Short Alt Hairstyles With Bangs

16 Short Alt Hairstyles With Bangs 2024

Looking for short alt hairstyles with bangs? Check out our collection of short hairstyles with bangs and get the look you’ve been searching for.

As a millennial who grew up and kept scrolling down Pinterest for my beauty inspiration and tips, you will not believe just how many hairstyle pins I actually saved, not like I actually planned on trying them out.

The latest hairstyle trend dominating all over is unlike anything I have ever seen-Alternative hairstyles or alt hairstyles for short are bold, edgy, unique, and colorful. 

If you are in two minds about whether to try this hairstyle with cool bangs to shake things up, then you are at the right place.

Keep scrolling for everything you need to know about the latest and hottest alternative hairstyles with bang ideas to try in the upcoming year.

Top Short Alt Hairstyles With Bangs

What Is An Alt Hairstyle?

Alternative hairstyles are nothing like the traditional French braids and long beach waves you are used to seeing.

These unconventional, provocative, bold, edgy, and cool do not follow your usual mainstream trends.

Alt hairstyles are all about bold layers with texture, funky patterns, and bright colors.

They are all about breaking new ground and going beyond the usual trends in favor of something a little more rare and extraordinary.

From mohawks, to wolf cuts to mullets to remixed pixies to faux hawks, the choices are endless.

But a little inspiration never hurts, am I right? So, take a look at some of my top 18 alt hairstyles with bangs and collect ideas for your next bold, distinctive hairdo.

Gradient Pink-Platinum Layered & Cropped Bob with bangs

It’s out with the old and in with the new, say hello to this unique, alluring and distinctive pink platinum hot pink with rosy tones at the roots to lighter pink platinum shade at the ends.

Short Alt Hairstyles With Bangs
Source: Instagram @alexiskaylen

A cropped, layered bob shows off the pink platinum gradient perfectly paired with this brow-grazing blunt bangs is just to die for.

Choppy Lob and Bangs

Give another dimension to your choppy lob with this youthful-looking and cool girl alt hairstyle with short length and texture. This edgy, rebellious look is why I’m absolutely obsessed with this.

alt hairstyles drawings
Source: Instagram @redbloomsalon

I recommend keeping the bangs light which allows for an effortless and classy cut. You can use a flat iron for an easy day-to-night look. It’s the coolest and easiest way to give your hairdo some extra attitude.

Emo Hairstyle With Bangs

This is one of the most popular short alternative hairstyles. I am totally rocking this hairstyle thanks to the whole Avril Lavigne obsession, and it can be styled in a  variety of ways.

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You can go for side-swept bangs, angled bangs, and straight-across bangs with your short hairdo. To help you create the emo look that you are after, make sure you choose bangs that are long enough to cover your forehead.

short alt hairstyles male
Source: Instagram @kookyneko

And lastly, do not forget about the color! Don’t be afraid to experiment with bright and bold colors on your bangs. So go ahead and add some rainbow, purple, green, or pink color to really make a statement.

The Halle Berry

Was I the only one screaming when I read Zendaya’s post of her beautiful and radiant short hair with bangs captioned-“Halle Berrrrrrryyyyyyy Halle Berry” and tbh? You can keep the sides short and also retain some length up top (optional).

alt hairstyles short hair
Source: Instagram @donnie.flaherty

Her super blonde classic cut with bangs is just the right blonde tone to make her skin glow in a very radiant light and will give any person a highlight contrast and more room to style as well.

The Miley Cyrus Mullet With Bangs

If it is one person who knows how to make a statement, it is Miley Cyrus so why not take inspiration from her amazing alt-short mullet with bangs look? Pair this look with a T-shirt, a pair of high-waist jeans and sunglasses,  black boots, and bam…you will feel like a rockstar.

short alt hairstyles fluffy
Source: Instagram @the_unholy_edits

Messy Asymmetrical Bob With Blunt Bangs

Precise blunt bangs are the highlight of your messy asymmetrical bob hairdo along with a heavily layered texture. You can go for a blunt accent or wavy and curly flare and customize it with a hot color.

alt hairstyles girl
Source: Instagram @pabloolivia_hairstyle

The best thing about this short alt hairstyle is that you can have the length and angle to suit the shape of your face or if you wish to highlight a particular facial feature.

Gray Mushroom Cut

Mushroom Cut with textured bob hairstyles is so damn cool. To get it right, keep the back longer than the front, you can also get another layer cut right below the ears for the mushroom layer,  and finish it off with a short gray fringe in the front.

alt hairstyles long hair
Source: Instagram @joyfff

The gray mushroom cut really allows this dull color to stand out and paired with a bang, oomph, what a deadly combo! These sophisticated bangs lie just at the tips of the lashes and give you that edgy and bold look.

Platinum Pixie

A platinum pixie cut is the short-length chop we are all looking for and need. Along with a metallic blonde shade, you will surely stand out.

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A little pro tip from my home girl Katie Perry: A pixie with bangs is best suitable when you are platinum blonde.

alt hairstyles for straight hair
Source: Instagram @shorthairfan20

This minimalist cut exhibits confidence and lets you show off your facial features and the best part of it all is: You can style it in various ways. The only drawback is that this needs high maintenance to keep the cut fresh and healthy.

Cobalt Blue Bob With Asymmetrical Bangs

Cobalt blue is a rare and distinctive color to try with any short alt hairstyle. I personally adore two versions of these tones-a deeper navy shade with a gray violet color and a light UV blue shade. 

do bangs look good with short hair
Source: Instagram @cinta_salon

This hairdo makes it flattering for square, round and heart-shaped faces.  The uneven layers with the asymmetrical bangs highlight your features and give you that extra hot look.

Bob With Wispy Long Bangs

Are you thinking about giving your medium hair a makeover? Try a versatile and sassy short bob with wispy bangs. Go crazy and dye it to whatever funky bold color you need-pink, red, orange, purple, blue, and so on.

alt hairstyles for short curly hair
Source: Instagram @cleolia.dasilva

The best part of this hairdo is that it is d suitable for different types of hair and face shapes, so start your new year with a bang.

Hot Pink Length Blunt With Micro Bangs

If you think micro bangs are out of style, think again! Micro bangs attract the eye immediately and go well with all alt hairstyles today.

cute alt hairstyles for short hair
Source: Instagram @alottavagyna

By chopping off the fringe super short, you not only leave your forehead exposed. Although, to be honest, any color would work well with this bold cut, I’m totally in love with this awesome contrast of baby pink with this hairdo.

Emerald Green  Bangs

Ready to embrace the emerald green hairstyle? This hairdo with bangs is amazing. Go for darker hues of green to flatter and highlight your facial features.

Source: Instagram @courtneycolors

French Bob

Paris calling? Bonjour lovelies, this hot French girl bob cut has a blunt cut and slightly heavy texture. Paired with light bangs at the brow level is super chic and easy to maintain and has a timely sexiness to it.

alt hairstyles long hair
Source: Instagram @ambermcmahen

Curly Bob And Bangs

If you’re not ready to commit to bangs yet, do not worry. Embrace your naturally curly hair and style it in such a way that you get the curls to the front of your forehead giving it that bold bang look.

alt hairstyles for medium hair
Source: Instagram @morgie_meiklejohn

Classic Baby Bangs with Purple color

When it comes to unconventional bang hairstyles, baby bangs take the prize simply because it is extra cropped and fall halfway on your forehead.

alt black girl hairstyles
Source: Instagram @deurdonderen

I love them because they are funky, and hip with just the right amount of retro. They can take a trendy wavy short bob and make you look like a sassy diva.

Shaggy Lob With Bangs

A shaggy bob with bangs is perfect for your short length with textured layers and ends.

alt girl hairstyles 2020
Source: Instagram @modestspotcarrillo

What I love about this hairstyle is that they are low maintenance and can be suited to any face shape. You can pair this hairstyle with a hot red lip color.


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Stepping into the wild side and choosing any of the above  alt hairstyles with bangs instead of the mainstream trends might be the best decision you’ll ever make.

Feel free to use this guide to gather all the alt hairstyle inspiration you need but do not forget to put your own spin on it. 

Have fun with it and opt for either the bold, edgy pixie fade or a versatile mullet or bob to let your style shine through.

I would suggest dyeing your hair your favorite color, or choosing multiple shades or a wild color scheme, let your creativity and ideas take the reins, and I am positive you’ll be rocking these alt hairstyles with bangs and certainly turn heads when you enter a room.

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