Schwarzkopf Vs Olaplex Comparison | Which Shampoo For Anti-Dandruff 2023?

In this article, we will be comparing Schwarzkopf vs Olaplex to help you decide which is better for your hair needs.

A good anti-dandruff shampoo will protect your hair from dandruff and other hair damage. It will also keep your scalp clean and moisturized, which is important for preventing damage.

A good anti-dandruff shampoo must be gentle enough to avoid irritating your hair. It should not have a lot of chemicals in it and should be able to last for several washes. Apart from all this, it also helps balance your scalp and remove excess oils and flakes. 

Schwarzkopf Vs Olaplex

Because there are so many products available, choosing the best one for your hair problems might be difficult. Your hair can become weaker and drier due to damage from flat irons, curling irons, hair dryers, bleach, and color. Schwarzkopf and Olaplex are two leading brands in the hair restoration market. 

However, when you contrast Olaplex and Schwarzkopf, the discussion starts. Which is more beneficial for your hair? 

In this article, I will review the Schwarzkopf shampoo and Olaplex shampoo. Let’s get to know each and every detail about these hair brands. Later in this article find what I choose for my hair.

Your choice can differ based on the requirement you have. Read along and take notes on what speciality each one holds. 

Schwarzkopf Vs Olaplex

Who is Schwarzkopf?

Schwarzkopf shampoo is a brand that was founded over 120 years ago. Its goal has always been to reinvent hair care. The company holds more patents and is committed to innovation and quality.

Today, the company has multiple brands designed by hairdressers and is considered one of the world’s leading hair care companies. The company has a history of recognizing and promoting different hair types and colors.

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Schwarzkopf is part of Henkel, and its products are sold in over 150 countries. One of its revolutionary products is a cold perm that allows women to have the waves they want without the heat. 

For over 120 years, the hair cosmetics brand Schwarzkopf has stood for excellence, knowledge, and creativity. The public fully trusts Schwarzkopf.

Schwarzkopf is synonymous with innovation, dependability, quality, trust, and expertise. These values are the cornerstones of our company’s success. Each of our products reflects our enthusiasm for creating lovely hair, which fuels our business.

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Who is Olaplex?

Olaplex was created by a hair stylist, Dean Christal, who saw the potential of a new bonding product to make hair stronger and healthier. The Olaplex formula was formulated from real scientific chemistry compounds.

This product helps restore damaged strands and strengthens hair strands, leading to shinier, healthier locks. While it is still a fairly new product, it has helped millions.

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Olaplex is a revolutionary new product in the hair care industry. It promises to repair damaged bonds and strengthen all types of hair. Unlike other products, Olaplex requires only 100% human hair.

Keratin coatings can be a barrier to the product, so it is important to know that your hair is 100% human to get the best results. Olaplex works at the molecular level, repairing damaged hair without compromising its integrity.

So if you are looking for a product that will add shine and luster to your hair, consider Olaplex. Unlike other chemical-based treatments, Olaplex does not harm natural hair.

It is free of silicone, sulfates, phthalates, DEA, gluten, or animal testing. It is also color-safe. It is best to consult with a stylist before starting Olaplex treatment.

Olaplex works on the hair’s internal structure, fixing damaged hair bonds and preventing further damage. It is available as a separate treatment or as an additive for other color-treated hair products.

Olaplex is safe for all hair types, including fine, dry, and damaged hair. This product has three parts: a shampoo, a conditioner, and a bonding oil. Each step helps to rebuild damaged and brittle hair.

Top IngredientsAqua, Panthenol, Cocamidopropyl betaine, Laureth-6 carboxylic acid, Keratin, GlycerylBis-Aminopropyl diglycol dimaleate, Sodium benzoate, Phenoxyethanol
Main product benefitsMainly used for dandruff hair.Helps in removing scalps and make hair much smoother.
Gentle or Not?YesYes
100% safe for color-treated hairYesYes
Fragrance or Not?No fragranceFloral fragrance
Quantity100 ml100 ml

About Schwarzkopf Shampoo

The Ingredients

Schwarzkopf Shampoo is a high-quality product with ingredients to make your hair healthier. It contains ahas and bhas and salicylic acid to combat dandruff and add manageability.

It also has vitamin c to prevent hair loss and nourish brittle locks. The Schwarzkopf Professional company has been producing top-quality hair care products for over a century.

Its range of hair care products caters to all hair types and conditions. Its products can be found at retail stores and online at Perfume’s Club.

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Its formula is designed to cleanse and hydrate normal or dry hair, leaving it soft and supple for up to 48 hours. The product also contains no silicones or artificial colors.

The formula is ideal for everyday use. This product is also suitable for sensitive scalps. The ingredients of Schwarzkopf Shampoo will leave your hair clean and conditioned while also allowing you to express your personality through your hair.

The texture of the shampoo:

Rub the solution into dry hair, massaging it into the roots to provide more volume and texture, and then get on with your day. When I use this shampoo, the texture of Schwarzkopf Shampoo is mousse.

Effectiveness on my hair:

I have used this shampoo for a week, and I noticed that the shampoo moistens hair but does not remove dandruff.

Its usage:

Before using:

  1. Give the bottle a thorough shake.
  2. Apply Schwarzkopf shampoo on your hand’s palm and massage your fingers into the base of your dry hair.
  3. Allow the solution to dry naturally. You can use your hairdryer for a short while to hasten the process.

The packaging:

When I purchased this shampoo, I found that it comes with new packaging where you need to remove the cap and then use it smoothly.


Schwarzkopf shampoo hair product is quite expensive, as I purchased this from amazon at the cost of $20.14.

About Olaplex Shampoo

The Ingredients

Olaplex is a hair repair treatment that has become massively popular over the past few years. Many famous hair professionals swear by it. Celebrities such as Drew Barrymore, Chrissy Teigen, and Kaley Cuoco use it on their hair.

It is also available at salons all over the world. If you are looking for a great hair treatment, try Olaplex today. You won’t regret it.

Olaplex is a patented hair treatment that works at the molecular level to repair damaged bonds in the hair. It contains one active ingredient, which is known as Bis-Aminopropyl Diglycol Dimaleate. The Olaplex complete collection contains products that can be used at home or in the salon.

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The Olaplex technology is designed to rebuild damaged hair by repairing disulfide bonds. This repair is permanent, allowing hair to regain its integrity and structure. It is safe for all types of hair, chemically treated or natural. It is also safe for dandruff and dry hair.

The texture of the shampoo:

Olaplex shampoo comes in a thick liquid form, and when I use it in my hair, it easily covers all the hair.

Effectiveness on my hair:

I found Olaplex is more effective on my hair. It removed all my scalp, dandruff, and hair more smoothly than earlier.

Its usage:

I applied olaplex shampoo to my rinse hair and massaged it for a few seconds. And finally, I washed it thoroughly. After that, I found my hair looks shiny and smoother.

The packaging:

Olaplex comes in a simple bottle with normal caps. 


I purchased Olaplex shampoo at the cost of $27.44 from Amazon.

A Comparison Of The Brands

Here in this section, I’m going to compare Schwarzkopf and olaplex hair products based on my personal experience and get to know which is best for your stunning hair.

Effectiveness on the hair:

After using both shampoos, I concluded that olaplex shampoo is very effective on my scalp and hair damage compared to Schwarzkopf shampoo.

Gentleness on the scalp:

I used both shampoos, and I found that both shampoos are sulfate free. So yes, they both are gentle on the scalp.

Use on color-treated hair:

I’m not using color ever, but I hope it gives the best results.


When I used olaplex on my hair as it gives a light floral fragrance. But on the other hand, Schwarzkopf does have a fragrance.


Now let me tell you the pricing of each 100 ml shampoo bottle –

● Schwarzkopf costs – $20.14

● Olaplex costs – $27.44

Feature-wise Rating

Packaging4 0/54.4/5

Summary: Which would be my choice?

Now let’s come to the final comparison as, in my opinion, both Schwarzkopf and Olaplex are intended to restore and maintain hair; their approaches and outcomes vary. But apart from all the above comparisons, you choose by yourself.

For the finest outcomes following your treatments, the Schwarzkopf hair brand shampoo is applied in the salon.

The Schwarzkopf is a reforming product that won’t modify the final coloring or uplifting strength, even they also don’t alter the ratios of your mixing ingredients, as well as won’t add extra steps, so you get a typical processing time and then a shine as well as a color that last. But when I used Olaplex, I felt it was more beneficial than Schwarzkopf.

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