Short hairstyles with highlights

23 Awesome Short Hairstyles With Highlights 2023

Check out the top short hairstyles with highlights and lowlights. These include short haircuts like pixies and bobs too!

Short hairstyles with highlights are one of the coolest looks you can pull off. They are trendy and have been worn by many celebrities including Taylor Swift, Jenniffer Lopez, Miley Cyrus, and Jennifer Lawrence. 

But do you know what is better than short hair? Short hairstyles with highlights!

When you decide to go short and get highlights, you have to select a haircut that goes well with your facial features and skin tone. 

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You should also select the right technique to highlight your hair. 

If you are looking forward to giving yourself a makeover, there are so many combinations of highlights that you can experiment with. 

Let us take a look at some of the best short hair looks with highlights. 

Short Hairstyles With Highlights 2022

Short brown hair with highlights

Brown is one of the best shades for highlights, especially if this is your first time coloring. It compliments almost every skin tone and does not do a drastic change to your look. 

You can get a balayage done with different shades of brown to give your hair a 3D look. 

This shade is perfect for darker hair in colors like blacks and brunettes. 

Messy neck length hair with blonde highlights

The combination of honey blonde hair with platinum blonde highlights is one of the prettiest colors for short hair. 

If you want to spruce up your plain blonde hair, this will be a great choice.

Make sure to choose complementary colors that blend naturally with your base color to get that au naturale look. 

Short brunette hair with highlights

Brunette hair can be paired with so many different colors. Shades like chocolate brown and honey blonde look beautiful with them. 

If you don’t want to color your entire hair, you can simply add these beautiful shades to your natural brunette head to get a head-turning look. 

Short straight crop with highlights

Short cropped hair is one of the cutest hairstyles ever. It really helps in giving you that feminine look and accentuates your facial features. 

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But if you think the look is too minimal and simple, you can try out different highlights to amp your look. 

Short red hair with highlights

Nothing screams sexy like a fiery red. It is even better when it is combined with complimenting highlights. 

This combination is my favorite for winters and the wonderful combination of red with natural hair definitely looks magical. 

If you are looking to give your hair a makeover, this combination would be perfect.

Tousled short hair with highlights

Sometimes you have to play around with texture to make your highlights pop out. The soft feminine waves on this look are my favorite. 

The combination of the natural hair texture and the beautiful shade of browns and blonde really makes your hairstyle stand out. 

If you don’t have naturally curly or wavy hair, you can achieve this look by simply using a curling wand. 

Short beach waves with soft highlights

Nothing screams summer like beach waves. You can get a balayage done on your wavy hair to get this beautiful look. 

Make sure that the highlight colors go well with your base hair shade to get that perfect sun-kissed look. 

Purple highlights with blue hair

How magical does this hair color look! This combination of dark blue hair with Indigo, purple and pink highlights will make you look like a literal fairy. 

If you don’t have naturally blonde hair, you will have to bleach your hair. I’d say its totally worth it. Your hair will literally look like a dream in this hair color.

High contrast pixie with highlights

This high contrast pixie cut is a stylist-approved combination for stunning hair. People generally get apprehensive while opting for such shades but this is such a classic. 

You can combine blonde and silver highlights on your black or brunette hair to give some depth to your short hair. 

This style is also known as the salt and pepper look because of the combination of black and white. 

Rainbow lowlights on short hair

If you are in the mood for experimenting with your short hair and adding a pop of color, you should opt for these rainbow lowlights. 

This look is super cute and unique which makes you stand out from the crowd.  The best part is that despite being so colorful, it looks really subtle. 

Short hair highlights and low lights

The combination of highlights and lowlights can really let you experiment with your hair. 

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They help in controlling the volume and depth of your hair when you color it. In this look, the ash highlights and lowlights blend well with the shape of the hair to give an illusion of volume. 

Black hair with bright highlights

This is another contrasting color combination that I just love. The intensity of the pink color goes down from the front to the back which gives an almost ombre-like look. 

If you are planning to try out an ombre, you should definitely consider this. You can also pair it with other colors like blue and purple if you don’t want to go pink.

Pastel under lights

Pastel hair colors are the talk of the town because they look absolutely stunning on hair. 

But if you don’t want to commit fully to these shades, you can totally go for under lights which is equally flattering. 

This technique gives a small sneak peek of these shades from under your hair and is perfect for people who are not looking for a drastic change. 

Chunky E-girl hairstyles

This is another hair coloring trend that has been doing the rounds lately. This look popped up after it was commonly worn by e-girls on Instagram. 

The best part about this color is that you don’t really have to visit a salon to get this done. You can simply do it yourself in the comfort of your home. 

Make sure you have a good bleaching kit that will help you achieve this look. 

Short hair with pink ombre

One can never really go wrong with an ombre look. That beautiful blend of soft pink and blond makes the hair look so mesmerizing. 

You can try out so many color combinations with this technique. Make sure to get a smooth transition with the color to get the perfect ombre done. 

Ginger hair with red highlights

If you are looking for something bright for your hair, this color combination will look really good on short hair.

Ginger has always been a unique hair color and the combination of red gives a 3D effect to the whole look. This vibrant color will make you the center of attention and earn you a lot of compliments. 

Short hair with caramel highlights

Dark hair with caramel highlights is a beautiful combination. This is a foolproof option for people who do not want to experiment too much with their hair. 

The chocolate base in this look blends well with the caramel highlights to give you a trendy look.

Caramel hair with blonde highlights

If you are looking for something that looks natural and bright, this combination will work well for you. The colors are gorgeous and complimenting.

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The subtle light highlights bring depth to the hair. This color has a gold and sunkissed tone that is perfect for the summer. 

Chunky highlights

The chunky highlights took over the fashion world in the early 2000s and never really left. Although it is not as popular today, this funky look is still iconic.

You can pair this with your favorite color to get great results. Chunky highlights in pastel shades are totally in vogue now. 

Grey hair with highlights

Gone are the days when grey was seen only as a sign of aging. People are adding their own twist to their grey hair by adding these gorgeous highlights. 

Some of them even bleach their hair and get a platinum blonde to get this look. The combination of silver and white looks absolutely ethereal. 

Mushroom blonde ombre highlights

Mushroom blondes are often categorized with ashy grey undertones. This shade works best for people with cool undertones in their complexion. 

This is a great color combination if you are looking for something subtle yet stylish. 

Pink highlights on grey hair

This is definitely one of my favorite combinations of grey hair. Grey hair is often seen as dull and boring but the bright highlights look beautiful on the light hair. 

It gives an almost metallic finish to your hair and makes it look shiny. You can also try this on blonde hair to get amazing results.

Pixie with mermaid highlights’

This hair color will turn you into a literal mermaid. The loud blue hair with hints of pink makes the perfect combination to rock a pixie cut. 

This fun combination is perfect if you want to experiment with different colors on your short hair.

Final Thoughts About Highlights For Short Hair

Highlights can really accentuate the shape of your short hair and bring more depth to it. 

The key is to get it in the right places so it really blends well with your hair color and shape. 

You also have to take your face shape into account while highlighting your hair. 

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