Is Raw Sugar Bounce Back Shampoo Good for Your Hair

Is Raw Sugar Bounce Back Shampoo Good for Your Hair | Here’s My Honest 2023 Review

I happened to come across many social media influencers talking about and reviewing this product brand called “Raw Sugar”.

Well, I was quite intrigued with all the hype and decided to go ahead and try out their shampoo on my own hair.

From moisturizing creams, to shampoos and conditioners, Raw Sugar has it all, but I stuck to trying out a shampoo because I was anyway looking for a change in my shampoo.

So I went in for the Raw Sugar Bounce Back Shampoo because my hair had lost its lustre and natural bounce and was standing flat and limp after the overuse of products and excessive product buildup.

It has been now over two months since I have been using this shampoo and I can definitely see what all the hype was about!

So, does this shampoo actually live up to all the hype? Well, check out my review to find out all the details!

Is Raw Sugar Bounce Back Shampoo Good for Your Hair

Raw Sugar Bounce Back Shampoo: What’s in the box?

raw sugar shampoo review

So as always I bought the Raw Sugar Bounce Back Shampoo on Amazon. I received both the shampoo along with the conditioner as there was no option to buy just the shampoo, as it only came as a set.

Both these bottles came individually shrink wrapped in plastic and were well packed with no leakage.

The shampoo and conditioner both come with press top caps for their respective bottles and it makes product dispensing super easy and they seal really well, suitable for travel purposes as well.

Raw Sugar Bounce Back Shampoo: Main Ingredients and their Benefits

I always like to check out what the ingredients are of a product before I buy it so I can avoid using sulfates or parabens on my hair.

These are the top ingredients of this shampoo:

Raw Sugar Bounce Back Shampoo Main Ingredients

Mango/Shea butter

Mango/shea butter can help make the hair become softer and smoother as it traps moisture in the hair strands and can thereby reduce hair damage and breakage. Mango/shea butter can also make the hair healthier and stronger as it can strengthen the hair strands right from the follicles also reducing hair loss.


Agave is a lesser known ingredient added into hair care products but is extremely beneficial to the hair and can make the hair feel soft and smooth as it is very hydrating in nature. It can even help reduce hair dryness and make the hair strands stronger.

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Carrot seed oil:

Carrot seed oil is also another lesser used ingredient in hair products but it can be beneficial to the hair in many ways from helping reduce dry hair by restoring the moisture content in the hair, to taming frizz and flyaways. It can also help improve hair texture, by smoothening out the hair strands and can improve hair growth while also protecting the hair from damage.

Aloe vera extract:

Aloe vera extract can help control the grease content in the hair and bring back life and lustre to the hair and improve the hair’s natural bounce. It can also help promote better hair growth, while also protecting the hair from external damage. Aloe vera can help strengthen the hair strands from the roots as it is rich in nutrients and minerals.

raw sugar bounce back shampoo

How I rated the Raw Sugar Bounce Back Shampoo

I love to rate and review products and I make sure to review them based on a few parameters I come up with, so the reader can make their product choice with a more clearer idea of the product in question.

Here are the parameters I chose to review this product:

Cleansing power:

Since it’s a shampoo and my hair and scalp had a lot of product buildup, I kept this parameter in mind during this review.

Scalp and hair gentleness:

I always prefer products that do not contain sulfates, parabens or any other harsh chemicals because of the damage they cause to the hair. So this is an aspect I make sure to consider when I look into a product’s ingredients.

Product effectiveness:

As for this shampoo, it promises better hair volume with a renewed hair bounce. So this is an aspect I could review because my hair was flat and limp when I chose to use this product.


Harsh fragrances are not for me! I am someone who prefers mild and subtle scents for shampoos or any other products for that matter. So this is another parameter I kept in mind too.


Lastly, I also consider the product pricing, whether the quantity and effectiveness of the product are worth it for the price paid or not; also whether the product is on the expensive side or not. 

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Overall Review: Raw Sugar Bounce Back Shampoo

The reason I chose this shampoo in particular is because I was looking to treat the problem of dull, limp and lifeless hair. I was looking to bring back volume, lustre and a natural bounce to my hair.

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Over the last two months of using this shampoo, I can definitely say that it’s been around a month and a half since I have been gradually observing the results.

is the raw sugar shampoo good for hair

So to start off with, my hair had a lot of product buildup because of my excessive use of styling products like serums, gels, creams and oils. But after using this shampoo, its powerful cleansing powers definitely helped reduce a lot of my product buildup.

I could notice my scalp feel much lighter after a couple of weeks of using this shampoo, while my hair felt less greasy after around a week of using this shampoo.

What I really liked is that this shampoo contained absolutely no sulfates or parabens and is made from many natural ingredients. So it was very mild on the scalp and hair and didn’t cause any sort of irritation even on my super sensitive scalp.

In terms of its overall effectiveness to increase hair bounce, this product lives up to its expectations for sure! It is super powerful in its effects to help promote better hair volume and bring back the hair’s natural bounce. 

While I initially didn’t see the bounce appear, after around three weeks of using this shampoo, I started noticing the changes.

As for the smell of this shampoo, I can say that the scent was mild, but I really couldn’t tell what it smelled like. But what I liked is that it made my hair smell fresh once it dried up.

I used this shampoo along with its conditioner (because I had to buy it together, as there was no only shampoo available for sale). I really liked the way the conditioner worked on my hair as well. 

It made my hair feel very smooth and soft, without weighing it down (like my previous conditioner would).

Lastly, since I would use it as a set of the shampoo and conditioner, I would say that I felt like that product was worth the price for the quantity and results it delivered.

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Raw Sugar Bounce Back Shampoo: Pros and Cons


·         Contains no sulfates or parabens and is made from many natural ingredients.

·         The shampoo feels very mild and gentle on the scalp (even if sensitive) and hair.

·         Gives the hair back its natural bounce and makes it look more voluminous.

·         The conditioner makes the hair feel very smooth, without weighing down the hair.

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·         Helps get rid of excessive product buildup in the hair and scalp.

·         Has a mild fragrance and makes the hair smell fresh once it dries.

·         The price paid for this product was reasonable and worth it.



How to use the Raw Sugar Bounce Back Shampoo and Conditioner?

Using this shampoo and conditioner is super simple and similar to how you’d use any other cleansing shampoo and moisturizing conditioner.

To use the shampoo: Rinse your hair under plain running water for a few minutes until your hair is fully wet. Then pour a little shampoo into your palm and evenly spread it all over your scalp and hair. 

Using your fingertips, then, massage it in for a few minutes until it rakes up a good lather and leave it on for 2 to 3 minutes to absorb into the hair strands and loosen buildup. Lastly, rinse off with plain warm water.

To use the conditioner: Once you’ve finished the shampooing process, pour a little conditioner on your palm, rub your palms together and apply it all over your hair evenly (not on your scalp as it leads to buildup). 

Leave it on for 2 to 3 minutes and then rinse off properly with plain cool water.

Is the Raw Sugar Bounce Back Shampoo worth the price?

I bought the shampoo cum conditioner set of two bottles priced at $29.46 wherein each bottle contained 18 Fl.Oz. (532 ml) of product.

Well, the quantity was amazing for this price while also it delivered the best results for my hair.

So overall, I would say it was a good buy and definitely worth the price I paid.

Feature-wise rating: Raw Sugar Bounce Back Shampoo

Cleansing power4.2/5
Scalp and hair gentleness4.4/5
Product effectiveness4.3/5

The final takeaway: Who is it best for?

For those with hair that lacks volume and is standing dull, limp and lifeless, I would certainly recommend this Raw Sugar Bounce Back shampoo to you guys!

Hair that stands flat can automatically make the hair look lifeless and this could be due to product buildup, improper shampoo usage etc.

When it comes to this shampoo, you can be rest assured that all your flat hair problems will be solved for sure!

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