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17 Easy And Stylish No Heat Hairstyles You Have To Try In 2024

Tired of curling and straightening? Here are some stylish no heat hairstyles that are suitable for frizzy hair, short hair, damaged hair, and even curly hair! Take a look!

I’m pretty sure that the very fact you are reading this article is because you know how damaging heat is to your hair, right?

From making your hair dry, brittle and making it more prone to damage like breakage and split ends, usage of heat on your hair can cause numerous problems.

Well, there are a lot of people who often use heat styling tools to style their hair for occasions or even on a daily basis, so staying away from heat styling tools will definitely be a hard task.

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So guess what, this article will for sure make your lives much easier as it is going to show you 17 easy and super stylish no heat hairstyles you can try out!

Here are 17 different types of no heat hairstyles you can use for various occasions, causal events, formal gatherings or even for daily use.

Stylish No Heat Hairstyles

1. The Simple Feather Styled Ponytail

no heat hairstyles for black hair
Source: Instagram @ chachi_curls

If you are someone who has an in-between hair length, that is neither too short nor too long, then you could try out this simple hairstyle.

Tie your hair up into a regular ponytail and then using a good hair styling cream or gel, smoothen your hair out at the top.

Then you can use a rat tail comb to tease your hair at the sides with a feather design or any design of your choice!

2. The One-Sided Flip hairstyle

no heat hairstyles for older women
Source: Instagram @

This hairstyle is one that will literally suit anyone of any age group. While it is best suited for those with medium hair lengths, those with longer hair too can use this hairstyle.

All you need to do is brush your hair well and flip all the hair towards one side to complete the look.

Some people also take a side partition and then flip their hair to one side to make the flip hairstyle look more defined.

3. The Minimalist hairstyle

no heat hairstyles for frizzy hair
Source: Instagram @ sunnyonvenus

I’m sure there are many of you who like the look of those minimalist clips on the hair. 

Well, this hairstyle is called the minimalistic hairstyle because it uses just one clip (use a small-sized clip of your choice) to hold a few strands of hair from either side of your hair, at the back of your head. 

Yes, it is that simple and makes a really pretty, neat and elegant hairstyle.

4. The Easy Claw Clip Updo

no heat hairstyles for long hair
Source: Instagram @ daniellewalter

A lot of people think that the claw clip looks quite chunky on the hair, while some with lesser hair volume feel like the claw clip will not stay on their hair.

Well, go in for this simple updo. If you have medium length to long hair, you can simply bunch up your hair at the back of your head, twist it downwards and secure it with your claw clip. 

This one’s an easy on-the-go hairstyle to use.

5. The Classy Bubble Braid Hairstyle

no heat ponytail hairstyles
Source: Instagram @ carlotasousa2

Don’t bubble braids look really pretty? If you think they do, then how about try out this hairstyle for yourself! 

Bubble braids are very simple to do, especially if you have long hair. 

You need to tie your hair in a high ponytail and then secure rubber bands on the length of your ponytail, leaving even gaps in between to create the “bubble” look.

6. The Forehead Flip hairstyle

no heat hairstyles for thin hair
Source: Instagram @ ivysavanah

If you have short hair ending near the nape of your neck, then this style will suit you perfectly! It is a very elegant hairstyle to wear to any occasion.

Similar to the simple one-sided hair flip hairstyle, you need to flip your hair towards one side, but let a little of your hair fall over your forehead to enhance the look of this hairstyle.

7. The No-Heat Perm hairstyle

natural no heat hairstyles
Source: Instagram @ bethlrbeauty28

If at any time you feel like you are missing your curls because you are staying away from heating styling tools to help regain the health of your hair, then guess what, this hairstyle will have you covered!

Velcro hair rollers are used very similar to the way perm rollers are used on the hair, but do not require any heat or perming solution and work best on damp hair to give you those light curls you are looking for. 

They are a simple alternative to using a curling wand and a very gentle no-heat curl formation option too.

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8. The Classic Messy Bun hairstyle

no heat hairstyles overnight
Source: Instagram @ maria_s_hairlook

Are you one of those people who love the look of the messy bun, but always think you may not carry it off well?

Let’s just say that a messy bun literally looks super good on any one and this is a fact! It is a simple yet elegant hairstyle to use on-the-go. 

All you need to do is tie your hair up into a messy bun and leave out a few strands of hair to fall at the sides of your face to enhance the look.

9. The Messy High Ponytail

How can I style my hair without straightener
Source: Instagram @ rikki_studiobhaircolourist

This is one such hairstyle that literally never gets old! Yes, the simple, yet classy high ponytail is one that can be used for any occasion, be it a formal or a casual one.

It is easy to do and looks nice. Tie your hair up into a high ponytail and then leave a couple of hair strands out at the front of your hair, so that it falls over the sides of your face.

10. The Loose Braid hairstyle

I simply love how pretty these loose braids look on people with long hair. There is something about them that makes this hairstyle look so elegant.

These messy loose braids are totally in fashion now and can be one of the best and simplest no heat hairstyles for those of you looking for a nice hairstyle to wear to a casual occasion.

11. The Retro Bow hairstyle

How do you style thick frizzy hair without heat
Source: Instagram @ styledbyvienne

This is another one of those styles that look good for both formal and casual occasions. Yes, they are simple, but still so classy.

This hairstyle dates back to the retro days because of the way the hair is styled, with a big bow. 

You need to tie a few strands of hair from either side of your head at the back of your hair and then clip on a big bow to complete the look.

12. The Triple Braid Ponytail hairstyle

How can I style my hair without heat
Source: Instagram @ crisgaiva.penteados

This one is a super cute and pretty hairstyle, don’t you think? If you cannot choose between putting your hair into a ponytail or a braid on any day, then combine both styles!

Yes, this triple braided ponytail is the perfect idea for a braided-ponytail hairstyle. 

You need to style your hair into three braids, all three starting at the top of your head – one at the middle and two braids on either side and braid them only until they reach the nape of your neck. 

Finally, you can gather the braids together and tie your hair into a ponytail.

13. The Classic Double Braids hairstyle

no-heat hairstyles for damaged hair
Source: Instagram @ maike_dus

Going out for a day outing and wondering what hairstyle to do? Well, go in for the classic school girl double braids look, because it is very much in fashion now!

This look is super simple and easy and looks very classy. It is one of those hairstyles that look good on any hair length.

14. The Banana Clip hairstyle

no heat hairstyles for curly hair
Source: Instagram @ afroasiancurly

Let’s be honest here, not all of us are hairstyling freaks and some of us love to keep it simple. Well, then get yourself a banana clip and try out this hairstyle.

It works well on any hair length and any hair texture too! Gather all your hair and tie it up using a banana clip. 

It will not just look neat and pretty, but can also make your hair stand well. This is an easy hairstyling idea to use when you have lesser time on your hands, as it is simple to do on-the-go!

15. The Floral Braid hairstyle

best hairstyles for medium length curly hair
Source: Instagram @ saram_bridalbeauty

Do you have to go for a party, have a lovely dress, but do not have any no heat hairstyle in mind to go with it?

Well, this one will be the perfect one for you! The floral braid is absolutely gorgeous and looks so elegant because of the small little flowers attached to the braid. 

Tie yourself a loose braid or any braid type of your choice and then attach small flowers over the length of your hair to complete the look.

16. The Half Up Half Down hairstyle

no heat hairstyles for black hair
Source: Instagram @ curlytopmorgan

There are many of you curly haired people out there who use straighteners to help hold your hair in place and make it more manageable to style.

Well, why don’t you style your curls instead? 

This half up and half down hairstyle is one of the easiest hairstyle ideas to use and while it looks good, it will always make your curls look more defined.

17. The Top Bun hairstyle

This hairstyle is one of my favorites! 

Well, maybe you cannot wear this hairstyle to your office meeting, but you could definitely wear it to a casual occasion or even just on a daily basis, right?

It looks really pretty, as half your hair is tied up high into a bun at the top of your head, while the rest of your hair is left loose, to fall over your back and shoulders. 

What I like most about this hairstyle is that it looks good on people with both medium and long hair.

The final takeaway

These were just a few of the many easy and stylish no heat hairstyles out there that you can try. 

You can give these ones a shot and get more creative and innovative with your hair styling and maybe even combine a couple of these hairstyles to create one of your own, because why not?

Just go with the flow and have fun experimenting with your hair, take up the no heat hair styling challenge and see how long you can actually go without using any heat styling tools on your hair!

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