Does Semi-Permanent Hair Dye Actually Wash Out

Does Semi-Permanent Hair Dye Actually Wash Out?

Does Semi-Permanent Hair Dye Actually Wash Out? In this post, you will find out the truth about how semi-permanent hair dye works, and whether or not it actually disappears over time.

Do you like the idea of a brand new hair makeover without actually applying permanent hair color? Then this guide is for you.

Most people consider getting a semi-permanent hair dye to get a unique, cool, and edgy look without the commitment of a long-term one.

You must be wondering how long semi-permanent hair dye actually lasts. Not to fear. In this guide, I will be sharing everything you need to know about semi-perm dyes through my own personal experience.

What I love about semi-permanent hair dyes is that you can experiment with different shades and they last only for approximately 4-6 weeks.

If you don’t like the color, there is an endless choice of shades to choose from. So, if you are someone like me who is afraid of using permanent chemical hair dyes, try semi-perm hair colors. Trust me, you will thank me later.

Semi-Permanent Hair Dye
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Does Semi-Permanent Hair Dye Actually Wash Out?

What Is Semi-Permanent Hair Dye?

In a nutshell, semi-permanent hair color is suitable for anyone who wants a short-term makeover and transformation of their hair. It is a much gentler and less damaging option for the hair as it does not have any harsh chemicals such as hydrogen peroxide or ammonia. 

It does not penetrate into the hair cortex but instead coats the hair shafts and lasts for a shorter period of time. What is also beneficial is that it can be applied directly to the hair without any developer.

Semi-permanent hair dye is wonderful for the following situations-

-You can also use semi-permanent hair dye when you want to refresh your faded hair color so if you have an upcoming event and don’t have time to see your hair stylist, a box of temporary semi-permanent hair dye might be the solution to dull-looking hair.

-Are your roots showing? There are root touch-up kits with semi-permanent hair color that can give your grays full coverage so that you can feel more confident.

-If you want to experiment with another hair shade with no hair damage then semi-permanent hair dye is an awesome solution.

Darker, edgy colors do show up better on lighter hair like blondes. But if you are a brunette like me then you will be happy to learn that there are now new semi-permanent hair dyes on the market that are specially formulated for dark hair.

Does Semi-Permanent Color Wash Out Of Clothes?

First of all, do not panic! This is actually pretty easy and it happened to me. It does not require any special tools or products.

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All you need is some patience and the right method for removing the stain on your particular kind of fabric.

There are a few different things you can try depending on the kind of fabric and material you have.

If you have an outfit with semi-hair dye stains on it, here are some suggestions on how to remove stains from clothes that will work on most fabrics, including synthetic, cotton, and polyester fibers-

-You can also use either salt or baking soda alone, or simply mix it with water to form a paste.

-Liquid laundry detergent will also do the trick, all you gotta do is pour a little of the detergent directly onto the stain and rub it into the fabric, then do laundry as usual.

-My favorite home remedy to use is old-fashioned stuff- ammonia, yes it works like magic.

– Use apple cider vinegar or white vinegar by dabbing them on a cloth straight from the bottle and gently rubbing the stained area.

-Even hairsprays can also work well if the dye is fresh. 

-Finally use an enzyme-based pre-treatment, like vanish as it works great well for most fabrics and is available pretty much everywhere. Any of the above options can be used for removing semi-permanent hair dye from clothes!

Hair Dye
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Does Semi-Permanent Dye Wash Out Of Blonde Hair?

Because blonde hair is so light, it’s a dream to dye it and the best part is that it can’t take on bold, dark, and vivid colors. Before you dye it, make sure your hair is healthy, it should be moisturized, and rich in proteins finally make sure it isn’t brittle or porous before dyeing it.

The thing about dyeing your hair a darker shade than a blonde, even if it is semi-permanent, is that it is always going to be a long-term commitment.

The only reason being it is harder to pull dark pigments out of light-colored hair. It is nearly impossible to get rid of any dark color in naturally light hair, so think properly before you decide to do it.

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Many semi-colors will start to fade away after 15 shampoos or more, so with the right care, the color will leave evenly and nicely. So, if you’re blonde and you did a dark brown semi-permanent, please do not expect to be blonde again in at least twelve washes.

How Long Does It Take A Semi-Permanent Hair Dye To Wash Out?

Most semi-permanent hair dyes will last approximately for about four to six weeks. 

Certain tones of semi-permanent hair dyes such as green or blue can even last up to seven weeks. You will notice how with every wash the dye starts to fade but don’t worry because you can increase the longevity of semi-perm hair dyes by being a little cautious.

I tried these methods and it helped me tremendously. For one, invest in a color-protecting and sulfate-free shampoo and conditioner so that the color doesn’t fade after every wash. You can also buy a color-protecting primer to protect the color while styling the hair. 

If you have light hair, or color-damaged hair remember to be careful when using semi-permanent hair color.

The color will generally last depending upon certain factors such as wah products you use ( like I had already mentioned), how often you wash your hair, the color of your hair dye since darker tones will stay longer, the texture of your hair since porous hair will absorb the dye better and make it last longer and finally, your lifestyle and exposure to the environment like the sea,  sunshine, and water also matter.

semi permanent hair dye for dark hair
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Is Semi-Permanent Hair Dye Damaging?

Semi-permanent hair dyes are made up color granules that penetrate the hair cuticles on the outer edge of the cortex. 

While permanent hair dyes are made up of small pure color granules combined with hydrogen peroxide, they get trapped within the cortex of each follicle and do not wash out easily.

The major difference between semi and permanent hair dyes is the presence of developers since semi-permanent hair dyes do not contain the developer, so they do not have the ability to open the hair shaft and allow the color pigments to enter the hair follicle.

Since semi-permanent hair color only coats the outside of your hair so it is not dangerous as compared to permanent hair dyes. Semi-permanent dyes will not lift the natural color pigments of your hair, what it does is simply deposit color onto the hair.

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 So, do not worry or take much concerned regarding the dangers of semi-permanent hair dyes, as it is unlikely to cause you any long-term impacts. 

However, through personal experience I would say that too much of anything can be damaging, so the appropriate time to apply your semi-permanent hair dye should be more than once a month and you can even take a small patch or strand test first to see its effects on your hair.

Lastly, if you have color-damaged hair, then each hair strand tends to be more porous so the semi-permanent hair color can penetrate the hair shaft and stain your hair causing it to be more permanent than you had intended it to be.

Pros & Cons


  • They tend to give you more natural color.
  • Enhance the original color of your hair.
  • Less damage to your hair.
  • Can be applied easily at home.
  • It is much safer to use than permanent dyes.
  • You can use it without pre-mixing them.
  • Experiment with many colors.
  • Eventually, it washes out if you do not like the color.


  • Color fades. 
  • Needs to be frequently reapplied.
  • It can dry your hair.
  • Cannot lighten your hair.
  • Causes overlapping and looks unnatural.
  • No full coverage of gray hairs.
semi permanent hair color without bleaching
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Semi-permanent coloring treatments offer you a marvelous way to experiment with different color shades.

If you would like to experiment with new, trending shades and colors and decide what might suit you then you must first determine your own natural hair color.

Here is my advice: If your hair is long and thick, use two identical semi-permanent hair color applications.

If you are still unsure, you can always test the results on a small strand of hair and remember that exposure to the sun, seawater, or any other harsh chemicals may damage your hair. 

Still not sure? Well, the quickest way to find out if semi-permanent hair color is best for you is to seek professional help. You can always take advice from our stylist and discuss which option will give you a color that’s just right for you.

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