shampoo do to natural blonde hair and how often should you use purple shampoo on natural blonde hair.

It is no secret that people with blonde hair, whether dyed or natural, face the issue of brassiness. Your blonde hair will always look beautiful until those horrible brassy tones begin to creep in.

Well, luckily enough purple shampoos exist and they are super effective in getting rid of those horrible brassy tones. But can purple shampoos work well on hair that is naturally blonde?

You don’t have to keep wondering anymore, as this article has the answers to all your questions, so check it out!

Can You Use Purple Shampoo For Naturally Blonde Hair

How does blonde hair develop brassiness?

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Hair brassiness refers to those warm unwanted tones that begin to appear in blonde or light-colored hair. When the warm pigments in the hair are in abundance, yellowish tones will begin to discolor your hair strands.

There are a few apparent reasons for why naturally blonde hair can get brassy. 

Firstly, you are using hard water to wash your hair or the water you are using to wash your hair is unfiltered.

And thus it contains minerals which settle down on the hair strands and tend to make the hair brassy.

Secondly, if you often expose your hair to sunlight, it will begin to show up with brassy tones when the hair begins to fade over time.

Why are purple shampoos used to get rid of brassiness?

Let us talk a little about the color wheel here, because the color wheel is the reason why you need to use only a purple shampoo and no other, to get rid of the brassiness.

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The color wheel is exactly what the name suggests it to be. It is a wheel which has colors in it, placed in a certain manner. 

So, when you look at the color wheel, you will find that half the wheel has warm colors and the other half has cool colors. 

That’s when you will observe that the color yellow is placed exactly opposite the color in the color wheel.

Therefore, if you consider the science of color, it is a purple shampoo that can help neutralize and cancel out the brassy tones in blonde hair, because the cool color will contrast the warm color.

This is the sole reason why purple shampoos are used to get rid of brassiness in the hair.

Purple shampoo works on naturally blonde hair: Fact or Myth?

It is undoubtedly a fact that purple shampoo can help get rid of brassiness from naturally blonde hair and this is because purple is a cool tone that can neutralize the brassy effects of the warm yellow tones in the hair.

It is essential to remember that even though a purple shampoo can be used just how you’d use any other regular cleansing shampoo, it cannot be considered for use as a replacement to your regular shampoo. 

A purple shampoo can be used once or a maximum of two times in a week.

So, if you wash your hair three times a week you can use the purple shampoo just once in those three times. 

In case your hair has excessive brassiness, then for the first few weeks, you can begin with using the purple shampoo twice every week.

And eventually bring it down to using it once every week once the brassy tones begin to fade away.

Selecting purple shampoo for naturally blonde brassy hair

A lot of people often wonder why the purple shampoo isn’t actually getting rid of the brassy tones from their hair. 

Well, maybe it is because the purple shampoo that you are using is not the right one.

Here are 4 tips on how to select the best purple shampoo to get rid of brassy tones in naturally blonde hair:

  • Choose a product that has a higher sales value and a good customer rating.
  • Buy purple shampoo that has a thick consistency and not one that is too liquidy. When         purple shampoos are opaque, that means they are of better quality.
  • Do not buy shampoos that contain chemicals like parabens, silicones or sulfates. Look from products with labels that read “all-natural”, “sulfate-free”, “chemicals-free”, etc.
  • Purchase a shampoo that is professionally approved or ones that are of salon-grade quality. While they may be comparatively more expensive than regular purple shampoos, they can work better on your hair.

How to use a purple shampoo for naturally blonde hair

Step 1: Wet your hair

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It is always essential to let your hair get completely soaked in water before you apply any shampoo because it will help you lather the shampoo better and let it spread evenly.

Here is a tip, while rinsing your hair, you can use lukewarm or warm water instead of cold water (if you are someone who usually washes their hair with cold water). 

When you use lukewarm or warm water, it will help open up the cuticles on the hair shaft, thereby giving the shampoo a better chance of getting absorbed into the hair strand, thus having a better  and quicker effect on the hair.

Step 2: Lather in the purple shampoo

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Just how you would take a little of your regular shampoo and lather it into your hair, you can use the same amount of purple shampoo. 

Remember not to overdo it. Use the desired amount of shampoo as per the length of your hair.

Once you have generously applied the shampoo into your hair, gently massage it around in circular motions so that it lathers evenly and coats every hair strand.

Step 3: Leave it in

Most often, you can leave the purple shampoo in your hair for a few minutes (approximately 2 to 3 minutes), just how you would do in the case of any other shampoo.

But while using a purple shampoo, make sure to read the instructions (if any) on the product, before you use it to see if the instructions state otherwise.

It is essential to note that the brassiness from your hair may not completely fade away within one or two washes, especially if your hair has a lot of brassiness. 

Therefore, you will have to continue to use a purple shampoo until the brassy tones in your hair completely disappear.

Step 4: Rinse it off and condition your hair

Once the purple shampoo has been left in for the required amount of time, rinse it off well under running water, so that there is no residue remaining on the hair and scalp.

Thereafter, you can condition your hair with your regular hair conditioner, just like how you normally would after shampooing your hair.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about using purple shampoos for naturally blonde hair

1. Can using purple shampoo on naturally blonde hair stain my hair purple?

Yes, it definitely can stain your hair if the shampoo is left on for too long. 
While purple shampoos are used on the hair just like any other regular cleansing shampoo, it cannot be left in for too long.
This means that a purple shampoo can be left on the head for a maximum of 15 minutes before it has to be rinsed off, failing which it can stain the hair.
The recommended time to leave the shampoo on your head would be for 2 to 3 minutes during each use.

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2. Are purple shampoos the same as purple depositing shampoos?

A lot of people make the common mistake of using a color depositing shampoo instead of a purple shampoo. It is important to remember that they are two different types of shampoos, used for two different purposes.
To get rid of brassiness, only a purple shampoo can be used. If you wish to color your light-colored hair purple, that’s when you use a color depositing shampoo.

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3. Can I use a blue shampoo instead of a purple shampoo?

No, blue shampoos cannot be used to get rid of brassiness from naturally blonde hair, because blue shampoos can only get rid of orange, reddish or brassy tones from the hair and will not work when the hair has warm yellowish tones. 
You can only use a purple shampoo for this purpose.

4. What do I do if my naturally blonde hair has got stained after using a purple shampoo?

Well, this is something that has happened to a lot of people, so do not panic as there are a lot of solutions to get rid of the purple color.
Here are two useful methods you could try. Wash your hair with a clarifying shampoo. A clarifying shampoo can help dissolve the purple pigments stains on your hair.
Another method you can use is, add a little baking soda into your regular shampoo before applying it on your hair.
You can also choose to leave the color as it is, in case it is very light, as it will begin to fade away eventually as you keep washing your hair with your regular cleansing shampoo.

The final takeaway

I hope this article has helped clear the minds of all you natural blondes out there who were facing the problem of hair brassiness from a long time and didn’t find the right solution to it.

Remember to use a good quality purple shampoo diligently and you can soon be on your way towards having the perfect and vibrant naturally blonde hair.

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