Short Weave Hairstyles For Black Ladies

10+ Short Weave Hairstyles For Black Ladies To Try In 2023 | Best Wig Looks!

We all know that hairstyle can make a great impact on one’s appearance. For black ladies, they’ve particularly got an astounding range of sartorial choices when it comes to weaving their hair. 

Short weave hairstyles provide the perfect mix of versatility and style, so you can show off your spunky side while also displaying your glamorous, chic look at the same time. 

In this article, I will explore some of the various options available with short weave hairstyles for black ladies, and how they can totally change up your look. 

Short weave hairstyles for black ladies

Blunt Bob 

Short weave hairstyles for black ladies
Source: Instagram@therealhairweavekilla_kei

Get the look of a bold, strong style with this short weave hairstyle for black ladies. Short, simple and easy to maintain, a blunt bob adds volume and movement for a modern look.

Wavy Bob 

wavy Short weave hairstyles for black ladies
Source: Instagram@elandadunn_stylist

Bring life to your bob with this short weave hairstyle. This look adds a touch of glamour to your style as the luscious waves give it a timeless look.

Pixie Cut 

pixie Short weave hairstyles for black ladies
Source: Instagram@t.macknificent

A pixie cut is a great short weave hairstyle for black ladies who want an edgy, modern look. Short and textured, this cut adds definition to your features.

Natural Curls 

Curly Short weave hairstyles for black ladies
Source: Instagram@sq_glitz

Show off those beautiful curls with a short weave hairstyle. Add fullness, character and personality to your look with this naturally curly ‘do.

Soft Shoulder Length 

 weave hairstyles for black ladies medium hair
Source: Instagram@weave_around_me

Keep it simple yet stylish with this short weave hairstyle. With loads of volume, this looks adds elegance with a modern twist.

Parted Layers 

Short layered weave hairstyles for black ladies
Source: Instagram@hairbyjazmeen

Embrace your natural textures with this short weave hairstyle. Keep it sleek and sophisticated with a side-parted, layered cut.

Bob With Short Bangs 

Bob With Short Bangs 
Source: Instagram@hairbyclipperz

This classic look is a fail-safe style for black ladies with short weaves. With a sleek bob cut and short bangs, you’ll look ready for any occasion. 

Colorful Highlights 

colored Short weave hairstyles for black ladies
Source: Instagram@therealhairweavekilla_kei

Add some subtle flair to your short weave with some colorful highlights. Whether you want pastel blue, purple, or neon pink streaks, a short weave is the perfect canvas for a bold look. 

Apple Cut Bob

bob haircuts with weave
Source: Instagram@the_weave_avenue_sa

If you’re looking for an edgy style, try a braided mohawk with a short weave. Keep the existing length or add more length to the ends to achieve the look. 

Wavy Layers 

Short weave hairstyles for black ladies
Source: Instagram@adonnusterrell

For a softer style, opt for wavy layers. This style is great for minimized volume, as the layers will frame your face and draw attention to your eyes.

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Is getting a short weave worth it for Black women with natural hair

A short weave is an excellent choice for Black women who want to switch up their look without having to compromise the integrity of their natural hair. 

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There are numerous benefits to getting a short weave, such as minimal upkeep, the ability to style the weave in various ways, and the benefit of protecting natural hair from everyday styling. 

For Black women with natural hair, getting a short weave can be a refreshing and liberating experience. Wearing a weave can give the wearer a sense of confidence and security, allowing them to look great, feel good and not worry about the state of their natural hair. 

Curly short weaves look stunning and can be styled in so many different ways. Plus, there are many options for textures, ranging from soft and straight, to curly and wavy. 

Time and money are also important factors in choosing to get a short weave. With shorter weaves, you don’t need as much hair, and it won’t take as much time to get the look you want. 

Additionally, professional stylists with experience in weaves can give you great guidance and advice on what type of weave would work best for your hair. 

Getting a short weave can be time-consuming, and money can be an issue depending on where you get your weave done. 

All in all, getting a short weave is worth it for Black women with natural hair when it comes to their appearance, lifestyle and livability. From big, bold hairstyles to sleek styles, short weaves can add spice and style to any look.

How do I style short hair for Black women

When it comes to short hair for black women, there is a multitude of stylish possibilities. From sassy pixie cuts to edgy lobs, short hairstyles can not only be glamorous and sophisticated, but incredibly easy to style, too. 

With the right hair products on hand like texture sprays, curl definers, and shine serums, achieving a beautiful, long-lasting look every day can be achievable.

For those wanting to explore shorter lengths, start by creating a deeper side-parting and styling your locks with an inward curl. For extra definition, use setting lotion to enhance the shape and ensure a lasting hold which can be finished with a healthy spritz of hairspray. 

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To complete the look, take the back of the hair and draw it up with a thick-toothed comb and pin it back. This will create a wonderful buildable style which can be further enhanced with texture sprays, serum and finishing creams.

Wear your short weave bob with pride and accessorize. This could be with bold statement head pieces such as bejewel headdresses in vibrant or pastel colours or opt for chic fascinators which can be clipped onto the hair for an elegant touch.

For the more daring fashionista, why not mix up the styling and experiment with two-toned hair colours, such as a caramel blond combined with an inky black for a stunning contrast. 

A good mix also makes for interesting updo styles that can easily become a signature hair look – perfect for special occasions.

What are some short hairstyles I can do as a Black woman over 50

As a Black woman over 50, you have a wide range of gorgeous and stylish options when it comes to short weave hairstyles. 

From sophisticated chic to playful and upbeat, there’s something to suit everyone’s tastes. You can go for a timeless look with a classic pixie cut or show off your killer confidence with a curly bob. 

To bring out extra volume and texture, add a few layers or go bold with a cute textured pixie with bangs. The possibilities are endless!

If you’re feeling bold, you could opt for a bold, geometric bob or add some color with an eye-catching ombre hue. Soft finger waves are another timeless look that can be enhanced with a hint of subtle color. 

For a more effortless look, add some subtle texture to your hair with mini twists and be sure to jazz it up with a few clips or a fresh barrette.

If you’re looking for an extra dash of glam, consider a cute and glamorous pineapple up-do. This look is great for any occasion and can be dressed up with a few stylish accessories. 

For a more laid-back look, try a partial weave with just a few curls in the front. This is a perfect match for almost any occasion and can be further enhanced by adding some extra volume. 

No matter which look you choose, there are plenty of amazing short hairstyles that you can rock as a Black woman over 50. 

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With confidence in your hair and a sense of style to match, you can create any look you desire. Both classy and sassy, it’s up to you to define your personal aesthetic and make a style statement with your hairstyle.

Is getting a pixie haircut for Black women a good idea

The thought of getting a pixie haircut can be incredibly exhilarating for Black women – especially with all the many new hairstyle trends being showcased on social media. 

There are different types of pixie haircuts that can be achieved, such as an angled or asymmetrical look. Depending on the face shape of the woman, there are a variety of pixie cuts that suit her individual personality. 

Overall, a pixie haircut can offer an edgy, fresh look that can transform a woman’s overall look. But before committing to such a big change, Black women should consider a few things. 

First of all, a pixie cut can be a somewhat bold look, so ensure to take the time to sit with a stylist and discuss the exact type of look wanted. 

Next, women should keep in mind that maintenance and upkeep is paramount in order to keep the cut looking its best. Regular visits to the stylist will be required in order to keep the pixie cut well groomed. 

Finally, the right styling products are essential so that the short hair stays in place and looks manageable throughout the day. 

In conclusion, a pixie cut is a great idea for Black women if they understand the level of commitment involved and have the right styling products. 

With the right care and maintenance, a pixie haircut can result in a fierce and sassy look that can give self-confidence and flair.


In conclusion, short weave hairstyles for black ladies provide a unique way to express your personal style and stand out from the crowd. 

Whether you’re looking for something chic and luxurious, or high-impact and bold, a short weave can be an easy way to transform your look without spending hours in the salon. 

With the vast array of colors, textures, styles, and lengths available, there’s a short weave hairstyle for every woman and every occasion. So, why not go out and show off your amazing new look?

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