Should I Use T Gel Or T Sal Shampoo

Should I Use T Gel Or T Sal Shampoo 2023 | Which Neutrogena Shampoo Is Better For My Scalp?

Should I Use T Gel Or T Sal Shampoo? Find out in my article below which Neutrogena shampoo is better for your scalp inflammation and Psoriasis issues.

If you’re struggling to choose between T Gel or T Sal Shampoo, you’re not alone. For those with scalp conditions, it can be hard to navigate the vast amount of shampoos and scalp care products available on the market. 

Both T Gel and T Sal shampoo contain active ingredients that address common scalp conditions. 

T Gel Shampoo features Coal Tar 0.5% — a natural ingredient derived from the distillation of bituminous coal, used to treat dandruff and some scalp conditions. 

On the other hand, T Sal Shampoo is formulated with 2% Neutar Solubilized Coal Tar Extract to help relieve itchy, scaling and flaking associated with psoriasis, seborrheic dermatitis, and common dandruff.

In this article, I will break down the difference between both shampoos, including their active ingredients, and provide some tips to help you choose which is best for you.

Should I Use T Gel Or T Sal Shampoo

Neutrogena T Gel shampoo review

t/gel shampoo

Neutrogena T Gel shampoo is a popular choice among people who suffer from scalp conditions such as psoriasis and seborrheic dermatitis. 

It contains Coal Tar 0.5%, which helps to reduce the itching, flaking and scaling associated with scalp conditions. Additionally, Neutrogena T Gel shampoo contains 2% Neutar Solubilized Coal Tar Extract which helps to reduce the amount of redness and discomfort associated with scalp conditions.

The manufacturer claims that Neutrogena T Gel shampoo can provide fast-acting relief from a variety of scalp conditions, making it an attractive option for those seeking quick relief. 

The shampoo is easy to use and contains a pleasant scent, making it an attractive choice for those with sensitive scalps. After using the shampoo, most users report feeling a sense of relief from their scalp condition.

All in all, Neutrogena T Gel shampoo is a great choice for people with scalp conditions. It is easy to use, has a pleasant scent, and is highly effective in reducing itching and flaking associated with psoriasis, seborrheic dermatitis, and other scalp conditions. 

Its active ingredient of Coal Tar 0.5% and 2% Neutar Solubilized Coal Tar Extract help to reduce redness and discomfort and can provide fast-acting relief from scalp conditions.

Neutrogena T sal shampoo review

how long does it take for tsal shampoo to work

When it comes to choosing which shampoo is right for managing scalp conditions, Neutrogena T Sal is a great option. 

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This gentle yet effective shampoo is specially formulated with salicylic acid. These ingredients work together to strike a balance in unclogging pores and managing scalp conditions related to psoriasis and seborrheic dermatitis.

Neutrogena T Sal is designed to be used every three to four days. Upon using this shampoo, one notices a sense of relief in itchiness, irritation, and flakiness of the scalp. 

The shampoo helps clear away buildup from styling products, oils, and conditioners that often clog the pores.

One of the advantages of Neutrogena T Sal is its clean and refreshing scent. It is not overpowering and does not linger. With regular use, this shampoo helps to soothe the scalp and can rid the hair of dandruff.

When it comes to product performance, this shampoo definitely delivers. It leaves the scalp feeling clean and refreshed without drying it out. It has the added benefit of helping to reduce the appearance of flakes.

Neutrogena T Sal is a great choice for anyone looking for an effective way to manage scalp conditions. It’s an affordable, quality product that does what it promises. Give this shampoo a try and you won’t be disappointed!

Neutrogena t gel vs t sal shampoo

If you’ve been experiencing itchy and flaky scalp conditions, you might have searched for a dandruff shampoo that can help you get rid of your woes. You may have stumbled across Neutrogena’s T Gel and T Sal Shampoo. 

While both of these products are designed to tackle dry scalp, their key differentiation lies in the ingredients they contain: T Gel contains coal tar 0.5%, while T Sal contains 2% Neutar Solubilized Coal Tar Extract. 

But should you use T Gel or T Sal? 

The first thing to consider is if your scalp condition is severe. If it is, T Sal may be the better option because of the salicylic acid it contains. 

This ingredient helps to eliminate the source of dandruff—fungus—by exfoliating the scalp and removing dead skin cells, which in turn combat the fungus that contributes to existing scalp conditions. 

While both shampoos are designed to reduce itching and flaking, scalp irritation is more common with T Gel because it contains a higher concentration of coal tar. 

Chemical shampoos like T Gel require you to be vigilant about using a conditioner afterwards as well as reducing the frequency at which you use it. 

As harsh as it sounds, using it every other day might be better for your scalp to avoid irritation and overdrying. 

When deciding between Neutrogena’s T Gel and T Sal Shampoo, think about the severity of your scalp condition, the ingredients your shampoo contains, and ensure you’re looking after your scalp by hydrating it and reducing shampoo frequency. Ultimately, the choice lies in finding what works best for you and your scalp.

ingredients in t gel shampoo

Can I mix TSal and TGel shampoo together

When it comes to treating scalp conditions, the combination of T Sal and T Gel shampoos can be an effective treatment. This is because T Sal contains 2% of Neutar Solubilized Coal Tar Extract, and T Gel contains 0.5% of Coal Tar extract. Both of these formulas work by controlling the overproduction of sebum and flaking on the scalp. 

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However, since these two shampoos also contain salicylic acid, some people worry about mixing them together – and you should be aware of the potential issues. T Sal and T Gel can both be very potent and thereby cause skin irritation if used too often or in too high concentrations. Therefore, if you combine the two shampoos, you may increase your risk of developing a reaction.

If you do decide to mix T Sal and T Gel, you should always follow the package instructions and consult your healthcare provider to get the best advice on how to use them safely. 

Moreover, you should also use the combination sparingly – no more than twice a week – as this can minimize the potential of developing any type of reaction. 

Ultimately, if you have concerns about whether or not to mix T Sal and T Gel shampoos, your best bet is to seek the advice of your doctor. 

Your doctor will be able to review your individual scalp condition and prescribe a regimen with the most appropriate ingredients that will work best for your situation.

T/Sal Shampoo Vs T/Gel, Which Is Better For Scalp

When it comes to scalp condition, there is much debate between T/Sal Shampoo and T/Gel. 

Generally, both are effective in treating a variety of scalp problems, so the choice ultimately comes down to personal preference. However, it’s important to understand the differences between the two.

T/Sal Shampoos contain Salicylic Acid, which helps to treat various scalp conditions. Salicylic Acid works by exfoliating the scalp, removing any dead skin and helping to reduce inflammation. 

It also helps to reduce itching and flaking, which can often be associated with scalp conditions. However, this shampoo should not be used on open, broken skin.

T/Gel, on the other hand, is made from Coal Tar 0.5% and 2% Neutar Solubilized Coal Tar Extract. This shampoo works by targeting the overactive skin cells causing an imbalance in the scalp, resulting in flaking, itching and inflammation. It helps to reduce inflammation and soothe the scalp, helping to alleviate any discomfort caused by a scalp condition.

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When it comes to scalp problems, both T/Sal Shampoo and T/Gel are effective treatments, but it ultimately comes down to personal choice. T/Sal is great for treating a variety of scalp problems, but not recommended for open wounds or skin abrasions.

 Whereas, T/Gel is effective in treating flaking, itching and inflammation, but may cause some skin dryness and irritation. Talk to your doctor or dermatologist to determine which is best for your particular scalp condition.

How To Use The Neutrogena TSal And TGel Shampoo

Using either one of these shampoos is as simple as following the instructions on the back of the bottle. Both shampoos are designed to be used as part of a regular hair care routine. 

Begin by wetting your hair in the shower before applying a small amount of the shampoo to the scalp and the lengths of your hair. Gently massage the shampoo into a lather for around one minute before rinsing. Depending on your individual needs, you are advised to use the shampoo once or twice a week only

In some cases, a combination of the two shampoos can be used to treat scalp conditions. Using the TSal and TGel combo, begin by using the TGel shampoo followed by a thorough rinse. Then proceed by using the TSal shampoo to cleanse the hair and remove any flaking. 

To ensure that your scalp receives the benefits of both shampoos, leaving the combination on your hair for around four minutes gives them adequate time to penetrate your scalp

In some cases, regularly switching between the two can help to resolve any scalp conditions more effectively, as certain conditions need to be treated with one or the other over a longer period of time. 


In conclusion, both T Gel and T Sal Shampoo can benefit the scalp, but the choice between the two depends on the severity of the scalp condition. 

T Gel is a stronger, more medicinally-filled shampoo, with its active ingredients of Coal Tar 0.5% and 2% Neutar Solubilized Coal Tar Extract. T Sal, on the other hand, is focused more on getting rid of flakes and cleansing the scalp with its main active ingredient being salicylic acid. 

Whichever one you choose, it is important to follow the instructions of your doctor or example advises to make sure you are treating your scalp condition properly.

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