Tips for Perfect Twist out on 4C Hair

5 Important Tips for Perfect Twist Out on 4C Hair | Easy Guide for Twist Hairstyle

Here are some Tips for Perfect Twist out on 4C Hair that will help make your twist outs last longer.

As someone with super curly hair, I have faced multiple issues when it comes to maintaining my curls. From dryness, to flatness, frizz to limpness, my curls have been through it all.

Well, I have tried several methods from hair products, to hair styling in order to be able to refresh my curls and bring back life into them, but none of them gave me an almost permanent solution.

So, after a lot of researching over the internet, I finally read about how twist outs can help bring life back into curly hair and I wasted absolutely no time in trying it out and guess what, the results I got were simply amazing!

Well, I’m for sure not keeping my tips a secret and I’ve got an entire article for you guys on the best tips for the perfect twist out for curly hair and I’ve also added a section on some of the best twist out products for curly hair as well.

Here you go with the details!

Tips for Perfect Twist out on 4C Hair

I was someone who has tried and tested different methods to perfect twist outs. But for you guys, I’ve got 8 of the best and most effective tips that I’ve used to get the perfect twist outs.

Tip 1: Work on healthy hair

Whenever you decide to try out any new hairstyle on your 4C hair or any hair type for that matter, it is very essential that your hair is healthy! Working with unhealthy hair – which means hair that is severely dry, damaged, frizzy etc., will not give you a good result. It will only cause your hair to get further damaged.

Thus, make sure to stall the hairstyle for a few weeks and begin trying out different methods to help rejuvenate and restore the health of your hair in order to prepare it for the new hairstyle you’re planning to try.

Tip 2: Make sure your hair is cleansed

If you’ve decided to style your hair into twist outs, then it is very essential that your hair is washed properly with a good regular cleansing shampoo. Make sure to rake up a good lather and wash your hair right from the roots to the tips. Thereafter, rinse out the shampoo properly and dry it with a microfiber towel.

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This step is very essential because the hair has to be free from dirt, grime and buildup before getting twist outs.

Tip 3: Feed your hair with moisture

4C hair tends to get dry very easily and this could be one of the main reasons your curls have lost its definition in the first place.

So, make sure to use a good quality hair moisturizer because this will help you in the twisting out process as moisturized hair is much easier to work with and it will also reduce the damage caused to the hair.

Source: Instagram @ dollarcurlclub

Tip 4: Make sections of your hair

Always remember that while styling your hair, it will be much easier if you section out your hair and work on one section at a time. If you do not section out your hair, it could result in the hair getting tangled and will interfere with the twisting process.

You can section your hair into 4 parts, or even 6 parts and clip up each section with a clip and let down one section at a time just before you begin working on it.

Tip 5: Massage your hair with twisting butter/cream

Twisting butter or twisting cream is the product used for styling the hair and should be applied all over the hair, right from the roots until the tips. 

Make sure to use a sufficient amount, but do not go overboard because excessive use of this product can ruin your twists and weigh down your hair.

So once you’ve applied the twisting butter on your hair, gently detangle the hair with a brush, to get rid of all knots.

Source: Instagram @ naturally.sunny

Tip 6: Make sure your twisting process is done right

The process of twisting is essential here and you need to do it right. Well, here’s what you need to do – break down a larger section of hair into smaller sections of 1 or 2 inches each and then split each of these smaller sections into two parts.

Then gently hold onto the ends of each strand and start twisting them around each other, root to tip. Then, secure each of these twist outs with a finger coil at the ends so that they do not unravel. Similarly, repeat this process for the remaining hair as well.

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Tip 7: Ensure sufficient setting time

Once you’re down with the twisting process, make sure to leave these twist outs on in your hair for at least 24 hours. This will let your twist outs completely dry out and set in place to form defined curls. 

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Remember that the longer you leave the twist outs in your hair, the better defined will your curls be!

So, just in case you cannot leave your twist outs for 24 hours, then you could try using a blow dryer to dry your hair after the 12 to 14 hour duration. But I’d still recommend that you wait for 24 hours for the best results.

Tip 8: Unravel your twist outs

Lastly, unravel your twist outs very gently. You could even use a little oil on your fingers during this process, as the twist outs dry up and the oil will smoothen the process of unraveling.

Uncoil the ends and work your way up to the roots, until the section is fully unraveled. Then, separate the twist outs and gently run your fingers through your curls, but do not brush them!

Can I Get Twist Outs on Curly Type 3 Hair

Yes, twist outs are possible for any hair type and hair texture. Type 3 hair is very versatile and any hairstyle works well with it. In fact, a lot of people with type 3 hair choose to get twists outs.

Getting a twist out on type 3 hair is no different from getting one on 4C hair. The process remains the same.

Source: Instagram @ curlkitchensalon

It is essential to work with hair that is completely clean and properly dried. Thereafter, remember that your curls need moisture and moisturizing it well is important. 

Keep in mind that you have to section out your hair into two to four parts, as it will make it easier for you to twist your hair out and thereafter, use a good quality hair butter to hold the twists in shape. 

Also, remember that you should leave the twists in for sufficient time before unravelling them, as the longer the setting time, the better defined the curls will look.

Is It Possible to Get Twist out on 4C Short Hair

The best part about getting twist outs is that they can work literally on any 4C hair length! Yes, no matter whether your hair is short, medium or long, you can still get yourself twist outs.

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Getting a twist out on your 4C natural hair is a super great option to try out because it can give your hair a better bounce and more definition of course.

Source: Instagram @ qhemetbiologics

The best way to twist out short hair is to work in very small sections at a time (say just 1 inch sections per twist out), dip the tip of your comb in a little of the twist out gel or cream, comb out the section with it and then spin and pull the comb through that hair section to be able to twist it. 

Thus, for short hair, the best option is to use a rattail comb to get proper grip. You could also use your fingers of course.

Apart from the twisting part, the rest of the steps for twist outs for short hair remain the same.

Best Twist out Products for 4C Hair

Out of the many twist out products I’ve tried, here are three of the best ones yet! Check them out below.

1. Cream of Nature Twisting Cream

This product is reasonably priced at $6.99 and works well to hold hair twists in place. It definitely added more definition to my curls!

 2. Tgin Twist and Define Cream

I paid $11.36 for this product and it worked amazingly for my 4C hair. It made my hair much softer, with a renewed shine and added life to my curly locs.

3. Camille Rose Twisting Butter

This product was slightly expensive at $15.28, but did a great job with my twist outs. It had a long lasting hold on my twist outs and defined my curls very well.


If you’re looking for a simple and effective way to enhance your curls without having to use any heat styling tools on your hair, then twist outs are the best option for you. Twist outs ensure your hair gets even curls right from the root to the tips.

The best part about getting twist outs is that they work well on any curly hair type. All you need is to do it the right way, along with using a good quality hair twist out product and you’re good to go!

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