Short White Hair With Black Highlights

20 Stunning Short White Hair With Black Highlights 2024

Here are some really awesome short white hair with black highlights that we want you to see! How about you take a look to see if this is a hit or miss for you?

Black and white hair is an incredible color combination and a true match made in heaven that can be used on any hair length and style. 

Of course, you do need a certain amount of sass to pull it off, and with the many ways you wear it, the possibilities are endless!

It doesn’t matter if you are looking for something edgy or cool; a whole new you can be created with these short white hair with black highlight ideas.

When you have got the confidence to pull off any look, these hair color ideas will make heads turn. I am going to break down all of the different variations of this hair shade and you can decide if it’s the one for you! 

Check out these latest looks for some ideas and inspiration-

Short White Hair With Black Highlights

Natural White With Highlights

When it comes to short hairstyles for white hair, nothing looks more sophisticated than classic black lowlights and highlights. This hair look will create a modern yet youthful color, that is guaranteed to get others’ attention.

Short White Hair With Black Highlights
Source: Instagram @morito_toshiki

One way to style your short bob is by thinning it out for a more enhanced texture and you can even add a cute accessory to clip it to the side to highlight the face.

Since white hair with black highlights is currently trending, they are a perfect choice for women of all ages!

Dark & Black Undertones

A white hair color can become a lot more interesting if you add subtle dark undertones along with your black highlights.

black and white hair short
Source: Instagram @shagsalon

It’s trendy, edgy, and original – what more could you ask for? Due to this incredible metallic glow, this gorgeous blend of hues is a fashion statement for the brave and young at heart.

Leave out a few strands on the side to frame your face and make your style stand out.

Dash Of Black

If you are not a fan of the dramatic black-and-white hair colors then here is a more subtle version. Here, all you have to do is leave all the hair white with just a small section towards the back end with black highlights.

half black and white hair
Source: Instagram @rebelcircus

Of course, remember you need to have a nice short bob to carry off this look and these black tones will add great depth and dimension as well.

White Hair With Black Roots

This look is great on any type of hair length whether long or short. If you have dark hair, then the black roots will compliment your eyes and complexion.

black and white hair color
Source: Instagram @yolbecool

Your black roots will grow out with time, but do not worry they are very easy to top up, making this a wonderfully low-maintenance hairdo. Add movement and dimension with layers which will make your hair look fuller and softer.


Black streaks are the simplest and most flattering way to hold this look whether long or short. But what I personally love about this look is the subtlety and sophistication.

black and white hair name
Source: Instagram @vanessakoeb

It’s all about your personal style so do not be afraid to experiment with alternate contrasting stripes from root to tip or have streaks in your fringe or side partition. Your hair will look in the best condition if you go for this style.

Dipped Ends

This is one I love with a bright, white base and jet-black ends at the bottom to give your hair something edgy yet classy.

black and white hair color male
Source: Instagram @skrekos_hair_colorist

So, embrace your short white hair fearlessly with black dipped ends, trust me when I tell you that you would look more youthful with a  stylish layered pixie cut as it softly frames the face. 

Black Underlay With White Overlay

As the name suggests, this involves leaving the top part of your hair white itself and coloring the bottom layer black which will give you a nice subtle salt-and-pepper look.

black and white hair celebrities
Source: Instagram @harleycolors3030

Ladies, trust me you just can’t go wrong with it as you would look absolutely phenomenal with this hairdo.

Black To White Ombre

One of the most stunning ways to own your white hair is with contrasting colors. Ombre is a shading technique that means the colors fade from one to the other. 

what color highlights on black hair
Source: Instagram @stylenscissors

This look is best if you start with a white ombre base and then with a shimmering dark-black tip. You can even do a reverse ombre with black hair and white tips works just as well too.

Split Dye

If you are up for an edgy white hair with black highlights look, then this split-dyed effect will work as all you have to do is split your hair in the middle, color one-half black and leave the rest white.

how to get white highlights on black hair
Source: Instagram @kat.miclat

Don’t be afraid to go for it as this bold and shocking hair color will make you look younger and frame your face well.

Black & White Horror

Even though this may seem cringing or horrid to some people, this is something different and will give your family some sleepless nights just by looking at you.

best highlights for black short hair
Source: Instagram @vanessakoeb

So, to achieve this look you need thick black streaks at both sides with the rest of the white hair to successfully scare even the most courageous of people.

Cruella Hair

The next time you dare to go different, why not try the Cruella Deville pattern which is not only a  work of art and probably needs some expert hands at work, but is a true masterpiece.

what highlight goes with black hair
Source: Instagram @sisters_cosplayverse

Starting from the top of the head, the black highlights on white hair are creative and refreshing. It’s impossible not to love this style and the highlights give additional volume to your hair, making you stand out from the crowd.

Dashed Lines At The Bottom

If you are looking for a more modest form of white hair color with black highlights, then check this out.

very short black hair with highlights
Source: Instagram @haircolorsla

Get continuous dashed lines at the tips and curl the ends which is a perfect party-style hairdo and completely transform your style.

This is one of those hair color ideas for white hair ladies that can reveal the trendy, funky and cool side of you!

Gothic Look

One black and white hair color style that you can try is also the bold and daring gothic pattern. Give your all-white hair little jolts of black highlights in horizontal lines and finish the look by adding a funky accessory piece to achieve a brighter appearance.

caramel highlights on black hair
Source: Instagram @artangell

Nothing beats a blend of natural white hair with black highlights in patches. This patchwork builds an effect of depth. I would suggest getting a blunt lob for an effortlessly cool look. 

Black Bangs

If you’ve got bangs, then this is perfect for you. All you need to do is to color the front of your hair and a little of the front section black and leave the rest of your hair white.

best box highlights for black hair
Source: Instagram @cermonypotland

So, if you wish to be edgy, cool and stand out then this will definitely do the trick. Besides, mixed highlights will add texture and make your hair look phenomenal.

How To Get White Highlights On Black Hair?

You can follow these few easy and simple steps at home-

The first thing I love to do before adding any highlights is to put a little hair mask on for a few hours such as coconut oil before actually applying bleach. 

After at least two hours, the next step would be to apply the bleach to the part of your hair that needs highlights. 

Remember to always start with equal parts of the developer and powder, and then mix it well until the mixture is the consistency of a delicious pudding.

Apply bleach by separating hair into tiny strips and painting the mixture onto the length of your roots. 

Leave the bleach in for around half an hour before rinsing out with lukewarm water.

When your hair looks like Kim K’s horrid yellow locks then you are ready to tone! Mix 2 parts developer and 1 part toner together in a bowl, and get ready to paint your black hair. 

Leave that toner on for ten minutes before rinsing out and conditioning. Treat your hair like a newborn baby and do not mess it up.


So yeah, as cool as the black and white hair combination can be, it can also go seriously wrong if you do not know what you are doing. 

My humble advice would be to visit a hair coloring expert or watch a few expert tutorials and stuff.

This funky and edgy trend is definitely not for everyone, but if you are up for it and circumstances are in your favor, then please give hair color ideas a try.

The good news is that they can be worn for short or long hair lengths and are suitable for all kinds of hair, it’s all about how much sass you want in your life!

We hope this blog post has given you some insight into one of the hottest new hair trends for the upcoming year.

Now go out there and give it a try and moreover, good luck!

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