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Shea Moisture Vs Aussie Miracle | Brand Comparison For Curly Hair (2024)

It’s difficult to find good curly hair products. So today I’ll compare the brands Shea Moisture Vs Aussie Miracle to find which is best for curly hair. I’ll also use and review the shampoos from both brands. 

Curly hair is finally getting its place in the spotlight and I’m all here for it! 

A lot of curly-haired folks in the past used to use products and hair care routines made for straighter hair types. 

Today, with the Curly Girl Method revolution and the influx of several curly/natural hair care products in the market, your curls have finally got the chance to shine (literally!).

But the availability of so many curly hair products presents its own type of dilemma – which is the best one? Which one do I choose?

Two of the most popular curl-focused brands today are SheaMoisture and Aussie Miracle. 

I’ve decided to do a thorough dive into the formulas, ingredients and functions of products from each of these brands to find which company is better for curly hair. 

Let’s check it out! 

Shea Moisture Vs Aussie Miracle

About Shea Moisture

SheaMoisture was founded in 1991 by Nyema Tubman and Richelieu Dennis who were Liberian immigrants living in America. The name of the brand was inspired by Dennis’s grandmother Sofi Tucker, a African woman who sold Shea Butter in Sierra Leone. 

This company is cruelty-free and is very committed to using shea butter and other ingredients that have been ethically sourced. 

They also have a fantastic corporate social responsibility program which focuses on giving back to the community with a focus on promoting the health and education of black girls in underdeveloped parts of the world and various fellowships for the African American community in the USA. 

The brand is currently owned by Unilever. 

Is Shea Moisture good for hair

About Aussie Miracle 

Aussie is a beauty brand owned and operated by the conglomerate Procter and Gamble. And yes, it did originate in Australia. It is known for its cheap and affordable prices. 

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For a long time Aussie was the go-to shampoo brand for curls and coily hair textures. 

is aussie miracle moist sulfate free

Comparison Between Aussie Miracle and Shea Moisture


The price difference for both Shea Moisture and Aussie products is not so varied. But Aussie is definitely less expensive out of the two and is a bonafide “drugstore” product.

Ingredients and Formula

There is a lot of overlap between Aussie and SheaMoisture when it comes to ingredients as most of the components are commonly used in curly hair care. 

which shampoo brand is better for curly hair

Range of Products Available 

The biggest difference between Aussie and SheaMoisture in terms of its products is that SheaMoisture caters to a wider range of hair textures. 

Some of Aussies products (like the Miracle Coils line) do cater to the African American market, the products are not that variable. 

SheaMoisture on the other hand, has several products that range from lightweight hair care stuff for type 3a, b and c curls and more nourishing ones for dry, damaged type 4 hair. 

However, Aussie has got several products available for straight/wavy hair textures including kids shampoos but SheaMoisture caters exclusively to curly/African American hair. So Aussie has got the upper hand there. 

Ethics and Eco-Friendliness 

Both Aussie and SheaMoisture are PETA-certified cruelty free brands. However, Procter and Gamble, the conglomerate that owns Aussie, is not cruelty free. 

When it comes to ingredients, both Aussie and SheaMoisture are committed to using high quality ingredients without the use of harmful chemicals like parabens, mineral oil, phthalates, DMDM hydantoin, formaldehyde, etc. 

SheaMoisture takes this up a notch by sourcing all its ingredients, especially the African shea butter from fair trade sources. Also, SheaMoisture gives 10 percent of its profits back to the community for various causes. 

Shea Moisture Shampoo Vs Aussie Miracle Shampoo

To make the review fair, I decided to try out two shampoos of these brands which are created for a similar purpose. That is, to cater to type 3 curls. 

So I used the SheaMoisture Coconut Curls Shine Shampoo and the Aussie Miracle Curls Shampoo and pitted them against each other.

I used the Aussie Miracle Curls one first and immediately I noted that the shampoo contained both sodium laureth sulfate and sodium lauryl sulfate. This was very disappointing as the shampoo is specifically marketed as a product for curls.

So this was an instant no-no from me. And comparatively the Shea Moisture Curls Shampoo is very gentle and contains the surfactant Decyl Glucoside instead of SLS and SLES. 

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Decyl Glucoside is very gentle yet cleanses hair well, which I think is an important factor for curly hair as it needs that volume as well as nourishment. 

aussie miracle curls vs shea moisture

So SheaMoisture wins this round for sure. 

Another thing I noticed that made me regret the Aussie shampoo was the presence of dimethicone in the shampoo. 

This is a form of silicone that helps reduce frizz and smoothen hair. But it can also lead to a lot of product buildup and cause curls to be weighed down. 

Again, SheaMoisture doesn’t contain silicones at all. So it is still a better shampoo than Aussie Miracle Curls. 

Coming to the other ingredients, I like that Aussie’s formula is very lightweight. It uses Jojoba oil and coconut oil as chief ingredients. 

SheaMoisture on the other hand uses coconut oil, aloe vera, glycerin, in addition to shea butter. Its formula is a bit richer than Aussie’s but it’s definitely the better one. 

When it comes to pricing, Aussie Hair Care has definitely got the upper hand. I bought the 360ml bottle of Aussie shampoo online for only $4 while the 398ml (which is only slightly more than Aussie) bottle of SheaMoisture was $$9.97 on the same e-commerce website.

I definitely think Aussie should step up their game when it comes to curly hair care. I can see why people would want to get a cheaper curly hair product but I don’t think Aussie is worth it. 

SheaMoisture is definitely expensive (the shampoo is almost twice as expensive as Aussie) but I definitely think it’s worth it. 

FAQs about Shea Moisture Vs Aussie Miracle

Which shea moisture is the best?

This is actually subjective. The Shea Moisture product that best suits you depends on your hair texture and needs. The SheaMoisture Coconut & Hibiscus Curl Enhancing line is good for type 3 hair as it increases curl definition and has a lighter formula that won’t weigh down your hair. 
And if you have damaged hair the Jamaican Castor Oil Strengthen & Restore line would be better as it helps repair tresses. But the rich and extremely nourishing Manuka Honey products would be better for extremely dry type 4 hair. So different SheaMoisture products are good for different hair types.

Can you use shea moisture everyday?

I do not recommend using SheaMoisture products everyday, unless you’re using a hair setting cream or gel. This is because SheaMoisture products are designed to be very rich, moisturizing and heavy as they need to nourish curly/natural hair that needs it. 
But using them everyday can lead to product buildup. Or in the case of shampoos, actually dry out your curls. So you can use the products according to the curly girl method or the curl routine you’ve got for your hair. 

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Is Aussie bad for your hair?

No, generally speaking Aussie is not bad for your hair, provided you choose the right shampoo for your hair type. There are some shampoos that have strong surfactants that are formulated for straight, oily hair types and as long as you don’t use them on curly/dry/damaged hair you should be fine. 
Most people have an issue with Aussie as most of their products contain alcohol (used to dissolve dirt and oil) which can make hair dry with prolonged use. But it is important to note concentration of alcohol in the formula, as most hair care products only use trace amounts of which is not enough to cause damage. 

Can you use Shea Moisture for the Curly Girl Method?

Yes you can! In fact, Shea Moisture is in the list of Curly Girl Approved brands as it does not use any silicones or sulfates. They also have a wide range of products that you can use for every step of your curly hair routine including clarifying shampoos, “pre-poo” products, leave-in conditioners and setting gels. 

What hair type is Aussie for?

Aussie Miracle is a brand that is known for catering to Type 3a, 3b and 3c curly hair. But there are several other products in this line that can be useful for straight hair types as well. Their Miracle Coils collection does cater to natural type 4 hair. So basically, Aussie is good for straight, curly and coily hair types too! 

Summary on Shea Moisture Vs Aussie Miracle

To sum it up, Aussie Miracle is definitely the more economically affordable option between the two for curly hair. However, most of their products are full of silicones and sulfates. 

SheaMoisture might be expensive but it’s still better for your tresses as it uses mild surfactants, no silicones and a combination of natural, ethically-sourced ingredients. 

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